Bills put Shawne Merriman on injured reserve


Shawne Merriman’s season is over.

The Buffalo Bills announced today that Merriman has been placed on injured reserve, ending his season after five games and one sack. Obviously, that’s not the kind of production the Bills were hoping for when they signed Merriman to a two-year, $10.5 million contract.

Merriman missed the Bills’ Week Six game against the Giants because of an inflamed Achilles tendon, and after it failed to get better over the last couple of weeks, the Bills decided to shut him down.

“Shawne has worked extremely hard, but unfortunately, his Achilles flared back up and it doesn’t appear that he will be able to return to the field anytime soon,” Bills G.M. Buddy Nix said. “So we felt it was in the best interest of our team and for Shawne to put him on I.R.”

Merriman started his career as one of the league’s best defensive players, with 39.5 sacks in his first three seasons. He has a grand total of five sacks in his last four seasons.

55 responses to “Bills put Shawne Merriman on injured reserve

  1. Just imagine, he could have had 2 superbowls in San Diego if rex Ryan were his coach.

  2. Lights out on Shawne’s career as well.

    Go Bills!!

    Shout out to TBD / BZ / B Range, Scrappy is Skoobby & Skooby Lives!

  3. i said all along that his signing was worth it just as a PR move alone. i am guessing its the end. time for the real players to step in and grow. i see this as a plus. go bills.

  4. Eeeks,

    Buffalo can NEVER get breaks when it comes to injuries… Kyle Williams isn’t far behind him with a foot injury that keeps getting worse as well..

    Too bad, Buffalo really needed him to be healthy all year…

  5. His signing was a low risk, high reward gamble. It didn’t work out, but it didn’t cripple the team. That $10m on his contract was entirely contingent on his Achilles keeping him on the field.

    No big deal. Bills fans should be much more worried about losing Kyle Williams for the year.

  6. let me requote that last line…” Merriman came into the NFL juiced up on roids & hgh, & proceeded to dominate and have roid rage on the field after every sack. The NFL caught him, and he became what he really is- Vernon Gholston.” See ya, roid boy…. Anyone want to sit here and tell me now that spying w/cameras gives you more than a competitive advantage than PEDS? I have been waiting for this bum to get IR’ed again so I could point this out to the haters. Brian Cushing is having a great year too….

  7. Thats a good call. Shut him down and protect your investment…..maybe get 6 games out of him next year. Plus now they can make a move to get Bob Sanders.

  8. Merriman is suffering the typical after effects of blatant steroid abuse. After years of using a variety of PEDs, the body only can take so much strain on the tendons and ligaments before they begin to breakdown. Ironically, everybody always talks about the “gains” from the use of PEDs and HGH; however, the after effects and long term damage (liver & kidneys) never gets discussed, especially by the medical experts. Nobody, including the lab rats who study the products, knows the long term impact from ingesting, orally or via needle or cream, these laboratory engineered products. We know the extreme negative from the brain cancer which took Lyle Alzado’s life to the fracture issues and lack of healing that forced the amputation of Curt Marsh’s lower leg, but more via a public platform needs to be expressed as to how dangerous these products are.

  9. I got interested in PED issue with sports because how much controversy there was so I studied up on it and read test after test and really, there is no hard study on how it breaks down the body. There are so many out there that we don’t know what each athlete used or using. As for HGH, it’s not performance enhancing. Everyone needs to stop acting like they’re an expert nor am I but reading about it has opened my eyes to the good and bad it can do and if you abuse it. Do what you do best and just sit on the couch and act like you can coach rather than trying to be a Dr…that’s where you’ll find me, on the couch.

  10. Water seems to be finding its level. Bills and Lions both on their way to 8-8?

    I actually would like to see the Bills make the playoffs, though, because it would almost certainly mean the Jets don’t.

  11. On that note, I wish Merriman the best. When he was with the Bolts, I thought he could’ve been a great star but AJ had different ideas. Great guy when I met him a few different times and no it was not at the clubs…LOL.

  12. From experience, steroids Are not the evil they are portrayed as.
    They will not cause you to drop dead, nor will they induce Hulkish gains overnight. What they do however, is cause you to gain considerable temporary strength. And once said TEMPORARY strength is gone, some guys still push just as hard, leading to injuries.

    Think about being able to tow a small Yacht with a truck. The truck has a Hemi and towing is a breeze right?? Well replace that Hemi with a 4cyl motor, apply the same strain, and see what happens.

    Merriman probably learned football while depending on his acquired gains, NOT natural football ability

  13. He hurt his shoulder in the 1st quarter of the 1st
    game. He’s been wearing a brace of some kind since then. I think the shoulder along with the achilles is why he’s out for the season. Too much to overcome.

  14. I don’t care if all his success was due to performance enhancers, I still like seeing any and all players get paid. I’m probably in the minority though.

  15. This guy was a guest trainer on the Biggest Loser a few weeks ago.

    I thought it was horrible judgement to parade this guy in as someone the contestants should look up to, and listen to, when he only achieved his body by using multiple roid coctails.

  16. louiebills says: Oct 25, 2011 6:46 PM

    Lets bring Antonio Coleman back!!


    I believe we just signed him after this move.

    Good luck Shawne! Hope you can come back.

    Go Bills.

  17. His career was actually cut short when he was cheap-shotted in a Titans game a few year ago. He accidentally collided with Vince Young and the Titans O-line took offense. Then they took a cheap shot after the whistle and away from the play and blew out his knee. It was Mawae and Stewart. Cheap pieces of crap!

  18. @david7590 @nyjad
    Maybin made it obvious that he couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything in Buffalo- so they shipped him out. Dude’s got Carson Palmer issues.

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