Merriman says he’ll have surgery on his Achilles’ tendon


Placed on injured reserve by the Bills today, linebacker Shawne Merriman will have surgery to repair his Achilles’ tendon.

Merriman disclosed the news in a statement posted on his website.

He said that the tendon was “in danger of rupturing,” and that he was advised to undergo surgery as soon as possible in order to avoid that outcome.

Some may respond by saying that the ultimate outcome is the same that it would be if the tendon had ruptured, so why not just keep playing?  But the rehab of a ruptured Achilles’ tendon is surely more involved and extensive than the process of recovering from the surgery that he’ll have to strengthen it, making it more likely that he’ll be able to participate fully in the 2012 offseason program.

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  1. Lights Out will be back stronger than ever in 2012. By then the Bills Defense will have added a few more Free Agents and 7 rounds of Draft picks to add to Dareus, Barnett, Williams, Kelsay, Byrd, Florence, McKelvin, Sheppard, Moats, Wilson, Scott, A. Williams and Searcy.

    Go Bills!!!!

  2. The reason this doesn’t make sense is because when the injury “flared up,” Merriman said that the doctors told him it would happen and that it’d be something he’d have to deal with. He was also adamant that he would not miss the rest of the season. Now here he is, opting for surgery and missing the season. Not as huge of a loss for the Bills as people think. Merriman played maybe half of the team’s defensive snaps, and this will open the door for young guys like Arthur Moats and Danny Batten to showcase their abilities.

  3. Playing into a situation where you’re just waiting for a tendon to rupture is both sadistic and not wise.

    He’s not a lifeless device or tool (well tool is questionable) and a player will not perform up to potential with that he otherwise would with that situation in his subconscious. Yes he’s a Pro … but he is human!

  4. Overall, Merriman handled things the right way with the Bills and was just a solid player for us in the short time he was able to play.

    What people don’t know about him is that he put a good word to free agent players about Nix, Gailey and what they’re trying to build in Buffalo.

    I hope he can recover from the injury and can come back to Buffalo, I know it’s not the popular opinion among fans but the guy seems to be a likeable guy and a good teammate.

    Go Bills!!

  5. Merriman is the new Tony Mandarich. Such a stud while on roids, such a bust when not.

    It really is lights out, for him.

  6. “Lights Out”??????? Why the hell do people refer to this guy by that lame nickname that he gave himself and is certainly no longer applicable?

  7. With that, we have almost heard the last of Merriman. Next up, his next felony arrest. And after that , news of his bankruptcy.

  8. seanx40 says:
    Oct 25, 2011 9:16 PM
    With that, we have almost heard the last of Merriman. Next up, his next felony arrest. And after that , news of his bankruptcy.


    another moron with a keyboard.
    regardless of what merriman did , he’s not trouble. just from his interviews he seemed like a decent guy. although coming back from a surgery like that is not likely to happen, i hope it does for him.

  9. I hope he comes back and comes back to form. When he was with the Bolts, I really liked him on the team. Injuries and AJ kept him off the field. Good Luck Merriman. Sorry I can’t say Go Bills.

  10. Too bad, although he wasn’t putting up eye-popping numbers, he was getting some pressure this year (plus he had a few sure sacks which were avoided by uncalled holding calls). I guess we have to see what Arthur Moats and Danny Batten have…

  11. Why does everybody keep harping on the “roids” garbage? From my understanding, about 80% of the league was taking them. That means all you wiseapples who have a big hero are rooting forr a guy who most likely took them. Quit being hypocrites. Come back strong Shawn!

  12. Yeah he’s a great guy jackson. A great guy who just happens to pop roids and beat chicks. (that chick was probably due for a good beating but NEVER shouldve came from the hands of a dude.)

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