Report: Urban Meyer not a candidate in Miami, yet


Anyone who was watching the closing minutes of the Broncos-Dolphins game saw former Florida coach Urban Meyer standing next to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.  With Ross likely to be eventually looking for a new coach and reportedly wanting a superstar, could Meyer be a candidate?

Not yet, according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

Salguero reports that, absent a “significant change” in the owner’s thinking, Ross won’t be firing coach Tony Sparano in the near future.  Ross reportedly left the country on business after the overtime loss to the Broncos.

The Ross-Meyer meeting on the sidelines was a coincidence, Salguero explains.  Ross had come to the sideline near the end of the game in the (ultimately dashed) hopes of celebrating with the team in the locker room.  That’s where Ross and Meyer came across each other — and that’s where cameras caught the pair standing side by side, for at least several minutes.

Even if Ross moves on Sparano before the end of the season, Meyer likely wouldn’t be a candidate to come on board until 2012.  Even then, it’s unknown whether Meyer, who left Florida twice due to health reasons, would be interested in the 24/7/365 grind of being an NFL head coach.

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  1. As if Tebow playing and being honored in the home of the Canes wasn’t enough, Urban Meyer coaching the home team in there would be salt in the wound.

  2. Wait doesn’t Meyer wants to spend more family time. They showed Myer on the camera more than the Miami coaches. Miami will try anyting to sell tickets. That was a big slap on the players and coaches of Miami by the owners to allow this.

  3. To All Miami Dolphins Fans:

    The best way to let Stephen Ross know you’re not happy with his management of the team is to stop showing up to the home games. He losses money, that might get his attention to this disgraceful team. Clean house. Bush=bust; Henne=back-up QB; Jason Taylor=over the hill, slow; team physical conditioning=embarrassment to the league; the rest of the team is not worth mentioning.

    Only keepers should be the following : Jake Long, Cameron Wake, Daniel Thomas, Vontae Davis, and the punter

  4. Ross is an olde time back room Manhattan real estate tycoon accustomed to back room back stabbing….

    Sparano won’t get fired this year… it’s his severance to suck for luck….. guaranteed…

  5. I don’t think Sparano is that bad a coach. The team is playing hard, but they just don’t have any talent. The poor guy was cursed by an absolutely horrible front office job. Parcells picked up a bundle of money for creating this? Go ahead, bring in a Cowher and give him a bundle of money, until some heads roll in the front office the results will be the same.

  6. Hey Andrew,

    Welcome to Miami. You will be the savor of this franchise for years to come. You will love playing for Bill Cowher.

    Signed, Stephen Ross

  7. Ross is an embarassment! Seeing Meyer celebrate next to Ross as Tebow converts the 2 pt conversion to tie the game was priceless.

  8. I don’t think Meyer is interested in that mess nor the non stop work that comes with being an NFL coach but he would be a good choice. He knows Belichick and his tendencies well too.

  9. .


    astute observation ….Meyer would be innovative OC with a quality team. However, current coach .O’Brien seems to be okay at the moment.


  10. I dunno man, sure looks like Miami has lost some of them games intentionally and Luck said he wants no part of a team like that…. I smell an Eli debacle coming

  11. Urban Meyer will NOT be in the NFL. he had issues with health at college, in the pros, it could get worse as it’s stressful being a coach in the pros. As for Ohio State, could see that, but i think it’s too soon for him to come back.

    As for Miami, if they fire Ireland and Sparano then the easy choice is Cowher.

  12. I’m looking forward to Andrew Luck pulling an Eli Manning and getting traded to a team with a competent owner and an actual front office that has a clue. Oh, yeah, and a football team with some talent on it.

    All these Dolfans that think Bill Cowher is coming to town to right the ship with Andrew Luck leading the charge have better get their heads checked. Since when has a Super Bowl winning coach ever changed teams and won another title? And this is a guy that took damn near 15 years to win a Super Bowl in Pittsburgh. As for Luck, if you don’t think his father and him are sitting back and observing these horrible teams tanking games to ‘win’ the right to draft him and are not disgusted, you don’t have a clue.

    Get ready for Eli, Pt.2 and I’m all for it, because what the Dolphins are doing isn’t like the Colts, a team built to function around their franchise QB who is injured and the team falls apart. Between Brandon Marshall’s numerous gaffes against the Jets and Sparano going for two points against Denver, the Fins are toeing a fine line between total incompetence and throwing football games, and I’ll be damned if their actions result in an overreaction league wide and cries for a lottery system.

    You play to win the game, and if it doesn’t work out, you learn how to draft with the high picks you are given as a result for being a mediocre team. When you pick Ted Ginn Jr. with a top 10 pick and trade your second round picks every year for other teams backup QB’s you deserve to be in the spot you are in. If you want to Suck for Luck, I hope that means reducing ticket prices by 75% so the fans of the franchise that continue to support the team can save some money for when the ticket prices are jacked up when the team finally drafts a high round QB after this season, be it Luck, Landry Jones or another prospect. But I’m not holding my breath for that to happen.

  13. Urban won’t be coaching in Miami because, he only takes coaching jobs on teams that are setup to win right away. He should thank Zook for handing over a well recruited team.

  14. I say no to Urban Meyer. Hope we get smart and give total control to Cowher. Ireland has to go and I can not blame the players for the horrible play calling. You tell me we play conservative last week against the Jets when we haven’t won anything and then we go for 2! Are you kidding me that was a shame. The same play calling that ran Ronnie up the middle and Ricky to the outside and both out of Miami is doing the same still. We got Bush to add as a weapon and we do not use him right. We have speed with Marshall, Hartline & Gates. Bess and Bush in the slots to spread the defenses thin and Fasano is a serious solid TE. Hell I could coach the team better than these clowns. You and Clay and our back-up WR’s we can keep it going. Our play calling is soooo see through it isn’t even funny. No wonder we get stopped in the Red Zone all the time. Run up the middle twice and then throw wow how are we getting stopped. It saddens me that before Wandstat and that other idiot who ran back to college we were the highest winning percentage team in sports period. The defense is not pulling their weight either, it does not help that we are 3 and out almost every drive. I will not waiver and say there is always next week or next year. I have to believe cause they are my team.

  15. The problems in Miami are numerous and deep. Sure, Sparano appears to be in way over his head but the real problem in Miami is the steadfast refusal and/or inability to ever develop a real QB. They’re constantly willing to settle for “good enough” types like Chad Henne and Matt Moore, just to name the most recent nobodies to ride the Dolphins QB carousel. They’ll never turn it around by trotting out these losers and it’s painfully obvious to everyone but them.

    Plus the Parcells regime did and continues to do a terrible job with the rest of the roster. Dansby, Bush, Marshall; all useless acquisitions who contribute little to nothing. Their drafts are always awful too, particularly the higher picks. Pat White, Koa Misi, Jared Odrick, Chad Henne…this is why they’re always losing.

  16. 305fan says:Oct 23, 2011 11:09 PM

    Urban won’t be coaching in Miami because, he only takes coaching jobs on teams that are setup to win right away. He should thank Zook for handing over a well recruited team.


    Who did he take over for in Utah?? That team was REALLY set up to win, right… SMH

    Its seems clear there is going to be a war between OSU and PSU for who gets his services. Not only has he been more heavily linked to PSU, but… I would have to think the impending NCAA sanctions against OSU will make that decision a little easier. You coach to win championships, something that might not be possible in OSU for several years if they get hit hard by NCAA.

  17. Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland ruined this team. Sparano isn’t good enough to be a head coach but to his defense, he doesn’t have much to work with.

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