Talking Broncos, Dolphins with Peter King

It’s not every year that a game between teams with a combined record of 1-9 attracts so much attention.  In fact, it’s not any year that a game between teams with a combined record of 1-9 attracts so much attention.

But Sunday’s game between the Broncos and Dolphins, played against the bizarre backdrop of Miami’s home stadium welcoming fans of the Florida Gators who would predominantly root for the Denver Broncos, was compelling despite the bumbling recent history of the participants.  So Peter King of Sports Illustrated and yours truly spent some time last night talking about Tim Tebow and the future of the Dolphins.

Coincidentally, the Football Night in America cameras were rolling when we did.

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11 responses to “Talking Broncos, Dolphins with Peter King

  1. Before anyone gets too breathless about the last five minutes they need to remember Tebows performance in the previous 55mins. Prior to their first scoring possession he was playing so badly that the CBS team were actually speculating on Orton being put back out on the field!

  2. Way to disguise the headline. C’mon now, we all know it’s “Tebow Talk” as otherwise nobody would give a rats behind about the Broncos and Dolphins game.

  3. Peter King is so antiquated…. he’s freaking delusional about the sanctity of the NFL….

    but I gotta say he’s on the money about Cowher… Dolphins at #1 draft spot plus a free hand will get him there…. it’s not about the money for him.

  4. Again, what happened to Peter King living up to his deal to change his name to Peter Jeter? Still waiting Peter…..

  5. Tebow is amazing… against prevent defense. He did it to the Chargers, he did to the Dolphins. The Dolphins had that game for 3.75 quarters and then choked it away. Tebow didn’t do anything amazing.

    If you call a 1 win team beating a 0 win team the “Miracle in Miami” via, you are an idiot. When Tebow plays a real team like the Lions, we will realize that he can’t win a game against a team with any amount of skill. He can’t throw 3 completions all game and then expect to pull it out. That game was a poor showing for both teams. It was on the same level as Cleveland vs. Seattle.

  6. Tebow pulled out a W but he isnt very good. i mean we all know he isnt good, we dont need to convince ourselves otherwise. he was missing receivers by 10 yards for most the game. sheesh.

  7. yeah, he sucked for 3 1/2 qtrs, and yes, Miami sucks, but it is pretty obvious this kid has a knack for winning. There is such thing as unconventional qb’s making it in the NFL(Flutie, SYoung, MVick-who is the best comparison due to accuracy issues). I am one of the people who said no way, but I am starting to think that maybe this kid just wants it. Accuracy can be improved w/reps. His pocket ability is uncanny and that can’t be taught. Call me crazy, but if I am Denver, I start thinking about how to build around him. It CAN be done.

  8. I’ll say this until I am AQUA IN THE FACE: FIRE TONY SPARANO! HIRE JEFF FISHER! I am putting the words “FIRE TONY SPARANO!” in white shoe polish on the rear windshield of my pickup and leaving it there until it happens! FIRE TONY SPARANO!

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