Chris Cook remains in jail

Vikings cornerback Chris Cook remains in jail Monday after a court appearance was delayed.

Cook has been in jail since Saturday morning at 4 a.m. Authorities have until Tuesday to charge Cook or they must release him, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Cook was arrested for domestic assault.

Cook was only a few blocks away from the Metrodome Sunday while his teammates lost a close game to the Packers. It’s uncertain if the Vikings will let him play this week once he presumably gets out of jail.

28 responses to “Chris Cook remains in jail

  1. Well, McKinnie got fired for refusing to mix in a salad, so I would expect something similar in this era of accountability, right?

  2. Oh,and even though he was still in the Hennepin County Lockup, he was still the viking closest to Greg Jennings on Jennings big score.

    Ba dum bump.

  3. Cut him, cut Berrian, cut McNabb. Pick up three players from practices squads across the league with some potential and get them on the field to find out. We have a chance to start getting ready for next year and really get Ponder ready for 2012.

  4. I wonder if he knew what day it was when he woke up. The good thing for him is that by being in jail until Tuesday the THC will have more time to leave his system before the NFL tests him.

    The sad thing is, the kid has talent, but apparently a 2 cent brain to go with it.

  5. what’s with all the comments implying Cook was smoking before the incident? Hostility and violence are not typically associated w/ pot — now, if he’d been arrested for laughing hysterically while eating an entire bag of cheetos, all while strangling this wife, then you might be on to something…


    Does not sound like someone who was stoned.

  7. The real losers are the people who claim that marijuana is a substance that causes harm to anything or anyone. Yeah it might make an already lazy person even more lazy but do you really want athletes drinking poison (alcohol) as a medicine for their aching bodies? No and you really need to look into the truth about marijuana. its the top medicine on the planet for 10,000 different things. Many cultures use it as an aid to pregnancy (its that safe)

  8. I’d rather sit in jail then have play on that team
    good, we dont want u either

    cut cook
    cut mcnabb
    cut berrian
    like stated above and start raiding rosters for better talent that WANTS TO SHOW UP & CARE

  9. Why all the pot supporters. I used to smoke like a chimmney, but have not touched the stuff in 10 years. My mind and body have never been in better shape. Pot is for losers. There is a reason why they call is “dope”.

  10. The chip-on-the-shoulder and violent tendencies that allow many players to excel athletically, are the same qualities that make some of these guys a threat to society off the field. (See Brandon Marshall, Larry Johnson, et al.)

  11. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Oct 24, 2011 12:58 PM

    Oh,and even though he was still in the Hennepin County Lockup, he was still the viking closest to Greg Jennings on Jennings big score.


    Carl –

    I find you to be a total idiot. However, this was one funny post! There may be hope for you yet.

  12. Wow! U people that are leaving these negative comments must be perfect and live in glass houses. Who is to say this mess is the truth. I can bet u that some of you people who have nothing else better to do than bash this young man into the ground have done something in your life time or maybe a family member who has done something. And how many of you are even athletes! I sense alot of jealous people on here. A piece of advice.. Mind your business. It could be your brother or father or uncle would they be losers!

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