Cason’s struggles typical of ordinary Chargers defense


2008 first-round pick Antoine Cason has had an up and down career in San Diego.

The cornerback ended 2010 riding high after a particularly strong stretch of games that matched the Chargers’ defense overall solid performance. Cason has struggled so much this year that Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports there is a strong chance Cason will be benched for rookie Marcus Gilchrist.

The team removed Cason late in the loss to the Jets after he gave up three touchdowns to Plaxico Burress. At first, Cason reportedly refused to come out.

“I’m not going to address that,” coach Norv Turner said Monday. “We have an issue, obviously.”

Cason’s dip in play typifies the Chargers defense as a whole. Other than Shaun Phillips, what about this defense scares anyone?

The defensive line is particularly ordinary, with ends Corey Liuget and Vaughn Martin struggling. 2009 first round pick Larry English is not getting on the field because of a foot injury.

The team is 25th in yards-per-carry allowed and 18th in points allowed.  This is despite playing a very underwhelming group of offenses.

We made the case two weeks ago that it was a good sign the Chargers were winning when they weren’t particularly playing well.

But they might want to start playing well eventually.

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  1. If Rivers can’t stop throwing picks and that defense can’t get it together, the Chiefs will take advantage of it on MNF. They’re excited for the opportunity to come alive on national TV.

    The Chargers may be a better team, but they sure aren’t playing like it.

  2. Sunday was the most inaccurate and tentative I have ever seen Philip Rivers. Offensively, they need to quit being so comfortable with the checkdowns to Mathews and Tolbert and get the ball downfield to Jackson, Gates, and Floyd.

  3. That’s what happens when you play the best damn team in the land, the 2011 SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS. Keep hating, if we weren’t a threat you clowns wouldn’t say a word.


  4. Greetings from NYC. Chargers are just not that good, on D -period. Plus – they whine about referee calls, injuries, etc.

    Without All-Pro TE Gates, they are not that dominating on offense either.

    Even if they make the playoffs – they will be one and done.

  5. Two words – Greg Manusky. His only strength as a DC is stopping the run. He’s extremely vanilla as a playcaller. 49ers don’t miss him or the guys he took with him (Spikes, LaBoy)

  6. Oops he can’t even stop the run anymore, alot easier when you coach Patrick Willis and Justin Smith

  7. Maybe if he just grabbed onto the receivers arm to prevent him from reaching up with both hands….or just tug a little jersey…oh wait, your name has to be Revis for that to work, nevermind

  8. Another Chargers season. Another Chargers Super Bowl appearance prediction by many media outlets. Another Chargers non-Super Bowl appearance in reality.

    This team will just never do it under Norv. It’s really that simple.

  9. Normal trolls talking troll nonsense

    the past 4 years they have dominated the rest of the league from november-january.

    to think it wouldnt happen again is foolish.

    This team plays better with its backs against the wall

    not to mention there were a bunch of retarded calls in the Jets game.

    and lol @ the chiefs beating the chargers on monday night.

    cut it out.

  10. They are trying to blame this all on Cason! The whole team played like crap. The chargers did not score in the second half and Rivers continues to have a horrible year. Greg Manusky is a poor DC!! He has played zone all year and then decides to change to man coverage suddenly (maybe they should practice that first). Assistant/position Defensive coaches attempted to get out of there 2 year contract when Greg Manusky was hired. The organization refused to let them out of there contract. I’m being told, If Manusky stays next year, the rest of the Defensive coaches will leave. They dont like the guy. Norv Turner has a poor game plan and he continues to make no adjustments at halftime to counter his opposition. Instead of the organization pointing fingers and blaming Cason, They need to look at themselves! Norv Turner has had plenty of opportunities to make this team better over the last few years and he has made them worse and very SOFT!! This team will go nowhere with Norv Turner! Get some better coaching and the talent (like Cason) on this team will really show.

  11. Coming from one of the trolls you are about to get a dose of reality. You nearly lost to the Chiefs at home. Last year on Monday night football you got your asse$$ handed to you by the Chiefs. Phillip Rivers will throw his little hissy fit when something gies wrong, Norv will stand there like my goofy uncle and the Chiefs will be in first place in the AFC west by the end of the game. Too bad we’re not playing in December when you magically win the division. Oh except for last year….

  12. AFC West will be a great race. Cheifs rebounding. Chargers don’t have the same Rivers or defense. Broncos led by Tebow era. Raiders try to get Palmer to fit in and battle injuries after quick start.

    Bias aside I think Raiders are going to fight with the Chargers last game of season in OAK for Division.

  13. realnflmaster says: Oct 25, 2011 6:38 PM

    That’s what happens when you play the best damn team in the land, the 2011 SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS. Keep hating, if we weren’t a threat you clowns wouldn’t say a word.

    I don’t know why that made me laugh out loud, but it did.

  14. @dannymac:

    Better with their back against the wall? Every year they start strong, then collapse at the end. That’s the polar opposite of playing well with their backs against the wall — it’s failing under pressure. If they’d really dominated from November to January, there’d be a lot more playoff wins, huh?

    2004: first round loss
    2005: 9-7
    2006: blew a late lead at home to NE, bounced
    2007: lost in AFC Championship
    2008: first round loss
    2009: earned a playoff bye with a 2 seed, then lost at home
    2010: did not make playoffs

    That’s, I think, three playoff wins in seven seasons. How in the heck is that domination into January?

  15. Chargers will always have a punchers chance and we’ll take the division; thank you very much. AFC west is still mushy and there’s still too much talent to reasonably count them out. Green Bay, buffalo and Baltimore are waiting ahead. There is still time to improve and I expect they will. The jets will be watching the chargers play in January wondering what they could of done to avoid finishing in 3rd place. No lucky wildcard this year.

  16. Well it could be worse. It’s not like the defense challenged Chargers have to face a potent passing attack like the Packers coming off a bye week……

    Oh wait. Never mind.

  17. The Oakland Raiders need to stop f’n around, get Carson Palmer up to speed and win this division. Kansas City was horrible, the offense gave them 2 td’s, the defense held them to two TD’s, but Kyle Boller was an absolute disaster.

    The division is WIDE open…I say it depends if Palmer can re-boot his 2005-06 level of play and McFadden comes back with a vengence from McAnkle sprain…. They only have themselves to blame if they dont. Has never been a worse group to contend against…then again , the Raiders havent been exactly consistent since Gruden left.

    cmon, Hue, open Hue Jack City already, were gettin impatient, man!!

  18. Guys the best team in that divison is the chiefs. They lost there 2 best players and still are prob going to win this divison for the 2nd year in a row. Were going to win Mon which puts us in the driver seat SD and oak I don’t see it guys. SD is a bunch of choke artists and oak can’t stop committing personal fouls.

  19. Probably cause last year the Chargers got a ton of their Defensive stats against the nfc west.

    But my advice to charger fans, be grateful, cause it’s better for your team to get battle tested now against stiff competition then it is to dominate a cup cake schedule and not be ready to play the good teams in the playoffs…
    idk, The 10-6 Packers > 13-3 Packers imo.

  20. semperfi24 says:
    Oct 25, 2011 7:07 PM
    Maybe if he just grabbed onto the receivers arm to prevent him from reaching up with both hands….or just tug a little jersey…oh wait, your name has to be Revis for that to work, nevermind


    Marshall fell trying to initiate contact. Get over it. Cromartie is the one who holds and grabs guys for the Jets.

  21. Every week PFT reports that the Chargers are underachieving and have played weak opponents. Yet every week, the Chargers appear in the upper reaches of the Power Rankings. Something doesn’t add up.

    Turner should have been ridden out of town on a rail last year. He’s another guy that may be able to have success as an OC somewhere, but Head Coach is too much for him. That’s OK – The NFL is full of good OCs who failed as HC.

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