Jim Caldwell on Colts’ loss: “I have to take responsibility”


The Colts put on one of the most embarrassing displays of football you’ll ever see in their 62-7 loss to the Saints on Sunday night, and afterward Colts coach Jim Caldwell took the blame.

“I have to take responsibility for our team and the way that they played. We just didn’t play well,” Caldwell said. “I think the guys fought. We didn’t execute well, but I think the effort was good.”

Colts owner Jim Irsay, as he so often does, took to Twitter after the game to offer up an almost indecipherable message about his team’s performance. Irsay apologized to Colts fans for what he called a “Titanic collapse,” and he promised that the team is actively working on the solutions but that the solutions are “complex in nature.”

One decision Irsay has to make is whether one of the solutions is finding himself a new head coach. Obviously, Caldwell was dealt a tough hand with Peyton Manning’s neck injury, and one bad year when the quarterback goes down ordinarily wouldn’t be enough to get a coach fired. But what the Colts are experiencing is more than just a bad year. It’s an absolutely pathetic year.

And for Caldwell, taking responsibility could mean losing his job.

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  1. I didn’t know the Dolphins and Jaguars had a reunion of their playoff game from January ’00! This was when the Jaguars ran the score up, and Jimmy “THE SNAKE IN THE GRASS” Johnson quit on the team BEFORE he quit on the team!
    I can’t believe there’s a team more embarrassed than the DON’T PHINS right now! FIRE TONY SPARANO!

  2. I think Caldwell fell in to a good team that was built by Dungy. He went to the Superbowl his first season, but it really hasn’t looked good that last two years. I don’t think the team fights for Caldwell. I don’t know if Manning could have led this team to the playoffs this year. I think the Colts are at complete rebuild mode.

  3. Jim Caldwell on Colts’ loss: “I have to take responsibility”

    Oh you will, Jim, you will.

  4. Wow good for you Caldwell! Take responsibilty for your pathetic coaching job that you do along with te rest of your ass clowns called a staff and go set sail with Mr Perfect Tony Dungy! I’m know Colts fan and didn’t care a whole lot for Payton but wow now I have a ton of respect for what that man did for this team! Should have traded those D-lineman when they had value! Caldwell you look like a confused old man and you need to GET out of anything that will place your trance looking face on TV! Don’t worry Tony “God” Dungy will somehow find you another job

  5. Where is super over rated, Dwight Freeney? Is he not suppose to be the leader of the defense. No tackles and no sacks for the last two games.

    He is not even playing half the downs.

    It takes a real coach to motivate a team.

  6. Polian can’t escape the blame here. He built this one trick pony show and must take the blame.

    No team should be this bad without one player and I don’t care who that player is.

  7. yeah you should just quit. coaches who follow Dungy just seem to have bad luck. Both coaches to follow Dungy have won the Super Bowl in their first season as head coach, but after that their teams just fell apart. It’ll be interesting to see if the Colts get Luck. And it’ll be even more interesting to see if Luck is the next Manning or Leaf.

  8. “I think Caldwell fell in to a good team that was built by Dungy.”


    “I think Caldwell and Dungy have benefited greatly by teams run and coached by Peyton Manning.” – Fixed that for ya

  9. Rarely has a team been as dependant on one player. The onus also falls on management for not planning the post-Manning era. Regardless of his injury, Manning is 35 and Polian should have had drafted a QB for something else than mop-up duty.

  10. The colts focused way to much on building Peyton Manning’s football team instead of building a good football team that happens to have Peyton Manning. That includes hiring someone who had no business being a head football coach, but they knew he wouldn’t piss off his star qb.

  11. Sorry–Peyton Manning isn’t responsible for the defense and special teams being horrible.

    If Jim Caldwell gets a free pass this year because of Manning’s injury the Colts are simply setting themselves up for disappointment next year. That would be absolutely foolish.

  12. I’m no great Jim Caldwell fan, and I’m not sure how good a coach he is, but the blame for the collapse of the most quarterback-dependent team any of us have ever seen must go to the person who put the team together.

    It was Bill Polian who sunk multiple first round picks and dollars into the skill positions, put together a rag-tag offensive line that Peyton Manning made look exponentially better, and a two-player defense that could only play with a lead.

    Polian is the culprit, not Caldwell who can do nothing but play the hand he was dealt.

  13. Fire Caldwell AND the Polians! Bill Polian has been riding the Peyton Manning pick all the way to the HOF. The media wants to talk about how great a GM Bill is…. look at the non-talent he has been putting around Peyton his entire career..

    Go ahead and give Peyton the MVP this year.

  14. Imagine if the Colts had a good team AND Peyton Manning. They probably would have had 5 championships.

    Question: Did any Colt coaches win Coach of the Year since Manning was QB? If so, their award should be revoked. This year has proven that Manning is the most valuable player, probably ever.

  15. I think they should just throw the Dolphins and the Colts together right now, and play the Luck Bowl.

  16. Come on does nobody see the SUCKFOR LUCK connection here. This team is known for taking dives at the end of the year! Now they are throwing the whole year to get their next QB.

  17. Ok ,Manning is not playing that may explain the lack of offense. Who do you blame for a defense that gave up 62 points? Your defense should at least keep you in the game. So the offense dose not have to play catch up the whole time. Just sayin’.

  18. I felt bad for the Colts, I really did. After a while I was only watching the game to see how many points the Saints would score. Not Caldwell’s fault entirely, someone has to make a play and technically it can’t be the Head Coach.

  19. It’s obvious Caldwell can’t “coach up” a QB or a team. It’s also obvious that Bill PoliON has let that roster slowly die on the vine. Look where the Patriots are with their roster then look at Indy.
    Where is the criticism of PoliON??
    This team was winning nothing with Manning

  20. This falls squarely on Pollian. Caldwell cannot take any of the blame for this because he is working with a roster built entirely around one player. It’s arguable that Caldwell is even the head coach of the Colts anyways; I think that title goes to Peyton Manning. So you have an entire franchise from top to bottom built around ONE player. When that player gets injured, what can anyone honestly expect? It works when Manning is healthy but why does Pollian get a free pass from the media types for this start but he gets all the credit when they do well? This is almost ENTIRELY on the general manager.

    Hell, even the DEFENSE has been built around Peyton Manning. The Colts are a team built to play with leads in a game. That defense consistently struggles against the run but it can rush the passer thanks to Freeney and Mathis. On offense, the Colts clearly pass to set up the run. That offensive line can’t just line up and run the football the way normal football teams can. Not even Vince Lombardi or Bill Belichick could coach this team to 4 wins without Manning.

  21. This is what happens when your entire offense consists of one player. The Colts FO all share the blame for last night because they never drafted a QB who could take Manning’s place.

  22. twitter:Chapman_Jamie says: Oct 24, 2011 7:32 AM

    “I think Caldwell fell in to a good team that was built by Dungy.”


    “I think Caldwell and Dungy have benefited greatly by teams run and coached by Peyton Manning.” – Fixed that for ya

    I think the Bucs would say that Dungy built a championship team in Tampa and if
    I remember correctly the Colts (led by said Manning) didn’t make the PLAYOFFS? the year before Dungy arrived. – Fixed that for ya!

  23. Teams have always had their starting QB go down. The point though is that those teams although those teams are not as good with a backup QB at least they are somewhat respectable. Even if Manning comes back next year, you can’t take this team serious. A team built completely around ONE player. Manning doesnt play defense. Pathetic.

  24. Wow! I knew there was a reason I didn’t watch the game- because Colts vs Saints is like watching a bad high school football team play the Green Bay Packers. I think the Colts organization should start looking for a new head coach. Caldwell reaped the benefits of inheriting a great team from Tony Dungy.
    There is A LOT more wrong with the Colts than just missing Peyton Manning! Last time I checked, Manning didn’t play on defense or special teams. The Colts have completely collapsed and appear like they’ve quit.
    However, Jim Irsay should shoulder some blame as well. They’ve neglected to plan for the future…how do you justify having Curtis Painter as your only back up quarterback? Yes, Manning had been extremely durable and was chasing Bret Favre’s record for consecutive starts. But, there have been warning signs…Manning’s knee surgery, and 2 neck surgeries. Despite the fact Manning wasn’t even cleared to play, the Colts gave him a huge new contract.
    They were caught off-guard when Manning needed another neck surgery, and the best they could do was sign the retired Kerry Collins. When that didn’t work, they had to go with Painter.
    This team is a mess, with plenty of blame to go around.

  25. Sorry guys, but this has been the Colts for many years now. Its a shame that Manning is often compared to Brady and Montana in terms of rings… But its sad that Manning has been delt such a horrible hand. Where is all that “pro-bowl talent” that manning has had?? Its just not there… Clark became the highest paid TE under Manning…. Last night: ZERO CATCHES! He has like 18 catches through 3 games now!

    Manning has single handidly carried one of the worst teams in history to the playoffs every year and 2 superbowls….

    Manning = G.O.A.T.

  26. The real problem here is ownership. As evidenced by his almost incoherent Twitter messages, Irsay is in some sort of drug trance most of the time. He is quickly unwinding years of goodwill granted to the Colts as a well managed small market team. Now they have receeded into the lowest echelon of sports franchises: pathetic. The way back won’t be as simple as a returning Manning or even drafting Luck. Indy fans better get used to a return to the ultimate fan uniform of disgust: bags on their heads.

  27. If Manning was playing last night the Colts still would have lost by big numbers. Say what you want but the Colts defense is not stopping anyone right now. That was one of the most pathetic defensive games ever!!

  28. Jimmy Irsay with an indecipherable tweet!

    Mr. Irsay has never held a real job, inherited the team from his alcoholic father (which put him into the Forbes 400), was fired by his father via the newspaper for Tobin, would rather hang out doing drugs with his rock star friends and abdicated responsibility for the Colts to the Polians (he is probably scared to death of them), is probably back using again, so do not expect him to do anything decisive.

    Anyway Caldwell fits into Polian’s “Suck for Luck” drive, so as a Colt’s fan: whats not to love?

  29. iluvbears says: Oct 24, 2011 8:34 AM

    The Colts are definitely throwing games and the NFL needs to look into it.

    They HAVE been known to quit when it suits them and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this is the case here.

    I love seeing the Colts fail…it’s epic. That said, if they end up taking Luck and he’s the real deal, it could make life very difficult for a long time for the rest of the NFL. But…with Caldwell as a coach, I’m not too worried about that.

  30. Tom Brady is the reigning MVP but it’s clear that Peyton Manning is, by far, more valuable to his team than anybody on the planet. Great timing to have a horrific year: Such for Luck is alive and well!

  31. Face it, this guy was a token hire, as a favor to Dungy! Caldwell just stands on the sidelines, never saying anything, why he wears the headphones and mic are beyond me. The only decision he ever made was to sit his starters, and rob them of an undefeated season. Most useless POS I’ve ever seen.

  32. napgamer says:
    Oct 24, 2011 7:58 AM
    Come on does nobody see the SUCKFOR LUCK connection here. This team is known for taking dives at the end of the year! Now they are throwing the whole year to get their next QB.

    That would be a huge mistake.

    Here is how I see the thought process going through Andrew Luck’s head if the Colts get the first pick:

    1) My family has plenty of money- I don’t need to get paid now.

    2) I have a huge insurance policy that will pay me enough money to live comfortably if I do get hurt.

    3) Did I really do all of this work and accomplish all of this just to go to a small market team in the Midwest and spend the next three years on the bench?

    4) College is fun!

    Screw it, I’ll come out next year.

  33. Let’s face it folks when the Saints are clicking on offense they are pretty much unstoppable. I bet they would have beaten the Packers last night by double digits based on what I saw in that game against the Vikings earlier.

  34. The Colts showed last night that Peyton is they’re best defensive player. No way the Saints score 62 with him playing. And they also showed that OC Clyde Christensen is calling a good game but the offense isn’t executing and that DC Larry Coyer is doing a terrible job. Colts have enough good players on defense to be playing this bad. Main thing they show last night is Jim Caldwell has no clue what he’s doing and the players have giving up on him. He should resign but before he resigns fired Coyer. Caldwell makes terrible decisions. We all know about the timeouts, his issues with knowing when to challenge a plays/when to go for it on 4th down and he can’t manage the roster. If he makes roster decisions like he says then tell me why Kevin Thomas has been a healthy scratch the first 6 games. He plays last night and does well. Now hopefully he plays the remainder of the season and we stop the rotating cornerback idea.

  35. Indy has never won or lost because of a coach. They have because of Peyton Manning. Dungy is vastly overrated, and Caldwell is just a warm body to fill the sideline.

  36. thehighhat says: Oct 24, 2011 8:25 AM

    Come on, Manning is the head coach. Caldwell is an empty suit.
    Exactly. Now that the Colts actually NEED Caldwell to coach, he can’t get it done.

    Manning is everything to that team, that’s why he’s the true MVP, every year.

  37. I’m not even a Colts fan, but there is no question in my mind Peyton is the MVP of all time. With Peyton this is a playoff team, and they are contending to be the first team to play a home superbowl game. Without it they may go winless, and in horrible fashion. When has one player ever made that much of a difference? As great as Brady is, without him the Pats won 11 games. Without Rodgers or Brees would the Saints and Packers go winless? No. Peyton is a team unto himself, and changes every game dramatically.

  38. I have seen “ST. MANNING” pull off some miracles, but unless he put up at least on the Saint’s last night, the problem is systemic and the whole system needs to be overhauled. The Polian’s, Caldwell and YES even Manning. It’s time to move on!

  39. Watch the race card get played with the fire Caldwell talk. The Colts look like a team that has quit. If you built your team in a way that losing one player cause you to go 0-7 then maybe it is time for the Polians to go also. I think it is common knowledge that Peyton is the de facto O-coordinator on the team and the defense is built around 2 fast DEs who go after the QB when the Colts have built up a lead. I blame Polian for this fiasco.

  40. This team had been getting worse for a few years. This had been naked by the skill of peyton manning but this team would still be mediocre with peyton playing. Viewe many top 3 draft picks over the last few years are contributing on this team, 0? Look at polian for blame in addition to caldwell. Better yet look to irsay who allows this to happen.

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