Arena League team wants Terrell Owens

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In what could be viewed on one hand as an indignity reflecting the extent to which the mighty have fallen and on the other hand a chance to create an intriguing backdrop to his latest reality show venture, Terrell Owens has received a contract offer to join a pro football team.

From Chicago.  Of the Arena Football League.

The Rush, in one of those obvious minor-league cheap publicity stunts that serves the purpose of generating cheap publicity for a minor-league team, have extended an offer to Owens to join the team for the 2012 season.

Under any other circumstances, this wouldn’t even be worth a mention.  But T.O. seems to be desperate for attention and/or relevance and/or fodder for his latest reality show venture, and we’ll find out just how desperate he is if he chooses to accept the offer, with the reality TV cameras in tow.

It’s highly unlikely that he’ll do it.  But there’s enough of a chance that he will to at least ponder the possibility.

46 responses to “Arena League team wants Terrell Owens

  1. Rumor has it T.O. visited The Rush’s facility and declared….

    “This place is light years ahead of Cincinnati!!”

  2. Not saying TO’s the “answer” for any thing BUT if there’s a team I definitely think he could help – it’s Chicago. They NEED a WR, even if that WR should be a #5/6 guy which is what TO at his age basically is – he’d be #2 or so in Chicago.

    Funny that the Arena league snaked the Bears and that FO mastermind Angelo on this already…


  4. Hey, he said he needed he cash, so it’s better than flipping burgers. The top players in the AFL make like $100K a season.

    He’s used to making that in one game in the NFL, but that looks unlikely this season.

  5. Someone in the NFL will offer him a job this season. I guarantee you it will happen

    I’m not a T.O. fan, or a reality show fan, but you people are getting to much of a kick out of watching all of this

    Does he deserve it? Yeah probably. But is it bad karma to laugh at someone for having bad karma…yes

  6. Good for T.O. !

    Playing in the Arena League will pave the way for a comeback into the NFL and a run at Jerry rice’s career records, not.

    Please Mr Owens, give it up.

  7. I can’t figure out if it is envy or idiocy that drives you to keep writing about Owens. Guess what? In 5 plus years you’ll be forced to call him Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens.

    I’m not a fan of his, but what did he do to you? Your wife?

    Go Lions! Go Badgers.

  8. “Bleedgreen4life
    October 26, 2011, 3:59 PM EDT

    Karma’s a female dog, Terrell.

    Signed, Eagles fan”

    Karma is probably dead then now that Vicks in town.

  9. bleedgreen4life says:
    Oct 26, 2011 3:59 PM
    Karma’s a female dog, Terrell.

    Signed, Eagles fan


    And then Vick electrocuted, drowned and punted that female dog.

  10. Whether you like him or not, T.O. has a rare work ethic, and a desire to compete that is admirable.

    He’s 38 and could easily just go into Television full-time. Yet, he blew his ACL and worked his tail off to get back on he field in 6 months. He deserves credit for that if nothing else.

  11. Is Jeff George playing QB for the Chicago Rush? Maybe they can showcase themselves and go to Indy later in the year, lord knows Indy needs the help

  12. T.O. handled a lot of things poorly in his career. But, looking back on what he said, those things have come true.

    McNabb has been called lazy and out of shape by 2 separate teams. Romo still hasn’t won anything. etc, etc

  13. May want to re-phrase that. The OWNER of the franchise wants TO. I am about 99.9999% sure that none of the players or coach wants him on the Team…

  14. I get that TO has been a bad teammate on a lot of his teams but his last two stops he wasn’t a problem…I really don’t get why ppl are wishing he doesn’t make it he produces on the field and never been in trouble off the field…theres a couple things I do know that he’s older and he neeeds money he’s not gonna mess that up..good luck TO and somebody is gonna get a player that’s gonna work hard and show the younger players how to work hard…he’s gonna go out with a bang

  15. @localbandhero:

    Even as a (football) fan of Vick, that was hilariously funny and well played.

  16. A lot of people rip T.O. for being a bad team mate and a locker room chemistry destoyer – and he has been in the past. But the past two teams he’s played on, Cincy and Buffalo – those problems haven’t existed.

    He’s actually pretty smart for doing that reality show. He took advantage of the reputation that he had and now will continue to rake in some cash for 3-4 years after he retires. A Hall of Fame receiver, some memorable press conferences, and a reality television star. Not too shabby for a once little known receiver out of Tennessee-Chattanooga.

  17. Poor JJ Raterink & Russ Minchna – sorry can’t tell which one is the real starting QB for the Rush – they’ll both be receiving the wrath of T.O. at some point.

  18. “But the past two teams he’s played on, Cincy and Buffalo – those problems haven’t existed”
    I don’t suppose that it could be due to the fact that when he played on those teams, nobody heard much of anything out of Buffalo or Cincy. The teams weren’t particularly news-worthy.

  19. I never understood the stigma of an NFL player signing with the AFL or CFL. If you truly love the game and no NFL teams are interested in your service, there’s no shame in taking the opportunity to get paid to play in a different league, however less prestigious.

  20. Haha, doesn’t every minor league, now arena team do this kind of thing for an attention grab? Either way, I love having T.O back in the news!

  21. @touchdownroddywhite

    It was one of those comments that really just wrote itself. I mean, c’mon…you mention “Dogs” and “Eagles” in the same sentence and that bridge just builds itself.

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