Suggs rips Ravens’ offense, wants Rice running more


Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs says he knows why Baltimore turned in such an ugly offensive effort in Monday night’s 12-7 loss to the Jaguars: The Ravens’ offensive play calling stunk.

Suggs contrasted the Ravens giving their star running back, Ray Rice, only eight carries with the Jaguars giving their star running back, Maurice Jones-Drew, 30 carries.

It baffles me that Ray Rice only had seven carries,” Suggs said, getting Rice’s carries wrong by one. “This is a Pro Bowl running back we’re talking about. You’ve got to feed the horse. They fed their horse. We got to feed our horse. He’s a good guy. He wants the ball. I think we should feed him. Ray Rice is a phenomenal player. You’ve got to use your phenomenal players.”

Although Suggs didn’t call out either the Ravens’ coaching staff or Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco directly, it’s clear that the Ravens’ pass-first offense was a mess on Monday night. Flacco finished the game completing 21 of 38 passes for 137 yards (a horrendous 3.6 yards a pass), with one touchdown and one interception. Suggs pointed out that Flacco only got the ball into Anquan Boldin’s hands four times.

“How many catches did Anquan have?” Suggs asked. “We have guys who can do phenomenal things. We’ve got to get them the ball. It’s that simple.”

The Jaguars took a different approach on Monday night, running a total of 42 times and passing only 20 times.

“They kept it simple,” Suggs said of the Jaguars. “Jones-Drew had 30 carries.”

Dreadful performances like what the Ravens’ offense turned in Monday night are the kinds of things that can split a locker room. So are comments like these from Suggs.

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  1. He’s right. It was a horrible gameplan with horrible (nonexistent) in-game adjustments.

    Has the game passed Cam Cameron by?

  2. Nobody gives a crap what you think, Suggs. Your there to play not talk. Shut up and do your job. When will players learn?

  3. But they’re the unanimous #2 team behind the Packers!!!!! How could this be!?

    Let’s see if they drop to #9 in the “power rankings” like another team playing their 3rd straight away game the previous week.

  4. I wouldnt exactly call what he said a “ripping.” He simply said get the ball to your best players. The ravens offense only had 56 yards up until that TD drive late in the fourth.

    Hes 100% right. For RR to only have eight carries is ridiculous. It was a close game the entire night, no reason not to establish the run.

    Not a ripping, just some correct observations. You guys call it a “ripping” to generate page views.

  5. Typical. I laugh when people talk about them going to the superbowl. They’re good but they’ll collapse as usual and lose to the steelers in the playoffs. Same story, different year.

  6. I’m amazed that Flacco completed 21 passes. Nobody was open and he was inaccurate……..As far as throwing to Boldin, it seemed to me he was never more than 6″ away from Mathis-(sure wish Washington had a corner that could play man coverage like that!!)
    Rice is fantastic. All in all, Suggs is right on.Unfortunately, that’s the best way to ruin your team’s locker room…..

  7. What he said was blatantly obvious, but he should have kept that in the locker room or in the coach’s office.

  8. I get Suggs’s frustration, but he needs to realize that the criticism Cameron got last year was that we were too conservative with the run. When runs are constantly getting stuffed and you have a reputation for being too predictable by running on first, running on second, and hoping for the best on third, you’re gonna try to break that trend and throw off the defense.

    The protection just wasn’t there. The routes were very well covered. And Flacco, as always, sets his primary reads on the checkdowns too often.

    The Jags played stellar Defenae on a day that the Ravens Offense treated like a bye week.

    It’s what they deserved.

  9. Does this ever work? Has any coach ever said “boy, my game plan stunk until (insert attention seeking player here) publicly called me out!” Not that I know of. It isn’t like Suggs is giving some brilliant insights. Everybody knows what the problem was.

  10. Hey, somebody had to say those words. The good news is that it’s not too deep a hole the Ravens have dug themselves into to cost them a home playoff game in January. But if they don’t figure out how to fix their issues, they could blow their chances pretty easily.

  11. As a Browns fan I want to personally thank the Ravens (and Jags) for going out there and delivering a performance worse than the Browns – Seahawks game. Thanks guys!!

  12. I see Flacco is in (his) playoff form already!
    I am sick to death of QBs being able to heave up prayers and get rewarded with 50 yard PI calls too. ENOUGH ALREADY.

  13. I’ve been saying this for ten years…the problem with the Ravens offense is that the defense, thanks to Ray Lewis, can mouth off whenever they want.

  14. Meltdown! I love it! Apparently no character on the team, unable to handle adversity with professionalism.

  15. Given the fine QB performances on this MNF game, I was hoping Gregg Rosenthal would provide the stats analysis of Gabbert, Flacco, and Tebow to show how none of them will ever be successful in the NFL. You know, since they all had a bad performance and all.

  16. Looks like the Ravens fans will root for the real best team in the AFC this weekend:

    New England Patriots

  17. I don’t blame him. Him and the D is playing his you you know what off. However our offense has always found any chance possible to screw them. When have you ever seen Joe Flacco carry the team to win vs a playoff caliber team ? I didn’t think so….

  18. What did Suggs say that was decisive? Defense did there job and the play calling on offense was horrible.

  19. Suggs is 100% correct. That was one piss-poor performance by the Ravens’ offense, and it makes no sense they didn’t give the ball more to Ray Rice. The Ravens receivers were covered so completely that I wondered if the Jag’s had cloned Darell Revis to play in their secondary. I’m sure Suggs and the entire defense are really pissed their effort was wasted. Thanks a lot, Ravens…as a Texans fan, I was hoping you’d beat our division rival.

  20. These are the guys destined to defeat the Pack in the playoffs?

    Perhaps, but not with performances like this one…

  21. Is Harbaugh going down the Brian Billick path? Seems like it. He better get control of the locker room. By the way Flacco looks lost out there. Enjoy Ratbird fans.

  22. That game was a hard one to watch, and even as a Ravens fan I was wondering what was going on. Now the Steeler fans are going to run all over this (especially for having a second place team) and run their mouths. But that game was an awesome defensive effort for both teams…..The only TD scored was by Baltimore….Just something interesting to bring up. I’m not going to talk officiating as to not give any ammo for retalation. So just an all out ugly drawn out dog fight last night…Reminded me what football used to be….

  23. Way to be a great teamate Suggs. Should’ve just blamed the refs or the other team’s luck, like usual. Everyone knows the ravens are the most talented team in the history of sports.

  24. It’s no surprise Rice had eight carries when you don’t convert a first down until there’s 20 minutes left in the entire game.

  25. We finally played 60 minutes!!! I’m thrilled today. Didn’t lay an egg in the ‘Burgh last week and came out tough last night. I’m a happier guy today.

    On Suggs’ comments about Rice, he fumbled early and it cost the team. I think they sat him for the rest of the half because of it. In contrast, Dirk kept dialing up MJD even though I was hollering for his benching, too. He had to lose his fumble-itis and that made the difference.

    And how about that mistake-free QB? He ain’t airing it out yet and still has no one to throw to, but PFT Planet has to admit that he may be a real QB one day in the not to distant future.

  26. It’s about time for the pundits to see the Ravens for what they are. Flacco is one of the most overrated qb’s ever. Ravens are 9-4 against the Bengals over the last decade. I’d put my money on the Bengals to finish in the top 2 of the AFCN this year.

  27. so once we split the series this year, what’s the first tie breaker? if it’s record vs. common opponents, ravens could be in trouble. we’ve beaten both teams that they’ve lost to. and from the looks of last night’s game, they’ve beaten both teams we’ve lost to as well…

  28. I find it odd that Baltimore kept trying to throw the ball, but they really don’t have anyone to throw to. Anquan Boldin is an average receiver when he’s not lining up opposite of Larry Fitzgerald. They have no other receivers, no tight end, and nothing besides Ray Rice in the backfield. Gotta have SOME weaponry.

  29. The content of the rant/criticism is spot-on, but it is also terribly inappropriate for a defensive player to be calling out his offensive teammates and coaches.

    Last time I looked, the Jags won the game because the Ravens defensive allowed more points than the Jags defense. I don’t see Flacco or anyone on the othe side of the ball calling out Reed, Webb, Suggs or anyone else for not making more plays.

    This sort of mouth-running is bound to happen after a hard-fought game, especially when the heavily favored team lays an egg; but I’ll be willing to bet that Coach Harbaugh is not going to be pleased about it and that Suggs will soon be issuing some sort of mea culpa.

  30. I think he covered just about everything that was wrong with the Ravens game plan. That game was totally unwatchable!

  31. I don’t fault Terrell Suggs for saying what was clear to everyone who watched the game…

    After that offensive performance and with Flacco’s inconsistency, I find it hard to believe that anyone can call the Ravens true Super Bowl contenders.

  32. Hes not being a sore loser he is telling it how it is. I completely agree with him. There were a lot more problems than just the offensive play calling (offensive line) but not having a first down in the first 10 possessions is just not acceptable.

  33. Whether Suggs’ observations were correct or incorrect, he was wrong to second guess his coach with respect to game strategy in the media. It’s that simple. It is part of the culture in Baltimore for players to speak out. In some sense, it may work for them. This is one of those times where it doesn’t.

  34. Funny stuff … the Ravens looked awful. Good defense most of the time, horrible offense. Must be a Harbough family thing. People think Flacco was bad? Keep in mind Alex Smith had a 3.3 YPC in that win against Detroit and everyone called SF “for real”, amazing, a team to watch etc.

    Truth is similar with both these overrated Harbough teams – they depend far too much on the run and when that is shut down – game over. At least the Ravens are usually more disciplined and Flacco has a big arm. The 49ers are one more Frank Gore injury away from finishing 6-10.

  35. It’s all about execution. He makes no mention of how the Ravens got handed their lunch up front all day (it’s almost like he’s part of the national media). The Jags D came to play and imposed their will. Played man coverage almost the whole game and repeatedly busted a more hyped team in the mouth.

  36. garyman1 says:
    Oct 25, 2011 8:00 AM
    Man, that was one, ugly game to watch…

    You gotta admit that while the O wasn’t there last night some good licks were laid out by both teams. The Jags D was impressive…even nasty…they smacked the bully in the mouth. First-rate tackling and pass coverage for the Jags too. I didn’t know they had it in em’.

  37. as the ravens fold and crumble to another average team they lose momentum. Heinz field approaches rapidly, as does another AFC crown to the rightful owners…. PITTSBURGH STEELERS…

    Love the way that game went last night. Thank you MJD. Shout out to Joe Flacco for being the most average quarterback this season.

  38. @vestheblessed1

    Why shouldn’t Steeler’s fans gloat over this outcome? A little over a week ago, many Raven’s fans were saying how bad the Steelers suck because they didn’t blowout the Jags by 30!

    That being said and as a Steelers’ fan, I do have to agree, in general, with Suggs. Ray Rice is the Ravens most dynamic offensive player, why take him out of the game?

  39. Cameron is trying to have an offense like the Packers. But Flacco is no Rodgers, and Cameron is no McCarthy.

  40. and how many points did the defense put up? This is why you will always be second fiddle in the AFC North. Your team’s lack of piehole control amazes me…….

  41. It’s clear the Jacksonville’s defense is really good. If their offense was even somewhat effective this team would be in the hunt.
    It will be interesting to see what they can do when the add some receivers to the team.

  42. The Ravens deserved to doubt but you just have to shake your head when the Jags went to kick off with under 2 mins left and ref blows the whistle to stop the kickoff then jumps on his mic and basically says “ok..sorry about that,,the Jags now have the right amount of players on the field so lets proceed with the kickoff” WTH?

  43. Good for him! Flacco is just awful! Just looking at his mannerisms on the field makes you think he just got stumped in a spelling bee or something? He just has no charisma or emotion to feed off of on the field. Plus, what has he ever won? The Ravens defense is the only thing they have going for them, outside of Ray Rice (if the finally decide to utilize him more, teams will be ready). Just better hope those old legs stay young on that defensive side of the ball. I don’t see them as anything more than another AFC playoff team that will most likely fight it out with the NYJ, Patriots and Steelers for one of the top 4 slots in the Conference. My guess would be Steelers in the SB from this conference.

  44. It more of a dominating performance by the Jags defense, I mean the Ravens had like 4 yards going into halftime. Too bad the Jags offense beat themselves up cause their were people actually open for Gabbert.

  45. vestheblessed1 says: Now the Steeler fans are going to run all over this (especially for having a second place team)

    Second place team? Sorry dude–we just reclaimed 1st place in the AFC North.

  46. .

    Was the game plan itself ill conceived, or did the players fail to execute it as designed?

    His comments seem to indict both parties.


  47. When an offense performs as badly as the Ravens offense did it usually relates, not to what happens on game day, but what happens in between game days. In other words, this team looked as if they didn’t put in the needed practice, last week.

    The Jags defense knew every play that was coming their way, every route that was being run. The Ravens they saw in game films was the exact same team that showed up. No surprises, no unexpected formations, not even one ‘just in case’ trick play built into the game plan.

    Inexcusable performance, especially as Baltimore knew they were going on the road for a Monday night game against a proud group who likely looked at this nationally televised game as their Superbowl.

  48. Suggs was on ESPN’s First Take last week praising Flacco. Now he’s ripping him. Mad respect for the Ravens but I sure as sh it hate Suggs.

  49. It might just be me but players need to shut up and play. A whole lotta chirping from players all around the league. Put a better product on field and keep your yaps shut and just do what your paid to do. If I called out my boss or coworkers like this wtf do you think would happen…..?

  50. packfaninchitown says: Oct 25, 2011 8:31 AM
    These are the guys destined to defeat the Pack in the playoffs?

    Perhaps, but not with performances like this one…

    They wouldn’t play the packers in the playoffs, cheeseforbrains. That would be the Super Bowl.

    BTW, the vaunted packer defense has the propensity to make mediocre QBs look like future hall of famers.

  51. Ray Rice getting just 8 carries is like Tom Brady only throwing 10 times in a game. How the hell do you expect to win a game by doing this. Cam Cameron needs to get fired for the Ravens to improve offensively

  52. Another story is what Flacco had to say, basically blaming the young guys on the Offense.

    I agree with the fact that they should’ve been running all night long.

  53. I agree with Suggs. I will never understand why we are throwing the ball so much these past few weeks and not just running the football. It annoys me to no end.

  54. Terrell, you forgot to mention:
    – Forcing the same back shoulder pass to Boldin over and over again.
    – Getting their fastest WR matched up on an inside linebacker on 3rd down and still forcing the ball to guys locked up on the sidelines.
    – Not just failing to get Rice the ball, but basically abandoning the run during a 6 point game.
    – Neglecting the middle of the field until halfway through the 4th quarter.
    – Insisting on 60 yard bombs to Torrey Smith in double coverage on what seemed like once a series in the 2nd half.

  55. He had 8 carries because the Ravens COULDN’T run. Do you want him to have 30 carries for 50 yds? Hey Suggs you gave up 105 yds to MJD. They burned 8 1/2 minutes off the clock to start the second half. Look yourself in the mirror.

  56. I think everyone should give credit to the Jags defense, just like the Ravens HC did after the game.

    They ate Baltimore’s lunch.

  57. 1) Cam Cameron used to use the excuse that the Ravens didn’t have the receiving core… previous game when nobody was open……..what is his excuse now?
    2) Joe Flacco needs to learn how to step-up…tell Cameron to shove it…and do what a QB needs to do on the field to win. When Rice was on the Bench, he needed to get in whomevers face that made that bonehead decision and tell him to get him in there. Flacoo needs to stop being a college QB….and be a Pro QB.
    3) Cameron has ZERO feel for the game…..
    4) Flacco is regressing……he needs a real offensive coordinator…..
    5) Handing off the Rice 8 times is a joke….
    6) This team is not ready about 5 times a year….it needs to stop…no discipline whatsoever….

  58. And the implosion begins!

    Hey, wasn’t this the same guy who was on that Skip Bayless ESPN show, going on all so lovey dovey about HIS QB, the great Flacco?

    Oh what a difference a week makes.

  59. ..and to coach Harbaugh, if you ever have first and goal at the one or two, spread the formation, put Ngata in the “I” blocking for Leach………and pound it until we get it… you think any team could stop this formation 3 times???????

    these NFL coaches out-think themselves sometimes…

  60. That was an old-fashioned football game. I enjoyed it. I prefer games like that to the “basketball on grass” the NFL is trying to become.

  61. As a diehard Ravens fan; we deserved to lose that game. Hats off to the Jags; they had our number last night.

    Suggs is right; the play calling was awful. There was no consistency and Joe had the deer in the headlights look. I understand his frustration but the comments should be kept in-house. We need to win as a team and lose as a team.

    All that said, I think the zebras should be ashamed of themselves for taking their paychecks last night. On both sides of the ball, the officiating was terrible at best.

    How many times do you see coaches winning that many challenges?

    An ugly game for us. Need to pick up the pieces and move on.

  62. maddenisfordorks says:
    Oct 25, 2011 10:42 AM
    I think everyone should give credit to the Jags defense, just like the Ravens HC did after the game.

    Agree, mad props to the Jags. They are, after all, the team that actually won the game. Some of my fellow Steeler fans are enjoying this way too much.

  63. Suggs is dead on with his comments, and guess what that not the first time Suggs has been critical of the offense. It just happen to be televised. I love it when players say what’s on their mind…..

  64. Maybe it’s been mentioned on another thread, but i can’t believe there hasn’t been more talk about that bogus personal foul, leading with the helmet, defenseless receiver blah blah call against the one Ravens DB.

    Seriously, not only will the player not be fined, but they should fine the official that made the call. Not a Raven’s fan, so this isn’t sour grapes type stuff, it was just an awful call.

  65. Ok look we as ravens fans have been clamering for cameron to be gone for years. I am glad that suggs said something public. Lets all be real cameron hired harbs at indiana, cameron coached jim at michigan. So cameron is part of the harbs family, so harbs wont fire him. BUT, If the players start to fire off at himand the fans and the media they will have no choice. I want RAY LEWIS to fire at him publicly he carries alot of wieght. Someone had to step up and be real. And i garuntee if flacco had a average to ok coaching staff he would be a very good qb. But with a piss poor staff he does not get coached up and the offense has no rythem.

  66. I was shocked at how slow the Ravens offense gets in and out of plays. Every time they moved with even the least bit of urgency they had Jax scrambling to get lined up. Any idiot can tell part of the reason the patriots look so good against average or bad teams is the speed they play offense at. Brady is at thee line before the defense beaks the huddle. Baltimore last night was using the entire 35 seconds on every play. Camron needs to give up some control and let his players play.

  67. str82dvd says:
    Oct 25, 2011 8:15 AM
    I’ve been saying this for ten years…the problem with the Ravens offense is that the defense, thanks to Ray Lewis, can mouth off whenever they want.

    That is dead on. No other unit on either side of the ball can runt their mouth against their own team like the Raven D. It always leads to locker room problems and for some reason the fans and media always agree with the Raven D. It takes two sides of the ball.

    Simply put the Jags D was better than the Raven D last night….take responsiblity for that suggs

  68. Just watching Suggs do “The Bernie” after a sack made that “rather-go-to-bed-early” type of game worth watching.

  69. I love the midseason coordinator bashing by fans and players alike. Usually does a team a positive favor and boosts them right into the playoffs. I cant wait to see you jerks @ Heinz. Literally foaming at the mouth to show you punks how to ball. Nov. 6 is the beginning of your offseason Baltimore fans. Start looking forward to some NHL for the winter. But you Capitol team is also pretty average so enjoy mediocrity throughout your lifetime, and your childrens lifetime, and forever and ever. AMEN.

  70. hes allowed to bash Cam, its Cams fault the defense was on the field the entire game, he never tries to establish the run, good god he has Vontae leach and chooses pass first 90% of the time.

    Suggs just said what everyone saw, you dont bench your best offensive player for a fumble, insane, Cam is the worst O Coordinator and should be fired

  71. Bottom line is that the Jaguars defense dominated in every phase. The secondary was blanketing the WRs and the Jags D-Line were winning the battle in the trenches.

    I agree with Suggs in principal, feed the horse BUT the Jags front seven would stuff him (for the most part) for either negative yards or no gain.

    The Jags defense didnt let up the whole game until the Ravens put together their TD drive and by that time – too little too late to rely on your run game; the clock was against you.

  72. I wonder if Suggs, gets paid extra for being the Offensive Cordinator.

    While the Ravens O did look non existence, I think part of it was poor play calling, but how about the defense from the Jags.

    I probably won’t get to see them play another game this season, but it looks like the got something to work with going foward in the next few years. Especially if they can develop Gabbert and get him some decent WRs.

  73. vestheblessed1 says: Oct 25, 2011 8:31 AM

    That game was a hard one to watch, and even as a Ravens fan I was wondering what was going on. Now the Steeler fans are going to run all over this (especially for having a second place team) and run their mouths.


    Your team loses and your major concern is that fans from rival teams will run their mouths?

  74. Get the quote right. He said “It BAFFLES me…”

    Extreme emphasis on the ‘baffles’. And he’s right.

  75. like what i say or hate what i say i don’t care.thee are facts.if the ravens D does not do well they will lose every time.there offense is not as good as there record is there D that gives them there points.sure there O played well the first couple games but look at there O stats horrible.flaco will never be the QB they want him to be.he doesnt and cant make the plays.see ya in 2 weeks..there D betetr be up for this game or the Steelers are gonna be throwing rainbow passes all day to there speedy receivers.

  76. All I can say is Karma to the team that crowned itself in week 1 and congrats to Jax…a better offense and they are winning that division and playing in the AFC Championship game this year

  77. Flacco is holding this team back in a major way. He is an avg. qb at best.With that defense Manning would have 4 rings by now.

  78. TheDPR says:
    Oct 25, 2011 7:54 AM
    He’s right. It was a horrible gameplan with horrible (nonexistent) in-game adjustments.

    Has the game passed Cam Cameron by?

    He was average in SD, horrible in MIA and is still showing these same troubling tendencies now in BAL.

    What’s there to ponder?

  79. Is it just me of does Flacco look alot like Trent Dilfer… just flat out sucks with an AWESOME defense that makes him look better than he is

  80. I need to say this about the game last week. It’s not that we didn’t try to run the ball in reasonable situations, it’s that we had so few reasonable situations where we could run the ball, and that we had 0 success when we tried.

    Lets look at the % of run plays called in different situations. These do not include the last 2:30 of the first half, and last ~5 minutes of the game when we needed to pass the pass because we needed to score twice.

    1st and 10: 54%
    2nd and less than 5: Never occured
    2nd and 5-10: 25%
    2nd and 10+: 0%
    3rd and less than 5: 100% (only occured once)
    3rd and 5-10: 0%
    3rd and 10+: 0%

    These numbers are actually quite reasonable considering the situations . They are probably in line with what would be expected for a fairly balanced team, it’s just that because we had no success we were always in bad situations.

    Lets also look at the number of targets each receiver had.

    Boldin 11
    L. Williams 2
    Smith 6
    Dickson 6
    rice 8
    pitta 3
    reed 1

    Boldin was targeted more than anyone, followed in 2nd by rice.

    These numbers are exactly what anyone would expect or hope for. Our play calling was not a problem at all. Our execution was pathetic, however.

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