Tony Sparano to official: Review play or I’m getting fired


Dolphins coach Tony Sparano’s job is safe for now by all indications in Miami.

But even Sparano had doubts in the middle of his team’s ridiculous collapse on Sunday.  CBS cameras caught him pleading to officials to review Denver’s first touchdown.

All scoring plays are reviewed, but Sparano took a timeout to get the officials to take a longer look upstairs. They eventually did look at the play, but the score was upheld.

“If I don’t call timeout we’re all [explicit]. Now I’m getting fired,” Sparano told the officials according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Ugh. That’s just sorta sad.  And it’s worth pointing out that the Dolphins led 15-7 at the time.

All Miami had to do was recover an onside kick and they win.  Recover that kick and we wouldn’t have the fawning Tim Tebow coverage today or the sad Tony Sparano press conference after the game.

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  1. All they had to do was kick an extra point instead of go for two (and fail). Then Denver would have had to covert two two-pointers and get an onside kick. Just sayin’.

  2. Sparano’s only going to get fired if Stephen Ross is worried he might win a game or two down the stretch. Having the Dolphins turn into a pathetic 0-16 mess is much better for the long-term than having them stabilize into a 4-12 also ran.

  3. Pathetic and icky.

    But why the panic? Undoubtedly there’ll be a football expert commentator job awaiting him in the Magic Kingdom.

  4. Giants should put this poor guy out of his misery this week.

    I say “should” because the Giants have a frustrating knack for looking past the teams they “should” beat.

  5. “Recover that kick and we wouldn’t have the fawning Tim Tebow coverage today or the sad Tony Sparano press conference after the game.”

    Never institute the “Tuck Rule” and we wouldn’t have the media on their knees”servicing” the Pats on any day.

  6. You are so critical of Tebow. Why not look in the mirror and be self aware and self critical. Clean up all your sloppy writing and write like a pro. Until then you shouldn’t get on your soap box and rag on others, especially when they win.

  7. There was no stopping Tebow on 2 pointers… it was devine intervention.

    The reason he plays in the mile high city is so that God gets a closer look at his son at work!

    (Don’t get angry… this is all tongue in cheek…)

  8. If, if, if… If Matt Prater makes his first two field goal attempts, the Broncos win, 20-16, no overtime needed. Enough with the ifs! Kyle Orton’s on the Bronco bench saying “if only I had…”

  9. I liked you Tony but you need to be fired. The extra point call is another story but how about taking a shot with 17 seconds left. The team is 0-5 and the laughing stock of the league but you decide it’s best to just take a knee and play for overtime. We had a timeout and could have tried for a long completion and then a long FG try. At least try. I HATE THE 2011 MIAMI DOLPHINS.

  10. This is time for the consigliere (Robt Duval’s character in the Godfather) to have a heart to heart talk with Frank Pentangele (Tony Sparano) which results in him falling on his sword. Play or no play, dead coach walking. Sad.

  11. You are a worthy adversary, Colts. You saw us lose an un-loseable game, and you raised us 62-7. Well played, Irsay. Well played.

  12. Well maybe you should not have run the ball on third and seven with 6.5 minutes left in the game. I know we were up by 15, but points there ends any chance for the Broncos. That has been the problem with this team for a while; we play to not lose games instead of playing to win. I knew the minute we ran the ball and failed to get the first down that we were going to lose the game. This team needs a killer instinct which it has lacked for some time know. Look at the Saints last night. They were still throwing the ball when they were up by 40 in the second half. They play to win football games. Im not saying I know more than the current administration, this is just one Phin fans opinion.

  13. I actually feel sorry for Sparano. Ross courted Harbaugh, which clearly told Sparano how valuable he wasn’t, and the Dolphins may have less actual talent than any team in the league.

    Glad he made some money while he had the chance, because I don’t think he’s going to finish the week in Miami.

  14. I agree with Sparano’s decision to go for two. A 17 point game is a three score game and is much more valuable than a two score game, whether it be a 15 or 16 point lead.

    A second two point conversion is much easier to convert than an entire scoring drive. The Broncos easily could have converted the second two point conversion as well.

    And if Sparano had gone for the extra point and just made it a 16 point game, and the Broncos still tied it and won in overtime, we would be talking about how Sparano was too big of a coward to ice the game by making it a three score game.

  15. At this point, I’m confused. The ship is sinking and which one is Captain Edward Smith………is it Ross, Ireland or Sparano?

    They all seem equally inept…..

  16. Sparano needs to get out, take a year off, review and start over. He can be good, he needs a good g.m. to select good talent too….he doesn’t have that in Miami. They won the division not long ago, remember? With Chad at QB!

  17. The article totally misses on the bigger point here. I was at the game. At the completion of the play, the refs signaled for the next play to begin. The scoring play had been reviewed in the booth and they had notified the refs that an officials review would not be necessary. Both teams lined up and just before Denver could snap it, Sparano calls a timeout. During said timeout, the officials are not allowed to review the call. They had made their decision already. Sparano didn’t have any challenges and the replay booth had already made the decision on the play. Look at the precedent it sets. If a team calls a timeout, the officials SHOULD NOT be able to GO BACK and start reviewing a call. The call was reviewed in the booth already.

  18. 2011 Dolphins remind me alot of the 2007-2009 Dick Juraon/Post-Concussion Trent Edwards Bills. When the score is close enough or your ahead, it’s like the team just rolls over and dies somehow, and it seems like you see the coaches just praying that they get first downs, and decent plays. I feel sorry for you, however you are much closer to being annually competitve than the Bills of that time were.

  19. If Stephen Ross keeps Sparano until the end of the year, fires him tactfully, and then brings in a new coach after Tony has left the building, it will be the first thing he has done right as owner.

    As such, I fully expect Ross to fire Sparano on the Friday before a random game, as it’s one of the few ways this situation could possibly get any worse.

  20. thereisalwaysnextyear says:
    Oct 24, 2011 11:07 AM
    You are so critical of Tebow. Why not look in the mirror and be self aware and self critical. Clean up all your sloppy writing and write like a pro. Until then you shouldn’t get on your soap box and rag on others, especially when they win.

    Because Tim Tebow is not a very good NFL quarterback. I’m sorry, I was pulling for the guy too but, if his playing thus far is ANY indication of what’s to come, then Elway was right. Tim Tebow is not the QB of the future for the Broncos.

  21. Oh…by the way…HOW IS THAT BILL PARCELLS STRIPPING OF DALLAS Cowboys coaches and players working out for ya?

    Now you have to lie in the bed you made.

  22. I hate to be a Negative Nelly here, Tony. But 1-6 isn’t more impressive than 0-7. Every team other than the 2008 could stumble into even one win. A replay that wins you the game will not help unless you somehow run the table. Ain’t happenin’. Update your resume.

  23. If I’m Ross, and I want Andrew Luck, I’m keeping Sparano all year. It’s the best insurance I have that the team will go 0-16.

  24. holeinone09 says: Oct 24, 2011 11:26 AM

    Why does this guy wear sunglasses all the time?


    Sparano had an eye injury as a teenager, and is very sensitive to light as a result. Hence the sunglasses.

  25. The only way this team gets better is of Ross sells the team to someone that knows football. I have no confidence he will fire the coach & GM properly. I also have no confidence he will hire a good gm or coach. Ross needs to go!

  26. The NFL needs to get their heads in check. I watched that TD and I thought there would be no doubt there was going to be a review. I’ve seen clear cut TDs be reviewed this year. It feels like there is no real rhyme or reason for reviewing scoring plays now. They messed it up so bad the first couple weeks that they are hesitant to review stuff now.

  27. miamiron says:
    Oct 24, 2011 11:09 AM

    The Miami Dolphins game tapes will now be used
    in hospital settings in lieu of Prophanal.

    LOL, “Prophanal.” Not even close. Maybe you should look up the word before you try to be funny. It’s “Propofol.”

  28. holeinone09 says: Oct 24, 2011 11:26 AM

    Why does this guy wear sunglasses all the time?
    He has an eye condition that requires him to wear sunglasses at all times. Not sure why the questions was so burning for you, but there’s the answer.

  29. Bottom Line.. No play makers on the offense side of the ball, No play makers on the defense side of the ball
    Bad Ownership…
    Bad GM…
    Bad Head Coach…
    Bad Drafting…
    it’s pretty sad when the best player on your team is the punter.

  30. his decision to go for 2 to make 14-0 instead of making it 13-0 was the difference.

    is it possible for Denver to score 2 tds and get 2 2 pt conversions? sure it is. is it likely? no. even with Denver getting lucky with the onside kick, they still wouldve been in a situation.

    the poster who said he wouldve been 2nd guessed had he not gone for 2, no that is absolutely wrong. Sparano went for 2 to STILL MAKE IT A 2 SCORE GAME, not to make it a 3 score game. the following FG wasnt in Sparano’s decision making.

    i feel bad for Sparano, hes already fired. Ross threw him under the bus going hard after Harbaugh when he still had a coach under contract. with that said, Sparano was still wrong to go for 2 and it contributed to the loss.

  31. Yes Miami is having a really bad year and yes the coach usually takes the fall. The ownership is just has guilty in Miami, they have a welcome back, hooooray for the visiting team QB and want to fire their coach. In all rights after the big slap in the face to Sparano, his coaches and the Dolphin fans the league should voice out that this is not how we want an ownership to act. Hell ship Miami to London.

  32. They need to clean house in Miami, and I’m not just talking about Sparano. I’m talking about basically everyone. (Including J-Lo)

  33. Personally…I hope Miami wins the “Suck for Luck” contest. Here’s a nightmare scenario for Texans fans such as myself…the Colts end up with the worst record and draft Andrew Luck, who sits for a year or two-then replaces Peyton Manning, and the Colts dominate the AFC South for another 10 years. PLEASE, Miami- please suck worse than the Colts!!!

  34. wonder if he will ask dez if he could sway the cowboys to hire him as OC after quiestioniong him about is upbringing…….. then he could really keep an eye on him LMAO

  35. Just a thought here…If the fins do this “suck for Luck”thing and lets be honest, Bill Cowher is also in the mix here. My question is..would Bill Cowher coach a team that layed down to get what they want?…Im not sure he would.
    Maybe Im being too idealistic here but just asking…What do you guys think?

  36. PFT, the only blunder and it will be the greatest blunder in Dolphin histroy, when u guys in the “we know it all media” take a long hard look at Sparanos going for two instead of simply kicking the PAT. If Tony kicks the PAT, after their 4th qt TD, he makes the score 13-0 instead of 12-0. OK, Timbow scores his 15 with about 20 seconds left in the game which stands at 16-15. The Bronces would have had to score two, two point conversations, which is highly unlikely and recover two onsides kicks, which is also very unlikely. Come on guys, get with it.

  37. No way Miami has worse record than Colts…Even IF they were to draft Luck,,,would not change a thing there.

    With ross & Ireland…forget it..worst franchise in football.

  38. Why were the Broncos not flagged for an illegal man downfield on that last second TD??? The official was standing looking right at it!! This was officiating 101.

  39. If recovering an onside kick is so frickin’ easy, why doesn’t every team try it at least once per game? I’m just sayin’…

  40. Think positive Miami. You still have Reggie Bush and his bloated salary. It is all his bad kharma following him around. New Orleans had the talent to overcome it but not so in Miami. Now I know New Orleans dumped him due to the salary cap and Miami jumped on him because they remembered him as a great college player at USC which is all he really is, a good college player who got caught cheating. Can’t keep up and healthy at the pro level. He screwed USC and left them high and dry on probation He couldn’t rap his arms around Kim Kardashians big ol butt and hold on and he’ll somehow find a way to leave Miami high and dry too but unlike giving back the Heisman Trophy, he won’t give back your money!! I know it is old news, but giving back the Heisman Trophy for being a damn cheater and screwing all his team mates costing them a national championship. Does anyone know what kind of apology he ever give to any of his former team mates other than maybe a public “sorry ’bout that? He truly is the most admired cheating selfish bastard on the planet.

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