Raheem Morris wants the blame for Aqib Talib’s penalty


Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris doesn’t hesitate to stick his neck out for Aqib Talib.

Morris admitted that he broke NFL rules by calling to check in on Talib when Talib was arrested during the lockout, and on Sunday, after Talib picked up a costly personal foul penalty against the Bears, Morris said he was willing to take the blame for that.

I will hold myself accountable for any of Aqib’s actions,” Morris said.

The action in question on Sunday was Talib picking up an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for jawing at Bears receiver Roy Williams and grabbing his facemask after a play. That kind of penalty is stupid at any point in the game, but it was incredibly costly for the Bucs because it came after a third-down sack with the Bears holding a three-point lead with three and a half minutes left in the game. The automatic first down gave the Bears time to run two more minutes off the clock before the Bucs got the ball back.

If Morris’s post-game comments were designed to take media heat off his player and put it on Morris himself, fine. But privately, Morris should be holding Talib accountable for his own actions. Talib is a talented player who does far too many stupid things.

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  1. Bucs are such a joke of an organization…ultimate pretenders….actually had some respect when Dungy and Gruden were around…now, just a joke like the Falclowns….

  2. I agree with your last sentence. But I also like that Morris did this. He has his players’ backs, and seeing how football teams perform when the coach “loses the locker room,” it’s good that he did this for his player. He’s smart to show his team he will always stand up for them

    That said, Talib needs to mature, fast. He has so much talent, but it’ll be wasted unless he gets his on the field and off the field issues settled.

  3. Why doesn’t Raheem just swaddle Talib in a blanket and give him a nipple to suck on? Because I can’t think of any player in recent history as coddled and babied like Talib has been by Morris this year.

  4. Will he also take the blame for Freeman staring down his receivers or Mike Williams stone hands?
    I honestly was fooled into thinking those two would be in the Pro Bowl this year.
    Freeman is struggling enough on his own. Mike Williams cost the Bucs 9 points on two awful drops. The first one would have put them either in the endzone or on the 1…instead it was an interception. The two point conversion went right though his hands. No excuses.
    Talib hasn’t been that great this year. He has to be the most penalized defender.

  5. “I will hold myself accountable for any of Aqib’s actions”

    – Do you hold yourself accountable for the incident in which Talib and his mother participated (side-by-side) in a drive-by shooting?

    Im all for sticking up for your guys, thats called loyalty. But holding yourself accountable for any single solitary action of Sir Aqib Talib is, well, downright idiotic.

  6. I am a Saints fan, but having said this, this happened week before last.
    After, Sean Payton was injured in the Saints game with Tampa Bay, and the game having ended, Coach Morris came to the Saints locker room and visited with Coach Payton for around 10 minutes. Coach Morris is a class act.

  7. No excuse for that penalty or for the way they played. The Bucs, especially ‘Free’, are wildly inconsistent this year. Mike Williams is an annoyance as well given his rookie year (yes that was a fantasy related complaint). Someone commented last week that Mark Clayton killed Mike Williams and is wearing a suit made of his skin…too funny!

    They tied up the division against the Saints and gave it right back after this uninspiring performance. Maybe this is who they are.

  8. Talent means squat when you temper hurts your team. He may very well have cost the team the game. 2 more minutes could have made a big difference for the Bucs.

    Not the first time. Probably won’t be the last. He’s a ticking time bomb.

  9. Morris should be taking the blame because he’s the head coach that is allowing Talib to run around unpunished everytime he does something.

    How are you going to show Aqib that what he did was stupid and wrong this time,take him to another basketball game?

    As a Bucs fan I’m sick of so many thing that have direct ties to the head coach (in this case Morris)…
    Complete lack of discipline on the team, such as the Talib rollercoaster, all the penalties (2nd in the league), slow starts, extremely predictable & poor playcalling, to name a few.

    Sure other have to take some blame but as head coach he is the one that should be pulling them aside and correcting it but instead it’s just ignored.

    He isn’t there to be the players best friend, he’s there to be the boss/coach, now he can be friendly to a degree but he takes it too far and the team takes advantage & suffers. I’m seriously thinking it’s time for a change even if we end up with a winning record because we will never really contend with the way things are now.

  10. Aqib’s on/off the field antics are not worth his play. He is nowhere near the player he was 2+ years ago. He was a problem in London last time they played there too.

    Coming from (presumably) a Taints fan your hatred for the Bucs has clouded your ability to see that the Bucs have your number….

  11. At the very least he should not be starting next week..the better coaches and team would put him on the inactive list for the rest of the year. Every game in the NFL is to big for somebody to do something so stupid. His teamates should have nothing to do with him for awhile

  12. That penalty is all on Talib and his inability to control himself. You let Roy Williams get to you? Roy Williams? You know how you insult Roy Williams? You point out that HE’S ROY WILLIAMS. That should be enough.

    The Bucs have the second-most penalties in the league, and Morris is responsible for not bringing the hammer on some players who keep screwing up. That’s something he in general needs to address, as opposed to just focusing on Talib doing one stupid thing.

  13. What’s with coaches constantly trying to take the heat when their players perform badly? Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer over-under throw everything and throw 6 INT, but Hue Jackson wants to take the blame? What was he supposed to do, guide the ball properly using telepathy?

    And this takes the cake! What is Raheem Morris supposed to do to make this idiot Talib know that you can’t grab someone’s facemask and jaw at them? What amount of coaching can make that happen? The only thing a coach can do is get a turd like that off the team because he should KNOW that guy is going to make boneheaded moves and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

  14. Jeez…is Morris going to take the blame when Talib leaves skid marks in his underwear, too? This is getting ridiculous! I’m all for a coach “having his players’ backs,” but not when the player continues to make bone-head decisions (on and off the field). Morris needs to realize his refusal to hold Talib accountable isn’t doing Talib or the Bucc’s any favors. Give this clown some “tough love.”

  15. That kind of penalty is stupid at any point in the game, but it was incredibly costly for the Bucs because it came after a third-down sack with the Bears holding a three-point lead with three and a half minutes left in the game.

    What a complete moron (Talib especially, but Morris apparently also).

    Did you tell him to commit a monumentally stupid penalty that perhaps cost you the game? If yes, then you are (partially) accountable. If no, then Talib is responsible, not you, as much as your bleeding heart wants you to be. I’m really not sure which of these 2 is worse (leaning toward Talib, though).

  16. If Aqib Talib actually did something intelligent on the field (or off of it), people would die from shock. The word “idiot” just isn’t fitting enough to describe how dumb he is.

  17. Enough already. This guy isn’t as good as one commenter pointed out. Talib is going to be in prison most likely next year anyways and/or suspended. Buccaneers need to cut ties now and be done with him. De-activate him or flat out cut him. Tampa would be better off long-term.

    Also, would be better off getting rid of Morris. I’m convinced that last year was an easy schedule and a fluke. He is still in way over his head, much like Caldwell in Indy. We need a coach like Bill Cowher or Jeff Fisher to come in and take over, along with a true offensive mind at coordinator.

    Lastly, they do need to keep building through the draft. A good scat-back, the 2 to a 1-2 punch behind Blount, a stronger offensive line, a true shut-down corner and a true #1 receiver, (a real burner and good hands) would make Tampa a more formidable foe for years to come. Guess as a fan of the Bucs, might as well keep dreaming and hoping. Really think the Glazers should just sell this team to someone who wants to win!

  18. Poor dumb guy just needs another Q in his name. Or maybe a capital letter in the middle of it.

  19. Talib is dumb and Morris is dumber……….can’t believe an NFL coach would make such a stupid comment. If Morris ever had any hope that Talib would mature, it went out the window with that enabling statement.

  20. Morris is keepin’ it real and takin care of his “homies” yo.

    Come on, Talib is a conviction waiting to happen and Morris is an unemployed coach in waiting.

  21. packerrube13 says:
    Oct 24, 2011 12:54 PM
    …He has his players’ backs, and seeing how football teams perform when the coach “loses the locker room,” it’s good that he did this for his player. He’s smart to show his team he will always stand up for them…
    It is great when a coach stands up for his players (when they are right), however, that is not what Morris is doing. He is not showing he “has his players’ backs” either. Talib did something stupid that hurt the rest of the team and he should be held accountable for it. His temper won again and he acted stupidly, again. All Morris is doing is showing Talib, and others like him, the coach will tolerate whatever they happen to do. He is not gaining discipline or respect. He is actually losing it whether he realizes it or not.

  22. .

    Bill Belichick always preaches about “situational football “. You simply cannot get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty at that point in the game.

    No matter what Williams said or did. Talib should have walked away.


  23. Why should the kid ever grow up when every time he bleeps up, someone bails him out (literally) and enables him and he pays no consequence for his actions?

  24. I have a lot of respect for Coach Morris, as he tries to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully thats the case with Tanard Jackson, and its def good to have him back. As for Aqib, this guy seemingly will never learn to control himself, he’s too hot-headed and its a shame he’s a lost cause.
    That costly penalty, that late in the game = just plain dumb football.

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