NFL sends memo to teams regarding post-game conduct

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In the wake of last Sunday’s incident between 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Lions coach Jim Schwartz, the NFL has circulated a memo explaining to teams the appropriate standards for post-game conduct, according to Charley Casserly of CBS.

The memo, portions of which were quoted by CBS, seems to be short on specifics and long on general ideals and platitudes, will be a precursor to fines if a similar incident occurs in the future.  Per Casserly, fines would have been issued to Harbaugh and Schwartz if the memo had been sent before last Sunday’s game.

But why does sending out a piece of paper containing a bunch of common-sense principles put two supposedly smart men on notice of what is, and isn’t, acceptable conduct?  It appears to be the NFL’s clumsy way of addressing rampant criticism of the decision not to fine the two coaches, by taking the position that fines will be imposed for similar conduct in the future, even though fines weren’t imposed for the incident that happened seven days ago.

13 responses to “NFL sends memo to teams regarding post-game conduct

  1. Can we please move on from this. Lets talk football not coach ediquette. I probly spelled that wrong, but I dont care. Lets go. Its Gameday.


  2. Player/coach/water boy/cheerleader ….. ANYBODY who gets into a post game fight, shoving match, sucker punch, whatever – are you listening LeGarrette Blount? – gets an eight game suspension, including playoffs and the next regular season if necessary.

    You’ll be surprised how people can control their emotions.

  3. I just heard there was a pre-game jawing/shoving skirmish between the Lions and Falcons.

    Just play the game already. Let your play show everybody what a tough guy you are.

  4. Mind your referees.

    Mind your commissioner.

    Play nice with the other team.

    No wet kisses after the post game hug. At least, not on camera.

  5. You should not need a memo to know you don’t act like that. They should have been fined. This is just an NFL version of CYA.

  6. Can one of you crying for a fine explain to me what the fine on Harbaugh would be for? Too energetic or too hard a handshake? A slap on the back? What exactly do you think Harbaugh did that deserves a fine? Now, I can understand fining Swartz for running after him and purposely bumping into Harbaugh as he’s running after him. At least that makes some kind of sense although I wouldn’t fine Swartz for that. I could understand Swartz being fined for calling opposing players nasty names from the sideline. He’s done that a number of times. But fining someone for an improper handshake or a slap on the back? Come on.

  7. If Schwartz had taken the over enthusiastic handshake and back pat like a man with some class instead of acting like a schoolboy who couldn’t control his childish anger,then there would have been nothing to talk about . If any of his players had acted like Schwartz and acted like that in response to a strong hit and received a 15 yard penalty etc,,then that player would have been raked over the coals by Schwartz for acting like an ass and responding like a child instead of keeping their cool and acting like a professional adult. It was 99% Schwartz’s fault…if he didn’t chase after Harbaugh all over the filed looking like a fool,then there would have been no incident to talk about. Even the 49ers players were standing around laughing AT Schwartz and couldn’t believe a man in a leadership position with an NFL Franchise would act like that. LOL ! How embarrassing for the Lion’s once proud Franchise. Did Schwartz act the fool again today after his second straight loss ? Or was the heart taken out of him by the Niners and their HC last week and he just broke down and cried like a baby at midfield today ? Lucky for Schwartzy that Harbaugh was being seperated from him because the little runt would have been flattened if Harbaugh was forced to defend himself from the little yapping dog.

  8. @billb49, actually I agree with you. I may have said “they”, but I really meant Schwartz alone.

    I don’t think Harbaugh meant anything by the heavy pat on the back, and thought Schwartz was a wimpy for thinking it was a big thing.

  9. The Lions are imploding after their coach embarrassed himself on national television. BTW why does Schwartz sound like he is trying to have a deeper, lower voice than he really does? And doesn’t it seem like he is trying to seem buffer by gripping the podium really wide and flexing his muscles?

  10. All you people are dumb. You only know what you read not saw. Swartz wasn’t that pissed about the handshake he got pissed at whatever harbaugh said as he jogged away..the whole thing was absurd and Schwartz should be super embarrassed that he blew up..they even talked in the tunnel after the incident. And harbaugh has a history of this type of stuff.. I.e. him and Pete Carroll..look it up on YouTube…when did the NFL turn into powder puff football.

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