The Browns offense is record setting

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We would like to send our condolences to everyone that watched Seahawks-Browns on Sunday.  (Sorry Josh.) has decided to put up a warning on their Game Rewind package alerting viewers that the game contains images that may not be appropriate for new football fans and young children.

Anyone re-watching the game will see an interesting mix of dominance and futility by the Browns offense.  Cleveland possessed the ball for 42:56, which is their highest time of possession in a game since at least 1976.  Yet they only scored six points.

If there was a record for time of possession: points ratio, we’re pretty sure the Browns would set a record for that too.

“I don’t want to disrespect Cleveland,” said Seahawks receiver Mike Williams after the game via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “But we are better.”

We’re not too sure about that. The numbers for the Seahawks offense were rather grisly. They had 137 total yards for the game, and averaged 2.4 yards-per-pass.  That’s the fewest yards the Browns have given up since 1993.

Cleveland police recovered the Charlie Whitehurst bandwagon Monday morning at the bottom of Lake Erie.

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  1. I always get confused when people say ” i mean no disrespect to the team we played but we were/are better” in the light of the fact that you just lost. #Face palm. I am no Browns fan by any stretch of the imagination, but the reclamation project known as Mike Williams should look at time of possesion. That is just sick.

  2. As a Browns fan I’m inclined to say a win is a win. And now Cleveland is 3-3 on the season. But the offense was pretty horrendous. I’ll give a little bit of slack with Massaquoi and Watson getting injured, that surely didn’t help the situation. But it was still ugly on the offense, the unit is in desperate need of a playmaker.

  3. “Cleveland police recovered the Charlie Whitehurst bandwagon Monday morning at the bottom of Lake Erie.”

    LOL nice one Gregggg…

  4. I’m following the ticker yesterday, watching the Browns in the red zone and ending up with no points, over and over again.

    It was crazy.

  5. If it wasn’t for a blown block in the back call the Seahawks win that game.

    Replays clearly showed there was no illegal block on the td return.

    Sad when officials make a bad call that changes the game result.

  6. Take away the fake block in the back call on Leon’s TD run and Seattle win’s it.

    While Seattle’s offense couldn’t do anything to win the game(why not run more?).

    There defense and special teams DID do enough to win.

    But as usual, gotta play the refs too.

  7. It was hilarious reading the Seahawks’ fans clamoring for Charlie Whitehurst. This is the worst set of quarterbacks in the NFL, including Miami.

  8. “I don’t want to disrespect Cleveland,” said Seahawks receiver Mike Williams after the game via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “But we are better.”

    Oh sorry Mike, I’ll pencil that in as win for you guys. How about you name the teams you’re better than and we’ll just pretend you played them all and see what your record ends up being. Fair?

  9. First it was the Bill Parcells project in Miami and now the Mike Holmgren project in Cleveland.

    These successful coaches going in as team presidents and hiring figureheads doesn’t work.

    Hire a REAL general manager.

  10. The fact the Browns WON a game like this should put some fear into the rest of the league that the Apocalypse is near! They were making a living at blowing these types of games which was the only way they’d end up on the ESPN and NFL rewind shows…

    for any Seahawk to talk to the media about that performance and say anything positive about themselves shows they truly are run by Pete “Look at MMMEEEE!” Carroll

  11. How long is everyone going to keep buying in to Colt McCoy. We need a QB that can throw the long ball, and get more Gregg Little type receivers that are big, physical and can stretch the field. Otherwise it’ll be more six point games. And to all the “a win is a win” people, we don’t play the Seahawks every week for the rest of the season and we’re lucky they don’t have a QB right now and their receivers had the drops or we would have been smoked. If we can’t start stretching the field and quit with these 5 yard slants and hitch routes Hillis will either get killed or move on to another team and it’s just going to be another 5-11 season

  12. No quarterback can stretch the field with no time to throw. And having receivers who struggle to get open quickly only makes things worse. McCoy hasn’t played great, but blaming the lack of offensive production solely on him is wrong.

  13. 4512Dawg4512 – If you think that Hillis is coming back next year, you are delusional. There is an obvious gap between the organization and Hillis, not just in terms of contract but also in respect and role. Both sides are at fault.

    Tatatooth – So, Tom Heckert is a figurehead and not a real general manager? Have you seen the defense he has built, let alone the respect he has around the league (college advisory committee and general managers advisory committee)

  14. @4512dawg4512 – you’re right, we play Jax, STL, and AZ, who may be even worse than Seattle.. Not to mention Hillis has been out for 3 of the past 4 games, so unless he gets killed eating a hot dog on the sidelines, i’m not sure what you’re talking about..

  15. re: Hillis, he has been hurt 3 out of the last 4 games.. not sure how that has anything to do with his contract or any sort of disconnect or respect.. so what if this injury lingers the entire season, would you be happy the Browns showed “respect” to Hillis by giving the $20m+ gauranteed that it seems that he’s looking for??

  16. I have lived (moved to ) the Cleveland area since 1980 !

    I am continaully amazed at how the Browns fans act arrogant about their team. WHEN they quit PAYING for a non-football involved owner, a ‘has-been’ President (Walrus) who hires his previous defense coord nephew as HEad COach… allows him to be the offense coord instead of hiring one, BUT no states they will hire one next year….

    The personality of the fans in Cleveland LEADS them to this type of team.. lousy.. yearly !

    Fools… stop buying Cleveland Browns stuff !

    I saw a jersey with the Cleveland Browns quarterback names on it, a single jersey, with HOW MANY starters in say 10 years or when they got their team ‘back’?

    Lets name them… Quinn, 12 to 13 others !

  17. ljl2″

    the general mgr? ! Holgrem is a ‘has-been’, once a Coach of Seattle which continues to show how to loose, the Head Coach was hired strictly because he was the nephew of Holgrem previous Green Bay defense coord..

    Dick Juran MAY be a def coord, but lost his job in Chicago and Buffalo…


    Cleveland continues and deserves ALL the national ‘loser’ titles

  18. McCoy deserves as much time as Garrard got in Jax. McCoy is much better than Garrard was at this point in his career so give the kid some time.
    McCoy will benefit from the decreased media scrutiny he would have received if he had been with a more popular team, but he will never get the benefit of the doubt and an extra 2-3 seasons to prove himself (see T. Jackson, Garrard, Quincy Carter, Kordell Stewart, etc) b/c he is not black.

  19. I watched from Section 149 on Sunday and was disgusted not only in my Browns but also the fact started Marshawn Lynch as my flex this week and he sat on the sideline like a chump!

  20. @dryzzt23 “he will never get the benefit of the doubt and an extra 2-3 seasons to prove himself (see T. Jackson, Garrard, Quincy Carter, Kordell Stewart, etc) b/c he is not black.” Explain this one idiot.

  21. Damn, and the Browns have to go to San Francisco next weekend with them coming off a bye week. Ouch. 49ers are going to kill Cleveland.

  22. “Gerrh, I hate shootouts and games filled with excitement! (fan after watching Packers/Saints)”

    “Yeah! This is my kind of game, boring and absolutely no offense, wooo! (fan watching browns/seahawks)”

  23. When I wrote that I had a feeling people would assume that I was aiming to rest the entire team on Hillis’s shoulders. Which I’m not, and they can’t with the system that they are running. But when teams can crowd the box to stop the run and also defend against the pass lets you know that something is wrong. Without the ability to throw the deep ball you can’t open up the underneath game which is all the Browns seem to be trying to do without the advantage of any kind of deep threat. It’s not gonna work and that’s how you end up possessing the ball on offense for almost 75% of the game and only coming away with 6 points, its pathetic. And Daffy87 I agree, I don’t know what is up with the O-line this year

  24. The really sad thing from the perspective of a Seattle fan is the defense was on the field for 42 minutes, only gave up six points, and still lost.

    Most of that TOP and yardage were in the second half, when they simply started to wear down from being left out on the field so much.

    Charlie Whitehurst had two full weeks to prepare for this game, and took every first-team snap in practice over that time. He had some pressure, but simply failed to make plays even when he had time. I’ll give the Browns defense some credit, but most of it was Whitehurst making unforced mistakes. The run game was decent, averaging about four yards per carry, but Whitehurst simply was unable to do anything, even with that support. Even when he had Rice wide open for a TD, he threw a bad pass that causes his receiver to lose balance and step out of bounds. It was easily the worst performance I’d seen from a Seattle QB since the early 90s, when Jeff Kemp, Stan Gelbaugh, Kelly Stouffer, and Dan McGwire were taking snaps.

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s time to move Josh Portis up to #2 and see what he can do. Whitehurst will be looking for a new home after this season. Jackson may not be a franchise-caliber QB, but he’d have at least put up 10 points yesterday.

  25. Why would anyone want to rewatch this game? I sat through it the first time and looked forward to the commercials.

  26. I’m sick and tired of people saying McCoy can’t throw because he’s getting killed! Even good quarterbacks face those situations and find ways to lead their team!
    Plus….that means McCoy’s roll out skills mean nothing. He was terrible rolling out!
    Why is everybody being so easy on McCoy!? They were much harder on Anderson and Quinn. What gives?
    I think everybody is still pooooo deep in the McCoy hype coming in. He is worse than Quinn and Anderson. Anderson had 1 good year and then it was a crash back to reality. McCoy is just a 3rd round gamble! Holmgren will indeed use his 2 first round picks to go after a quarterback…..via the draft or trade.
    Bottom line…..McCoy does not have the physical tools to be a franchise quarterback! Period! It’s not happening!
    Holmgren had his friend Mora indirectly preaching to the fans via his announcer booth. I say……BS!!!!!!
    A PR campagin…..a better receiver…..and a better line in NOT going to make McCoy a “franchise” quarterback. STOP DREAMING.
    There are certain attributes that show up early with franchise quarterbacks even when they’re still growing. You can see bits of the future. Not with McCoy.

  27. This game gets credit for being the 2nd worst I have ever seen. Only the 2009 Bills-Browns game can top this debacle! This was the Susan Boyle of wins. UGLY!!!!

  28. I would re-watch it just to see how many calls were blown by Mike Carey and his crew. Whitehurst needs to be put on IR, he’s a waste of space, I was calling for Josh Portis after the 1st qtr.

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