It’s go time for the Chiefs

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Kansas City’s win in Oakland Sunday.

It revived a dormant season and gave the Chiefs a real chance to be part of the division race starting now. Kansas City has three straight home games coming up, starting with a visit by the Chargers.

Cornerback Brandon Flowers joined PFT Live Monday and talked about the upcoming game. Florio asked him who the team to beat was in the AFC West.

“I’d have to go with us,” Flowers said with a laugh. “It’s only right if I go with us.”

After Sunday’s win, it’s not a crazy notion.

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48 responses to “It’s go time for the Chiefs

  1. Monday Night Football on Halloween, Chiefs & Chargers battling it out for division supremacy. This game could well decide who wins the AFC. It will be between the Chargers and Chiefs. The Broncos and Raiders will battle each other for third place.

  2. Why do people over react so much? The Chiefs haven’t suddenly become a contender. They struggled to beat two of the worst teams in the league, and then got to play the Raiders with Boller/Palmer at QB and no McFadden (aka a terrible Raiders team; the Raiders have been over rated before this game too). Let me know when the Chiefs beat someone worth mentioning

  3. This is silly, like others stated they’ve beat two bad teams and a team with injury problems and no quarterback. Only reason the Chiefs wont finish last in the AFC west is because of the Broncos.

  4. In the NFL lets keep in mind… It’s a professional league. All the guys on this level, are there for for a reason I dont think a team should be considered bad because of their record from a players standpoint, the different resides in the utilization of talent and the strategy of its coaches and this team is showing that no matter how they may have started or who they may have lost to injury (Berry, Moeaki, Charles) they will never give up… Other teams should take note of this… I hope they keep it going, and my gut tells me that they will.

  5. …I don’t like the Chargers. At all. Raiders fan. Hates Chargers. But the team to beat is the #1 team. I get that he has to say that as a Chief, but who seriously things the team to beat is the #3 team? It’s the Chargers.

    If the Raiders move into the #1 spot, they’re the team to beat. If the Broncos do, then it’s the Broncos. If the Chiefs get into first place, then, yes, they’re the team to beat. Until then, saying you’re the team to beat breeds complacency which is a dangerous thing after beating two jobbers and a pathetic Raiders showing.

  6. I guess we have to be the packers and beat the vikings AND a team on par with the Rams to be considered relevant…come on people, see how stupid you sound? People are praising the packers as the gods of the nfl…but who have they really beat? Rodgers is a God, not the packers as a whole.

  7. Oh, come on. They just won despite a QB who earned a PR of under 40. Under 40. The only place the Chiefs are going is higher in the draft.

  8. ur all crazy. Yes we beat 2 bad teams but minnesota almost beat the packers. And yes oakland has injuries. Well so do we! We don’t have our pro bowl running back, safety and good starting tight end. So don’t give me that injury excuse! Ya we hurt mcfadden! So what if they don’t have campbell he sucks. They don’t rely on their QB, they rely on their running game and “dominating defense” to win games and we neutralized that. We made the plays to win. They couldn’t even score a point. So go somewhere else with the excuses

  9. We own chokeland in the black dump hole.

    7 of the last 8, and would have been 8-8 if not for a dropped pass last year. The fade are who we think they are, and this division is a 2 team race, just like last year.

    Fade fans are hilarious in their delusions. You guys won’t even sniff 8-8 this year. You’re just not that good, and Carson Palmer is a joke. Ask ANY Cincy fan.

  10. Glad to see the chiefs fans hop back on the bandwagon after they ALL abandoned ship after the first 3 games. They were ready to suck for Luck, pathetic!!! It’s a 16 game season and you play in the worst division. Although I really don’t see them doing anything more than 6 wins, I love to see the bandwagoners back, there’s nobody like the chiefs unfaithful fans. One of a kind

  11. Nobody claimed Oakland has a “dominating defense”, dthomas58. As for Campbell sucking, before he got hurt he wasn’t sucking nearly as much as Cassel, who was a 50% passer yesterday. Oakland had 6 picks, and your offense still only scored twice. Oakland had the ball on the 1, they lined Bush up for a direct snap, burned a timeout, and still tried to run the same play. Credit to the Chiefs for getting a win, but don’t let it go to your head.

  12. Getting really tired of hearing the excuse that the Chiefs beat a banged-up Raiders team. It’s not like the Chiefs had Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry or Tony Moeaki in that win. And let’s not forget that their #1 pick got his first action against the Raiders and has a lot of catching up to do.

    My hat goes off to a team that struggled with their own injuries only to take advantage of every opportunity to turn things around. Hopefully things continue to go this way for the Chiefs.

  13. wfingers23 says: Oct 24, 2011 8:46 PM

    Dear Raiderapologist,

    Its hard to score more offensive tds when we were running them back for tds on defense

    That was acknowledged. Your defense scored as much as your offense. Try to keep up. I wait patiently for a Chiefs fan with an IQ higher than the score of that game.

  14. Gotta love Gregg jumping on the bandwagon. Makes complete sense to me, I mean the chiefs dominated that entire game .lets see the raiders had more rushing yards, and more passing yards. The raiders also had more penalties, and also had 6 picks, including 2 pick 6’s thrown right at them. Plus cassel look ever so dominate with his 30 QB rating. Plus the fact that Carson only avergaed 18 yards per pass caught is truly dominant. Then when you throw in Hue’s incredbile out of the norm playcalling all the more reason, but I will put my money on Dec 24th.

    KC won, thats the bottom line, but to think they are now the team to beat, I don’t drink the same kool aid gregg does.

  15. Wow, Chiefs beat the Raiders practice squad. And their offense is so good it let the defense do all the scoring for them. I bet they are favorites to win the Superbowl now!

  16. slickster35 says:Oct 24, 2011 8:07 PM

    We own chokeland in the black dump hole.

    7 of the last 8, and would have been 8-8 if not for a dropped pass last year. The fade are who we think they are, and this division is a 2 team race, just like last year.

    Fade fans are hilarious in their delusions. You guys won’t even sniff 8-8 this year. You’re just not that good, and Carson Palmer is a joke. Ask ANY Cincy fan.

    And the Raiders own you in Camerohead. You’re going to get spanked next Monday before a national audience. The West is wide open, and Hue Jax will have a nice Xmas present for your team in your house. Santa wears silver and black this year, bitch.

  17. dthomas58 – in your case than you lost to San Diego, who also lost to the Jets, who the Raiders beat soundly. Then you lost to the Bills by 36 who the Raiders lost to with 14 sec to go. So by my calculations that would still mean that the Raiders are a much better team than the chiefs on a consistant basis. The chiefs got the Raiders in a bad week with Cambell out. The most important position last I checked. Lucky timing plain and simple.

  18. Slickster35.. You should just stop posting. You just regurgitate the same thing over and over again and it makes you sound like a joke. Yes i was embarrassed of the Raiders on Sunday, just as you should’ve been of the chiefs the first 3 weeks. What will you do with a division title anyways? Another first round loss? Ok cool.. Your best team ever lost 25-24 to the colts… Even when youre good you don’t make it far and reality is, your team is not good…

    Oh and you’re not funny, intelligent, or progressive when you use “chokeland” and “faders” or whatever play on words that is neither new or or your own creation… And it’s still not as funny as Queefs… Come back when you have an idea that’s your own. It was better when they were 0-3 and you disappeared. Go Away again.

  19. Raiders had a chance to put the Chiefs to sleep and did not hopefully that doesn’t come back and haunt us.

    KC has a BRUTAL schedule though

    @ Patriots
    @ Jets
    @ Bears

    Broncos twice

    I see KC at 7-9 or 8-8 .. Oakland and San Diego will be in the 9-7 or 10-6 range.

  20. wfingers23 says: Oct 24, 2011 8:46 PM

    Dear Raiderapologist,

    Its hard to score more offensive tds when we were running them back for tds on defense

    We? My apologies, sir. I thought I was dealing with a fan, not a player.

  21. Gotta give this team and coach some credit. They looked like the worst team of all time throughout the preseason and first couple weeks. Top two players injured and out for the season and a coach that doesn’t seem to have any support.

  22. KC will find out just how much chance they have at the AFC West this year after the Chargers Thump them.

    Beating up on what was a crippled Raiders team with multiple key starters missing on both sides of the ball and their other 2 wins against who?

  23. Just to recap, Raiders fans are now complaining that their team wasn’t healthy enough to avoid getting shut out at home against a Chiefs squad that’s been hit by injuries as bad as any team in the league.

    Poor Al is rolling over in his grave.

  24. you’re all sad. Making excuses for a 28 to 0 game. Injuries? How can you complain when we lost 3 great players and starters? Played ur practice squad? Really? So now losing campbells like the colts losing manning? Hahaha!! Ignorant. Campbell isn’t important. You beat cleveland by a kick return and fake field goal. We have way worse injuries and still kicked ur butt! Suck it faider fans! Enjoy ur dumb head coach, ignorant front office and awful offensive play caller and soft D. Atleast we play with heart. Ghetto azz oakland raiders and their fans. Complete joke. P.s. Just wait til next year when were healthy with moeaki, berry, charles, siler. Go cry somehwere else. There are no excuses in a 28 to 0 blowout IN oakland.

  25. I love how people say “we”…retards, I didn’t see u in a Jersey on the field getting your name called …ok to root for your team and all, but “we”…tools.

  26. They complain that Palmer was rusty because he has not played or practiced…..then why the hell would you put him in.

  27. Half the Raiders offense went out of the game early. That left 100% of it was on the back of whoever decided it would be good to pay Kyle Boller to be a QB in the NFL.

    No running game + 6 picks? Even Miami might have won.

  28. Kevraiders,
    I say we because I spend money on jerseys and merchandise and tickets. So that’s why I say we. Go blow Palmer dbag.

    Ya we were embarrassed by 2 good teams to start the year. Then we rebounded. Well if were embarrassing for losing to 2 good teams, then the Faiders are even more embarrassing for being embarrassed by the Chiefs! Go fist yourselves choketown fans

  29. It’s funny, when the Raiders were winning no one pointed out that they hadn’t played any good teams, but now that the Chiefs are winning all the Raider fans are screaming about how the Chiefs haven’t beaten any good teams. It’s true the Chiefs haven’t but then neither have the Raiders.

    The Faiders will be battling for the basement with the Donkeys soon.

  30. Love the Chiefs, but did any fan really look at the schedule and see more than 8-9 wins at the high end? The Chiefs are a good team, not great. They should compete with the Chargers in Arrowhead but likely will lose. This team won the division last year two years too early last year. The Chargers’ window is closing. The Donkeys are a mess with the Tebow debacle. The Raiders and Chiefs are going to compete for the division the next 5 years but with the Raiders selling their soul to “win now,” I think they will lose this marathon.

  31. raider-in pa, you’re delusional! Ur raiders are garbage. How was it a fluke? Because you didn’t have jason campbell? He’s terrible. Because you didn’t have mcfadden because we hurt him? Well we don’t have TE tony moeaki a great young player,RB jamaal charles who is one of the most electrifying players in the nfl, and S eric berry who is the only defensive player in the nfl to play every snap last year and made the pro bowl. Sorry try again dbag! Ur team sucks! You got ur all world QB palmer and we feasted off of him. Enjoy ur garbage team for the next decade witout draft picks lol. Sorry try again little girl

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