Titans won’t change lineup to fix running game

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Chris Johnson says he’s not the problem. Some reasonable minds disagree.

No matter who’s right, the Titans are not going to change the cast of characters involved in the league’s last-ranked running attack.

Titans coach Mike Munchak said he isn’t going to give backup running back Javon Ringer the ball more ahead of Johnson. And he’s not going to bench any offensive linemen.

“We are not running the ball the way you’d like,” Munchak said via the Tennessean, “but when you change the offensive line, it can’t be a one-week thought. You may mess up more things. . . .  In the passing game, those five guys are doing a really good job.

“So, is it worth sacrificing if maybe we get 10 to 20 yards more rushing if the quarterback gets hit three or four more times because you have communication problems? You have to account for all the factors, and sometimes it is not worth the risk.”

The more that I watch the Titans on NFL Game Rewind, the more I’m convinced Johnson is a huge part of the problem. It’s not all the line’s fault, which is why Munchak isn’t making any changes.

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  1. Chris Johnson is an idiot. Great players find a way to be great no matter what the obstacle. By him saying his horrible stats aren’t his fault is the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. The Titans should bench him and re-structure his contract to reflect his productivity, or lack thereof. Complete BUST.

  2. Then nothing will change. Titans will be behind the Dolphins and Reggie Bush in the running game. Hahaha.
    I’m sure CJ no K will just start running better just because he’s not the problem.

  3. CJ2k is much more tentative than he was in the past. He’s not trying to preserve himself…I think he’s getting soft.

    He pulled a spin move during this last game that looked like he was doing it in slow motion. Dude always had a character issue, and now that he’s set for life, he probably doesn’t care about anything…especially his fantasy owners

  4. I understand not switching up the O-line, but why not switch rb’s see if that helps?
    I guess if they did that and Ringer ran for 125 yds and a td the team would look like buffoons for paying C Johnson.

  5. Hey future RB’s.

    CJ is the reason you most likely won’t get “playmaker money” anymore.

    Bill Belichick would have traded him in the offseason for draft picks—-something the Titans will need more of. But it’s too late for that now.


  6. It’s very simple. Chris Johnson is suffering from “Just Got Paid” syndrome. It’s a terrible illness. Many of you might remember that Albert Haynesworth suffered from the disease as well. We must raise awareness for JGP because it is very infectious. It mostly causes players to become irrelevant within 1-2 years. One of the side effects of JGP is that the players that suffer from the disease lose the ability to take responsibility for their actions and often blame teammates, coaches, etc. for their ineffectiveness. If you believe that you may be suffering from JGP, please see your physician immediately. JGP can be treated with a swift kick in the A*# and some humility. Successful treatment may lead to higher yards per carry, touchdowns and my fantasy team not being F@#$ed on a weekly basis.

  7. Somewhere, Jeff Fisher is laughing his ass off, while Munchak offers excuses but obviously has no answers. Anyone who knows coaching knows if you’re going to improve rushing with no personnel changes, you have to change your overall offensive scheme. What didn’t work yesterday isn’t going to work tomorrow either after your tendencies are broken down on film. That’s O-101. Spread the field with your WR’s and establish the TE position as a threat with more than 2-3 throws a game. Even a few incompletions downfield will keep defenses from totally stacking the box. Johnson hasn’t done himself any favors AT ALL this year, but if you’ve watched the games, there are no holes. Except the one wearing the Head Coach’s jacket.

  8. said it before, I’ll say it again. Never pay a RB top player money. million dollar body, 10 cent head.

  9. It’s obvious Folkses………….he is trying to run wearing his Money Belt. Until he has some time to do him sum shoppin he is too loaded down. Give a brotha some time…..

  10. As a Seahawks fan, I’m glad Matt Hasslebeck is doing well in Tennessee but the coach basically just said that Matt’s aging butt injury is more important than Chris Johnson’s numbers.

    I wonder if Chris Johnson has Shawn Alexander’s phone number.

  11. bcdc26:

    A.P. says to take your JGP and shove it. He still runs like an absolute beast with a depleted OL. Que Vikes/Packers game on Sunday. Longevity may be an issue here…hopefully he can maintain form long enough for Ponder to figure it all out, along with the rest of the Vikes. But it is a privilege to see him carry the ball, regardless of how much he is getting paid

  12. bblawnz1:

    I agree, A.P. appears to have developed a an immunity to JGP, there is hope out there. I plan on setting up a 5K so we can run for the cure, because if we don’t Chris Johnson won’t run that amount for the rest of his career.

  13. Anyone notice Munchak said he wasn’t willing to trade three to four sacks a game for twenty or so more yards for CJ? 20 yards? In other words, CJ is about 80 yards behind his pace and even if we get him the world’s greatest line, we might get 20 of that back.

    In other words CJ, Munchak called you out. It isn’t the line. It’s you.

  14. Munchak s trying to preserve some sense of team unity by making these comments. Unfortunately he just dissed his O line (none of these guys can block well enough to fire up the run game OR protect the QB), his QB (Hasselbeck is a statue who needs TIME to find his mediocre receivers) and his “star” RB (all kinds of changes won’t get CJ.5k more than 20 additional yards per game). Clearly Munch has seen enough to know that CJ is running like a frightened little girl, but to call him out before Bud comes to that conclusion might mean that Munch is a one-year head coach.

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