Chargers’ McMichael not impressed with Jets, and vice versa

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After losing to the Jets on Sunday, Chargers tight end Randy McMichael wasn’t impressed by the team that had beaten him. Nor were the Jets impressed with McMichael.

“Their secondary isn’t anything,” McMichael said after the game. “It’s our fault. It had nothing to do with anybody on their team. It’s all about the guys in this locker room room, we lost the game. They didn’t do anything.”

To say the result of the game had nothing to do with anybody on the Jets is fairly ridiculous. And the Jets weren’t happy when they heard about those comments.

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis pretended not to know McMichael’s name, making him the second-high profile defensive player to do that today, and he said of McMichael, “Whatever he’s talking about is bogus.”

Added Jets safety Jim Leonhard, “He’ll have fun watching the film today, we’ll just say that. He didn’t really do a whole lot yesterday. He’ll have fun.”

25 responses to “Chargers’ McMichael not impressed with Jets, and vice versa

  1. Both teams need to shut up and let their play do the talking. Both of these teams weren’t overly impressive yesterday, so shut up and focus on winning something for once. I am sure Jets and Bolts fans get excited every time when of their players or coaches makes an empty promise about winning something…

    OVERRATED! OVERRATED! Their own fans should be yelling this at them to get them motivated…

    On a different note, nice to see Gates back though…

  2. I like how players always complain when they lose, and if they got the same coverage and the won there wouldn’t be as much of a fuss. Just admit it you got shut down, end it.

  3. Jeez, this NFL season is more and more high school with each passing week. I don’t remember there being this much trash talk, gossip and hurt feelings in the previous seasons.

    No, the JETs weren’t very impressive. But they were good enough to shut the Chargers out in the second half and win a game that the Chargers really needed and had a great chance of winning.

    Talking smack is for the fans. Win with class and lose with dignity. You ARE pros, after all.

  4. tennesseeinsurance says: Oct 24, 2011 6:38 PM

    I think it’s funny how players always show disrespect to another by not knowing their names. McMichael has been around for a few years now, everyone has heard of him.

    If by “everyone” you mean the Chargers or the AFC West then yeah, everyone.

    There’s really no need for any other fan base in this league to know the name of any TE on that team past Gates….

  5. Chargers is starting to sound grumpy- just like a team that knows it’s on a very fast downhill slide on a mountain they only made it half way up to begin with.

  6. But he is right about one thing. The Chargers lost the game. The Revis INT is on Vincent Jackson for not catching the ball and deflecting it directly to an opposing player. And, the other INT is on Rivers. And, what’s up with the horrible two minute drill? Philip Rivers waiting for the play to come in and then couldn’t here. How about you run the two minute drill without Norval Turner?

  7. aside for 2 impressive scoring drives, one of which came after an overturned jets td and subsequent turnover, the chargers offense did nothing. the jets especially dominated them in second half forcing a few 3 and outs. it looked a lot like the playoff game a couple of years ago where rivers looked confused and just flat out awful.

    the chargers didnt give the jets squat. if not for the early defensive td and overturned jets td, then they lose by 3 tds.

  8. Well then McMichael, I am not at all impressed with the guys in your locker room if that’s the case.

  9. Thanks again, Chargers, for giving these clowns more reasons to keep flapping their gums.

    Couldn’t hold off a mediocre 3-3 team with a half-a$$ed quarterback, and now you’re whining that you were the better team.

    Shut up.

    We all have to live with Rex, his loud-mouth players, and the most obnoxious fans in America, for another week.

    By the way jetsarestacked, where were you when the Yets ran off three losses in a row?

    Didn’t hear a peep from you THEN.

    You can shut up too.

  10. .

    The Jets may see them again down the road …..and they still won’t be capable of running the two minute dril .



  11. Everyone remembers McMicheal from about 5-6 years ago. They just don’t remember anything he has done since. Can’t believe this guy is still on a NFL roster.

  12. i think the jets did alot in the 2nd half, but the chargers do shoot themselves in the foot more than any good non sb winning team i’ve ever seen.

    san diego has always been the ultimate “team that beat itself”

  13. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone not blame the Jets for trash talking. Surprised this wasn’t pinned not the Jets

  14. You non football fans know what a big part of football is? Trash talking. There needs to be more trash talking it’s great. It’s nice to hear a player actually say what the fans are thinking.

  15. Come on, everybody knows McMichael…
    Remember, he’s the guy that kept beating up women a few years back!
    Over and over and….well you get it.

    Stay classy San Diego…

  16. McMichael is partly correct. The Chargers really did suck on Sunday and the Jest aren’t really that good.

  17. The bottom line is the Jets got two much needed wins to get to 4-3 and now need to use the bye week to shore up the O-line, figure out how to be more consistent running the ball, and continue to get better on defense. I know everyone outside of Jet Nation hates Mark Sanchez but he’s not the problem.

    It’s not complicated, the Jets can get right back in the thick of things if they shut up, close the holes they have, and beat Buffalo and New England after the bye.

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