Dunta Robinson fine reduced to $25,000

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Less than 24 hours after Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson drilled Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin with a helmet-to-helmet hit, the NFL announced that it would fine Robinson $40,000.

However, after more time to review the incident, that fine has been reduced.

On appeal, Robinson’s fine was reduced to $25,000, according to Charley Casserly of CBS. That makes it the second season in a row Robinson has been reduced on appeal: Last year he was fined $50,000 and had that fine reduced on appeal as well.

But Robinson apparently isn’t in a good mood. He reportedly got into a shoving match with some Lions players during pregame warmups at Ford Field today.

4 responses to “Dunta Robinson fine reduced to $25,000

  1. he’s in a bad mood because calvin johnson is about to make him look silly. i’d be a little upset too.

  2. After more time to review the indecent, they should have doubled it. If you have to headhunt because you can’t grasp the fundamentals of tackling you deserve to be fined.

  3. What the hell kind of name is Dunta, anyway. Oughtta have a “Q” in it somewhere.

  4. So I’m definitely biased, but I think the reputation Dunta has gotten is unfair. The fact that, upon further review, both fines have been reduced shows that the hits weren’t nearly as bad as they looked. They don’t reduce fines for no good reason – lets see a breakdown of how often they’re reduced. In my opinion, both hits have been to the upper chest (maybe neck area), shoulder first. On the Maclin hit, he did glance his facemask a bit with the crown of his helmet.

    Oh, by the way, good call @connorchew. Calvin Johnson really made Robinson look silly, lol. Little Brent Grimes pretty much shut down Megatron, minus the one big play.

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