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Falcons receiver Roddy — or, as Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh called him Monday, “Rodney” — White has responded to Suh’s non-response to White’s claim that Suh was calling for a cart after Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan went down on Sunday with a leg injury.

“I mean I don’t really have much to say about what [Ndamukong Suh] said,” White told NFL Network.  “I just know he’s going to say whatever he wants to say, but we know what they said. We were standing right there in the huddle, we saw when he went down and that’s before the medical staff got there that they said was in front of the play. . . .

“I know Suh said what he said. He said, ‘Go get the cart for him, get him out of here.’ He knows he said that and we’re not going to go back and forth about what he said-she said.  And then he’s going to say it was karma for what we’ve done in the past when their quarterback gets hurt on the last play of the game and they have an MRI today.”

White is referring to Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, who suffered an injury late in the game, which the Falcons won.

And so in two straight weeks, the Lions have been involved in an issue that has carried into Monday, and that is unrelated to the game itself.  Why do we have a feeling that may be the case on a few more Mondays this season?

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  1. Having nothing to do with anything…

    Before he became a national star Roddy Piper wrestled for Georgia Championship Wrestling, and he would melt down whenever someone called him “Rodney” since his given name was “Roderick”.

    Wrestling fans throughout Georgia would chant “ROD-NEY, ROD-NEY” at the poor fella and he’d get all mad.

  2. White is 100% spot on and I thought the same thing upon reading Suh’s karma comment. Guess the last karmic laugh was on the Lion’s yesterday huh, Suh?

  3. A couple more losses, a couple more games of getting gashed by RBs and Suh will be providing sound bites every couple days and revert to roughing up players after whistles.

    Suh should not be talking about karma. Somebody who doesn’t rely on tweets for payback will fix him on the field.

  4. The Lions are a young team who has had a brief, but not uncompelling taste of success. They are clearly not being coached to experience such success with aplomb and the dignity the game deserves.

    The coaching staff needs to reel these guys in. What was once a feel-good story has become an eye-raising one. As much as america loves an underdog comking up big…america despises arrogance and poor sportsmanship.

  5. The Lions better worry more about playing good football again, and less about being tough guys or else their magical season is going to go poof…….

  6. I like how most of the people that act like talking bad about an injured player is terrible, while a few months ago those same people were hoping that Cam Newton would fail, be a bust, get injured, or get into trouble with the league. so what’s worse? possibly talking trash during a game, which there is absolutely no proof of? or wishing a talented young man fails at his dreams and possibly gets injured?

  7. Can we think about this for a second?
    We’re supposed to believe that not only was Suh trash talking, but that someone was apparently kicking Matt Ryan’s feet as well, and Ryan himself said he didn’t hear any trash talking. He sure as hell didn’t get kicked either then. Also, Avril was indeed kicking his feet, I’m supposed to believe his team wouldn’t come to his aid? Yeah, I’m not going to side with him. In fact, the situation is completely reversed with me. Echoing my divisional foe Packers’ statements, the Falcons are the dirty players and should be ashamed for making these comments. I know I would be

  8. I’m not willing to call out Suh as a “dirty player”. I think he and SOME of his teammates are being allowed by the likes of Gunther Cunningham…a hothead if ever there was one… to act with arrogance as a means to atempt to intimidate.

    The HC appears to be something of a hothead himself, suggesting that there might be a culture of poor sportsmanship developing in Detroit.

    Winning doesn’t entitle you to be boors, fellas.

  9. It is NOT the Lions TEAM or SUH who is not dealing well with success…….lmao….it’s all you haters that cannot deal with the Lions SUCCESS…….oh how I am loving it!

  10. Well, what do you expect, the team is a spitting image of its head coach. And that’s not a compliment.

  11. Weren’t the Lions 6-2 a few years ago, and finished 7-9? Wasn’t that the year before they went 0-16? Just wondering.

  12. If you stop and actually look at what Suh said, you might see that he was just legitimately concerned about Matt Ryans’ health. It sure was a nasty looking injury. I think Suh saw this, and out of his good nature, honestly believed that he may have needed a cart. “Go get the cart”. It’s really not that bad of a thing to say. So this is all just a big misunderstanding.

  13. Back to obscurity Detroit!!!! Schwartz is a sore loser but he’d better get used to it again…

  14. Funny, when the Lions were losing for 30+ years, fans across the country felt bad for them and even cheered for them but how quickly their image has changed. They win a couple of games and their players and coach start talkin’ trash and actin’ like they’ve accomplished something and are a force to be reckoned with. They lose a couple and they lose their cool 2 weeks in a row. If their coach can’t keep his emotions in check, how does he expect his players to do so.

  15. “Why do we have a feeling that may be the case on a few more Mondays this season?”

    Because they don’t play on Monday’s?

  16. As a Falcon fan Im already way tired of this stupid story. The Lions are turning into the Eagles with all these stories after they lose. “Go get the cart” isnt even worth talking about in my opinion. And I didn’t see anyone kick Matt Ryan, and if they had, pretty sure there would have been a huge brawl. Roddy White needs to shut his mouth and start catching passes. Who cares about the Lions anyway. Let them have their wins.

  17. Maybe if Suh learned how to play the run instead of trash talking injured quarterbacks the Lions wouldn’t be losing.

    Nobody mentions how Suh’s game goes one way only I wonder why?

  18. What’s Ronny White’s problem? IF it did happen, why didn’t any Falcons get in their faces or stand up for their boy? Way to complain to the media.

  19. I am truly amazed by the number of so-called football fans on this site who are calling out Suh. This is really a sad commentary on how all sports in general have started to cater to the masses. Where everyone gets an award for playing, everyone has to have a chance to get into the game (no matter their skill level or ability to help the team win) and all of this is done for the sake of having them all feel like they have accomplished something. Oh, and let’s not forget that making someone feel good and not hurting the opponents feelings is more important than winning. When in turn all it has really done is create a generation of athletes who don’t care about winning, but rather that they played the game the way that mommy would have liked. Suh is a true throwback player, one who has absolute disdain for his opponent and wants to inflict as much bodily harm on his opponent as he possibly can. A win at all costs competitor, whose one and only goal is to come away with a victory.

    I for one applaud Suh for his aggresive, take no prisoners approach to the game. Yes, I am a long suffering Lions fan who doesn’t feel the need to apologize for the way this man plays a mans game….If you don’t want to hear players running smack and beating the hell out of each other….Go to the ballet or take in a play….But I am gonna continue watching and applauding Suh for playing the game the way it was meant to be played. Down and dirty, in your face with no regrets.

  20. That’s because he gets double teamed about every know because he’s so Good.

  21. Just like the city of Detroit itself, despite any superficial temporary success, the Lions remain filthy and violent at heart.

  22. tommyf15 says: Oct 24, 2011 7:49 PM

    Having nothing to do with anything…

    Before he became a national star Roddy Piper wrestled for Georgia Championship Wrestling, and he would melt down whenever someone called him “Rodney” since his given name was “Roderick”.

    Wrestling fans throughout Georgia would chant “ROD-NEY, ROD-NEY” at the poor fella and he’d get all mad.


    You do realize he was staying character, don’t you??

    Oh, by the way, Star Wars isn’t real.

  23. ravensfan4life52 says:
    Oct 24, 2011 7:58 PM
    I like how most of the people that act like talking bad about an injured player is terrible, while a few months ago those same people were hoping that Cam Newton would fail, be a bust, get injured, or get into trouble with the league.

    I encourage you, or someone, anyone, to go back and find a comment on here where anyone hoped Cam Newton would get injured.

    Because I was here, and while I remember lots of people saying they thought he would fail, I don’t remember anyone saying they hoped he would get hurt.

    Go ahead, find one. Just one. I’ll wait.

    (jeopardy theme playing)

    Nothing? Hmmm……

    Do yourself a favor and try to stop using lies to make your points.

  24. I for one applaud Suh for his aggresive, take no prisoners approach to the game. Yes, I am a long suffering Lions fan who doesn’t feel the need to apologize for the way this man plays a mans game….If you don’t want to hear players running smack and beating the hell out of each other….Go to the ballet or take in a play….But I am gonna continue watching and applauding Suh for playing the game the way it was meant to be played. Down and dirty, in your face with no regrets.

    by this i assume u mean on the plays where he isnt smacking people in the head after the whistle is blown? slamming people to the ground after the ball is dead? dudes a beast no doubt but he crosses the line way too much…..
    i expect u lions homers to argue but this is coming from someone who doesnt hate the lions….there is no hate for Suh from me, i actually like him. but there is no denying that he crosses the line frequently.

    that also being said, i would take him and his shenanigans in a heartbeat on my team

  25. This is the same Roddy White that said the Falcons were a better team after they got curb stomped last year in the playoffs by the Packers.. Then said it again this year before the Falcons again got stomped by the Packers.. I also seem to remember him bitching about the team drafting Matt Ryan while Vick was in the pen.. White is a turd, always will be a turd and would rather yap to the press than man up and say anything on the field

  26. blaming the dc is like blaming the parents because their kid robbed a bank, or committed some other felonious act. once the kids are arms reach, its the kid who acted, not the parents, or in this case, the dc or hc.

    funny too how the falcons are claiming the victim, and yet they seem to be involved in chirping with other teams, but don’t like it when its back on them.

    dirty has no further to look than daunta robinson.

  27. To be up front about it, I will say I am a Lions homer. So I am biased. But at what point did Suh or Avril say anything or kick anyone’s feet? When the falcons where in the huddle after the play but before the medical staff got there? That doesn’t even make sense. I saw the replay of it and I didn’t see when the kicking could have happened at all. I also didn’t see where Suh was close enough to even be heard unless he was really loud in which case everyone would have heard him.

  28. @ pigskinpimp68 I know your happy that the lions are relevant but you wouldn’t like it if every offensive line played down and dirty, and ended his career by taking out his knees.I’m a bears fan and love great hard nose “d” but dirty play is something different.

  29. I will be so offended if the Lions are below the Ravens in tomorrow’s power rankings. This game is awful.

  30. is saying “go get the cart for him, get him out of here” seriously all it takes to create a media frenzy now? I mean that injury looked like he might have needed a cart…

  31. Go Suh!!!!

    For the record, all you people talking about how Suh sucks and how the Lions are this and that…. It wasn’t the Lions that caused the problem prior to the game, it was the Falcons….Nobody heard anything that Suh said and nobody saw anything that Avril did except for White and the Center….Funny hearing that a team that employs Robinson can call anybody else out for being cheap…LOL

    If Suh and Avril did anything then all the Falcons are pathetic for not having the guts to stand up for their franchise. Also, if they did then how did nobody else hear or see anything? Lastly, if it’s actually true then how come nobody is asking the league to look into it? Should be easy enough seeing as the O-line wears microphones now, wouldn’t you all say?

    Maybe they aren’t saying the league should investigate because they know they’re full of you know what and there is not only no evidence but they also know they’ll get caught looking stupid.

    But, keep it up with the talking, both sides. It’ll make everything much sweeter when a possible playoff appearance happens this year.

    And for all those saying that now the Lions will go the way of 7-9 etc…..LOL…. We may have just lost 2 straight and played horrible ball in both, deserving to lose both games, but most fans, myself included, would have been very happy before the season started to be 6-2 in the bye week. I’m glad we lost and got the garbage band wagon jumpers off. And I’m extra happy to be hated and feared. Even at our worst, we still almost beat two of the best teams in the NFC. Those hoping the Lions will miss the playoffs might get your wish, but this is definitely not the same lions that started 6-2 and finished 7-9 in 2007. If you think so, you are not a knowledgable football fan at all. And if you think Suh and the D-line is not doing their job, once again you look at stats and don’t know football. Lastly, hate Suh all you want. Call him whatever you want. In the end, he’s one of, if not the best, young defensive players in football and you all wish he was on your team. If not, once again, you simply don’t know football.

  32. @pigskinpimp68

    Finally someone with some sense on this website.

    Oh and BTW I remember about 2 years ago when Suh destroyed Colt Mccoy and Texas in the Big 12 championship everyone was all over Suh’s jock and wanted him to win the Heisman. And then once again at the NFL Draft everyone would yell out “Suhhhhhhhhhh.” And then after his rookie year everyone was once again all over his jock calling him the Best Defensive Linemen since Reggie White.

    Everyone loved his agressive play and now that opposing players who run their mouth in the media and trash talk Suh, he’s now the NFL’s biggest punk. Its funny to see how much people flip flop sides because of “he said- he said” media bullcrap.

    I could careless what people have to say about Suh bc I know everyone would want him on their Team and we have one of the Best Defensive players in the NFL.

  33. I said it a couple of weeks ago. They will finish no better than 8-8. The teams they beat their 1st 5 game had a total of 6 wins between them. They still play Green Bay twice, San Diego, New Orleans and Oakland. Hell, they still play Chicago and Minnesota again. Division games are never easy. They have no running game and Stafford is again showing he can’t stay healthy. They’re basically the same as the 49ers, only difference is that the 49ers play in a cake division. The Niners will find out they’re not for real also when they get jackslapped in the 1st round.

  34. Who cares? He probably said it, and he probably meant it. The “goal” of ALL defenses is to knock the star player out of the game and hope he is just “hurt” not “injured”. So Suh “allegedly” said get him gone and let’s get the game going again so we can try to knock another player out. Again, nothing new.

  35. thereisalwaysnextyear says:
    Oct 24, 2011 7:53 PM
    If Suh doesn’t know the name of a pro bowl WR then he’s just showing his ignorance. Being ingnorant and a dirty player ain’t a good combination.


    i’m pretty sure suh called him rodney on purpose(like the wrestling fans did to roddy piper). btw: there’s a certain amount of irony in calling someone ingnorant. just saying.

  36. I wonder what the broncos going to say about Suh next week. Can this he said she said stuff be over with already.

  37. It takes a lot of effort to make Cinderella look ugly … but the Lions are sure trying to do just that.

  38. @pigskinpimp68

    im glad there is an actual football fan on this site unlike all these girls complaining about what a guy says about their team(qb)

  39. The Lions have learned how to win games but they continue to show us that they have yet to learn how to be WINNERS. Big difference.

    And I don’t worry about Suh too much. If he is doing this stuff it will come around to bite him soon enough. Remember, there are microphones and cameras everywhere in a stadium. Dozens of them. Players are miked up and the guys on the sidelines with the high-powered mikes are going to be following Suh around waiting for him to talk that junk. And when they do, you can be sure it will be played ad nauseum on tv and radio for days afterward and will follow him around for the rest of his career.

    So what? Fines schmines! Who cares what people think, you say?

    Try saying, lost endorsement deals because while a lot of companies want to hire a big name tough guy, they don’t want to hire a big name jackass for a multi-million dollar ad campaign. Too risky these days.

    Besides. Get caught doing that on tape and there will be no denying and you can bet there will be other players looking to take him out.

  40. Wait a minute. Roddy White made some comments and then Ndamukong Suh responded prompting Roddy White to say we’re not going to get into “what he said – she said”. Did he inadvertently refer to the Lion D-Lineman as a girl? Maybe “Rodney” should call him as Ndamukong “Sue”.

  41. NdoggieDung Suh is quickly becoming one of the most disliked players in the league by both players and fans, and he’s not even halfway through his second season. Once you are labeled a dirty player, the refs watch you closer, and you never EVER lose that tag.

  42. they both need to just drop it, they won’t be playing each other again this season.

    Yes I said that.

  43. The Lions win a handful of games and they think they’re on the way to the Super Bowl. Now, let’s see… 2 losses in a row and cracks are already forming in what they tried to portray as a solid and formidable “wall” (team). Suh’s got the potential to be a superstar in the NFL but, superstars don’t just TALK, they WIN. They win Championships, that is. Last Sunday the superstars on Defense had Falcons helmets on. They shutdown the “vaunted” Lions’ offense. Deal with it, Suh and the rest of the Lions homers. And this is coming from a life-long (50+ years)Packers fan. Can’t wait for the Roasted Lions to be served-up by REAL SUPERSTARS (A-Rod & Co.) on T-Giving Day!

  44. Mr. Suh should stick to just playing football and not running his mouth on or off the field.
    If this team doesn’t clean up it’s run defense or o-line protection of Stafford, their anointing as the next best team will never take place.
    Rightly or wrongly, Suh is getting the dirty player tag. I’d love to have him on my d-line, but without the barking he and the other Lions have done lately.
    As for the Falcons, they should watch with the dirty player stuff. Plenty of the Packers were stating after their SNF win over ATL that many of the ATL o-line were doing cut blocks AFTER the whistle.
    Pot, meet kettle….

  45. The media has misconstrued the “kicking the feet” accusation. Ravens players were kicking their feet, as gesture, as they were saying to get him off the field. As in kick him off the field, not literally kicking Matt Ryan.

    The Falcons won the game, and these were veterans making these accusations. Todd McClure, Tyson Clabo, and Roddy White aren’t going to make something up. I trust what they have to say more than what that punk Suh has to say. If it didn’t cross the line, it wouldn’t have been brought up. It’s not the first time Suh, or the Lions have been accused of dirty play. The fact that Suh threw Joe Hawley to the ground, seconds after the whistle, face masked Matt and twisted his helmet, and threw the ball in Matt’s face between downs doesn’t do much to help his defense. Suh is a punk. A talented punk, but still a punk.

  46. Suh reminds me of another former all pro (in an opposite sort of way) : 49ers DT Bryant Young. This guy will be up for HOF candidacy and should have a good chance.

    All this guy did was perform. He was great against the run and could rush the passer (89.5 sacks). He did not do any yapping. Great guy, awesome pro.

  47. I think the Lions could learn something from barry Sanders – act like you’ve been there before.

  48. As a Lions fan, i’m more ashamed to have to listen to smack talk from Atlanta and San Fran fans! I understand the hate directed by those fan bases for the Lions rough play. We all know what those two cities are renown for nowadays. I’m just saying.

  49. Why are we still talking about this? If Suh said it, it was weak of him. But it’s also weak of Roddy White to talk to anyone outside of Suh himself about it. I mean, if Roddy has a problem with what Suh did or said, take it up with Suh. Let’s not talk about it in the media. It just makes you sound soft.

    And if Suh did it, just pay him back. That’s how it’s done in football.

  50. I’d really like to talk trash about the Lions here, but I’m a Buc Fan so I think I’ll keep my yap shut.

  51. the sign of the apocolypse… we’re crying over trash talk in football… it IS the end of the world. When perfect tackles are flagged as personal fouls, where touching a QB draws a flag, where fans… and even worse… PLAYERS b*tch and moan about someone talking trash… sure signs the end is upon us.

    Roddy… man the F up and stop crying. its football. If you don’t like what Suh said, do something about it. Nut up and handle it on the field instead crying to Daddy Goodell and Mommy Media… “sniff sniff… Suh teased me… sniff sniff… he called me Rodney… and he picked on Matt when he got a boo boo… sniff sniff…”

  52. All of this crapping on Suh and the Lions…and there’s no evidence they did anything wrong…there’s more at work here.

  53. I would say if the Falcons are truly chop blocking as Suh (and the Packers) have alleged then Suh is right in taunting the O-lineman for stepping on his quarterback. He should be taunting the olineman though and not the QB…

  54. This is what im hearing from the Falcons and all you cry babies.

    Blah, blah, blah, blah he said this. Blah, blah, blah, blah he said that. Blah, blah, blah, blah he kicked me, im going to tell my mommy. Blah, blah, blah, blah Mommy that Suh guy is playing to rough, tell him to stop.

    I thought this was the NFL. This is were MEN go to war every sunday. They defend their turf, city, and family. If this is the football you all want and crave, then one of two things need to happen. One, get me a time machine so I can go back and join the fan base who loved real football. Two, and the one I like, all nannies take your sorry butts accross seas and watch soccer. Its more your speed. Lets football be what it always was, Warriors going to war for us fans.

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