Vikings suspend Chris Cook indefinitely without pay

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The rough week of Vikings defensive back Chris Cook has gotten a little rougher.

Released from jail on bail after being arrested for domestic assault over the weekend (which caused him to miss Sunday’s game against the Packers), Cook now faces the loss of his job.  Possibly.

Until the Vikings decide what to do with Cook, the team has suspended him without pay.  The team announced the decision on Tuesday night, calling the allegations against Cook “very disturbing and disappointing.”

Cook allegedly choked his girlfriend after learning she had talked to an ex-boyfriend.  Cook has proclaimed his innocence on Twitter.

Under the CBA, player may be suspended up to four games without pay for conduct detrimental to the team.  Though off-duty behavior typically falls under the auspices of the NFL’s personal conduct policy, Cook’s brush with the law left him unavailable to do his job on Sunday, which clearly was detrimental to his team.

The Vikings also would likely be within their rights to cut Cook.  Still, a suspension without pay extending beyond four games could give rise to a fight under the plain terms of the labor deal.

Cook joined the team via the top of round two in 2010, after the Vikings traded out of the bottom of round one with the Lions, who used the pick to take tailback Jahvid Best.

65 responses to “Vikings suspend Chris Cook indefinitely without pay

  1. even tho no1 does this… he is innocent until proven guilty

    maybe its a mix up , domestic stuff is always he said she said,

    and alotta NFL players have crazy girlfriends & wives…

    not saying hes innocent, but just saying hes not guilty…

  2. “Cook joined the team via the top of round two in 2010, after the Vikings traded out of the bottom of round one with the Lions, who used the pick to take tailback Jahvid Best.”

    The Lions wasted their first rounder on a third down back. Ouch.

  3. Frazier needs to clean house ASAP. If he doesn’t he should be fired.

    Lastly, Rick Spielman needs to go as well. His drafts have been horrible. He gets a pass for the 2006 NFL draft since he was hired after that whole fiasco with Fran Foley.

    Picks he has hit a homerun with:

    Adrian Peterson
    Brian Robison
    Percy Harvin
    Everson Griffen
    Joe Webb (Borderline decent player)

    Picks he hasn’t:

    Sidney Rice (One good season with Favre, otherwise injured)
    Marcus McCauley
    Aundrae Allison
    Rufus Alexander
    Tyler Thigpen
    Chandler Williams
    Tyrell Johnson
    John David Booty
    Letroy Guion
    John Sullivan
    Jaymar Johnson
    Phil Loadholt (Borderline decent player)
    Asher Allen
    Jasper Brinkley
    Jamarca Sanford
    T0by Gerhart
    Chris Cook
    Chris DeGeare
    Nathan Triplett
    Mickey Shuler Jr.
    Ryan D’Imperio

    Basically this guy has been a terrible judge of talent besides a few sure fire picks (Peterson, Harvin).

  4. No fan of the Vikings, but honestly, good for them. Given the nature of the physical evidence and witness corroboration, unless Cook has an amazing (and convincing) defense that involves his fearing for his personal safety, there’s no excuse for this sort of behavior. If he’s convicted, I hope he never plays again.

  5. This is going to be a major blow to the secondary but it is something that had to be done. That kind of conduct is disgusting and the Vikings are doing the right thing. I won’t be surprised if they release him if he is convicted indefinitely.

  6. This is most certainly a bad situation, if he did choke his girlfriend you almost have to cut him from the team. What’s very unfortunate is that the Vikings are very shorthanded on players and talent in their secondary right now and Cook was just starting to play exceptionally well. It’s a very tough spot to be in if you’re the Vikes management. I can’t say I’m even sure what I would to if it were my decision. I’d say deactivate him for the rest of the year and have him go to counseling and let his legal process play out before you cut him. You would definitely have to find out exactly what happened though and go from there, but right now it sounds very bad. What would you guys do?

  7. As a Viking fan this is good to hear. Domestic abuse doesn’t belong anywhere in the world. Chris Cook is a punk and the Vikings front office did a good job dealing with this

  8. Its a little too late for Frazier to start acting like he’s the leader of the team by trying to make an example of Cook, besides Chris Cook did say “Is Chris Cook gonna have to choke a ——” before he choked his girlfriend, hence he’s protected by the constitution section 4, article 771 line 18. Look it up.

  9. This is garbage, his girl lives in another state, he flew her out for the big game vs GB, and then he finds out she’s been messing around with her EX….she knows what she did was wrong, he could have hurt her if he wanted to….a couple bruises is getting off easy.

    The damage done to her is something of her own doing and on an injury scale WAAAAAYYY less than what he as a Football player experiences any given Sunday.

    Don’t let this trifling skank interfere in a good player’s career.

  10. Smart move to suspend him. Vikings should play the reserves a lot, play to practice not to win. Get the best draft position possible, and come back strong next year.

  11. Why the Vikings are the most inept team in professional sports history

    ** 4 Superbowl losses

    ** 5 straight losses in NFC Championship games

    **Gary Anderson who had just completed the first perfect regular season in NFL history (not missing a single extra point or field goal attempt the entire year), missed a 38-yard attempt with less than 2 minutes remaining in NFC championship game that most likely puts Vikes in Superbowl in 98.

    **in 2003 Arizona’s last second touchdown on 4th and 28 against Vikings eliminated Vikings from playoffs. The moment of Arizona’s touchdown was actually the first moment the entire season in which the Vikings hadn’t led their division. The Vikings became the second team in football history to miss the playoffs after getting off to a 6-0 start

    **The “Hail Mary” pass Drew Pearson caught against the Vikes in 75 NFC championship to give Dallas the win in the final minute.

    **Jim Marshall’s wrong way run

    **The Herschel Walker trade in which Vikings gave Dallas three 1st rounders, three 2nd rounders, plus a 3rd and a 6th rounder in addition to 5 players. Walker lasts only 3 seasons in Minnesota
    ** In 1999 the Vikings select Michigan State Defensive end Dimitrius Underwood with the 29th overall pick. Underwood spent one day in camp and walked out. It was eventually shown Underwood suffered from mental Illness. The ineptness of the Vikings comes into play because his coaches at Michigan State warned NFL scouts that he was not mentally stable enough to play in the NFL.
    **Vikings despite being favored, The Vikings lose 41-0 in NFC championship game in 2000.
    **Green Bays Antonio Freeman makes one of the all time great miracle catches in overtime to defeat Vikings in 2000
    **2003 In yet another move of ineptness the Vikings are on the board in the first round of the 2003 draft with the 7th overall pick. The Vikings missed the deadline to make the pick. Meanwhile, the two teams immediately behind Minnesota on the board Jacksonville and Carolina rushed their cards to the podium in New York and made their picks before the Vikings.
    ** With 19 seconds remaining in the 2010 NFC Championship game the Vikings call a timeout on 3rd and 10 at the Saints 33 yard line. They had one timeout remaining, so the smart money was on them running the ball and hoping to gain four to five yards — thus setting up an approximately 45-yard field goal as time expired to win the game. On that next play the Vikings are penalized for 12 men in the huddle. The penalty pushed them out of FG range and most likely cost them a trip to the Superbowl. See below for nail in the coffin on the next play
    **2010 Favre`s 4th down 4th quarter interception with seconds remaining vs Saints in NFC championship puts New Orleans in Superbowl.
    * Between 1986 and 1990, nine Vikings were arrested for drunken driving, and receiver Buster Rhymes was treated for cocaine dependency.

    * In 1988, citing “overwhelming negative response” from the public, the Vikings released convicted sex offender Mossy Cade.

    * In 1994, Joey Browner is charged with third-degree rape in Minneapolis. Charges are later dismissed.

    * In 1995, running back Keith Henderson pleaded guilty to three counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

    * 1995, Star Minnesota Vikings quarterback Warren Moon is arrested in Houston and charged with misdemeanor assault after he slapped his wife, choking her “nearly to the point of unconsciousness.” Moon is later acquitted after his wife refuses to testify. A few months previously, Moon had been charged with sexual assault by a Vikings cheerleader in a case that was settled out of court.

    * That year, Moon allegedly struck his wife in the head with an open hand and choked her to the point where she almost passed out, according to police in Missouri City, Texas.

    She did not press charges and, although the case went to trial anyway, Moon was found not guilty.

    * In 1995, the Star Tribune reported that the Vikings paid $150,000 to head off a sexual harassment suit against Vikings assistant coach Richard Solomon, coach Dennis Green’s closest friend on the staff.

    * In 1996, James Harris, Minnesota Vikings defensive end, pleads guilty to third-degree assault for beating his wife.

    * In 1999, safety Orlando Thomas was disciplined by the NFL after pleading no contest to the misdemeanor charge of simple battery on his wife.

    * In 2002, receiver Randy Moss knocked a traffic cop to the ground with his car, then was charged with drug possession. He later reached an out-of-court settlement with the officer.

    * In 2002, two women claimed to be sexually assaulted at the team’s Arctic Blast fundraiser.

    * In 2004, linebackers E.J. Henderson and Michael Nattiel and tight end Steve Farmer were arrested after officers said they saw the players assaulting a man outside the Tabu nightclub in Minneapolis.

    * In 2005, running back Onterrio Smith was suspended by the NFL for a year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, two months after being caught at an airport with The Original Whizzinator, a kit designed to circumvent drug tests.

    * Also in 2005, coach Mike Tice was fined by the NFL for scalping Super Bowl tickets, and defensive tackle Kevin Williams was arrested on charges of domestic abuse.

    * Wide receiver Kelly Campbell driving a stolen SUV high with a stolen and weapon, with 16 grams of marijuana

    * Daunte Culpepper’s SUV involved in drug arrest

    * Former running back Ted Brown was indicted by a Mille Lacs County grand jury in late 2003 on first-and third-degree criminal sexual conduct charges after an incident at a team function on Lake Mille Lacs. He remains free on bail.

    Brown is charged in a February 2003 incident during the Vikings’ annual Arctic Blast event at Eddy’s Resort. Prosecutors allege that Brown forced sex on an intoxicated woman who was unable to consent.
    *Koren Robinson getting a DUI
    * Tommy Kramer DUI
    * Donald Igwebuike involved in drug trafficking
    * Robert Tate threatening to have the mother of his child beaten up by his cousin
    * Kenny Mixon not 1, not 2, but 3 DUI’s while with the team
    * Former Executive Mike Kelly getting a DUI going to bail out players at the Arctic Blast
    * Denny Green Sexual Harassment Allegations
    * EJ Henderson DUI * *While every team makes draft blunders I especially like this one. In 2005 the Vikings passed on Aaron Rodgers … twice. Once, to draft wide receiver Troy Williamson at No. 7 and again at No. 18 picking defensive end Erasmus James. Neither lived up to their hype and even more noteworthy both aren’t on the roster
    * January 2011 Vikings De Everson Griffin being arrested 2 times within 3 days. He was Drunk in public and then 3 days later was tased by the police after trying to run away after being pulled over for suspicion of felony battery.
    * 2010 Vikings trade a 3rd round draft pick to Patriots for WR Randy Moss. Moss is cut 4 games later

    *Oh, yeah, that whole sex boat scandal too.
    *2011 Former Vikings qb Warren Moon came up with this genius quote regarding Auburn QB Cam Newton. ” A lot of the criticism he’s receiving is unfortunate and racially based, Moon told Freeman. “ thought we were all past this. I don’t see other quarterbacks in the draft being criticized by the media or fans…”
    *2011 September 2011 Vikings safety Tyrell Johnson arrested for suspicion Impaired driving
    *2011 October Vikings Cornerback Chris Cook was arrested on two charges: domestic assault and intentional attempts to inflict bodily harm on another. Misses October 23, 2011 game against Packers because he was still in jail.
    With the arrest of Minnesota Vikings cornerback, Chris Cook, on charges of felony domestic assault/strangulation and fifth degree domestic assault, the Vikings have managed to pull into first place as the most arrested team in the has been tracking NFL player arrests dating back to 2000 and offers a great database for looking up the NFL’s tax subsidized misfits.As of 10/14/2011, Sign on San Diego’s database had the Minnesota Vikings tied for #1 with the Cincinnati Bengals, which was gain (in a negative way) for the Vikings who were two arrests behind Cincinnati (32-30) back in July 2010:

    I`m sure there are things I missed but this is why

    I believe the Vikings are the most inept team Professional sports history

  12. Good for them! You know the Steelers wouldn’t have done that. They would have brushed it under the rug and acted like it never happened, like a hit and run driver. Then they would have given him a contract extension while ignoring all the reporters who would be asking why they have a criminal on their payroll.

  13. As a Vikings fan this is not the best of developments, that being said, I’d do the same thing.
    When are these pre-madonna athletes going to learn, that just like we mortals they have consequences to irresponsible/criminal behavior.
    This move may open up some salary cap space to sign a suitable free agent this off season.

  14. He deserves to lose his job,but the vikes are doing the right thing by suspending him first with no pay,if we cut him someone else would just pick him up and be getting paid again!

  15. I’m shocked. Teams and the League don’t usually take a stand that is more than a weak PR ploy unless the guy has multiple felonies and then if he is a good enough player they will still hold out until the publicity gets too bad to keep up the pretense of ‘punishment’.

    Maybe there is something in the Viking organization to like.

    Oh, wait. They are still ignoring the Robison cheap-as-all-hell shot….

  16. Put Jared Allen back there. He has more int’s, anyhow.

    Vikes only hope is to perfect cloning and head back in time…Which probably won’t happen, right?….right?

    And someone check Harvin into the Mayo Clinic for about 2 years and get him close to 100%.

    My aunt, a hypochondriac, has felt more confident than poor Percy. “Gimme that casaba ya pea-brain!.” (Looney Tunes reference.)

  17. Good move and now they have 4 weeks to drop him or keep him. If the vikes had good cb’s and good safeties out there just this last sunday, they could have won the game. 2 TD’s when nowbody was around? c’mon men!

  18. Who are they kidding? Cris Cook hasn’t shown much since he entered the league; but were he a super star there’s no doubt in my mind he would get a couple weeks off with no pay and be back in the starting line up. Can you spell hypocrites?

  19. kashonly says: “This is garbage, his girl lives in another state, he flew her out for the big game vs GB, and then he finds out she’s been messing around with her EX….she knows what she did was wrong, he could have hurt her if he wanted to….a couple bruises is getting off easy.”

    Cook made a bad personnel decision. Clearly the best way to fix those is to strangle them.

    Just curious, how many times a day do you strafe imaginary mofos with your pretend gat?

  20. Really guys? So you’re saying this is a horrible case of abuse of a woman. Where she’s living in misery and fear. Afraid to get help for fear of her life. The classic case of abused woman syndrome. Something we as a society have to speak out on, provide counseling, all that stuff. Guys like Cook should be shunned, lose their jobs, be imprisoned. OR… this just some sassy bimbo who got slapped? I mean seriously, if WHINING was an Olympic sport, you guys would win the gold medal.

  21. apooster — Childress had total control over players chosen in the draft & free agency; it was written into his contract. You can only judge Spielman from the 2011 draft and free agency forward.

  22. I’ll bet we’ll be reading a story before long where the vikequeen rubes will be filing an injunctions against PFT stopping PFT from posting negative stories about their precious lavender larries. Cry baby’s

  23. Wonder if this happens if the tean wasn’t trying to bilk taxpayers out of 300 million. Vikings want to keep clean image and not give the stadium opponents any ammo.

  24. @ kashonly

    Seriously??? I’m mean really, dude. It was the chick’s fault? He’s not married to her. If he doesn’t like her actions, then walk away. Show her the door. Buy her a bus ticket. Drive her to airport. Any of those would be acceptable alternatives.

    Thanks for representing the “caveman mentality”. Congrats for giving us the “Dumb Post of the Month”. Sure to be in the running for the yearly award.

  25. Skol Vikings, adding to their tradition. How does the ownership of this team ever expect the citizens of Minnesota to finance a stadium while the players are in constant legal problem. Alcohol, prostitution, violence against women, no wonder the state doesn’t want this team.

  26. Guilty or not, Cook once again hurt his team by being put in that position.
    At some point, some of these players are going to learn that they need the NFL (with all the money) more than the NFL needs them. The Vikings will eventually replace Cook…and they will be just fine.

  27. Coach Norton: Remember, boys! STAY AWAY from women! All they want from you is your man-juice! If you ever get the kind of urges that cannot be supressed by hard liquor, then use this!
    [showing them his right hand]

  28. “Really guys? So you’re saying this is a horrible case of abuse of a woman. Where she’s living in misery and fear. Afraid to get help for fear of her life. The classic case of abused woman syndrome. Something we as a society have to speak out on, provide counseling, all that stuff. Guys like Cook should be shunned, lose their jobs, be imprisoned. OR… this just some sassy bimbo who got slapped?”

    Why does it matter if she isn’t afraid to get help? Call it an assault if you think “abuse” requires someone who’s afraid to get help.

    Either way, violence isn’t the answer and is against the law unless it’s self defense. And even then, there is a limit to what you are allowed to do (meet the threat with a reasonable amt of force). Unless she pulled a knife/gun on him or was a threat to his life in some other manner, strangling her isn’t the correct response. I would expect him to be singing that from the mountain tops, though, if that was the case and he had a real reason for what he did.

  29. The only thing scarier than the charges against Cook being true is the mob mentality that is so prevalent amongst people here and elsewhere. What is more sickening is how everyone falls all over each other to show their “sensitive man” bona fides. Give me a break!

    The US that I know existed held “innocent until proven guilty” as one of the pillars of society. I don’t recall any court of public opinion in the Constitution nor do we need constant gossip mills and reality TV to enrich our lives. Grow some morals people and stop acting like you are on “The View”. Holding Cook to higher standards than what is expected from everyday citizens, who would not be suspended nor lose their jobs over this, is blatant bias and prejudice. You want to start cleaning house on morals and behavior, start with the politicians.

  30. Amazing how many talented athletes who either make or can make ridiculous amounts of money to play a game, granted I know a lot of hard work goes into these sports, spoil it because they are blockheads. This sport needs more players like AD, and LT, hell bring back Deion Sanders. I am tired of these fools who can’t control themselves.

    Chris Mcalister can’t afford child support? C’mon man!
    Plaxico Burris has a gun in a night club!? C’mon man!
    Jerome Simpson 8.5 lbs of weed!? C’mon man!
    Pacman Jones insert here________!? C’MON MAN!!

    NFL news is becoming the nightly news, more bad news than good.

  31. This guy can obviously help the Vikings win but he needs to be let go. Frazier needs to set a tone in the Locker Room that doesn’t tolerate off the field incidents like these.

  32. That decision was driven by one thing…. public relations for their stadium. Historically that franchise has always looked the other way in similar situations.

  33. As a Viking fan, I will only speak the truth!
    If Vikings are, 4-2 no way does this happen! Their most promising young CB! Although I am no wife-beater, it’s simply business, and their season is a loss. Total pr move, don’t give them too much credit

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