Brees, Briggs, Crosby named NFC players of the week

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Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Bears linebacker Lance Briggs and Packers kicker Mason Crosby have been named the NFC players of the week.

The offensive player of the week award goes to Brees for his superb play on Sunday night (which came with an assist from the pathetic Colts). Brees went 31-for-35 for 325 yards, with five touchdowns and no interceptions in the Saints’ 62-7 win. It was the fourth time Brees has had five touchdowns and no interceptions in a game — only Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have done that as many times. Brady now has 34 straight games with a touchdown and 27 straight games with at least 20 completions. This is Brees’ 13th career player of the week award — 11 in the NFC with the Saints and two in the AFC with the Chargers.

Briggs got the defensive player of the week award after he intercepted a pass, knocked down two others and had a tackle behind the line of scrimmage as the Bears beat the Buccaneers 24-18. The Bears held the Bucs to 280 total yards and forced four turnovers in the game. This is the second time Briggs has been named player of the week.

Crosby kicked four touchbacks and went 4-for-4 on field goals in the Packers’ 33-27 win in Minnesota, and his 58-yarder was the longest in team history. (Crosby broke his own Packers franchise record; he had previously made 56-yard field goals twice.) Crosby has now made 21 field-goals in a row. This is his second special teams player of the week award this season.

23 responses to “Brees, Briggs, Crosby named NFC players of the week

  1. Rodgers got robbed. If we could go to some Earth 2 where the Colts offense could play against the Colts defense, Curtis Painter would probably throw five touchdowns too.

  2. Boo, it should have gone to Demarco Murray. It might be the only time that he’ll win it and he set the Cowboys all time single game rushing record (over Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorsett) Brees will have plenty of other chances to win the award. Bad call NFL.

  3. Good for Brees, outstanding performance. I just wish he could be this consistant every game – I know, doesn’t hurt wishing.

  4. As a Packers fan, Rodgers didn’t get robbed.

    Brees deserved this award. It’s hard to rank this performance vs. DeMarco’s (2 great performances vs. 2 bad teams), but as someone else pointed how whoever was starting for Dallas at RB was going for over 200 yards. Plus 1 rushing td vs. 5 passing is a large margin

  5. Brees earned it against the worst team in the league. What makes his more special than Murray’s?


    325 yards + 5 TDs > 253 yards + 1 TD

    Not sure how it’s even a contest.

  6. Brees quite simply put together one of the greatest performances in league history. I mean 31-35, 5 td’s, 62 pts? More td passes than incompletions.

    Dont care who who the compitition is, that’s still an NFL defense.

    Murry’s performance should be commended however, 250+ yds is very impressive and a nice start to his career.

  7. Look, not taking anything from Brees, he’s a great QB.

    But Murray broke Tony Dorsetts Cowboys single game rookie rushing record.

    Murray broke Emmitt Smiths Cowboys single game rushing record.

    Murray broke Jim Browns single game rushing record vs St Louis.

    Murray turned in a top ten NFL perfoprmance of ALL-TIME.

    And Brees had only 73 more yards passing than Murray did rushing. 325 is very average.

    How many records did Brees break? How can anyone say Brees earned it with a straight face?

  8. while brees might not have broken any records, lets remember this small fact….. all those yards, all those TDs, that completion rating…. how many playing minutes was that? yea, thats right haters, he only played half a game… had he been allowed to bury the pathetic colts, it would have been the biggest record setting game of all time. colts fans should consider themselves lucky that someone in the saints decided to not beat a dead horse any longer.

    and yea im upset with the coaching staff… brees was at 33 fantasy points when they pulled him… could have been a 60 fantasy point day.

  9. How many records did Brees break?


    The 62 points scored broke the previous Saints record of 51, set three times — 1969 at St. Louis Cardinals, 1976 at Seattle and 2008 at home vs. Green Bay.

    The 62 points ties the highest total in the NFL since the 1970 merger. Eight teams have exceeded the 62-point mark, but none since 1966.

    The 55-point margin of victory is a franchise mark (surpassing the 42-point victory over Denver in 1988), and it was only the second time since 1989 that any NFL team has won by 50 or more points (New England 59, Tennessee 0, 2009).

    The Saints set team scoring marks of eight touchdowns, eight extra points and 21 first-quarter points.

    The Saints’ offense rolled up 36 first downs, a franchise record. The previous mark of 32 was achieved four times, most recently against Detroit in 2008. The NFL record is 39.

    Kicker John Kasay set a franchise mark with eight extra points.

    The Saints finished with 557 total yards, tying the second-highest total in franchise history. New Orleans had 236 yards rushing and 321 yards passing.

    Drew Brees completed 89 percent of his passes, the second-best completion percentage — Mike Buck was 10-of-11 (90.9 percent) in 1993 against Pittsburgh — in Saints history and the best by a QB with at least 20 attempts. Brees went 31-of 35 for 325 yards and five touchdowns. He finished with a passer rating of 144.9.

    Brees has thrown a touchdown pass in 34 consecutive games, the third-longest streak in NFL history. Johnny Unitas holds the NFL record of 47. Brett Favre is second with 36.

    In the first quarter, Brees became the 15th quarterback in NFL history to reach 250 career touchdown passes. Brees has 253 career TD tosses; he passed Drew Bledsoe (251) in the third quarter for 14th place.

  10. How can anyone say Brees earned it with a straight face?


    How can anyone say Murray earned it with a straight face? Rams defense is worse than the Colts. Even if you took out the Cowboys rushing totals completely, they’re still the 32nd ranked run defense and on a historically bad pace.

  11. So have we reached the point where anyone who throws out the term “hater” is either a) admitting they really don’t have any other defense in their arsenal, or b) admitting they don’t understand the other side to the debate at all?

  12. NFC players of the Week should have been A-Rod, Woodson & Crosby. A-Rod & Woodson got robbed.

  13. LOL, some of you Packers fans are ridiculous. Note to Packers fans: there are 31 other teams in the league and somebody on one of those teams is bound to do something better than their Packers counterpart every great once in a while.

    Now, I know this is hard to understand but Brees’ game was simply better than Rodgers. Doesn’t mean Rodgers was lacking, it just means Brees was better. It can happen. Get over it.

  14. @mdd913-Yes, there are 31 other teams but the Packers are the only undefeated right now & will remain that way after Super Bowl XLVI. 19-0.

  15. I am a die hard Packer fan but even I knew Brees was going to be the obvious winner. Yes I know Rodgers had a great game but it pretty hard to beat someone who threw 5 touchdowns even if it was against a bad Colts team.

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