Tebow focuses on leadership, communication


Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow may never be able to full repair all of his weaknesses, most notably a looping, catapult-style delivery and the accuracy, at times, of a drowsy three-year-old standing at a toilet with the seat down, he’s wisely accentuating his strengths.

Ed Werder of ESPN, in Miami for a game that remains compelling despite the combined 1-9 record of the two teams involved, reports that Tebow recently has been gathering the offensive players after practice to engage in self-evaluation, without the involvement of coaches.  That’s the kind of leadership that will make the men around him play better, which will make Tebow play better — and which will help the Broncos win games.

Tebow also is addressing the weaknesses that can be improved.  Receiver Eric Decker told Werder that, last year, Tebow was a mumbler in the huddle.  This year, Tebow is focusing on communicating clearly and confidently.

If there’s any confidence in Miami today, it won’t be coming from the home team’s sideline.  The Dolphins are 1-11 in their last 12 home games, and today’s game features a celebration of Tebow’s 2008 national championship team at Florida.