T.O. works out, with no teams in attendance

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NFL Network carried Terrell Owens’ workout live on Tuesday afternoon, and Owens had better hope some NFL front office personnel were watching, because no teams were there.

Linday Soto was live on the scene and reported that no teams were confirmed to be in attendance, and that there wasn’t a single team’s scout in the area “unless somebody snuck in and isn’t wearing team gear.” The workout took place on a high school field in Calabasas, California, and the stands were empty.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean no one is interested in Owens. Coaches, general managers and scouts may have watched the workout on TV, and teams bring in veteran free agents for workouts all the time, so it’s entirely possible that Owens will still get an individual workout.

Owens started the workout wearing a shirt reading “I Am” on the front and “Ready” on the back, then took the shirt off to reveal his chiseled upper body. Although there was no 40-yard dash in the workout, Owens ran pass routes and did agility tests and appeared capable of running and cutting without any problems with his surgically repaired knee.

However, being able to run and cut on a field all by himself is quite a bit different from being able to perform on an NFL field on Sundays. And there are some questions about whether Owens is really ready to compete.

Owens’ former teammate Jerry Rice said on ESPN that Owens looked like “He’s just not in football shape.” And NFL Network’s Charles Davis said Owens seemed tentative in his movement, as if he wasn’t sure whether he could trust his knee.

So Owens’ public workout may not have told us much of anything. The big question now is whether any team will bring him in for a workout without the cameras rolling.

98 responses to “T.O. works out, with no teams in attendance

  1. Sad story. I worry for th guy, he’s never really been stable and a total lack of interest might push him to do something stupid (again).

    That said, I can’t blame any team for not sending a scout, or not wanting him around.

  2. Hmmm ”’ a guy in his mid-late 30’s, coming off an ACL, with a trackrecord of being a clubhouse cancer who will throw his QB under the bus. Any popcorn vendors who showed up would’ve wasting their time, too.

  3. T.O. Ill pay you in Schrute bucks to come play on my flag fooball team. I can’t promise you will start, but we can make room for you on our bench.

  4. Does Jerry Rice ever have anything positive to say? Randy Moss this, Randy Moss that, T.O. this, T.O. that, Wes Welker isn’t an elite receiver, etc.

  5. The T.O love is coming – some clowns on here will post that he was the best WR on his last 2 teams – Buffalo and Cincy. Its amazing how those teams have gotten better with TO off the roster.

  6. After this workout, all league GMs put on a shirt that said “It’s” on the front and “Over” on the back.

    He’s had a great career and IMO is a first ballot HOF receiver. He was someone that truly needed to be game-planned around, and was one of the top 3 WR of his day for the better part of a decade.

  7. He’s definitely worth sending somebody to scout him. With the advances in science with stem cells, which I believe he had treatment with, older players can bounce back from the injury. Owens can still be productive on the field.

  8. Jerry Rice said on ESPN that Owens looked like “He’s just not in football shape.”

    That was the nicest thing a former teammate of Terrell Owens ever had to say about him. Maybe that’s why he can’t find a team??????????

  9. hashsview says:
    Oct 25, 2011 2:55 PM
    T.O. Ill pay you in Schrute bucks to come play on my flag fooball team. I can’t promise you will start, but we can make room for you on our bench.

    Convert it to Stanley nickels and you have a deal!

  10. Im with wryly1. He has been a cancer in the locker room for years and tossed all 5 of his QB under a bus. He’s done.

  11. Same comedic end as Jerry Rice and Tim Brown…

    All still wanting to play and no one interested!

    You should retire while still under contract otherwise you’re a has-been.

  12. “T.O. Ill pay you in Schrute bucks to come play on my flag fooball team. I can’t promise you will start, but we can make room for you on our bench.”

    Never gonna happen. He and Dwight wouldn’t last 5 minutes together. Both of their egos are too big.

    But maybe T.O. can host the Dundies this year???

  13. As much as I’ve disliked this guy over the past 10-12 years, I’d take him as the Cards #2 right now over just about anything we have. Take some heat off Fitz and we MIGHT be able to win a couple more games this year. Either that or we continue to compete with the Dolphins and Rams for the #1 pick where we will trade it to a team that wants Andrew Luck. From there we will take the 4-5 picks we got and draft 3 guys who will be out of the league in 3 years and two guys who will suck with the Cards then turn around and go be stars with other teams (Garrison Hearst, Thomas Jones, Calvin Pace, …). Ugh…

  14. It just goes to show that you should carefully guard your reputation. Once it’s destroyed it’s nearly impossible to rebuild it…

  15. Any team with a mediocre record and needing a WR should give him a shot. You could sign the guy for nothing and if he doesen’t perform just let him go. Plenty of teams that could at least use a decoy.

  16. I don’t blame them. The guy is a high-maintenance headache with a pathological attention addiction. He’s 37. He’s coming off surgery for his ACL. He’s coming off two years in which he could only get 1-year contracts with 2 of the NFL’s bottom-feeding teams. Oh yeah, and the season is almost halfway over.

    You did this, T.O. No finger pointing.

  17. “The workout took place on a high school field in Calabasas, California, and the stands were empty.”

    What a poetic end for a player who threw so many QBs and head coaches under the bus on his football journey. Marvin Lewis, Bill Parcells, Steve Mariucci, Andy Reid, Chan Gaily, Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Drew Bledsoe and Trent Edwards all come to mind. I’m unsure whether TO’s fragile psyche can handle this level of rejection. In all fairness though. What sane coach or GM would add a cancer like him to their team at this point in a season? In the end TO was just Fool’s “Gold”.

  18. The quarterback throwing him passes was a high school kid who got criticized for throwing poor passes.

    T.O. got upset with the criticism and started crying, “That’s my quarterback.”

  19. In California? Perfect! Maybe he’ll move into the old lot where Sunset Boulevard was filmed. Probably in his mind, the stands were filled with the GMs and coaches from all 32 teams.

  20. Owens started the workout wearing a shirt reading “I Am” on the front and “Ready” on the back
    They obviously didn’t see the fine print. What the shirt actually said was :

    “I AM”

    “READY to throw all my teammates and coaches under the bus”

  21. If he was hoping they were watching NFL Network he is really screwed! Especially if the scouts had Time Warner Cable!

  22. why didn’t he host everyone in his driveway like in philly! Would have been awesome if he used Mcnabb as his QB for these sessions!

  23. Some teams are going to look at him for sure, but not in this format. TO is like a peep show. You look around to make sure nobody sees you going in to check it out. Reveals your desperation to the public.

  24. I don’t think any team was willing to be used by his spinmeister agent, Drew Rosenhaus, as part of the clownfest PR show. Drew would be screaming up and down that, yes, there are all these scouts there “SEE! SEE! Check out the abs on my client as he does situps!”

  25. hotzy21 says:
    Oct 25, 2011 2:57 PM
    Does Jerry Rice ever have anything positive to say? Randy Moss this, Randy Moss that, T.O. this, T.O. that, Wes Welker isn’t an elite _______________________________

    well he said Moss is lazy that’s true. Owens is a cancer and doesn’t seem to be in football shape which is also true. He admires Wes Welker so i dont know where you came up with the last part. Seems toe like you’re grasping at straws there. That said all the former players make terrible commentators/analysts and should be removed from the air. Espn by far has the worst bunch. Followed by nfl network

  26. I hated this guy back in the day the way he talked smack and was just basically a team wrecker. I waited for the day when his talent diminished and would be wanted by no one but now it’s just sad.

  27. Pathetic end to what will surely be a Hall of Fame career. All he had to do in Cincinatti was be quiet. Don’t complain. Don’t say anything when the media baits him, but what does he do? The same as a fool does when someone questions his intelligence – opens his mouth and removes all doubt.

  28. As a 9ers fan, I’m happy to see it come to an end. He started off promising, but his attitude was terrible and just killed his teams (and his brick hands killed some playoff hopes, easily the worst hands of any HoF WR (when he gets in)).

    But as someone mentioned, look at how much better Buf and Cin are now that he’s off the team. Maybe teams like Miami, Arizona and St. Louis should look to pick him up for a year or two, with the hope that getting rid of him helps them too…. just a thought.


    Do you see how delusional you were
    He’s d shot, over-the-hill and you’re still conning young men out if their money. Jerk.

  30. For the right price, I’d take him on the Browns in a heart beat. TO could still have a torn ACL and he would be better than everyone of our receivers.

  31. “If TO acts unemployed and smells unemployed, by golly, he is a unemployed.”

    Jeff Garcia

  32. You know, he kind of gets a bad rap. The guy ALWAYS plays hard and gives 100%. That’s not the problem. The problem is he’s such a prima donna. That’s the issue with him. Make no mistake, he’s a clown and a headache, but the guy always plays with everything he has.

    Best of luck T.O.

  33. “Owens’ former teammate Jerry Rice said on ESPN that Owens looked like “His brain is just not in football shape.”


    There. Now it’s fixed.

  34. Truth is – all ya’ll are just talkin’ smack. Team player? Definitely not. But do your homework, folks. He’s been right at the top of productivity for the last three teams he played on. Too many teams needing decent WR to dog-pile this sad ol’ man. I’m not sayin’ he deserves top dollar or even guaranteed money, but to think “he’s done” isn’t thinking at all.

  35. I agree with chocolate bacon butter. T.O. does get a bad rap. Because once he left Philly McNabb didn’t struggle at all. Same in Dallas, Romo is sure glad the team got rid of him, now they can play games for 60 minutes and not make stupid mistakes. And in Buffalo he wasn’t a class act at all in a small market like that.
    T.O. was never the biggest problem where he went, he was a problem, a prima donna, but never the real big problem. He does play hard, and he wants the rock. And he plays injured. His got a big mouth and his life should be watched by house-wives in the afternoon.
    Overall I think T.O. has been good for the NFL, bad for himself, but good for the NFL.

  36. Also, this event was videotaped. It isn’t necessary for a team to publicly express interest. They can watch the film at him and let him bite on their offer.

  37. That star in Dallas doesn’t look too bad now, does it TO?

    I still think TO & JJ are an ideal match…they deserve each other.

  38. Wide receivers who are not that far from getting their AARP card and coming off of surgery are usually not a good bet (and that’s without all the “ME” crap).

  39. I’m am a huge 49ers fam and would love to see T.O back in that uniform but he is cancer he destroys teams but teams that should look at him are teams with nothing to lose rams, Miami, broncos, jaguars, Seahawks, cardinals,

  40. I have been critical of TO and do not agree with all the histrionics. But he has played hard, played hurt and I can think of a number of players who deserve worse comments and are still thriving.

    Lord knows the NFL has been, and still is, a landing place for killers, sadists, drug dealers, rapists and a slew of other criminal behaviors that TO never was a part of.

    I can tell you now, Id rather see Vick, that sicko, alienated and with no place to go, along with Ray the shank, Ben because I am white it dont stick to me, Donte dont drive drunk, Chmura the packer packing the underage kids, and that Dallas Cowboy kicker Rafael Septien the childmolester to name few. Whats worse the NFL at times turns a blind eye.
    TO was bad but he wasnt a criminal.
    Dont get me wrong I cant stand that sucker.

  41. The J-E-T-S can never have too much ego… maybe that is where he belongs. “The BIG APPLE meets the BIG MOUTH.”

    He may keep Coach Ryan’s fat face out of the news.

    Maybe he can get the Jets over the hump… You know how well he does with Hispanic QBs – Romo and Garcia… why not add Sanchize to the list?

    TO you were one of my favorites, but the Fat Lady just finished her microphone check. See you at the HOF in 5 years.

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