Matt Ryan thinks he’s fine, but second opinion is coming

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That ugly, awkward ankle/foot twist sustained Sunday by Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan made the fourth-year signal caller appear to be, as Peter King said on Football Night in America, Gumby.  (Given the proximity of the FNIA studio to the legendary home of SNL, King perhaps should have added:  “Dammit!”)

Ryan returned and secured the victory, and we’re told he believes he’s fine.  A source with knowledge of the situation says that Ryan will be getting a second opinion during the upcoming bye week.

So while Ryan’s injury isn’t as bad as the injury to the other quarterback in that game, there’s at least for now cause for mild concern about Ryan’s health.

14 responses to “Matt Ryan thinks he’s fine, but second opinion is coming

  1. Matt Ryan is one tough mofo.

    Jason Babin bent him in half in week 2, and he kept getting back up, unlike a certain soft #7. (Where was the flag, btw?)

    The kid has taken a beating all season, and hasn’t so much as complained.

    I’m proud to have him as my team’s QB.

  2. I’m assuming this injury is the Lions fault too since the defender was pushing the offensive lineman too hard when he stepped on Mattys foot.

  3. I’m unable to form an opinion without first learning what Warren Moon and Tony Dungy think.

  4. When I saw the instant replay of that injury, I was like that’s it, he’s done for the year. The guys in the sports bar around me agreed. I mean, are you kidding me? And the he gets up and WALKS off the field! Comes back and PLAYS! What the … is his ankle double-jointed or what?!?

  5. And does the collapse begin? A good for the Loins that it wouldn’t measure up the the biggest collapse in this division. That dubious distinction belongs to the 2003 vikequeens. This NFL fixture of object failure holds many of the records for historical under-achievement.

    Anybody but the MN

  6. Ankles don’t bend that way without there resulting in substantial damage. Obviously, the docs shot that ankle up so full of cortisone, Ryan didn’t feel a thing. Atl fans better hold their breaths that he didn’t tear something in there.

  7. I saw that play and I can say one thing: It hurts more now than yesterday. But he’s on a bye week. And he’s young. If I twisted my ankle like that, I would retire at my age.

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