Report: Donovan McNabb shows up late, won’t put in the time


The decision to bench Donovan McNabb may have had to do with more than just his play on the field.

According to Michael Lombardi of NFL Network, McNabb doesn’t want to put in the time and shows up late for meetings and practice. On NFL Network’s NFL GameDay Morning, tardiness was mentioned as a reason that Vikings coach Leslie Frazer decided to bench McNabb for Christian Ponder.

PFT has asked the Vikings for a response to Lombardi’s report.

McNabb also apparently struggled to learn the Vikings’ offense, and that led to him needing a big wristband with the Vikings’ plays on it. Last year, McNabb reportedly refused to wear a wristband with the Redskins’ plays on it, angering coach Mike Shanahan.

Lombardi also reports that the Vikings’ veterans noticed McNabb’s lack of commitment, which is why most of the locker room agreed with Frazier’s decision to replace McNabb with Ponder. All in all, it sounds like there aren’t many people left in the NFL who view McNabb as someone who can lead a franchise. Now the Vikings will have to hope that Ponder can.

71 responses to “Report: Donovan McNabb shows up late, won’t put in the time

  1. Never liked the guy. Overrated and obviously selfish. Vikings are the perfect team for him

  2. He is toast, they should cut him and cut their losses. He is going to be poison to the young QB’s they have and potentially ruin them. This is another chance for Leslie to take control of his team.

  3. This is probably part of the reason that you didn’t see team members helping him up after hit hits, too.

    All in all, not a revelation if earth-shattering proportions. You could tell in the press conferences that he disdained the idea that he had additional work to do to get better.

    That and HE still hasn’t bought Kluwe that ice cream cone or mentioned his band more than twice.

  4. I was watching him and ponder throw on tv and Mcfat had his hands in his pockets. That might not sound like much in the short term, but coming from a military standpoint if you have your hands in your pockets you look chewed up and crappy. It just doesn’t look right in a professional atmosphere.

  5. This is a sad story. You always have to earn your keep through effort and results. Seems like Donovan is willing to just live on his name and his past accomplishments for as long as he can.

  6. Is it time yet for people to stop talking about how “classy” this guy is? We all know the progression… McNabb is going to be presented with these accusations, he’ll ignore them & say something media-friendly, & then here comes the “he has so much class” comments. This guy is an entitled baby.

  7. But he’s always on time for the post game TV interview saying the right things. Mcnabb needs to take a lesson from Olin Kreutz.

  8. Wow. This sounds familiar. Maybe some people should give Shanny some props for cutting his loses and getting two 4 th round picks. Big Red gets major props for pulling the wool over the Skins eyes. What a waste of talent D. Mac ended up being. See you on the NFL Network next year twerp.

  9. McNabbs “big” wristband looks to be about the same size of Tom Brady’s. By no means am I comparing the two, but if you are insinuating that McNabb is dumb and learning the plays for a team he has been on for a couple of months has been challenging, then I don’t know what that says about Brady. It was McNabbs fault that Hester caught a 50 some yard TD in a max protect play and the safety still got beat deep. Until the Vikings D plays for 60 minutes, Ponders record won’t look much better.

  10. turbodog1027 says:
    Oct 23, 2011 11:07 AM
    Never liked the guy. Overrated and obviously selfish. Vikings are the perfect team for him
    Sorry, but wouldn’t that be the Jets?

  11. Fletcher Smith is outraged at the “beyond disrespectful” treatment shown to his “six-time pro bowl” client. Please…

    There is only one constant in this story, and it is McNabb who won’t take the blame for any of his poor play. This year, I’m positive the reports are true.

  12. But I thought he was such a class act. Another myth constantly perpetuated by lazy journalists. Eagles fans take a lot of crap for a variety of things. Have to give them credit though, they saw through his facade years ago. He is a passive aggressive, lazy, spiteful man.

  13. Hadnt heard any of this. Weird timing for this story. If this rumor is true in any way… The vikes have to cut mcnabb immediately. Then cut cook. Then name names for kevin williams… Demand greatness from the players. Then build around who ever is truly bought in and cut everyone else.. But frazier is no tomlin.

  14. This should vindicate Shanahan once and for all.
    He dosesn’t suffer “non team players”.
    He cleans house to rid his team of them.
    You know who I speak of, Haynesworth, McNap, et al..

  15. As an Eagles fan…. I TOLD YOU SO!!! Thank you very little to all the national media guys who always said all we do is disrespect this guy, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes fellas, the truth hurts!

  16. So glad he didn’t have the heart to be a Raider last year, because the organization would have took the blame for his failure like with Randy Moss.

    Mcnabb most def woulda crumbled hear..not strong enough to be a Raider.

  17. The Vikings set a precedent for this in 2010 when they let the QB make up his own schedule on when to show up and he ended up playing like crap and going like 4-8. This just a year after that same QB single-handedly cost that same team a trip to the Super Bowl by throwing the football across his body right into Tracy Porter’s hands. Embarrassing. He clearly and had a lot to work on making awful reads like that and the Vikings still said “show up whenever you feel like it”.

    No wonder McNabb thought he could get away with doing whatever he wanted to. The Vikings need to tighten things up around there.

  18. He is done. NFL football is something you have to commit to and if you won’t put in the work, you won’t experience success. Looks like this was just another payday for donavon.

  19. Im actually really surprised. Donovan always struck me as a classy guy, one of the good guys in the league. He has no one to blame but himself if these stories of his lazy work ethic are to be believed.
    That’s two times now, in Wash and now here…his legacy in the league has now been sullied.

  20. sonoco says:
    Oct 23, 2011 11:12 AM
    He’s likely signed his last contract that’s not for the league minimum.
    hes not even worth that.

  21. THIS GUY!!!! I cannot believe he is pulling the same crap with the Vikes. As a Skins fan, he was a cancer…Just a stage lower than Fat Albert

  22. I am still amazed Shanahan was stupid enough to bring him to Washington. Thank goodness we got rid of him quickly. Rush was right all along- over rated, good but not great. Coddled by a media that desperately wants a black QB to do well so they can make a big story about it. Steve McNair and Randall Cunningham were great, not this guy.

  23. But I thought he was such a class act. Another myth constantly perpetuated by lazy journalists. Eagles fans take a lot of crap for a variety of things. Have to give them credit though, they saw through his facade years ago. He is a passive aggressive, lazy, spiteful man.


    They gave him a “financial apology” for benching him after the 2008 season. They traded him before the 2010 season. The Eagles didn’t see *anything* “years” ago.

  24. Favre played about half again as long as McNabb but they had very similar percentage based stats, playing out nearly identical systems (Reid was a subordinate to Holmgren and he brought that version to the Eagles). Yet McNabb has gotten a horrible reputation and he was terrible, while Favre (for some last holdouts) was the greatest QB in the space/time continuum. Take McNabb X 1.5 and you’re will within the Favre ballpark. Somehow taking a joke and and half again as much TIME, and you’ve got greatness. Pretty much the same QB for a longer time. Favre amassed stats over time out of a system and yet wasn’t much better than McNabb in the same system.

  25. Philly fans, take a bow. Most of you guys knew this all along.
    If you really watch this guy and listen to him, it’s been obvious for a long time that he has a low football IQ and is lackadaisical and lazy and doesn’t take coaching.

  26. When he turned up in Washington, looking thinner than he had done in years, I thought, great he is obviously determined to prove the Eagles wrong. He is obviously working on his conditioning, despite the steep trade price he should be worth it.

    However, it quickly became clear that he didn’t know the offense. Forget the worm burners, and the fact that he seemed to think Santana Moss was about 2ft taller than he actually is, the pace of the offense was completely arthritic. Though the real giveaway was the number of times coaches were left with “WTF is he doing?” looks plastered on their faces.

    People jumped on Shanahan when he benched McNabb, but he did it after half a season of bad games, and abolute stinker against the Lions and, now it is very clear, against a background of poor practice habits and unwillingness to respond to coaching.

    Seriously, when an offense oriented coach turns around and says, I am benching you for Rex Grossman, I would have thought it would have sent a pretty clear message to McNabb that he needed to work on his game.

  27. To think everyone got on T.O. when he said Mcnabb was tired and winded during that Super Bowl. It’s obvious now that Mcnabb has always had a crappy work ethic and now that he doesn’t have the talent he used to it’s catching up to him. His laziness was exposed in Philly when he got traded, it was obvious in Washington and now it’s come to light in Minnesota. They can’t all be wrong.
    To the guy who suggested he owuld work for ESPN don’t be so sure. Those guys don’t just show up a few minutes to air and read a teleprompter. They put in a lot of hard work and prep watching film all day and several meetings. Mcnabb’s work ethic wouldn’t fly at the mothership.

  28. dfeltz: brady’s team runs a new offense every week. look at what he does with his wristband, and what don does (did).

    it has been obvious that don checked out at least by the time he was benched in baltimore….

    but where are all don’s longtime defenders now? philly fans are a lot of things but not understanding football isn’t one of them. andy’s playcalling was always tailored to what he knew and could do, not a true west coast offense. leslie frazier should have seen this train wreck coming…

  29. tool: you are the person buddy ryan was talking about when he said “stats are for losers”. if the eagles had favre during don’s run, the trophy case wouldn’t be empty…………….

  30. I thought that a couple more years of good football and this guy would have a chance at the HOF.

    This guy needs to reflect on how he torched his carreer and HOF chances.

  31. Love that people consider this guy to be “classy” just because he is too big of a coward to publicly take ownership of true selfish/entitled feelings and behavior.

    He’ll never say publicly that he was angry about a coaching decision, he’ll just say that he didn’t like how the decisions are communicated. Kind of like your ex-girlfriend saying “I’m not mad you dumped me, it was just how it was done”. Hopefully people are no longer fooled by this fascade. This guy was decent in the middle of last decade, but never great enough to be entitled out-years treatment that he thinks he deserves.

    What a loser. All this guy brings to your team is distractions.

  32. Thefirstmillergrogan…how did McNabb “check out” when they went to the NFC Championship that same year?

    And for others…is McNabb the only QB a coach tailored the offense to? Has Reid been back to an NFC Championship since? Whether you want to give him credit or not McNabb was a major reason for getting to those NFC games. I haven’t seen another top 5 defense in the NFL carry a team to 5 straight NFC Championships…let’s be fair. Or is being fair too much to ask for when discussing Donovan?

  33. if there is any truth to the validity of this report, he should be deactivated instead of benched. berrian was deactivated for being late to meetings and lackidaisy attitude, why shouldn’t the qb be treated the same way? still sounds like preferential treatment by fraiser to me and he could lose the team real fast if he has not already.

    side note: cut cook based on teams personal conduct policy & same the money.

  34. bizmaukee says:
    Oct 23, 2011 11:50 AM
    Typical black quarterback, lazy, dumb and bad attidude. One they lose their athleticism they have no chance.


    At least you aren’t a coward like some of these other posters who write in codes. You just come out and tell us how stupid you really are. Unlike many so-called Americans, at least the guy who wrote this nonsense didn’t hide his hood in the closet.

    BTW I GUARANTEE you a “lazy” McNabb has more money in his night stand, than you made in 5 years. So you can keep being a racist troll. Meanwhile, the “typical” black QBs will keep making money in the NFL, while you sit in your cubicle wa**in’ off to pictures of Kerry Collins.

    Later dude…

  35. Loaded with talent and empty on ambition. Same old story for McNabb.

    Look no further than the one Superbowl he was in – the final 2 minutes say it all.

    The guy doesn’t have a care in the world. Its sad because he could’ve been a Hall of Fame quarterback.

    Unfortunately he’ll have a bust in the Hall of Lame.

  36. This has been apparent for several years now. It’s why the Eagles dumped him. He’s just going through the motions and collecting the big fat paycheck. He’s uncommitted and passionless about the game and winning. Basically, he’s a lazy, complacent fat cat with a lazy fat cat attitude. McNabb got his money and he just doesn’t give a crap anymore. But he WILL cash those paychecks. I have absolutely no respect for Donovan McNabb.

  37. I read plenty of other reports about McNabb staying after practice to work on timing with receivers. Also so other articles with him being gracious and helpful to Ponder

    Typical slander of McNabb…particularly from Mike Lombardi himself

  38. Ok, so the guy’s career is basically done, so what? He was just a stop-gap until Ponder was ready anyway. Why all the negativity? The guy had a good career. When Brady or Rogers is old and done, are there gonna be 100 comments about how they suck too?

  39. Phillip Rivers is 3-4 in the playoffs and has 8 touchdowns to 9 interceptions and he had way more weapons in his prime. How he’s not labeled a choker but McNabb is is beyond me. And I haven’t even gotten to Flacco or others who never got the same criticism

  40. It’s interesting when people attempt to defend a modern pro athlete by pointing out the player is far wealthier than his critics. Even more interesting when the main point of criticism is the player’s work ethic.

  41. dfeltz says:
    McNabbs “big” wristband looks to be about the same size of Tom Brady’s. By no means am I comparing the two, but if you are insinuating that McNabb is dumb and learning the plays for a team he has been on for a couple of months has been challenging, then I don’t know what that says about Brady.
    Brady’s wristband is “big” because it holds a couple hundred plays, and dude can run everyone of them.

    McNabb’s is big because the plays are written in crayon.

    All 6 of them.

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