Pollard hasn’t been fined, doesn’t expect to be


Ravens safety Bernard Pollard (also known in some circles as The Man Who Blew Up Tom Brady’s Knee) drew a flag Monday night for what appeared to be a legal hit.  Pollard said Wednesday that he has yet to receive notice from the league office of a fine for the infraction.  He also said he doesn’t expect to be fined.

“If you ask me to go do it again this Sunday, I’m doing the same thing,” Pollard told reporters, via MASN.com.  “So they’re going to either keep flagging us, or they’re going to have to do something about this rule.”

The problem seems to be that the officials are instructed to err on the side of throwing the flag, when it comes to hits on defenseless players.  So if the officials make an error, it’s more likely to be a flag that shouldn’t have been thrown.

“I think at the end of the day, the league is trying to protect players, but at the same time . . . this is a sport that’s violent,” Pollard said.  “You can’t say, ‘Go get in a car crash, but be careful.’  You can’t do that.  We know and understand that this is a car crash every single play.  We know how to take care of our bodies as far as what’s a violent shot and what’s a necessary violent shot.  So, football is football.”

Pollard is right.  And whether the fix involves (as we’ve suggested in the past) the use of a safety official who can institute an automatic review of plays involving potentially illegal hits or a clarification of the rules and/or procedures, the league needs to do something to avoid the accidental award of 15 yards of field position, all in the name of protecting players from hits that didn’t violate the rules.

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  1. To be completely honest, the referees jobs aren’t easy by any means. It’s one thing watching at home on zoomed out crystal clear HD with immediate replays and NBCeeIT like features. It’s completly different being out there trying to keep up with the game at the insane speeds at which it’s being played by the most formidable athletes in the world.

    On the other hand, this officiating crew on MNF was quite a bit overzealous when they didn’t nees to be, and MIA in blatant penalty warranting situations.

    An ugly game all around.

  2. I certainly hope the league won’t compound a bad call by issuing a fine on Pollard. Maybe it’s a lot to expect officials to see these hits clearly at game speed. But that didn’t even look close.

  3. He’ll get fined. I think the NFL wants that called as a penalty (his helmit did glance off of the receivers facemask) even though everyone else believes a hit like that should be praised.

  4. Pollard fits in with a team like the Ravens, whose talent on defense can overcome his coverage deficiencies and allow him to play in the box. As a Texans fan, I miss his attitude. Good luck.

  5. Brady got hurt. There was no intent. Nothing illegal about the play. It was only a big deal because one of the league’s poster boys got hurt. (Stuff) happens on a football field. More pprotection for the “stars” is cranked in every year. Linemen (either side), linebackers, DBs and (non-star) RBs are fair game. Star RBs, WRs and QBs are in the do not touch club.

    It would be more honest to have a penalty structure based on the amount of money a player makes. Say, anyone making more than $2mil cannot be hit below the waste or above the armpits. And a special rule for those who A) Do NFL commercials or B) Have big endorsement contracts. They couldn’t be hit at all. They would wear flags.

    “Touching a $12 mil QB, 10 yards”. That would at least be honest.

  6. i would rather hit him up high knock loose that ball,break up that 3rd down feed my family than let him catch the ball and risk gettin cut or having dbs working out on wedensday to take my job nuff said. Or you could go low on the wr & try to make a play and not get a flag, good luck with that end up with your neck broke from a knee to the head like the young kid for louisville. Would ronnie lott last two years in this NFL? Steve atwater? Fans want TDs & BIG HITS..

  7. BFD, if the NFL really cared about protecting the players, they wouldv’e done something 15 years ago. Concussions are some new revelation.

  8. The refs keep calling plays like that a penalty, it will be soon that NFL GMs will bring in Soccer coaches to train players how to take a dive after contact.

  9. That was a clean hit. The ravens had stopped the jags, this bad call gave them the ball 15 yards n momentum. The officials play a bigger role in the game than the players. Thank that sorry ass commissioner!

  10. I think officiating crews that inept need to be kept from marquee games (high profile/national TV).

    If the schedule is predetermined, the league may need to move crews intraseason (e.g., SF/DET didn’t look high profile preseason, but absolutely was when it happened).

    Maybe high profile games can’t be dealt with this way. But national TV games can….Thurs., Sat., Sun & Mon nite, etc.

    That crew was inept in a dozen ways, not just that play. When TV announcers are repeatedly pointing out “horrible” calls…different calls, offense/defense/& special teams, on both teams…to millions of fans, you’ve got a big problem.

  11. He hasn’t been fined because he did nothing wrong and the NFL rule enforcing idiots know it, although that hasn’t stopped them before. I don’t see this crap stopping any time in the near future.

  12. With all of the fines bein dished out you know the league knows this call was totally bogus. (even still refs didn’t lose them game to say the least). But if Goodell is quick to fine players where are the fines to officials for Bad flags?!?!

  13. I am a jags fan who was in the stands and I can tell you that every other jag fan around me within earshot said the same thing. Should not have been a penalty.

    Roger has ruined the game.

  14. Tim Ryan said it best on sirius nfl radio. It is clear they cannot get this rule right, so stop calling the penalty and affecting the outcome of games unless it is clearly malicious. Fine the guys after the game if they conclude it was helmet to helmet. But stop screwing up the game!

  15. “picksix401 says:
    Oct 27, 2011 12:17 AM


    Beutiful, nicely put !

  16. “You can’t say, ‘Go get in a car crash, but be careful.’ You can’t do that. We know and understand that this is a car crash every single play. We know how to take care of our bodies as far as what’s a violent shot and what’s a necessary violent shot.
    Says the guy who blatently dove at Tom Brady’s knees.

  17. usedtool says:
    Oct 27, 2011 12:23 AM
    Brady got hurt. There was no intent. Nothing illegal about the play. It was only a big deal because one of the league’s poster boys got hurt.
    You should actually, you know, watch the film of that hit, so you won’t make stupid statements that expose you as an idiot.

  18. The Raven’s did not deserve to win that game at all, but it worth mentioning that the flag put them in FG range, when they shouldve punted. By spotting them 3 points there, the Raven’s were down 9-7 after scoring their TD instead of up 7-6.

    Who knows what would have happened, but a extending drives in a close game where FG’s can be the difference is unacceptable.

  19. Also, maybe the league should look into letting coaches challenge these types of penalties. I understand that the game moves so fast that Refs will make mistakes, but lets give them a chance to fix the mistakes. I bet if the ref had a chance to see the replays we saw he would have changed the call.

  20. No way Bernie should be fined for that hit.

    He should be lauded for finally not whiffing on a tackle.

  21. Hmmm… I agree that the hit was “clean” in all areas…but if the league wants to be consistent on all these BS calls…he will have to be fined. Some of the fines this year happened on plays where there was no flag… … so the fine will come…
    Just saying…

  22. I agree 100% with hawkman84…referees have a job to do and with the way the nfl drops fines on players, referees should be held to the same standard…

  23. Pandering to how hard the game is to officiate is BS.

    That crew was a joke, and light years worse than anything you’ve seen on National TV is years. Not just the Pollard hit

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