John Harbaugh: Suggs was right to criticize Ravens’ play calling

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Ravens coach John Harbaugh says he’s not mad that linebacker Terrell Suggs ripped the team’s offensive play calling after Monday night’s loss to the Jaguars.

In fact, Harbaugh agrees with what Suggs said.

“You know, Terrell Suggs’ heart is always in the right place, and he’s a leader on our football team,” Harbaugh said, via “I listen to all of our guys and definitely I listen to Terrell Suggs, especially with the way he’s playing. And then, the things he says are right. But, that’s what we’re trying to do. It’s not like we’re not trying to do the things he’s talking about doing. So, I think we’re all on the same page with that.”

If Harbaugh thinks Suggs was right to criticize the Ravens’ pass-first, run-second game plan, that’s a bad sign for Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, who has acknowledged that he and quarterback Joe Flacco deserve to take some heat.

Harbaugh denied that the Ravens benched Ray Rice Monday night after a dustup with running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery, but he did say Rice needs to get the ball more.

“Eight carries is never going to be a winning formula for Ray Rice,” Harbaugh said. “There is no doubt about it.”

31 responses to “John Harbaugh: Suggs was right to criticize Ravens’ play calling

  1. They should worry more about finding a way to play consistent and stop all the blaming and public comments

  2. I disagree – if he’s a “leader” – you don’t vent your frustrations in the media – you vent them with your head coach and team.

  3. Wow.. yet another story about the offensive woes of a team that was averaging just under 30 points a game going into Monday night with quality wins over Pittsburgh, Houston and the Jets. And not a single story about the epic, record setting defensive performance the Jaguars gutted out in an effort to salvage their season. That’s okay. We’re used to getting ignored unless there’s a tarp or L.A. comment someone wants to regurgitate.

  4. Flacco, Sanchez and Roethlisberger are always going to have these kinds of games in them.

    The Ravens, Jets and Steelers success is based on defense. The QBs are not elite.

  5. Same ole Cam Cameron from last year. Not letting Joe cal his own plays. Same ole plays, same ole disasterous play caling from Cam refusing to change the scheme at half time. He changed the scheme in the Texans game. This guy should have been fired a long time ago. The only reason why he’s here is because of the lockout, or else the RAVENS was going to fire him, and I know that for a fact.

    As far as Flacco, he is still the same ole Joe. Flacco is awful, and personally, Im tired of the excuses ppl keep making up for him. Good QB’s make things happen when the O-line is breaking down. Big Ben does it, but there is always an excuse when Flacco doesnt do it. The Jags played their super bowl, and will probably win only 4-5 games this year. Yet, the Ravens offense and Flacco especially always play stupid on national TV. Ravens D is the top D in the league, but they can’t constantly bail out the offense!!

  6. That’s how you divide a locker room. Wow, it’s amazing how teams face adversity in a very negative manner. A head coach needs to be the peace keeper, and not take sides. He will alienate himself from the offensive coaches, and players.

  7. The Ravens are a good team, but just b/c one team is 5-1 and other team is 1-5(Jaguars) doesn’t mean the 1-5 is some pushover team. Harbough stated he knew the Jags defense has been playing at a high level all season. They have been top 10 defensively all season.

    Granted Ray Rice should have carried the ball more, but thats an internal problem. How about just recognizing that the Jaguars were well prepared for the Ravens offense game plan. They looked like they were possessed the entire night. B-more played good D as expected. Most everyone said this game was boring. Maybe from the outside looking in. As a Jag fan I was happy with the win and even if they loss I was highly entertained. Sometimes you just have to give credit where it is due.

  8. Ah, Baltimore, where the inmates run the asylum.

    Have you seen Ray Lewis try to cover anyone lately? I’m not sure if it’s pathetic or hilarious.

    And they’re all scared to death to take him off the fiel 3rd and long.

  9. Suggs was baited into the comments. You can’t go into the locker room of a team that should have won and ask what went wrong on offense. It would take a hell of a lot of composure to dodge the question, and the media knows Suggs is an emotional and honest guy and would give a juicy answer.

  10. I don’t recall Ray Lewis ripping the offense much lately, and he has been the face of the Ravens since day 1.

    That being said, the offensive side of the ball does seem to be lacking leadership, maybe they are missing Todd Heap, Joe Flacco certainly is.

  11. That is why I love harbs, he will not undermine a player if what he is saying is true. I know the jags defense played well, but an “elite ” team needs to be able to overcome that and pull the game out… weather it is a clutch defensive stop or a game winning drive, it needs to be done if you want to be called “elite”

  12. Must agree with the Jags fan about the total lack of respect given to the team following a hard fought victory. Time for these national media sites to give them credit. If you beat a very good team such as the Ravens then you should feel good about it. Having to read excuses all week from the defeated is infuriating.

  13. My guess is that Harbaugh protects his yappy player to the media, tells him shut up in a private meeting, and then reminds his team as a whole that nothing good comes from going public with complaints.

  14. Refreshing to hear honesty from a coach, acknowledging what everyone can see. Especially when it’s not followed by yet another hollow promise of a Superbowl ring…

  15. Suggs may be right to criticize, but not to whine to the media about it. Keep it in house where it may do some good.

  16. Good thing they didnt lock Flacco up yet, he does NOT look like the answer right now

    Bascially Harbs called Suggs Captain Obvious with his comments

  17. okay getting tired of the convict stereotype on Baltimore besides Ray Lewis, and I guess now we have Ricky Williams too, who else is there? 2 players on an entire roster. OMG! It’s so out of control it’s ridiculous. who knows our players might go crazy and start killing people on the field. (the last sentence is sarcasm in case those of you who are stupid can’t figure it out.)

  18. It is funny that a pro team like the Jags can play a good game, and the Ravens playcalling is the reason for the loss. These are Pros, and anything can happen. The Jags were within 7 and had the ball AT Pittsburgh the week before. The Jags need some credit.

    And for the Ravens haters, the Packers lost to the Redskins and Dolphins last year in back to back weeks! Fans are so ridiculous to jump on and off a team after one frickin’ game. If one game won the Super Bowl, the Ravens would have won it after the Pittsburgh throttling in week one.

  19. One of the best things to happen to Michigan football was when Cam Cameron left. I feel for any team’s fans who have to sit there and watch him call plays.

    I have misery of my own though…we Lions fans have to deal with Scott Linehan. Cameron ignores Ray Rice, but Linehan ignores Calvin Johnson.

  20. Not sure why the head coach doesn’t override the o-coordinator more often. It was obvious after the 1st half and 0 1st downs that Cam was all done for the day

  21. swagjag wrote:

    Wow.. yet another story about the offensive woes of a team that was averaging just under 30 points a game going into Monday night with quality wins over Pittsburgh, Houston and the Jets. And not a single story about the epic, record setting defensive performance the Jaguars gutted out in an effort to salvage their season. That’s okay. We’re used to getting ignored unless there’s a tarp or L.A. comment someone wants to regurgitate.


    I regurtitated your remarks on my site It must be terrible to be a fan of a team that doesn’t get respect when it does something respectable. That performance was uncanny. It looked like the Jags new every play the Ravens called before the snap. More impressive than the Ravens failures.

  22. Flacco certainly sucked in the game, but the offensive mediocrity lies on Cam’s shoulders. Rice had 8 carries. That was Cam’s doing.

    Personally, I think Cam is also to blame for Flacco’s lack of progression. When you’re trying to hurry up and you have to wait and watch the sidelines for your OC to give you a play, that’s unacceptable (and it’s nothing new for Cam). Not only that, but Flacco was looking pretty good learning from Jim Zorn. Then Ravens fired him. I wonder if Cam had something to do with that. From what I’ve heard, Flacco liked Zorn and doesn’t get along with Cam so much…

    I think Flacco could take the team to a Super Bowl. I can’t say the same for Cam.

  23. Let’s see….the OC is the same guy who lost a playoff game in San Diego while giving LT (who was at the top of his game at the time) 5 touches in the 2nd half.

    My bet is that the Ravens are shopping for the assistant coaches harbinger of death…a “consultant”.

  24. I just remember the look on the Ravens defenders every time they had to go back on the field. It was a look of frustration and incredulity that said, “Another 3 and out????”

  25. @rarson …

    Exactly! Flacco improved his numbers across the board with Zorn, but Cameron felt threatened and decided the QB would be his project and his alone. Suddenly Zorn was gone, over Flacco’s objections, and the team is dealing with the same issues they had in 2009 when the Bengals jumped ahead and took the division.

  26. 1) Great game by the Jags

    2) If you fumble the twice in one game you should get benched

    3) If what Suggs said is considered divisive then isn’t that the same thing that Harbaugh did when he told the reporters that “it was the execution, not the play calling” which of course is a clever way of saying “don’t blame the coaches blame the players”

  27. Swagjag,

    Word. Jags D played great.

    Expectations for the Ravens are now in check for this year.

    Peace out.

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