The Broncos comeback was ridiculous in so many ways


I don’t believe what I just saw.

The Broncos’ 18-15 overtime win against the Dolphins defied all logic. It defied belief for anyone like myself that watched the complete game. It’s almost as if a higher power was involved.  (Yes, that’s sarcasm.)

“Denver and Tebow have won!” CBS announcer Kevin Harlan cried as the Broncos game-winning field goal went through the upright.

Uh, no.

This game was about a lot more than Tebow, who looked incompetent for 55 minutes and brilliant for five. It was about a Dolphins organization imploding on itself.  It was about Tebow and his Broncos teammates playing their best when they absolutely had to. It was about an onside kick.

Let us count the ridiculousness:

1. Tony Sparano went for a two-point conversion to open the fourth quarter in an effort to go up 14-0.  Totally unnecessary.  I said it in our newsroom at that moment: That moment will come back to haunt them.

The Dolphins threw a low percentage fade pass to Brandon Marshall.  They later kicked a field goal to make it 15-0.

2. When Tim Tebow got the ball with just over five minutes left, the Broncos had all of 13 passing yards on the day. Tebow had four completions at the time. He had been sacked six times.

The previous six Broncos drives had combined to gain one first down.

When Tebow missed throws, he often missed them by 10-15 yards.  The Broncos wouldn’t let him throw on third down. It was one of the worst 55 minutes of quarterback play I’ve ever seen. At one point, the crowd chanted “Tebow sucks.”  He didn’t remotely look like an NFL quarterback.

And then the Broncos rose from the ashes.

3. The Dolphins under Tony Sparano always seem to find a way to lose.  It wouldn’t be a surprise if owner Stephen Ross let Sparano go after this one. Miami so often outplays its opponents, and finds a way to lose.

This loss, on a day the Dolphins celebrated the Florida championship team, marks one of the lowest points in Miami’s franchise history.

4. The Broncos won the game with back-to-back touchdown drives sandwiched by a successful onside kick. Tebow was accurate on those drives and made good decisions. His receivers — Demaryius Thomas, Matt Willis, and Daniel Fells made fabulous catches for him.

5. The Broncos needed a two-point conversion to force overtime. The entire stadium knew the Broncos would spread out Miami and run Tebow up the middle. Except the Dolphins.

It was like Tebow and his offensive teammates flipped a stretch in the final five minutes.  They closed. But let’s not make this all about Tebow.

6. Tebow’s teammates made huge plays, no bigger than Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams strip-sacking Matt Moore in overtime.

Even after all this magic, Broncos coach John Fox was still desperate to not let Tebow make a mistake.  Denver went three-and-out on their first drive of overtime, including the seventh sack of Tebow.

After the Williams sack, Fox called three straight runs which gained two yards to set up a 52–yard field goal.  It was a terrible decision by Fox that worked.  Prater had missed two field goals on the day, but you knew this one was going through the uprights.

After all, it was Tim Tebow Florida Gator appreciation day in Miami.

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102 responses to “The Broncos comeback was ridiculous in so many ways

  1. GR: “This game was about a lot more than Tebow[…]”

    Alas, that doesn’t matter. Like it or not, the media storm that is Tebowmania is about to go up another category or two. I’ve even given it its own Twitter hashtag, #TyphoonTimothy. (Not “HurricaneTimothy”, for obvious reasons.)

  2. It’s almost as if a higher power was involved. (Yes, that’s sarcasm.)


    Why are you mocking him?

  3. that game was stupid. the Dolphins should just dispand as a team and as an organization and we should temporarily go to 31 teams.

  4. I remember how bad Elway sucked for 3&1/2 Qtrs and then would pick apart prevent defenses.

    Fox & Friends have done everything they can to destroy Tebow’s Rep and Future… but it’s backfiring.

    Want to win in Denver?

    Cancel Fox & Friends.

  5. All this is fine and good but it’s entirely uncharacteristic of Prater to miss those FGs so the drama shouldn’t have been there.

    Tebow sucks. But Tebow is amazing. Watching which way he trends will be fascinating.

    One thing’s for sure. He’s no McNabb/Beck/Grossman/etc.

  6. Teabow wins, broncos win !!! the city of denver and the state of colorado have somthing to cheer for!! same thing happened in 2003 when fox made move from peete to delhomme! AFC west and possible championship game here we come !!! here we come!

  7. Before the game I didn’t and still don’t think he is going to be a good qb..I am pulling for him tho…he just has that will to win u know he’s gonna give u all he’s got and work hard I like that..played bad for the most part but pulled it out at the end…good job

  8. The Broncos comeback was ridiculous? How about this post? I find it “ridiculous” that PFT writes an article about how the game is essentially already lost (at the half, mind you) due to Tebow’s play. The title of the article, in fact, was “Tebow is having a first half to forget.”

    Yet, when Tebow leads the Broncos to a come-from-behind victory, all you can do is make excuses about how he deserves none of the credit. I don’t care that the Dolphins suck, Tebow still led a 4th quarter comeback in the NFL. He almost did it last week after playing for a quarter, and he did it last year against the Texans.

    Cris Carter said this morning: “Why does everyone call this kid a winner when he has won nothing in this league?” Well, if you have no basis for calling him a WINNER (despite the fact that he won 2 national championships and a heisman trophy), then you certainly have no basis for calling him a loser either.

  9. Tebow sacked and stripped Matt Moore as they were driving down the field in OT. He also willed Sparano to go for 2 points for some insane reason. Tebow is in fact god resurrected!

  10. Let’s be real here as much as you all love Tim …Miami lost on purpose and that is an embarrassment to the league this whole suck for luck thing is ridiculous . You had Denver and elway trying to lose and shut the tebow fan club up so he can get luck and you had Miami not trying to win but looks like someone forgot to the tebow and his scrub receivers the plan

  11. Like him or not, he did find a way to win. Have to give him credit for coming thu in the clutch. Perhaps Denver’s problem this year was they should play Orton the first 3 1/2 quarters to keep it close, then bring Tebow to pull off the miracle. If this were baseball, he’d be the closer. (although you could make an argument that being an Offensive player, he’d be more like the pinch hitter.

  12. Let Sparano go after this game??? Why would they hire a new coach and then force him to lose week in and week out? It’s more than obvious they trying to bag this season. The only way a team can be this bad is if they give up easier than a French army. Congrats Dolphins, you will be the reason the NFL draft will turn into a lottery. Way to go!

  13. Tebow played good enough to win, especially when it counted most. Kyle Orton couldn’t do that.

    If this was Tom Brady, you would have written an article about how great of a QB he is, because even on his worst day, he found a way to be great… yada yada yada…

  14. Easy there Gregg, you are letting your Tebow hate really shine through. It must really suck for some people to see a Christian succeed. That is what all this hate is about…right? Otherwise, he’s just a young QB taking his lumps and showing potential. Nice win today for Tebow!

  15. The Chosen One.

    Tebow gets credit for some of the passes and the 2 point conversation, but clearly The Big Guy had a hand in the onsides kick recovery.

  16. Guys this one is easy you really didnt see this coming? Are you serious? i hated TEBOW at Fla i thought he had it too good he is the guy that will turn your daughter down for kiss on the first date, fix your car for you & not bitch at u for for being lazy &not checkin your oil. Tebow tormented these SEC cats who are on every team in the leauge believe me they wanted people to keep sayin he cant throw, he wont make it because those very same players dont want to have to tackle him anymore. But as i watched i know john elway has to be thinking in the back of his mind that tebow has a little of that elway magic.. On the 2 pt play miami looked like they didnt want none of tebow do ya thang TIM…

  17. There are only three words to describe this one, folks: FIRE TONY SPARANO! Let me repeat myself: FIRE TONY SPARANO! One more time in case someone doesn’t get my opinion on this: FIRE TONY SPARANO!
    The ultimate punishment for a prisoner shopuld be get the guy season tickets and watch this POOR EXCUSE OF A TEAM! By the way: FIRE TONY SPARANO!
    The rear windshield on the back of my pickup will have thew words FIRE TONY SPARANO written in white shoe polish on it until Stephen LOSS decides to FIRE TONY SPARANO!

  18. You know, as the Denver game ended and I began to refresh my web page, I couldn’t help but notice the delay in the Tebow article. I imagined the feverish nail biting and mind racking from the reporter as he desperately attempted to drag down Tebow and his faith while simultaneously appearing objective.

    Luckily, Tebow’s stats were as awful in the first quarter as the pass protection in front of him. Thankfully, Tebow missed receivers badly on a few occasions. This would ensure that no one could accuse the reporter of rooting for the failure of Tebow.

    The problem is Colt McCoy. The problem is Tarvaris Jackson, Kyle Boller, and yes, even the great Donovan McNabb. What you have here is a list of rookies, second year players or even veteran quarterbacks who struggle with accuracy. Yet, every pass that Chunky Soup throws 10 feet over the head of his receiver is glanced over. There is no angry mob with pitchforks (so-called analysts) saying that they will never be quarterbacks. The double standard is absolutely ridiculous.

    In an age where impartial news reporting ceases to exists, my hope was that we could count on it from our sports reporters. I guess not.

    Maybe you hated his anti-abortion campaign. Maybe you hate his incessant references to his Creator. Maybe you’re just looking to fit in your world and get a pat on the back from ole Boomer for running down Tebow. Either way, you should be ashamed of yourself. Perhaps your “talents” could best be used on MSNBC.

  19. “This game was about a lot more than Tebow, who looked incompetent for 55 minutes and brilliant for five.”

    Lets be honest, [AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE]. This game is and always was only about Tebow. The 5 minutes that you say he was brilliant for, are the only 5 minutes that mattered today.
    If the Broncos had lost, you would be one of the first to lambast Tebow, I’d put a c-note down saying you already started writing the story. (which is probably part of why you sound so [NEGATIVE]) Broncos won, give credit where it’s due and stop being a jackars. He’s not a great qb, but he got it done today.

  20. you know you have a good quaterback when he turns his back to the line of scrimmage when pressure comes and he is drafted by josh mcdaniels

  21. John Fox tried to lose. 3 runs in to the line in OT?

    How about the Miami Dolphins “hands team”! The ball. Marlon Moore goes up and grabs the ball at it’s highest point, only to not hold onto it. This is the “hands team” again!

    While this is the lowest point in Miami’s history, the silver lining is it’s also the LUCKiest point and they will be an elite franchise for the next 15 years beginning in 2013.

  22. “The Broncos comeback was ridiculous? How about this post? I find it “ridiculous” that PFT writes an article about how the game is essentially already lost (at the half, mind you) due to Tebow’s play. The title of the article, in fact, was “Tebow is having a first half to forget.” ”

    If you didn’t watch the game, you don’t realize how truly horrible Tebow’s passes were.

    If you don’t watch Dolphins games regularly, you don’t realize how they do this EVERY week. They find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    They’ve scored first 5 of their 6 games this season. They’ve lost all of them – most in the 4th quarter.

  23. catdelmonte says: Oct 23, 2011 5:56 PM

    i truly cant remember a worse coached team than the dolphins this year

    The 0-16 Lions maybe? Or the 0-14 Bucs?

  24. The Tebow bashing is mostly based on bashing his faith. If a member of Gregs tribe showed love for his religion and anybody in the media said anything about it, they would never find work again. Most players in the NFL are Christian, but since they’re black, they’re off limits, because that would be racist.

  25. There should be an assistant coach who can help the inept Tony Sparano make decisions……………. such as the one he made to go for the two point conversion.

  26. accusations that miami is throwing games on purpose is asinine. i know this its hard to believe that there isnt a massive conspiracy. history shows that every overhyped college player is totally worth ruining your season over. and as a player- totally worth jeopardizing your nfl salary, playing time, and career over.

    you know, because of andrew luck and all.

  27. Look Tebow isn’t the greatest QB, but he is becoming and will be one of the greatest players in football, I hate how all these sports columns drag on all the mistakes he make and the bad decisions, but yet no one looks at what he has done in every game he has played at least 2+ quarters in he has made a comeback and done it his way not the way that the columnists want him to but he gets it done. Need we remind them there is a reason he is on the field, and there behind a desk, like 90% of those announcers and Espn hosts, hardly started, and I don’t get how they don’t realize he has only started 4 games now, and didn’t get to have training cam this summer, he is gonna keep getting experience and keep getting better. No one said he is the next Elway, Montana, or Marino but he is Tebow so get over it let him enjoy his comeback and let him keep training cause in the end if he keeps doing what he has done his whole career than he is gonna find ways to win. His teams surround him, they trust him and get pumped by him no other QB in the NFL has ever been able to be such a motivational pump up as he has been and will be. He is gonna win games and even though his stats arent gonna look like other quarterbacks he is gonna get the job done. He already had multiple times. Last time I checked he won the National Championship multiple times, and won State in high school, and if I remember right Brady wasnt even a starter at Michigan, and they were a dismal team when he was there

  28. That was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. Tebow played like didly poo most of the game , then omg he went brady and marched down the field incredible

  29. Yet, every pass that Chunky Soup throws 10 feet over the head of his receiver is glanced over.

    I agree with some of your points, but are you seriously implying that Donovan’s accuracy issues are “glanced over”? Are you new here?

  30. “John Fox tried to lose. 3 runs in to the line in OT?”

    Whatever. You have any idea how good Prater usually is?

    ” the silver lining is it’s also the LUCKiest point and they will be an elite franchise for the next 15 years beginning in 2013.”

    You must be young and believe that nothing that came before you were paying attention to it means anything. The Dolphins own the only NFL’s perfect season so far. Have some respect for the franchise and its history.

  31. “and if I remember right Brady wasnt even a starter at Michigan, and they were a dismal team when he was there”

    Your memory isn’t very good.

    “He was a backup his first two years, while teammate and future NFL quarterback Brian Griese led the Wolverines to a share of the national championship in 1997 in the Rose Bowl … The Wolverines won 20 of 25 games when he started and shared the Big Ten Conference title in 1998. Brady capped that season with a win over Arkansas in the Citrus Bowl. In the 1999 season, Brady led Michigan to an overtime win in the Orange Bowl over Alabama, throwing for 369 yards and four touchdowns.”

    (swiped from Brady’s Wikipedia page)

  32. raqaiw says:Oct 23, 2011 6:21 PM

    catdelmonte says: Oct 23, 2011 5:56 PM

    i truly cant remember a worse coached team than the dolphins this year

    The 0-16 Lions maybe? Or the 0-14 Bucs?
    This miami roster is way more talented

  33. I love how all of you bible thumpers cite “his Faith” as why he gets knocked around by the media. It’s because he’s been put on a monumental pedstal for accomplishing nothing! You are using the faith card to try and quell the naysayers because you feel that his faith puts him off-limits for criticism. Newsflash: fairy tales don’t make it so!

  34. Never thought the day would come when we’d see NFL teams throwing games to jockey for draft position, yet here we are. Maybe Dansby was right when he said the players want to win; that doesn’t mean that the coaching staff didn’t give it away.

    Truly pathetic. Strangely, I don’t feel bad for Dolphins fans (after all, they might end up with the #1 pick, even if it was via underhanded tactics), but I do have a tremendous amount of pity for Broncos fans. They’ve seen a once-proud franchise hijacked by Christian fundies… the Denver Broncos have become the Denver Tebows.

  35. Some “Christians” make a lot of noise about their “faith” and religion to mask the evil in their hearts. Is your God really so petty?

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  36. bryanisliving777 says:Oct 23, 2011 6:24 PM
    “and if I remember right Brady wasnt even a starter at Michigan, and they were a dismal team when he was there”
    you dont remember right at all

  37. Disclaimer: I don’t share Tebow’s faith.

    For all those experts going on & on about how he can’t play QB in the NFL, it seems to me he already is.

    I think his most pertinent stats in his short career are: 7 TD passes, 3 ints, (7 rushing TDs) & 2 come from behind wins. I’d say those stats are pretty good considering he has mediocre talent around him.

  38. The “faith” thing is stupid. Either he cuts it or he doesn’t. He had a miserable game for 50 minutes and then brought his team back but it was against the Fish. Nobody knows what he’s going to be ina couple years.

    Watch, enjoy, drop the stupid agendas.

  39. The unashamed, vile bias which exists in our media today when it comes to race and religion is crystallized in all its ugliness in the treatment which Tim Tebow has received on these pages. If he was black or a Muslim, there’s no way that the fools here at PFT would be so bold and belligerent in their opinions. Michael Vick was six years into an NFL career where his blatant deficiencies and ensuing mediocrity were somehow trumped up to greatness, but Tebow doesn’t get a second of impartial consideration one would think a two-time national champion and Heisman trophy winner deserves! Instead, we are force fed the inane ravings of fools like Chris Carter who has obvious reasons to support the same agenda as the folks who stain the pages here.

  40. Look. Tebow is terrible. But … I just don’t care because it’s not my team. So the Bronco fans that like him are very much welcome to delude themselves into oblivion.

  41. That game was horrible, Tebow is horrible, and any fan that thinks this dude is gonna last as a NFL QB is nuts. I watched the whole game because I wanted to see this train wreck. Watching him play is both a tragedy and a comedy. The guy is going to lose his life on the field. His mechanics are atrocious. Widly inaccurate and runs around in the pocket during a 3 man rush? Even the passes he completed looked like dying ducks. He got sacked 7 times by the Dolphins. The Dolphins whose pass rush has been nonexistent all year. He won the game because Miami gave him the game. Against any other team in the league and I mean any team this game would have been over after the first quarter. What does this guy do well? Absolutely nothing. I’m all for rooting for the underdog but dude is making a total mockery out of the position. Did you see Marino laughing? Denver you’re falling behind in the “Suck for Luck” derby.

  42. A win is a win.

    There is no quit in this kid. He will get better each week, Denver needs to have patience with Tim and let him develop.

    Today was ugly but when it mattered most, Tim got it done. Denver has a bright future if they stick with him.

  43. Tebow throws the ugliest ball since Joe Kapp, but he seems to have something. I can’t stand the rah rah crap from Tebow, but maybe his teams is buying it. That is all that matters.

    Of course I hope Denver thinks he is good enough that they don’t draft Barkley or Jones. I don’t think they will have a shot at Luck. Miami seems intent on winning that dubious honor.

  44. A lot of people have made fun of his fate well i guess he channeled somin from somewhere in the face of adversity.

  45. Everyone is so anxious to crown or condemn Tebow. Yes, he has a lot to work on, but eventually he came alive and led his team to a win. Whatever works.

  46. No Tebow ISN’T terrible but he WAS today.

    Until he has a full body of work making declarative statements just make you look like a fool.

    He very well could turn out to be very good, or he could bust. 4 games is hardly definitive.

  47. Hate Tebow much? Damn bro…he completed over half of his passes, not counting drops…and had two td’s. ( ON TOP OF 7 SACKS!) and you dog him? Whats wrong with you Gregg?

  48. @acasar123,

    Do you notice how it’s the “Christian” zealots who use ethnicity in defense of their so called faith? You, sir, are a bigot. Bigotry is a sin. Here: If you believe God cares any m0re about Tebow than He does about Vick, you’re not a Christian. If you believe an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God cares any more about the United States of America than He does about… China, you are not a Christian.

    It is fortunate that God is not as petty as humans.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  49. Did the Broncos win the Super Bowl today? You’d think so given the reaction. So beating the Dolphins in OT means that everyone was wrong about the guy? Time will tell. If the Phins got seven sacks today, what’s Detriot going to do to him next week?

    I can just imagine what Ross is telling Sparano tonight:

    “Now the day of the game, you may feel a slight sting, that’s pride f’ing with ya. F-pride! Pride only hurts, it never helps. Fight through that. ‘Cause a year from now, when you’re kickin’ it in the Caribbean you’re gonna say, ‘Stephen Ross was right.'”

  50. I agree with some of your points, but are you seriously implying that Donovan’s accuracy issues are “glanced over”? Are you new here?

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I should say that they are not being glanced over this year, but they were for the majority of his career. Other than the Philly faithful, you were hard pressed to find a McNabb detractor. Rush Limbaugh was called everything but a white man for his take on McNabb.

  51. Oh, yes, us Christians have it sooo rough in this country. We can only hope that this period of America’s blind and unwarrented love for Muslims and Atheists ends soon… We Christians quite frankly deserve better than the abuse we’re constantly subjected too. We deserve better.

    Go Chiefs! Go Wildcats!

  52. This is ridiculous, analyst and commentators comment on Tebow and reactionaries and zealots claim its because of his faith. The fact is most NFL players are Christian, or maybe they don’t fit the Tebow standard. 
    I guess when African American  players are critiqued it’s because they are African American and not because of their individual play? Here it is people Tebow is not a good quarterback not because of beliefs, but because he throws passes 5 ft over receiver’s heads. 

  53. The game had to go the way didn’t it?

    You see all the flaws etc…
    In the end they come back and win. We can’t take anything away from the game to make an opinion on Tebow if he has it or not. Missing wide open WR’s, holding the ball too long, taking sacks.

    Then in the last 5 minutes he looks polished and starts hitting guys. Quick throws, smart reads, etc.. and they win. I know they only played MIA but he basiaclly is in a rookie season still. 4 starts is all.. And the saga will continue. Got to admit he creates headlines and drama and thats good for everyone $$$$$$$

    Side note Von Miller 6 sacks is impressive, and the D is slightly making strides. Dennis Allen call’s good games with 80% JMD guys.

    Just to think if guys that had all the attributes. Jeff George, Jay Culter, Drew Henson. etc… had the Grit, Moxy, and Heart of Tebow how great they would be and vice versa.

    Good RT by Adam Schefter. Tebow is what all the critics say, and Tebow is what all the fans say.

  54. Dolphins fans saw this one coming. The team has decent players. They just have their bad moments at the most critical of times. Most of the drops have been in the end zone or on 3rd down. Hard to win that way. Defense looked much better until the last 2 drives of the game (Miami fans know this is not an anomaly). It’s tough to be a Dolphins fan right now. I called the OT fumble right before the play. You can almost feel when this team will screw up. They are not trying to lose. “Suck for Luck” is a ridiculous assertion. These players simply have not played well as a team and do not seem interested in making plays. Just watch them and you will see them all waiting for “somebody else” to make a play.

    As for the Broncos…start Orton and bring Tebow in if behind in the 4th qtr.

  55. Tebow is a proven winner and it’s clear that his determination and will to win are more superior than his QB skills but the guy wins and that’s all that counts so let the haters hate!!!!! Tebow for president ……

  56. I’m a dolphin fan for life and I have yet to see them win a Super Bowl. Well, I was three the last time they won, but who’s counting. I have all the respect for the ’72 Dolphins, but the franchise and its fans need to realize that this is history. Every year the dolphins don’t make it, we hear something in regard to how great the organization is because it is the only undefeated team in the history of the NFL.

    Until this organization realizes that ’72 is almost 40 years ago, and they don’t have much to show for since then, they will never win the big show.

    I like Tebow, and hope he does well. I didn’t cheer when he tied the game with the 2pt conversion, like most of the dolfans I was with. I think his critics are critics mostly for non-football related issues. And Tebow has the tools, they just need time to develop.

    But mostly, I am sort of glad the Broncos(with Tebow leading) won. Maybe the dolphins can go 0-16 and finally realize that 17-0 is ancient history.

  57. Fox had alot to do with the loss. He didn’t have any trust in Tebow. You can’t move the ball when everyone knows what the play is. Play after play.

    you made Tebow the starter because Orton was lossing games. So why not call the same plays for Tebow? Yea, he was way off target in the beginning. So keep throwing…..
    how else will he learn?

    One dimensional doesn’t go far.
    Lucky win for us.

    Think about the hurry up offense a little more.
    Looks like that the ticket to get him going.

  58. As for the Broncos…start Orton and bring Tebow in if behind in the 4th qtr.

    In other words, every week.

  59. The haters are right, just listen to the peanut gallery on Tebow:

    He’ll never be a Quarterback.
    He’ll never be a starting Quarterback.
    He’ll never be a winning starting Quarterback.
    He’ll never win a National Championship.
    He’ll never win the Heisman.
    He’ll never go to the NFL as a Quarterback.
    He’ll never be a Quarterback for the Broncos.
    He’ll never start at Quarterback for the Broncos.
    He’ll never win at Quarterback for the Broncos.

    In Tebows first game he has put up better numbers than Alex Smith average game- who has “led” the 49ers to the 5-1 start.
    In 2011 A. Smith has averaged 180 yards and a little over 1 td per game, and the 49ers find way to win each game.
    Tebow showed promise in the clutch today, a fine performance that no over analyzing can take away. All the haters remind me of the old guys up the balcony of the Muppet Show.

  60. For all those experts going on & on about how he can’t play QB in the NFL, it seems to me he already is

    Love it.


  61. Tebow is 2-2 as a starter in the NFL. 14 TDs, 3 INTs. He seems to be a genuinely good guy. He wants to win as bad as the fans. That’s enough for me….sign me up on his bandwagon.

    Haters can head back down to Occupy Wall Street now that the NFL games are over….

  62. I’m glad Tebow finally has a chance to start and get some game experience. With that being said, Lordy his spiral is terrible and his accuracy was almost as bad. I don’t know if he is just rusty; he looked better at the end of last season. Someone has GOT to help him with those passing skills and work a miracle between now and next week, or the rest of the season may be uglier than the last 6 weeks.

  63. After 50 horrible minutes, who believed they had any chance? Tebow and his team BELIEVED, and they WON. That’s undeniably special, and Tim’s leadership was the key. The haters are desperately need Tim to fail, so they can feel superior. So close, but not this time. Their bitter posts will foul these blogs for years…

  64. im a Tebow fan but i gotta say Tebow didn’t look good tell the end even though they had a amazing comeback overall did not do that great if i gave a grade it would be a C

  65. Is it me, or did it look on the highlights that the 52 yarder at the end, could’ve gone 70? It hit the netting 3/4 of the way up the goalposts.

  66. Anyone who watched this game knows Tebow cannot possibly win many games playing like that. But the Bronco fans are under this illusion that he is a winner with somekind of divine power to win in the NFL without being able to throw. There is a full blown cult developing in Denver. Beware when he gets on local TV and tells you put on your special robe for your trip to the spaceship. Don’t drink the koolaid!

  67. From ampatsisahypocrite: “Tebow looked as bad in victory as he did in defeat. He is not, and never will be, a true NFL QB”

    Whenever someone wants to make a statement that can never be proved or disproved, they always add the word, “true.”

  68. That was a fun ending to watch…but if I were Urban Meyer, I’d be humiliated to watch one his former pupils play the QB position like that. Tebow just has no idea what’s what.

    I hope Tebow succeeds because he looks like a guy who is thankful for his position and enjoys playing the game.

  69. Well, what Tebow didn’t do was turn water into wine, walk on water or read from the Book of Revelations.

    What he did do was help his Broncos win a football game. So – let’s allow the kid to play and we’ll see in a couple games whether he’s ready or not.

  70. And a Tebow shall lead them.

    He shall turn doubters into believers, haters into friends and dolphins into entree’s.

    Just trying to keep with the theme here……

    Don’t really have an opinion on the guy other than he seems like a decent kid, has won everywhere he’s played and really looked rough in that game.

    Love the fact that it seems the front office wants him to fail yet he wins….again.

    Love the fact that as bad as he played, the haters still have to call it a ‘W’.

    Just what exactly has this young man done to draw such ire?

  71. Samuel 2:30 Wherefore thus saith the Lord the God of Israel…whosoever shall glorify me, him will I glorify.

    The Tebow / Bronco win was a miracle.

    The Broncos and Tebow were horrible–just terrible.

    Like the Pharaoh of Egypt, Miami fans (me included) wrapped themselves proudly in Dolphin flags — only to suffer through five football plagues during the last minutes of the game.

    Tebow makes every throw; the recievers turn into Ahmad Rashad, Jerry Rice, and Lynn Swann; Broncos capture an onside kick; Williams accomplishes a strip-sack; and the hapless I-can’t-make-any-field-goals-Prater nails a 52 yarder in overtime!

    Surely, the hand of the Lord.

  72. If you are a Dolphin fan you must accept the fact that there will be no coaching changes, no roster moves and no significant improvement. After the season has concluded Rockstar Ross will make whatever changes Carl Peterson suggests and then unleash an add campaign to lure you back for another season ticket purchase.

    The Dolphins will have a new 5-year plan and heads will roll. The Dolphins will play an easy schedule and improve their record enough that true fans continue to come to games. SUCKER! You are so gullible! Boycott the team until they prove me wrong!

  73. The Dolphins knew this game was for all the marbles in the Suck 4 Luck sweepstakes and did what a smart franchise should have done. They threw the game.

    Denver blew a golden oppurtunity to take the lead in the race for a franchise saving quarterback.

    Don’t get me wrong here. I am a die-hard Broncos fan. But, a realistic one. The team has way too many holes to fill and hired the wrong coach for the style of football played these days.

    Fox will run out of time trying to build a defense / ground oriented team while the rest of the league pursues top-flite quarterbacks.

    This will lead to nothing but constant coaching changes and re-building.

    Tebow may make a good hybrid running back some day but will never be an NFL quarterback.

    This game would have been a blowout loss against any team but Miami.

    My hat is off to Tony Sparano. He may have just lost his job but he may have just saved the franchise.

  74. blackdonnelly says:
    Oct 24, 2011 10:16 AM
    Well, what Tebow didn’t do was turn water into wine, walk on water or read from the Book of Revelations.
    I don’t know about the water into wine part but, he did walk on water.

    You must have missed it. It was during the 2-point conversion that tied the game.

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