Tebow has first half to forget

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The bad news: Tim Tebow couldn’t have looked much worse in the first half of his first start this year.

The good news: He’s still facing the Dolphins and trails only 6-0.

The Broncos moved the ball on the ground, but Tebow’s inability to drop back and throw limited the offense. He too often pulled the ball down and ran before scanning the field.  Tebow has 24 yards passing, and 44 rushing yards.

He had two passes that were nearly picked, and had a fumble.  The Dolphins weren’t much better on offense. We counted four drops by their receivers.  They couldn’t covert two trips to the red zone.

It’s University of Florida appreciation day in Miami, but we heard some “Tebow sucks” chants from the Dolphins crowd.

UPDATE: Tebow was sacked to start the second half.  He’s taken four sacks.  The Broncos punted after a three-and-out.

57 responses to “Tebow has first half to forget

  1. What do you mean, he got all kind of press time. Old coach coaching him up, hand shake with Shula watching him walk off all the way to tunnel as half ended. I was so shocked when I saw the stats and Denver had 6 YARDS PASSING.

  2. You mean the guy who seemed to have 75% of the mornings buildup shows coverage isn’t the football god they are hyping him to be

    Loved Chris Carters question, “why is Tebow called a winner when he’s won nothing in the league?”

  3. They’re auctioning off all their receivers and starting a QB that nobody believes in. What in the hell is going on with that team?

  4. They have to let the guy throw some. He’s not going to learn or get better until they just say to hell with it and let the guy make mistakes

  5. 2 things I will never understand. Why Tebow’s jersey was the top selling jersey at one point. Also why so many fans think this guy is a great qb and the answer in Denver.

    When has he ever done anything good? His throws are horrible and his throwing skematics at even worse. Wow he can run on occasion. Big deal. Articles like this about him will never surprise me, actually should expect them.

  6. So I guess a gamer in college really isn’t a gamer in the pros. He sucks Moreno sucks, is there anybody that McD drafted or traded for that has worked out? I am ordering my LUCK jersey today! Go Broncos 2014!

  7. captainwisdom8888 says:
    Tebow’s a baller, a winner, a fiery competitor…he just can’t throw. No big.
    “No big” ????

    Ummm, the guy is a quarterback …….. throwing would seem to be somewhat important, don’t you think?

  8. I don’t have that game here, but with four sacks, I have to wonder, is he getting ANY protection?

    You can watch Brady stink from time to time when he doesn’t get protection.

  9. How about a billboard encouraging producers to put Tebow in more anti-choice commercials? It could work.

    @vexey, your post is hilarious! Sheep much?

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  10. Tebow throwing….wow. Now I know why he started the season 3rd on the depth chart. I mean wow. A number of those passes were not even close. For all the haters that said Cam Newton would be the second comming of JaMarcuss Russell…you had the wrong former Gator QB for that comparison….Tebow, on the field, is much closer to Russell than Newton will ever be.

  11. richm2256 says: Oct 23, 2011 3:13 PM

    captainwisdom8888 says:
    Tebow’s a baller, a winner, a fiery competitor…he just can’t throw. No big.
    “No big” ????

    Ummm, the guy is a quarterback …….. throwing would seem to be somewhat important, don’t you think?



    harsh or bitter derision or irony.
    a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

  12. Ordinarily I’d remind the yutes in here that Bradshaw was horrible when he first started out in Pittsburgh, so perhaps Tebow needs some time.

    Can’t do it though, Tebow looks clueless. “He has all the traits you look for,” McDaniels said after drafting him.

    You might want to look for those traits beFORE you draft a guy. Apparently they’re still looking…

    Meanwhile, check out the Cam Newton highlights tonight. He’s making some long and scary accurate passes.

  13. And how about that “sellout” in Miami? Nice crowd dolphins!

    If you wanted more gator fans you shouldve changed RV parking into mobile home parking…

  14. And this is why we don’t run our mouths spouting hyperbole before the game ends.

    Now the above highly rated comments are completely LOL.

    Now don’t you feel stupid?

  15. Tebow wins! Amazing comeback.

    They can’t count on that every week. You have to start quick, and end hard and tough.

  16. 4th quarter comeback against one of the worst teams in the NFL…yeah i’m still not impressed.

  17. Rosenthall pretty quick to point out Tebow’s struggles, but how about the huge comeback and the WIN. He’s a winner. Just don’t understand those that doubt him. Jeff George threw a pretty ball, maybe the best ever, but he was a LOSER.

  18. Doesn’t matter who the comeback was against. He shook off a horrible 3.5 quarters of football and came out like a gamer does and righted it all.

    I know folks are expecting 300+ yards and 2+ touchdowns out of him in order for them to label him worthy, but the fact remains, he shook that horrible game and led his team to victory.

  19. Tebow was sacked 7 times, and hit 9 more times…No wonder he “stunk” for almost the whole game.

  20. Ross = Worse Owner in League. Mike Dee = Worse Team President in League. Peterson = Worse (future GM) in League.

    This franchise just took a 10 year relapse. 😦

  21. Two touchdown passes in the last five minutes, 80 yards rushing, including the crucial 2 point conversion to tie the game, a quarterback rating of 91, and his first victory. Not a bad day for the youngster. I know these stats won’t shut up the morons who can’t even wait until the end of the game to voice their criticism, but those of us who appreciate what Tebow does off the field will go to sleep with a deep sense of satisfaction tonight.

  22. Tim…you’re a great guy, but who really gives a damn? You’re a friggin Bronco playing a winless team. Good luck to you but screw the gators.

    And why isn’t Ponder getting any pub?

  23. Don’t like Denver, and as a Bama fan, I cheered against Tebow through his college career. But that was one heckuva comeback. Yes, Miami is a weak opponent. But Tim’s team was emotionally down in a way that’s tough to overcome. The rebound didn’t have anything to do with sudden brilliance on Fox’s part. That was the sheer will to win–and it was all Tebow. Loved it!

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