JaMarcus Russell blames sleep apnea, Tom Cable, bad teammates

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This week’s Sports Illustrated catches up with JaMarcus Russell to find out how the 2007 first overall draft pick views his failed career, now that he’s out of football at age 26. Among the details: Russell feels some ill will toward former coach Tom Cable, thinks his teammates deserve as much blame as he does for the Raiders’ problems, and says the reason he had trouble staying awake in team meetings is that he has sleep apnea.

“In the NFL, my first year, I had to be there at 6:30 [a.m.] before practice and be on the treadmill for an hour,” Russell said. “Then meetings come, I sit down, eat my fruit. We watch film, and maybe I got tired. Coach Flip [quarterback coach John DeFilippo] pulled me aside and said, ‘What are you doing for night life?’ I said, ‘Coach, I’m just chilling.’ He said, ‘I need to get you checked out.’ I did the sleep test, and they said I had apnea.”

The Raiders went 7-18 in the 25 games Russell started, and he says it upsets him that he’s always singled out as the reason the Raiders were losers during his three-year tenure with the club.

“Things weren’t going right, and it felt sometimes like everything fell back on me,” Russell said. “I take some responsibility, but I was one guy. . . . I may have missed a throw, but I didn’t give up 42 points, I didn’t miss a block.”

Russell also said his coach, Tom Cable, betrayed him by blaming him for the Raiders’ problems.

“I stuck my neck out for him,” Russell said of Cable. “Didn’t complain when he benched me as the starter. Didn’t complain when he called the same plays five damn times. Didn’t [badmouth] him to other coaches. When the [media] asks me, I say, ‘He’s a good coach, a good guy.’ Then I hear he says I was the worst thing ever happened to the Raiders, if it weren’t for him we’d be in the playoffs?”

If Russell thinks this kind of interview is going to rehabilitate his public image, he’s wrong. The best thing Russell could do now is own up to his failings as the Raiders’ quarterback. Or say nothing at all.

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  1. Some words of wisdom, JaMarcus:
    If you had to be at work at 6:30am, then don’t be out clubbin’ till 3am.

  2. The chances of Russell ever taking another step on an NFL field are about as good as my chances of getting a date with Kate Upton.

  3. i would have given my life if AL DAVIS handpicked me and gave me the keys to the Raider franchise.



    Raider Nation would be foaming at the mouth to play QB for the team.



  4. He had to be at work at 6:30am?! How terrible for him! The NFL IS modern day slavery! (Eye Roll)

  5. sounds like a bunch of whining crap to me! if you had apnea,why did’nt you go to the doctor and get treatment for it? the Buck and an nfl career should start and stop with you!

  6. First, sleep apnea is typically associated with the obese . . . just sayin’.

    Second, did he apportion any responsibility for his lethargy to codeine addiction and the purple sizzurp?

  7. The interviewer fails to note that at the time of the interview, Russell was seated on a giant throne carved from a single diamond.

    I don’t think he cares about his public image at this point.

  8. JaMarcus Russell blames sleep apnea,
    Tom Cable, bad teammates

    for what …. saying he looks about 278 pounds.

  9. A loser….nothing changes for him. The 1st over all pick in the draft is supposed to be the kind of talent that makes everyone else better, players and coaches. Instead, he made everyone and everything around him look diseased.

  10. Tom Cable might have been a lousy play caller but when Gradkowski (and even Frye) came in to play the offense looked entirely different

    This guy is a joke, just makes excuse after excuse, Im sorry Russell but this is the NFL, when Brett Favre’s dad died he turned in one of the greatest performances of his career, for years Walter Payton and Barry Sanders played for some crappy teams but still poured their hearts out and became legends, if by now you still have to blame others for the reason you failed in the NFL then I hope you won’t waste away your millions

  11. Subtitle:

    ‘Jamarcus Russell blames defenses, food, and sofa…’

    If the reasons listed in this post are true, then why hasn’t he caught on elsewhere?

  12. I have sleep apnea, work 12 hour shifts x 6 days a week, get an average of 5-6 hours sleep a night, am 38 years old and I STILL do not fall asleep at work.
    Try another excuse JaPuckus.
    You were a bust, are a bust, and will forever be known as a BUST.
    But it’s ok. You were given multi millions of dollars based on the opinions and reccomendations of idiots.

  13. this guy will never take responsibility for his actions and therefore will never get another shot in the nfl. hope you invested at least some of that money wisely jamarcus

  14. “Yeah, it’s all my lousy teammates fault!”
    Says the worst teammate of all time.

  15. Right… so it was the Raiders’ fault and Tom Cable’s fault if Russell showed up overweight and out of shape!

    C’mon man!

  16. You’d think cough syrup and grape soda (aka Purple Drank) would help you sleep.

    Also, Reggie White had sleep apnea and he had a pretty good career.

    JaMarcus forgot to blame that damn Sizzler buffet that beconed him to all the could eat southern fried steak and mac & cheese…

  17. And your trips to Vegas and the all you can eat smorgasbords when you should have been practicing sure helped. Does he have any money left or is it all in a vault in Vegas now?

  18. Wow, 6:30am in the morning?? That is total BS!! No wonder he was so tired…. What kind of job makes a guy go into work at that ungodly hour!! Poor guy..
    Ew, I just threw up in my mouth a little..

  19. Jamarcus, pretty sure you were sleeping through most of those games you started in. Doesn’t drinking cough syrup help you go to bed anyways?

  20. I have sleep apnea also .It sucks. My doctor told me it was because I was overweight and that losing some LBS would help.But Jamarcus is an athlete he doesn’t have weight problems…. oh sorry, my bad

  21. If by “Just chillin'” he meant “I stay at home and sit on my couch with a codeine laced beverage and Pizza Hut on speed dial…”

    And by “I stuck my neck out…” he meant “I cashed a $32 million dollar check…”

    Then I see no problem with any of his remarks!

  22. After these excuses I think it removes all remaining discussion as to whether he’s the all time biggest QB/#1 pick of all time. Clearly a complete dud, it’s a total shame the Raiders cant sue this guy for some of their money back.

  23. I dont know what it was about him, but he just didnt seem to care. 7-18 isnt horrible coming into the league and starting right away, but the whole “last one in, first one out” thing kinda stuck around him

  24. “the reason he had trouble staying awake in team meetings is that he has sleep apnea.”

    That is the fanciest description for Lazy I have ever heard!

    Is he still on “Purple Drank” or something? Al Davis gave him 38 Million reasons to be motivated and successful. All he had to do was show his big, fat bottom up and produce. Give me a Break JR!

  25. I disagree….im glad he is airing out their dirty laundry. Why should he take the fall for ALL of their failings. They lost as a team and everyone deserves blame.

  26. The Raiders asked Russell to show up to camp at 260. He showed up at 302. Months later he was arrested for dealing syzurp underground. How he has the nerve the blame anyone but himself is beyond me.

  27. O so it wasn’t the sizzerp? Is that why u are broke also cuz u can’t sleep? Don’t blame it on stupidity.

  28. JaMarcus, the reason you had to be there at 6:30 a.m. was because you were a fat out of shape toad. Bad teammates? Whats a teammate who loves that purple drank. Cable would have been a better coach, if he had a better quarterback.

  29. Actually, I don’t see anything wrong with his statements.

    He’s admitting he had a problem. He’s just saying that he wasn’t the only problem the Raiders had.

  30. This guy is truly pathetic. He is clearly the number one all time draft bust. I used to think it was Ryan Leaf, but this chowderhead is a complete idiot.

  31. Even though I still think he is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, busts of all time working with Lane Kiffin and Rocky Balboa Cable does nothing to improve a player. Cable teaches fat men how to block other fat men, not fat qb’s…..and he’s not good at that either. (Seattle’s OL stinks too)

  32. Actually, by the time the Palmer/Boller experiment is done, the Raiders may be longing for the glory days of JaMarcus.

  33. And here I was just assuming the kid stunk when all this time it was the one armed man. My mistake, JR.

  34. Apnea is an excuse. It can be a damn good one for people, but you know what? At the end of the day – it’s still an excuse. The greatest people – the ones that make something out of themselves – have done so in SPITE of having damn good reasons not to.

    Sleep apnea happens to most people because they are fat. Jamarcus. It’s rare for someone to be in shape and have it, though it happens (I happen to be one of those people.)

    When you get diagnosed with it, there are lots of ways to help it. It takes a few weeks up to a month and a half for apnea treatment to kick in. It’s amazing how much better you feel when it does.

    Jamarcus claims that he was diagnosed year 1. That should mean that certainly by year 2 he should have been fine. But he wasn’t. That’s on him.

  35. That was comedic. Thanks JR for awakening from your sizzurp-induced coma to try to form a few proper English sentences in describing your NFL “career”. Not too surprised he wanted to share the blame.

    I guess he doesn’t understand irregardless how its talent level is- a defense is gonna be tired being on the field 3/4 of the game because of your consistent 3-and-outs or infamous sack/fumbles.

    Hows that house foreclosure coming along?

  36. “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. ”

    Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)

  37. This guy is an absolutely pathetic, idiotic loser. Stupid as a bag of hair.
    Probably the worst so-called quarterback in the history of the NFL.
    If anyone needs to shut up and disappear, it’s this moron.

  38. I can’t sleep, the Head Coach is mean to me and the rest of the team is upset I can’t get into NFL QB shape…. So I’ll just drown myself on cough syrup….wah wah wah

  39. Jamarcus was bad I mean it hurt to watch,but I’m going to say it no Qb was gonna win in Oak in those years of Justin fargas, or the signing of lamont (I’m better than Curtis Martin ) Jordan..? How bad a move was that? Side note didn’t jordan always bash Curtis & coaches 4 not gettin him the rock? Randy moss served time on the rock with Russell on those teams, why run hard for 40,00 in the stands & warren sapp running his mouth stealing money at that time also ,Mr I can only get off blocks in Tampa Mr sapp loves to blame Russell but Russell didn’t get pancaked by 3 rd string O linemen.What people don’t know is that sapp was being laughed at in the street beause he was supposed to do what seymore did in Oak. Didnt my boy Lane KIffin say don’t draft this kid #1 sure did.. That’s why Nick saban is such a good coach he got the best out of him because he was sipping Lean at LSU also for all you lean lovers outthere..

  40. Dude, c’mon really? Really ? You are a choke artist? Actually I believe you, the part about cable running the same plays.

  41. Dude, you are 26 years old. Go sign up for the Manning camp, Gruden Camp, whatever camp and get your head back in the game. Stop blaming other people, purple drank, and Al Davis. You still have plenty of time and talent to make a ton of money…

  42. Totally useless jerk. One would have thought he learned “something” when he was at LSU.

  43. What a piece of garbage he is. He is a worthless man. He can never accept his own failures, and probably never will. He is just a cry baby who feels sorry for himself because he gets up early in the morning to go to work. Screw you JUBUSTO!

    Go Raider Nation!

  44. This guy is a clown! Just go away, give back the money u robbed the raiders off. The only bad teamate was u!

  45. “The best thing Russell could do now is own up to his failings as the Raiders’ quarterback. Or say nothing at all.”

    I vote the latter, as he will never do the former. Just crawl back under that humongous rock you was under and shut it.

    Gee Japorkus, was it the defenders fault they kept knockin the ball out of your hand too? Or that they kept knockin you on your fat arse while you stood there like an imbecile? Next we’ll hear him blame the grounds crew for not cutting the grass short enough all those times he tripped over nothing!

  46. I also have sleep apnea, I understand the issue…However, there are treatments, a CPAP machine, perhaps surgery (not good for everyone who has it), but the bottom line is once it’s diagnosed, it should no longer be an issue…it can be corrected…

    What’s the next issue…There is nothing more aggravating than unrealized potential. Russell is the poster child for that syndrome….

  47. If Russell thinks this kind of interview is going to rehabilitate his public image, he’s wrong. The best thing Russell could do now is own up to his failings as the Raiders’ quarterback. Or say nothing at all. -MDS

    Yes. Because clearly this is a man focused on rehabilitating his public image.

  48. “Didn’t complain when he benched me as the starter.”
    You had no right to complain – you sucked.

    “Didn’t complain when he called the same plays five damn times.”
    He was hoping you’d get it right at some point.

  49. I always wondered how a kid with all his talent could wash out like he did, He has given me the answer, what a loser.

  50. And in a league that needs QB’s he’s still not in shape to play. Man, that Cable really messed him up. I look forward to the story of him living under a bridge.

  51. ” I ran out of gas. I… I had a flat tire. I didn’t have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD! “…

  52. This reminds me of the quip by Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa times when he said tounge-in-cheek that Russell was in Arizona for treatment for a lethargy addiction problem . . . then a local Bay Area TV station took the comment seriously and repeated it in a newscast. That was priceless !!!!

  53. From his standpoint his career was an incredible success. He made more money than most players make in their careers…

  54. “Then meetings come, I sit down, eat my fruity skittles. We watch film, and maybe I got tired.”


  55. The only things missing from his interview were:

    “My little brother tore it up”
    “My dog ate my homework”


  56. “He checked into the Indianapolis scouting combine at 6-5½ and weighed 265 pounds. Russell, though he looked a little flabby around the mid-section at his weigh-in, is the biggest thing in this upcoming draft and might end up going to the Raiders with the first pick… Al Davis will forever be a fan of speed, so it may be hard for him to pass on a wide receiver as big and as fast as Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech. But Thursday’s release of quarterback Aaron Brooks leaves the Raiders with only Andrew Walter on their roster with any quarterbacking experience. Russell is a fit, and friends of new coach Lane Kiffin only hear Russell’s name when they hear him talking about next season.”

  57. This guy Russell, he is a born leader. Now I see why guys will follow him into hell. I just wait with baited breath for the next words to flow from his mouth. How could you not rally behind this guy? I want him in my foxhole.

    Especially when he says he did not complain when he got benched. Wow. This guy just “gets it”.

  58. I’m with Jamarcus Russell on this..He needs to accept some of the blame, but I put most of it on Cable The Clown.

    Everybody who knows football knows how important it is for a young QB to have one voice on offense.

    Cable gave Jamarcus a Air Coryell passing game coordinator(Ted Tollner), a West Coast Offense QB Coach(Paul Hackett), a running game coordinator for a play caller(Tom Cable), AND NO OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR!!!!

    Two rookie WRs, a horrible O line…. I mean Jamarcus, a 23 year old pocket passer didn’t stand a chance.

    The next QB that Tom cable develops will be the FIRST QB Tom Cable develops.

    The codeine didn’t help though.

  59. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or anybody isn’t going to hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now if you know what you’re worth then go out and get what you’re worth. But you need be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody! Cowards do that, and that’s what JaMarcus Russell is. A coward.

  60. They benched him after it was obvious he hadn’t attempted to even play the DVD. It takes a big man to not complain after he’s been caught flatfooted in a lie.

  61. When I’m chilling at home, I manage to do it without a diamond-encrusted action figure of myself around my neck.

    The horror, the horror.

  62. one other thing, has anybody heard him talk….can youn imagine what it would be like to be in a huddle and that guy is calling the play. No wonder Zach Miller use to come out of the huddle busting up, and would not know where to line up…no one understood the dude.

  63. Raiderlyfe i hope you aren’t serious.

    Look at his comments. He has no accountability. No accountability=no responsibility=no success.

    Yes, he didn’t have the best of weapons. But good players bring the best out of their teammates. Maybe his teammates DID have poor attitudes to the situation. Attitude reflects leadership, QB. He shoulda hit the books & game tapes harder, rather his cups of lean and gallons of ice cream.

    He has millions of dollars that can fix that “apnea” problem. They say the NFL is a “fraternity”. He could have used his network & sought help from QBs that also struggled with little WR/RB help. He didn’t take advantage of his available resources.

    Plain & simple: He would not have succeeded with any of the 32 teams with his attitude.

  64. In other news:

    Jamarcus Russell has filed a lawsuit against both Krispy Creme Donuts, McDonalds, and The Sizzler for destroying his football career.

  65. Hey Russell
    The D was giving up 40points because you were either tripping over your own feet and fumbling the ball away, throwing at your receivers feet, or to the other team. Not to metion going 3 and out every series. You are correct, your not all the blame, but you’re about 90% of the blame. See how things have improved since you got canned?

  66. “Then meetings come, I sit down, eat my fruit.”

    Damn, that’s some real fattening fruit.

  67. What about the time the coaches gave you a DVD of game film to watch at home after practice? You come in the next morning and the coaching staff asks you if you noticed anything you were doing wrong? Your answer… Yes I did. Their answer…. The DVD was blank. Epic fail jawalrus.

  68. Such a shame. He could’ve spent the last couple of years re-dedicating himself physically and mentally to getting back on the field. Instead he’s still refusing to take the slightest modicum of responsibility for his own shortcomings that led to him being out of the NFL. When Al Davis gives up on you as a player, you know you have some issues

  69. the ravens should pick him up. Nothing is ever their fault either. They’ve never been beaten, just cheated by refs or the other team got lucky. Just ask them and they’ll tell you.

  70. Kind of irritates me that this guy is a multi-millionaire and was apparently lazy, overweight, lacked accountability, and didn’t even try that hard to earn his money (as evidenced by freaking sleeping in meetings).

  71. He said he is one guy. Yeah, Peyton Manning is one guy and look how good the Colts are with him and look how good they are without him. Not a good enough excuse JaMarbust.

  72. Sleep Apnea is serious … BUTt so was your PayCheck! … if you have Apnea you get treated / go to bed earlier / and over all Adjust!

    I have it … the Darth Vader Mask (CPAP) doesn’t work for me … but it would go great with the Silver & Black …

    Oh … several years of service from a personal physician can be had for far less than your signing Bonus … I just wouldn’t hire Dr. Conrad Murray

  73. Yes… they snuck up on him in his sleep and then stuffed whole cheesecakes in his mouth.

  74. So i guess in the same token dominos pizza should be blamed as well for all those pizza pies you smashed into you face every season? No fatboy, that’s in YOU.see you in 10 years for the follow up where there are cutting you out of your house and Richard Simmons I’d there promising to get you thin again

  75. He ‘dun goofed! Funny he only had ‘sleep apnea’ when in meetings or trying to read the playbook. Otherwise purple drank kept him awake for the clubs.

    You out Russell..no one’s ever going to sign you to a NFL contract *wait….thinks of Dan Synder*…Anyone but the Redskins will most likely never sign you to an NFL contract!

  76. I guess we’ll have to ADD Excuses, Blaming Others, & TURD to his current resume of …

    Dumb, Lazy, Fat, Unmotivated, Idiot, Purple Drank, schlub, etc. etc. etc.

    Miami’s desperate & looked at him this summer … FAIL at 26!! When the money runs out, he’ll probably get in shape & want another chance … but it will be too late!!

  77. Yup it’s not his fault. He did not want to camp because the stupid no man Al Davis offered him too much money … ok rolling eyes.
    It never amazes me to see certain QBs always making excuses and throwing everyone under the bus … what do they have in common JaMarcus, McNabb, Garrard … excuses excuses.

  78. Some classic bitterness being spewed here…I particularly like the Jags fan turning it into a Ravens rip. Good work.

  79. “Then meetings come, I sit down, eat my fruit.
    I didn’t know eating 5 big Macs is considered fruit!!!!!

    Coach Flip pulled me aside and said, ‘What are you doing for night life?’ I said, ‘Coach, I’m just chilling.’
    Yeah, chilling in them Nightclubs and McDonald’s getting his favorite meal, 4 Big Macs.

    “Didn’t complain when he benched me as the starter. Didn’t complain when he called the same plays five damn times.
    yeah, i wouldnt complain if i were Russell and benched either because that would mean i would’ve sucked and as for the same plays called Five times, what Russell DOESNT know is that those were five DIFFERENT plays, but he didnt know the playbook and it seemed the same.

    ok, serious now. Russell has no one to blame, BUT himself, sure this team wasnt good and we all know that, but this team could’ve been better if Russell actually cared or tried to improve and wasnt so out of shape. look at Gradkowski, how does he outplay you!!?? if the teammates and the playcalling suck, then why can Gradkowski play well and you dont?? all in all, it’s on you. Cable may not be the best coach, but you are the 2nd biggest draft bust for a reason and it’s sad when some people want to put you at 1

  80. Come on! The dude was awful, and really over-rated. But if anyone here really thinks he was handed the keys to the NFL kingdom and dropped them, they weren’t paying attention to the Raiders the past 10 years. Sure, Russell would have taken all the credit if he’d had success. But he had awful coaching from day one, and an owner who had to control everything as he went senile. He had no offensive line, the worst crop of WRs in the league and a Defense that couldn’t stop any offense in the league. If he’d come into a system with a good coach and a building OL, D and a receiver who can catch anything, he’d still be here. He might have even figured out the game after a couple years and become the QB that many who actually get to sit and learn for a few years (Brady and Rodgers come to mind) have the chance to become.

    We’ll never know, and it’s sad. One of the many ironies of the current draft system is that really big potential QBs get drafted by teams who can’t protect, teach or give them any weapons. At least he made more in his handful of years than I will in a lifetime. I hope he hasn’t spent it all already, he has little to fall back on…

  81. Assuming all of what he says is the truth…why did life coach John Lucas quit on you Jamarcus? Why did a man that rehabilitates professional athletes for a living and is paid by you quit on you and declare you un-fixable?

    Sorry, if a fixer can’t fix you, I doubt the rest of your story is true. More likely you had a lot of purple drank…which made you fat, tired, and unable to differentiate plays.

    I will agree Tom Cable is an A-hole, but I am betting he had nothing to do with your personal downward spiral.

  82. Lots of misinformation in this thread.
    I am 100 pounds overweight and when I found out from my doctor that I had sleep apnea, he told me if I lost 100 pounds I’d still have sleep apnea.

    My brother has it and it completely affects his personality.

    I was almost fired from my job cause I was sleeping in meetings.

    He needs to use a cpap and work in the CFL and prove to the NFL he is committed to football

  83. JaMarcus Russel has singlehandedly cost future top draft picks hundreds of millions of dollars from last years draft forever onward.

  84. well reading this with is apnea and how Tom Cable betrayed him he did never gave up up he never gave the time to catch up to the game all he did was party with his money im sure if he gave the time watch the film over and over studyied the playbook he still may have been a starter right now but his decison cost his job hope he is happy he cant do anything but amitt his faliure mabey just mabey he could find a job again but he will need to work hard if that happens

  85. Blames everyone but himself. The reason he was on the treadmill at 630 am was because he was hovering around 280 lbs. He was sloppy, no discipline towards his diet.
    I think it’s safe to say he was a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf. How are you going to blame your coach and teammates? They wouldn’t show him love because he made no efforts in living up to his potential.

  86. Read the SI article first, people. You all think you know, but you don’t.

    1. It’s a good article.

    2. He makes some valid points. Justin Vargas is no Darren McFadden. Throwing to Ronald Curry and Johnnie Lee Higgins isn’t the same as throwing to Tim Brown. There was no veteran mentor on the Raiders like Sanchez has Brunell in NY unless you consider Andrew Walter, Charlie Frye, Bruce Gradkowski, JP Losman or Marques Tuiasosopo mentors. Lane Kiffin and Tom Cable were terrible head coaches. He wasn’t surrounded by much talent.

    3. He does put some of the blame on himself in the article. I’m not holding him blameless. I just don’t even think he was a good QB to begin with. But, he didn’t do everything he could at the time.

    4. How was the Raiders’ defense in 2007-2009? Last I checked, the QB doesn’t play defense. In Russell’s 3 years in Oakland, the defense ranked 22, 27, and 26. Oops.

    But, READ the article before you continue the assault on his character. He seems like a good kid.

    That being said, he should have NEVER been a first round pick let alone # 1 overall (Not to pat myself on the back, but to me, Russell didn’t pass the eyeball test in 2007 coming out of college. He had the physical skills, but I just didn’t see it on the field at LSU to warrant a 1st round selection.). That’s not an indictment on Russell. It’s an indictment on the Raiders, specifically Al Davis, rest his soul.

    I’ll be interested to see how the Raiders do moving forward in terms of evaluating and accumulating talent now that Al Davis is not hovering over everyone’s shoulders and making the decisions. Although, the Carson Palmer deal looks like there will be no change in the system.

  87. @ GG Eden

    While Russell’s contract was probably one of the reasons for the rookie wage scale, it was Sam Bradford’s $50 million guaranteed that broke the camel’s back.

  88. @bcgreg

    Don’t know what? We don’t know that actions speak much louder than any BS interview he wants to give claiming to be a BIG MONEY victim?

    He may be a good kid but it was obvious he never put in the dedication & commitment needed to win.

    He fell asleep in meetings
    He was sent home with a DVD to watch, the next day he lied about what he saw on the DVD as it was BLANK.
    Was never in the kind of shape a leader should be in, he has ALWAYS blamed others for his failures & lack of commitment.
    It’s also common knowledge how much he “enjoyed” the purple drink & drank it continuously.

    If his problem was the Raiders & their coaching staff & receivers, why did a known trainer refuse to work with him due to his lack of dedication?

    Why hasn’t he shown the Raiders wrong by working hard & trying to catch on with another NFL team?

    Hard to learn anything & have a commitment to winning & doing the right thing when you’re in a codeine coma 90% of the time.

    You can have your opinion of JaBustus. Others understand that he stole his money & never gave any effort. He took his signing bonus & salary & decided he didn’t have to work. That is the bottom line & any BS he wants to to spew in SI doesn’t change the woefully obvious.

  89. @ GG Eden

    While Russell’s contract was probably one of the reasons for the rookie wage scale, it was Sam Bradford’s $50 million guaranteed that broke the camel’s back.


    By the time Bradford’s contract occurred, was also the CBA renegotiation to include a rookie scale due to the pressure by vet players. But, it was Russell that started the impetus for it because it wasn’t his contract per se, but the holdout plus the perception of him basically thieving $35M. The fear of those types of players who once they get their contract their life is ‘complete’. Getting rid of that sense of accomplishment, removing the risk on teams/owners, and the vet players pushing for it too. Also, probably, the notion that such guaranteed money (rising every year) could ruin young people’s lives.

  90. It amazes me how NFL coaching staffs and scouting departments aren’t eviscerated when #1 overall picks don’t develop.

    The Raiders are joke of a franchise, what players have they developed in the past decade? Few.

    Russell came from a place that had better facilities and more continuity in coaching. ‘

    The Raiders have garbage coaching. Garbage players, etc……

    The NFL failed Russell as much as Russell failed the NFL.

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