Benson’s non-injury grievance won’t block his suspension

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After the NFL suspended Bengals running back Cedric Benson three games for violating the personal conduct policy, Benson not only appealed the decision but also filed a non-injury grievance under the CBA, and pursued an unfair labor practices charge against the NFLPA before the National Labor Relations Board.  The league has since reduced the suspension to one game, along with a fine in the amount of one game check.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a hearing on Benson’s non-injury grievance will occur on Friday, but it’s believed that a decision won’t be made before Sunday, which means that Benson definitely will miss the team’s game against the Seahawks.

So why proceed with the non-injury grievance?  If Benson wins, he’ll be paid for the missed game, and he’d not pay the separate fine in the amount of one game check.  Along the way, Benson may get to the bottom of the August 4 letter agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA, which exposed Benson and seven other repeat offenders to discipline for off-field conduct occurring during the lockout.

Per a source with knowledge of the NFLPA’s thinking, the August 4 letter was signed on behalf of NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith by another union representative, as part of a series of documents that apparently weren’t reviewed as closely as they could have been, or should have been.  The union is expected to contend, if/when required to articulate a position on the August 4 letter, that the written version of the agreement did not reflect what the union intended.

5 responses to “Benson’s non-injury grievance won’t block his suspension

  1. I still can’t understand how this guy gets in trouble for breaking a rule that could not exist because he was not employed by the NFL. At the time the NFL had no players to rule over.

    Why not start imposing rules on college players that are not even in the NFL yet…. oh wait.

  2. If he put as much effort into not being a turd off the field as he does for fighting for every single one of his rights under the CBA, he’d probably be a decent person.
    Sometimes things are legally correct positions to have but they show low character to fight. Cedric, you’re a many time loser in the legal system. Perhaps you should just take your effing medicine and change YOUR behavior instead of holding everyone else to higher standards than you hold for yourself. Put a letter on file with all parties explaining why you feel this is wrong and why you will not fight it so you can get some “closure”.
    Doing right is a better choice than being right sometimes.

  3. samoanjungle says: Oct 26, 2011 6:28 PM


    Any other time he has been in trouble he has had charges dropped so he shouldn’t even be considered a repeat offender.

    Roethlisberger had his charges dropped as well, these guys getting in trouble still tarnishes the name of the NFL. Benson is a turd, I’m sick of hearing about him.

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