Carlos Rogers wants a long-term deal in San Fran


Thanks to the rules of the uncapped year, former Redskins cornerback Carlos Rogers had to wait six years to get a crack at free agency.  He could have another shot at the open market in 2012, after signing a one-year deal with the 49ers.

But he doesn’t want it.

“If we can get something worked out, that would be great,” Rogers told Matt Maiocco of  “My agent knows that I like what’s going on here.  I want to be here.  This has been great for me, and I would love to get something worked out for five, six years.”

Rogers, 30, has a career-high three interceptions this season, in only six games.  Rogers also said that he and his agent has discussed the general parameters of a fair deal, but Rogers didn’t know whether any talks have taken place with the team.

He is making $4.25 million in 2011 as, essentially, the replacement for Nate Clements, who was cut by the 49ers.

35 responses to “Carlos Rogers wants a long-term deal in San Fran

  1. He’s leaves my Redskins and becomes the 2nd rated corner behind Revis according to statistics.

  2. At his age, he should be happy to get whatever he’s offered, no way he gets a “5 or 6 year deal.”

    This dude should have a million picks by now, but his hands suck.

  3. Thanks Rogers…Hands of Stone. You were mediocre in DC and now you are playing at the level you were expected to 3 years ago as a Skin, NOW? in SF?

  4. Huge Niner fan here. I say sign him. He has played better than any cornerback we’ve had in years. DON’T LET THIS GUY HIT FREE AGENCY!!!

  5. San Fran wants Carlos Rogers to perform at this level for an extended period of time. Hopefully he’s turned the corner (no pun intended) and he’s figured out how to snag interceptions.

    Good for the 49ers. Locking up a division by October 23 is a phenomenal feat, even if it’s the NFC West.

  6. The niners players know this winning won’t go on all season and want to get paid before the losing begins.

    Browns 27
    Niners 9

  7. A 30 year old corner wants a 5 or 6 year deal? Good luck with that.

    They should give it to him. It’s not like he’s going to get hurt hitting anyone in the the flag football league

  8. Because its a contract year…Wish him the best, but those hands will turn to stone again once he gets comfortable…

  9. I’d take him back and send them DeAngelo Hall if I could…Dez Bryant never would have gotten that much separation behind Rogers on 4th and 20+…..Hall is always playing off, then trying to read the play and sometimes you gotta play tight man coverage.

  10. Rogers, 30, has a career-high three interceptions this season.

    Let’s wait to the end of the year before judging whether Carlos has gone from hands of stone to ballhawk in one off-season.

    His hands have improved this year, but he has still taken a ball square in the facemask. Carlos has always covered well. Sure there was brief interlude when he struggled with double moves, but that was largely down to Greg Blache’s system, which backed corners too far back from the line.

    He is a solid player, but he was looking for big time money. He still hasn’t done enough to merit it.

  11. niners fan here. i like how carlos has played and he’s really benefited from a change in scenery. he’s made a difference.

    we’re six games into the year, let’s see how he finishes of the year before we talk about negotiations. let your play do the talking carlos and you’ll get something.

  12. It’s a pretty said reflection on the NFL business that this guy is getting his first shot at free agency, and you already have people saying he’s too old for a big contract.

  13. Nothing like experience at CB – and a player who has lasted 6 years knows how to take care of himself and prepare as a professional. That said, 30 might be a tad late to be expecting the big, long-term contract for most players.

  14. I don’t know which is more frustrating for Skins fans.

    When they watched him drop balls for years in DC?

    Or when they watch him catch balls for the Niners.

  15. Charles Woodson is what, 36? Brian Dawkins, Champ Bailey…CB’s can play into their mid thirties fairly easily. I’d still rather give him a 3-4 year deal with an option for one more based on incentives. I’d also back-load the final years and keep the signing bonus reasonable, to avoid the aforementioned “comfortable” effect.

  16. kingmj4891 says:Oct 26, 2011 7:51 AM

    The niners players know this winning won’t go on all season and want to get paid before the losing begins.

    Browns 27
    Niners 9

    Just a question, do you watch football?
    or is the Homer just screaming?

  17. At his age, he should be happy to get whatever he’s offered, no way he gets a “5 or 6 year deal.”

    This dude should have a million picks by now, but his hands suck.


    i feel bad for you. not only are you a hater and a ridiculous homer, but you are just a drag as a human being. no wonder you’re 35 and cant get a date.

  18. All you people talking about his hands of stone are kind of right, but at the same time- How often have you seen him get burned? The first job of a corner is to prevent the reception. At this he is FANTASTIC. If he can’t catch it, yes, it’s frustrating. But he doesn’t get burned by receivers getting separation from him very often……Not going to argue the age factor works against him though. it is what it is.

  19. Hes 30 and he does have a career high in INTs at only 3 BUT the man can cover. hes 1 of the best CBs in the NFL and hes been a top 10 CB statistically for a while now. and no im not talking about common CB stats that say nothing about coverage ability.

    he is everything Clements wasnt and thats amazing. Rogers is 1 of the more physical CBs in the NFL and he can cover!

    i say 3 yr deal 8 mil guaranteed with incentives that could make the contract go to 21 mil overall.

  20. haha kingmj… You’re a dumb person, the browns could only put up 6 points with 48 minutes of possesion against the seahawks.. You expect them to put up 27 on the 49ers? Please stay under w/e rock it is that you call home.

    Other than that, I have no idea what the 49ers d-cord name is. Which makes me angry at myself! I know he’s a beast though and he’s been around for awhile. I’m happy to see the 49ers do good, teams like them and the raiders need to come back and be relevant again.

  21. An above-average player on a hot streak.

    Let’s see him play at a high level for more than one season. Until then he appears to be a perfect representation of his team – a flash in the pan that nobody will remember in a few months.

  22. When he came to SF the coaches told him “when the ball comes to you, don’t bat it down, catch it and run the other way.” Rodgers replied “Boy, you guys sure do things different here.”

  23. Redskins fans, Remember Walt Harris? He also had a pro bowl year after leaving the skins. Seems like its more of an issue with your DB coaches then a problem with the players

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