Watch Saints-Colts, chat with Florio

Sunday night is the ultimate test of football’s popularity.

You can either watch baseball or you can watch a Super Bowl rematch between the Saints-Colts.

Yeah, the football game is missing a key player.  Yeah, it’s still football.  Is this really a choice?

SNF Extra is off and running with extra camera angles, DVR controls, and a chat with Florio. Check it out right here.

13 responses to “Watch Saints-Colts, chat with Florio

  1. Just cannot watch anymore, what was a pre-season marque game has become such a one sided affair… it is embarrassing!

  2. This game sucks! The whole flex schedule concept for later in the year should be availalbe at any time to get these yawners of a game outside of primetime. Agreed that the game at the start of the year (before Mannning surgery) should have been good, but when crap happens and marquee guys like this are out that make the team awfull, move the game to day and have a better game on the air … Serioulsy, the Fins / Broncos game today would have been better than this!

  3. Brees has completed 47/57 (82%) of his passes against this cover 2 zone going back to the Superbowl and tonight. Most coaches would make some adjustments, but Caldwell just views it as “He’s due for an incomplete pass soon!”.

    whatta joke

  4. What The Colts are doing is so blatantly evident…They went from winning 10+ games for a season for the past 10 years. now all of a sudden they can’t win a game when one of the best college QB prospects since John Elway is coming outta the draft.

    It’s borderline criminal what the colts are doing. these games that they’re tanking have playoff implications for other teams.

  5. “There’s some guys out there that have made bad business decisions. They took their pensions early because they never went out and got a job. They’ve had a couple divorces and they’re making payments to this place and that place. And that’s why they don’t have money. And they’re coming to us to basically say, ‘Please make up for my bad judgment.’” — Drew Brees

    NEVER forget this quote, from a player who has NO RESPECT for the players who played for peanuts and broke their backs (under the old, tough rules) so that Drew-Drew could buy a yacht — oh yeah Drew, you mean guys like John Mackey, who died of head shots not long after you made this speech? Yeah, what a welfare-sucker, huh?

    I suggest you do two things, Drew — a) watch some old NFL film of guys like Concrete Charlie, and see what punishment offensive players were subject to under the old rules, and b) see what those guys earned back then, even adjusted for inflation.

    Amazingly, America has chosen to make this clown a hero, while he stereotypes all the old legends into a bunch of leeches — good job USA! I for one have chosen to not watch any game involving the ingrate hypocrite Brees — but if watching that kind of guy is your
    thing, enjoy!

  6. Love the web simulcast of the game. Hate the truck commercials played ad nauseum. I was ecstatic when Polomalu came on to sell some product.

    (Yes, whining about the commercials is more entertaining than watching the game, lolsigh.)

  7. Listening to mister authority Chris Collinsworth is like sticking bamboo under my finger nails When a game sucks as bad as this, he adds nothing to a game. He is the biggest smuck of all time. blah blah blah

  8. @ampatsisahypocrite
    already done forgot about it, context is everything. You pick one quote and ride it till the sun goes down throwing out countless other quotes where he rallied for those player’s benefits.

    I guess you’re either one of those players or I dunno, maybe you’re just jealous of Brees. Either way, you’re all alone on this one and I’m sure that makes you feel like you’re fighting the good fight.
    Like you’re a rebel or something who sees something that no one else does.
    It’s really sad.

    Go ahead, respond how “I’m just being blind to the truth” or something and how THAT’S really sad. It’s cool buddy, you’re predictable. That’s not such a bad thing.
    Some women like predictable men, unfortunately for you they haven’t come into your vicinity but don’t give up lil guy, one day you’ll talk to one.

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