Cam Newton had his best game yet

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Cam Newton didn’t throw for over 400 yards on Sunday in Carolina’s win over the Redskins. He didn’t need to.

While the numbers didn’t leap off the page, Newton put together his most impressive performance yet.

He completed 18-of-23 passes for 256 yards and a touchdown. That was his second highest yards-per-attempt average and his highest completion percentage of the year. Newton rushed for 59 yards, including a 25-yard run and a 16-yard touchdown.  He held the ball for 14 seconds on the long run. He didn’t have a turnover.

Newton did it all against the best defense he’s seen this year.  Jim Haslett’s Redskins threw a lot of blitzes at him, and four got home for sacks in the first half. A few were huge hits. Newton and the offensive line adjusted in the second half.

The development of Newton is something to behold. He stands in the pocket looking downfield like a veteran when bodies are flying at him. He is starting to take the check down pass more often.

“The kid is a pretty Ferrari,” Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall said via the Charlotte Observer. “He can run. He can throw. He’s got the total package.”

While the country debates whether Tim Tebow could someday be a great NFL player, it’s worth remembering that Cam Newton has arrived there far faster than anyone expected.

58 responses to “Cam Newton had his best game yet

  1. Did you see him launch himself at the pile-on, get drilled by London Fletcher, only to get up smiling and pat the referee on the back? I love this guy.

  2. I’ll admit it: I was wrong about Cam Newton.

    If everyone admitted it, this article would have 5000 comments.

  3. I have never seen a rookie QB look as good as he does, albeit I’m not very old. His arm is far more impressive that I thought. I knew it was big, but I didn’t know it was that accurate. He is making good reads and it will only get better.

    Panthers will be a force in that division next year. This guy is far better than Tebow ever will be.

  4. Yes, I was wrong about him as well. That guy is amazing. Not only can he run it, he’s a pretty good passed too. Some of those throws he made were right on the money where ONLY his receiver could catch it.

  5. Running QB’s can have an easier adjustment than other QB’s. Guys like Vick, Young, Newton do help a bad team more than a traditional young QB. However, all of those guys have significant struggles against better teams.
    That being said, he has been impressive. It’s way to early to say that he’s going to make all the adjustments necessary.

  6. Mark me down as one who was wrong about Newton. In an error when so many hyped QBs turn out to be busts, it’s nice to see one come down the pike and surprise us (and I’m a Redskins fan).

    Related question (that is almost taboo I know) — just as Newton was supposed to bust and came up big, is there any chance that Andrew Luck does not fulfill expectations in the pros? It’s happened to others who were supposed to be “can’t miss” prospects. Could it happen to Luck? Not saying it will, just musing…

  7. And Nolan Narwocki should be eating these words with a side order of super-sized fries…

    “”Has an enormous ego with a sense of entitlement that continually invites trouble and makes him believe he is above the law — does not command respect from teammates and always will struggle to win a locker room. Only a one-year producer. Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness — is not punctual, seeks shortcuts and sets a bad example. Immature and has had issues with authority. Not dependable.”

  8. Actually if everyone admitted it, your comment will have 5000 up votes. I watched him in college and I thot he was great. Especially how he plays the game. I am a Redskins fan and I hate the he beat us but he’s really something. Funny how all those naysayers aren’t saying much (mostly because they are on the Tebow wagon). How he couldn’t handle complex defenses, taking the ball from under-center and all that jazz. All he’s doing is playing better than a good number of veteran QBs.

  9. I was dead wrong about this kid. I had huge doubts but he has been great. You can’t blame the team’s record on him, either. If he had even a middle of the pack D this team would be 5-2 or 6-1.

  10. I like cam .. and wasnt one that said he wouldnt do well ..I’m also a redskins fan .. and a high school qb would have a good game against the cursed skins ..
    lolol good game though cam I was there and saw it in person

  11. Say what you want about what happened in college, Newton is twice the QB Tebow is and isn’t getting near the attention.
    VERY impressed with Newton thus far!

  12. I predicted in 5 years we would put Cam Newton in the same category as Ryan Leaf. Boy is my face red. I love this guy.

  13. Yeah, a lot had it wrong, but not to brag, but I didn’t. Here’s my response to a doubting colleague, the day before the draft:
    I am not on a crusade for Newton, I just have looked at him and I know that not one of the “great scouts” have any more ability than I in evaluating the spot. They have more resources, but less objective reasoning. To be clear, Cam Newton is not #1 because is a black QB. If he were green and had the same credentials; he’d still be a great prospect. But, he like everyone else is a prospect. Carolina is in bad shape and Cam Newton is the only player in the draft who has the ability to right the ship. Anyone else is setting the franchise back. IMO. His upside is too great to pass on. He can help fix problems not of his making. A D lineman or DB is not going to have enough impact, even if they play from day 1. As we talked about before, I’m not the least bit worried about Cam’s mindset or head, as you put it.

    All that said, he could fail – that’s the nature of speculation. No one has a crystal ball. If Aaron Rodgers had Cam’s size and had won 2 championships, won a Heisman, he would be heralded as the second coming. So we’ll know tomorrow.

  14. glad to see that some of you are adult enough to eat your crow and “enjoy” it….still waiting on some others i see
    i didnt envision this, and definitely not so soon, but i never doubted his ability to be “great” as he put it

  15. thats right D Hall cam is a ferrari and you are a Yugo….LMAO…AS IN U NEED TO GO!!!

    The collapse started last week as I stated and last place is all but a given at this point.

  16. Cam Newton is my Hero! Now if we can get a stable defense…We will be in business. Looking at that draft next year and the linebacking core gets healthy….WATCH OUT

  17. Newton and Dalton will be considered great QBs in a few years. Ponder and Gabbert will be serviceable starters.

    Tebow will be out of the league by the time all of the aforementioned QBs reach their full potential.

  18. I told everyone I worked with that we would regret drafting him. I just didnt buy that a guy who would just tuck and run when the primary was covered was a good investment. I can’t believe he is THIS polished. Man looks like Elway.

  19. @parenthesis78 says:
    Oct 24, 2011 12:07 PM
    I like cam .. and wasnt one that said he wouldnt do well ..I’m also a redskins fan .. and a high school qb would have a good game against the cursed skins ..
    lolol good game though cam I was there and saw it in person

    Your just mad cause your squad does have a high school QB…the skins are garbage lmao!!

    How bout them Cowboys!!

  20. tundey:

    Funny how all those naysayers aren’t saying much (mostly because they are on the Tebow wagon).
    Can you expain what you meant by this? How are they related?

  21. First to tell you from a skins fan that this dude is the absolute truth!! Wish he wouldve fell to us in the draft just as the “experts” predicted he would

  22. I heard this young man talk coming out of Auburn and I didn’t like it. He sounded like another bust to me. But when Bo Jackson came out and said this young man would change the game I started to change my opinion…Bo knows after all.
    I honestly think that this young man is currently one of the most valuable players to their franchise currently in the NFL. Carolina started the season brutally. No defense to speak of, no run game, but now that is starting to come around. Newton started playing well, he has been the only constant on that team through the whole season to this point. And now, especially after watching yesterday’s game, this team has found their leader.
    Hat’s off to you Cam. I haven’t heard a thing you have said with your mouth all season, but your play speaks volumes.

  23. Wow… Cammie Newts’ popsicle has been completely devoured. It’s justified though. I hope he doesn’t read this thread and get too full of himself, but I’m doubting he would. His chip on his shoulder is too large to get ‘Barry Bonds head’ over a gushing review of his performance thru week 7.

    Kudos to the man though! When are we going to start throwing out the notion that Ron Rivera has been pretty good too? Despite the record (especially given the strength of their competition thus far), this team has some real promise. And how about a pat on the back for his QB coach and O-Coord for that matter… whoever they are, buried in obscurity. I’ll bet Rivera is quietly raising a certain finger at those teams that didn’t hire him as a HC a few years back (I forget who but I wanna say the Chargers were one of them).

  24. If only Beason and Davis weren’t hurt, Carolina might be 5-2 or 6-1. Their defense has played pretty well against the pass, but struggles against the run due to the loss of their 2 defensive leaders. James Anderson has turned out to not be a one year wonder and is a beast this year. Next year with all three linebackers in, better/more experienced d-tackles, and possibly a number 2 receiver (justin blackmon anyone?) this team could be one to watch out for in the NFC South.

  25. Cam Newton is fun as hell to watch. I’m not a Panthers fan, but find myself watching their games just to see what this guy is gonna do.

    With their record, the Panthers could get some good draft picks and be like the resurgent Lions soon.

  26. Yes, Cam Newton is having a great season…SO FAR. This is his rookie year, he can easily struggle the rest of the season. He’s not the real deal yet so pump the brakes and saying you were wrong about him. Just look at Josh Freeman this year compared to last year.

  27. badegg, yeah, ummm….”In an error”? Really? The word is era. With an a. Just saying….

  28. great 2 see all the former cam newton haters step up 2 the plate and admit they were wrong. oh except that joe from from toronto clown who used 2call him the next jamarcus russell and scam newton. anyone ever read his post? angry angry man towards certain players 4 some reason…hmmm

  29. giselleisasucubus says:

    duh, um ok…I was typing very fast and made an era (put your fingers down…that was a joke).

    Thanks though for the grammatical advice. You rule, in terms of spelling and punctuation.

  30. great 2 see all the former cam newton haters step up 2 the plate and admit they were wrong. oh except that joe from toronto clown who used 2call him the next jamarcus russell and scam newton. anyone ever read his post? angry angry man towards certain players 4 some reason…hmmm

  31. Behold, another Cam Newton believer…

    – from a guy who mocked him when he talked in the 3rd person and sat courtside at NBA games with his shiny sunglasses on… I had prima donna written all over him.

    Boy was I wrong…

  32. If he keeps this up, yes the division is going to be even tougher. Sadly, I think he seems pretty legit so far and that isn’t good news for the Buccaneers who are going to be lucky this year to finish third in that division. I feel it is a wait and see approach for most of these picks. We don’t know what Luck will do either. He could be Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf, time will tell. I will agree, that I’m getting tired of hearing about him and the Suck for Luck sweepstakes.

  33. I’m so happy we have a QB in Carolina that looks like he could take us to the big dance. However, we got to get better on defense or all his efforts will be wasted away. Anybody that still has doubts about his character can watch his post game interviews. He is poised, polite, and respectable when dealing with reporters. And you got to remember that he’s only 22 years old. My next Panther jersey will definitely be a #1 Cam jersey!

  34. I’m a little older and I have never seen a rookie play like Cam Newton. He’s a complete threat. He can run… well. He can pass… well. And he knows WHEN to run and WHEN to pass.

    He’s electric, but still fundamentally OK (can be better, but he’s a rookie.) I think that unlike Vick, Cam Newton is redefining the quarterback position because- Cam is going to get better. We’ve seen the best of Vick and he may make it to the big dance- and may even win it- but Cam is the future.

  35. Another former Cam basher turned supporter…

    Chomp chomp chomp as I digest 20 erroneous posts…

    I hope he continues to do well as the people in Charlotte and the Carolinas deserve a good team…

  36. I’ve got to say, the Panthers are pretty fun to watch, especially when they have Stewart and Williams in the backfield at the same time.

    That is currently 3 of the top 30 rushers in the NFL behind a good Offensive Line… They’re gonna run right? Na, Steve Smith is open somewhere.

  37. Newton surprised me since I didn’t expect him (or any rookie QB) to be so poised. The thing about his running ability that’s really good especially for a rookie is that he never looks to run right away. His first priority is to hang in the pocket and find a guy to throw to. He’s not running unless it’s by playcall design or there’s no one open.

  38. I’ll admit it, I didn’t think he’d play so well this year, but he’s only won 2 games so far. Why is everybody popping the champagne already? This isn’t college where winning half your games, gets you a trip to the Hawaii bowl and a week to surf in Honolulu.

    If all he does is put up numbers with nothing to show for it, he’ll just end up a poor man’s Dan Fouts or Jim Kelly.

  39. cam is wrecking about every record there is for a rookie. but if you think you can understand that by viewing his numbers on a stat sheet, then i’d bet money you haven’t seen him play. cam is at a lebron james level hopefully going on michael jordan level in the near future.

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