Source: Earnest Graham has torn Achilles’ tendon

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The injuries in the Tampa backfield are mounting.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Bucs tailback Earnest Graham suffered a torn Achilles’ tendon early in Sunday’s loss to the Bears.

Graham has been starting in place of LeGarrette Blount, who has a torn MCL.

So let’s see.  The Bucs have no running backs.  And Ronde Barber’s twin brother is looking for a job. . . .

9 responses to “Source: Earnest Graham has torn Achilles’ tendon

  1. This is as sad as it gets.

    Graham has always been a professional, does what’s asked of him. He finally gets his opportunity again and this happens. Really, really feel for him.

  2. Stop hatin on Tiki cmon he sucked on NBC, but he not worse than torry holt on nfl network,he dissed eli manning so what? i would luv to see Tiki playin RB for the bucs & scoring a late td that puts the bucs in the wildcard game over the Giants wouldnt that be Tiki dream that he has every sunday night.. RAHEEM SIGN THE MAN…sell some tickets i mean i didnt even switch to that game on direct t.v sign tiki..And allen bradford?? im a SC fan and give me clinton portis or larry johnson over him. Well maybe not larry johnson

  3. Still with the Tiki Barber garbage, Mike? Really? How much is his agent paying you to keep humping that chicken? Give up, no one has any interest in the bum.

  4. I would say I would have to agree. Tiki won’t cost much, and you’d create media interest in the team…. I have been a die hard fan of the Bucs for 20 years… I would LOVE to see Tiki.

    Graham: best wishes to you, I hope for a quick recovery…. Graham actually has a lot of heart for the game… Unlike so many other players.

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