Josh Scobee hits from 54 yards, twice

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Not many offensive players came to play tonight in Jacksonville. Fortunately for the Jaguars, kicker Josh Scobee did.

Scobee nailed a 54-yard field goal in the first quarter and another 54-yard field goal in the second quarter to give the underdog Jaguars a surprising 6-0 lead.

Although it’s been a miserable season for the Jaguars, they can take solace in the fact that they have one of the league’s best kickers: Scobee is now 12-for-12 on field goals this season, with four kicks of 53 yards or longer.

Scobee has been a bright spot in an otherwise miserable game, with Joe Flacco unable to get anything going on the Ravens’ offense and Maurice Jones-Drew unable to hold onto the football for the Jaguars.

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  1. Don’t forget the fumbles by Rice, the dumb play by Reed, and the domination by the Jags D…you homer.

  2. One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Especially after hearing the Ravens fans chirping about the Steelers letting the Jags play a close game last week.

    When is everybody going to face the reality that Joe Flacco is a below average QB?

  3. just a horribly played game and the officiating is even worse. when are the officials going to start being held responsible? 3 calls overturned before halftime and a beautiful legal hard hit by the ravens called a personal foul……horrible!

  4. I have said it before-in fact many times. And I am always getting “thumbed down” for it. But once again we must face the fact Joe Flacco is NOT (and never will be) an elite NFL quarterback.

    He is at best a serviceable back up who is very lucky to have ended up on a team that relies on the run and an exceptional defense to win. Unfortunately that is not the formula for success in todays NFL. 1961 maybe-but not 2011. This team caught “lightening in a bottle” in 2000 and has been trying to repeat the formula ever since. Here’s a clue folks-it ain’t gonna happen.

  5. Wow, as a Ravens fan I can’t defend this bowl of s**t at all. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible!

    Ben Grubbs means more to this team than I ever thought.

  6. When your best play is a 50 yard pass interference penalty you are having a tough go of it.

    And when you have Blaine Gabbert backed up at his ten yard line late in the fourth quarter in a still winnable game and you let him complete a 25 yard pass your defense is sucking too.

  7. Oh, and they certainly are NOT an elite team. Good defense but a horrible offense with Cam calling the plays and o-line play.

  8. If the Lions drop below the Ravens in tomorrow’s power rankings I’ll be so offended. This is just awful.

  9. Thanks, Cundiff……I definitely picked you up for you to do nothing….i wish Janikowski wasn’t hurt… -_-

  10. Jets and Ravens, have a lot in common, furious defense, some solid RBs and respectable playmakers at WR, and a QBs that aren’t capitalizing on those things, because they play inconsitantly.

  11. This game is exactly what the Packers/Saints game should have been!

    I want my Games; As a TRUE football fan, to be boring and dull “defensive battles” … Ya’ HeaRD?!

  12. jerranamo says:Oct 24, 2011 11:38 PM
    “this is the kind of game where you got to stop and appreciate defense.
    jus sayin.. the jags D came to play today.”

    no doubt about the jags d, but this day & age with so much rules in favor of the offense, if you can’t score more than 14 points, then it’s more on the offense for being awful then it is for the defenses for being any good.

  13. Now that’s how you play defense Jags. A new revamped and overhauled defense and this is the result. Nice win baby.

  14. Sometimes it’s just so fun to revisit the recent past:
    djstat says:
    Oct 23, 2011 9:09 PM
    Actually DJstat is a Ravens fan who had a front row seat to the ass whoopin Baltimore layed on your precious Steelers week 1. Look, I know how great the franchise has been in the last decade and over time. I know you beat Baltimore last year blah blah blah. My point is this year, this season the wins are against Seattle (2-5) Jacksonsville (1-5) Arizona (1-5) and Tennessee (3-3). The wins came over teams who have combined for 7 wins. My point is, stop talking about being the best team in the NFL until you have win over a team with a record better than .500. That’s it. That’s the point. Stop taking it personally and be objective. Don’t hide in the past or behind the soft schedule…

  15. As a 49er fan, I am sick of hearing that the Ravens Turkey Day game is the one game the 49ers are “guaranteed to lose” by all the ESPN analysts. Personally, I think the Ravens game is going to be quite easy for the 9ers. San Fran’s #1 ranked defense will probably hold Baltimore under 13 points, and as long as Frank Gore has a mediocre game, the final score will be something like 35-7.

  16. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but Flex Scheduling can’t come soon enough. Primetime NFL has been awful, (though still better than the world series). Who’s playing in that baseball finals thingy again??

  17. Jags are coming on strong – typical slow start, awesome defense by a Del Rio coached team. Steelers were very fortunate to win last week.

    Memo to AFC – no “gimme” games against those Jags the rest of the season. Might be the best defense in the league the rest of the way.

  18. makosalad says:
    Oct 24, 2011 10:22 PM
    Can’t stay up for the final. Would be great if the Ravens lose by a couple field goals!
    Wow! Just like Christmas!

    @ampatsisahypocrite & Bubby Brister
    Right! Ha! Was thinking the same things last night! It’s as though a cat got their tongues… It’s one thing to get beaten by a .500 team, it’s anothother to eat crow after this loss.

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