Tuesday’s PFT Live is on iTunes


There are mornings when PFT Live producer Matt Casey and your truly have no idea who the show’s guests will be.  At 9:30 a.m. ET or so on Tuesday, that’s about where we were.

And then it all fell together, with the Jags giving us linebacker Paul Posluszny and the Falcons coming through with quarter Matt Ryan.

Thanks to them (and not to me), it ended up being a pretty good show.  You can hear it right now via iTunes, and you can watch it by clicking the box in the right rail.

Among other things, you’ll find out what, if anything, Ryan heard from Ndamukong Suh on Sunday after the quarterback hit the deck with an injury — and you’ll learn whether Roddy White will now be known as “Rodney” in the Falcons locker room.