Ravens’ Cam Cameron: Joe Flacco deserves heat, and so do I


The Ravens’ passing game was pathetic on Monday night, and there’s enough blame in Baltimore to go around.

Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was asked if it the criticism quarterback Joe Flacco is taking for Monday night’s debacle is unfair, and Cameron said it’s not unfair at all.

That’s part of our deal,” Cameron said. “Heat on me, heat on Joe. The coordinators, quarterbacks, we can all do better. It goes with the territory.”

Cameron’s boss, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, agreed that the criticism of the Ravens’ offense is fair.

“It’s warranted for all of us,” Harbaugh said. “I think we all deserve to have fingers pointed at us when the offense plays like that. That’s tough. It’s just a bad performance, and everybody knows it.”

In the Ravens’ last three games, Flacco has completed just 50 percent of his passes, with one touchdown and three interceptions. Harbaugh is right: Everyone knows the Ravens’ offense is a mess, and Flacco deserves every bit of the criticism he’s getting.

55 responses to “Ravens’ Cam Cameron: Joe Flacco deserves heat, and so do I

  1. And so does Cameron who apparently has no clue as to how to create outlets or hand the ball off more when receivers are smother covered.

  2. harbaugh shouldnt take any blame because he doesnt know any better. he might be chasing the dude in indy for the worst coach in the league. no wait he caught him!

  3. Terrific. They are taking the heat. So what.
    This is the same old story, year after year.
    DEFENSE; no offense.
    Thought this year’s edition looked to change the mold; but now we’re back to the same old stuff.
    The Ravens are seemingly always on the doorstep but can’t make it through the doorway (back to the super bowl).
    What are they missing?
    They have a defensive leader, and a damned good one at that.
    They don’t seem to have the offensive leader; the one player all of the teammates can rally around.
    It’s ususally the QB. Is Flacco that person? I don’t think so. He can stink up a game faster than most of the QB’s in the NFL (and usually does).
    Think about it.

  4. Every time I hear Cam Cameron name, I think of him as the Dolphins coach raving about selecting a special teams player with the 9th pick as the Dolphins draft party booing him.

  5. Enough of this on-again-off-again fits and starts offense. They put up decent numbers against the Steelers, but they only had the festering resentment and prep time of ALL OFFSEASON to prepare themselves. Even still, my guess is the 7 turnovers the defense created had something to do with Flacco’s superficial stats. Roethlisberger came away with more passing yards when the final whistle blew.

    The offense didnt show up against the Titans, only to pummel the Rams the following week. Everyone knows the quality defense that THE RAMS have.

    Then the fact that both QBs struggled in the Jets game hid the fact that Flacco absolutely stunk beyond reason, even against the Jets. The D put up the neccesary points in that game.

    Houston after the bye week was the only decent outting that the Offense had, and Joe threw for ZERO TDs that game. Again, D stepped up to stop the Johnson-less Schaub and Arian.

    Enter the Jags.

    What more can this defense do? The man hit 2 54 yarders. They held the Jags to no TDs despite having their backs against the wall.

    Its like there’s zero confidence offense out there right now. No discernable scheme of baiting the opponents defenders in an organized way. No ability to adapt to the unforeaeen skills of the defense or individual defenders.

    Just completely flat offense with no imagination.

  6. Wheres the criticism of Phillip Rivers who put up near identical numbers against a tough Jets secondary onSunday? Flacco does not of deserve ‘every bit’ of criticism he gets. Not by a long shot.

  7. When Joe gets heat in the pocket, his footwork breaks down like no other. Maybe 6’6″ isn’t an ideal size for a quarterback.

    I’d still rather have Flacco than Mark Sanchez because Flacco has a top-five arm in the NFL, strength wise that is.

  8. While throwing Flacco under the bus (deservedly, the guy sucks), Cameron was also quoted as saying if only we had Ted Ginn, jr. at $9 million per year to return punts…

  9. Or maybe we could just admit that the Jaguars defense did a fantanstic job of keeping them in the game?

  10. Flacco (Flaccid?) hasn’t shown much since he got in the league. Ryan did great that year and because Flacco also started everyone put them both on the same level. Not even close.

  11. worldsgreatest says:
    Oct 26, 2011 7:36 AM

    Wheres the criticism of Phillip Rivers who put up near identical numbers against a tough Jets secondary onSunday? Flacco does not of deserve ‘every bit’ of criticism he gets. Not by a long shot.


    Phillip Rivers does deserve some criticism for his play all season long, so I agree with you there. By his standards, he’s having a fairly crappy year. The problem is, Rivers’ standards are much higher than Flacco’s standards given the high level Rivers has been playing at the last few years. Flacco hasn’t ever come close to playing at such a level. Flacco does deserve criticism for his performance Monday night, but I don’t think he should be crucified to the extent people want to.

  12. Flacco has been pretty bad this year, which is a little surprising. But the core of all these struggles is that for over 2 years now, Cam Cameron has shown an absolute inability to make in-game adjustments. When his gameplan goes perfectly, the Ravens offense looks like it did in weeks 1, 3, and 6. When it goes poorly and the defense has all his stupid little Air Coryell routes that take 8 seconds to develop figured out, you get the week 2,5, and 7 offenses. Obviously this isn’t all on Cameron, the o-line is still playing poorly for the most part and Flacco has overthrown a lot of guys this year. But its the o-coordinator’s job to put the guys he has in the best position to succeed, not to ensure the scheme he wants to run is being run regardless. Flacco is the best QB the Ravens have ever had, is he the long term answer they’ve been searching for? I don’t know anymore and I think its impossible to further evaluate him while he is being handicapped by Cameron. When you’re running a no-huddle offense and your QB is staring at the sideline for the play as I sawlate Monday night, your coordinator is doing a piss poor job. Hell, when every single play that is called eats up most of the play clock to get called in, how do you expect your QB and o-line to make adjustments and the LOS when by the time they line up there are 5 seconds left on the play clock, I see that far too often with this offense EVERY single game. When Cam is fired after this season, if Flacco still sucks, then it will be time to move on. Until then, its obvious Cameron is a huge part of this offenses’ struggles.

  13. The Ravens were also outcoached.

    The Ravens receivers weren’t getting open.

    Flacco had happy feet.

    Suggs should have kept his comments in house.

    The good news is that they are playing Arizona at home on Sunday. That should cure some ills.

  14. claydefayette says:
    Oct 26, 2011 7:37 AM
    When Joe gets heat in the pocket, his footwork breaks down like no other. Maybe 6’6″ isn’t an ideal size for a quarterback.

    I’d still rather have Flacco than Mark Sanchez because Flacco has a top-five arm in the NFL, strength wise that is.
    I have seen the video clip of Boller on his knees throwing a ball from the 50 through the endzone. Arm strength doesn’t make up for lack of accuracy, poor reading of defenses, and poor footwork. If Flacco is better than Sanchez, it’s not by much.

  15. @stealersfannot

    You could not of said that any better. Joe is a robot out there, and when he gets the “big eyes” going is all down hill from there. Oh and how about when it was time for them to score on that last drive to when the game, and before the O takes the field Cam Cam is talking up Flacco instead of Flacco talking up HIS guys and getting a quick grasp of what page they all should be on. Flacco is not a leader, he’s not a bad football player, but he is by no means a leader.

  16. I wish people would stop saying, “thrown under the bus.” It’s an overused cliché. Valid criticism isn’t “throwing them under the bus”.

    After a tough loss, most coaches say we got out coached and we got out played, is he throwing the team under the bus?

    If a veteran QB can’t get a first down until the 3rd quarter, than criticism of the QB is warranted.

  17. @ ahostiletakeover: +++

    Now – will Harbaugh do what good HCs do, and fix the problem, or will he be just as stubborn as Cameron?

  18. In the last 2 years,Cam Cameron has shown no imagination with his offense.I have seen no in motion plays at all,no gadget plays,no wildcat formations.This man’s job is to create plays to get his receivers open so Joe doesn’t have such small windows to throw into.Also,the o-line is not playing with attitude like the DEFENSE IS!Grow a pair!Get nasty!This team could be great if Mr.Cameron would show more imagination.C’mon Cam;we know you can do it.Unleash some whoopass on this league!

  19. @lev
    Are you really trying to say sproles is better than “little ray”. If u r I would suggest actually watching the game of football. Ray is one of if not the best dual threat rb in the game. They just have to get te ball in his hands a heck of a lot more than Monday night.

    And yes there should be more way more credit given to the jags defense. They played awesome on the outside and didn’t give the receivers an inch.

    Anyway all teams have hiccups it’s how they respond this weekend and in the weeks to come. Still control their fate with plenty of games to go. Whose willing to step up this weekend?!? Come on boys your better than that.

  20. Cameron’s offense appears to be dependent on the opposing defense screwing up or overcommiting to one thing in order to be successful. Whenever he’s asked about whether the offense has an identity, he’s always talking about “taking what the defense gives you.” Well, what are you going to fall back on if they don’t GIVE you something? Apparently nothing.

    If a team can hold their own on the line of scrimmage with their front seven, play halfway decent press coverage on the corners and drop both safeties back in coverage, the Ravens are completely shut down. We’ve seen this against Tennessee in week 2. The Bengals do it and routinely steal a game from the Ravens most years. The Colts were able to completely shut down the Ravens twice in 2009 by doing it.

    If you’ve got a decent front 7 that allows you to stay in cover 2, without getting too badly gashed, and halfway decent corners that can hold their own in press coverage the Ravens have no answer. The receivers won’t get open and Cam will give up on the run.

    Cameron’s offense seems completely unable to manufacture ANYTHING against a balanced zone defense.

  21. Flacco is the best QB Baltimore has and has had but the intangibles are missing. Cameron needs to be fired and injuries have hurt the team but Joe has got to look like he cares and want’s to be involved in pushing his guys to get things going. At some point when you are losing to J-ville and haven’t had a first down all game at least throw your helmet or YELL at someone to show the entire nation you at least care?

    I’ve backed Flacco since he’s been here but his time is up. If nothing else he needs to tell Cameron if I don’t have the play with 20 seconds on the play clock I’m calling them myself. He’s great in no-huddle and shotgun yet they barely run it? If flacco was more of a leader he would tell harboh that’s what he wants to run but instead he stands there looking to the sideline and just counting the seconds till the clock expires like some idiot!

  22. No love for the jags defense.
    I mean, they are only 6th in the NFL is ypg. 8th in ppg.

    The Jags offense sucks, but the defense is up there with the best. They smothered Baltimore wideouts, and pressured Flacco all game long.

    A win is a win, a loss is a loss. Credit is rarely given to the other team.

  23. I have seen the video clip of Boller on his knees throwing a ball from the 50 through the endzone. Arm strength doesn’t make up for lack of accuracy, poor reading of defenses, and poor footwork. If Flacco is better than Sanchez, it’s not by much.

    That’s fair. But the most entertaining part of the MNF matchup was Flacco gunning the ball deep on the left sideline to Torrey Smith even though it had no chance at being completed.

    At least the defense has to somewhat respect the entire field when the defense is playing the Ravens whereas with Schottenheimer and Sanchez it’s dip-and-dunk for dummies.

  24. A.-When does the organization put a little heat under Joe with some competition?

    B.- Now I know why McKinnie and Gurode were released. It all starts up front and I have a couple of folding chairs that would perform as well as those two. Get well soon Mr. Grubbs…

    C.- Has anyone seen Vinnie T. lately?

  25. “But its the o-coordinator’s job to put the guys he has in the best position to succeed, not to ensure the scheme he wants to run is being run regardless. ”

    Somebody please tell this to Martz!

  26. Up and until Cam Cameron is gone, nobody outside of the practice field will know how Joe will do running the offense. Cam Cameron is a micro-manager of the worst kind and has no “feel” for a game.

    One of Flacco’s best performances was a few years ago in the “hurry-up” against Minnesota in Minneapolis. He got into a rhythm and they scored 3 quick TD’s and he then got them into position to win the game. They lost because of a Steve Hauschka miss but Flacco played fantastic in the 2nd-half and proved he’s quite capable of operating the offense effectively. Minny was a pretty good defense that year too.

    Oh, and how do you sit Ray Rice? Because of 1 fumble in 500+ carries? That’s BS!!

  27. What about Ray Rice…dude fumbled TWICE yet I hear nothing negative coming his way….that wasn’t Cam’s or Joe’s fault and the missed FG wasn’t either of their faults….what is Ray Rice the sacred cow or something???

    Why give him the ball if he’s just going to give it back to the other team???

    There seemed to be a LOT more going on than Joe having a bad day.

  28. humbleminded85 says: Flacco is not a leader, he’s not a bad football player, but he is by no means a leader.

    I agree with him not being the leader. Personally, I feel like the QB on every team should be the leader–but on your team, for the past 10+ years, Ray Lewis has been the leader. Truthfully, I think he’s even more of a leader than Billick or Harbaugh. I’m not knocking you coaches, but when anyone on your team needs leadership, I get the feeling they go to Lewis.

  29. Not all the blame can, should or needs to be on Flacco. I admit I thought this year he would really break out and take that next step. But as it pertains to Monday night he just had NO help from the recievers to the running game to the O-Line. These are some good young players catching the ball, but this is the NFL corners are not going to give you a 5 yard window to catch the ball. Those DB’s of the jags did not play a lights out game, the Ravens recievers and TE’s just were standing there waiting for the ball. Then on any throw over 15 yards flacco was running for his life…..

  30. What was Flacco gonna do? Cam was calling terrible routes and the receivers couldn’t get open. Plus his line was breaking down so he had to force passes to receivers and try to make plays or throw it out of bounds every play. Bottom line was a terrible game plan. We have arguably the best back in the league and we have no idea how to use him. I don’t know what was up with Cam because i’ve really liked a lot of him schemes up until Monday. They’ll rebound, they need a blowout against the Cardinals and get morale back up. It helps that it’s a home game this Sunday.

  31. The saying goes “offense wins games, defense wins championships”. If you have defense and your offense doesn’t score, you dont get the wins in games that puts you in position to win championships. This is the plight of the Baltimore Ravens.

  32. The raves are a great team when they are playing with the lead. Just hand it off to ray rice and watch him go. However when their playing from behind it’s like they forget what their strengths are and rely on average Joe to put up points. I really thought Flacco would be a top 10 QB this year but at this point in the season he has taken a step back. Many young QB’s have this year for example, Ryan, Freeman haven’t played as well as last year, but it is worth to mention that the ravens have a top5 defence and one of the elite rb’s in the game today. Flacco to the ravens is what Sanchez is to the jets, both solid all around teams who are expected to make the playoffs but the only uncertainty lies at the QB position

  33. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised when Joe has a bad game. He’s a good QB, he can have great games and he can have lousy games. We’ve seen this all along with him. I think Raven fans need to stop hoping he is going to lead them to a Super Bowl – the team can be good enough to get there, but not because of him.

  34. Enough Flacco this and Flacco that. The fact of the matter is he’s not a very good quarterback. He’s got the arm but not the head to be an elite QB in this league. When his primary receiver is covered he looks like a deer caught in the headlights; he hasn’t a clue.

  35. Cameron is worthless. He’s been riding on a reputation he made in San Diego a lifetime ago and how he retains the reputation as being a qb guru and offensive mastermind is beyond me.

  36. I remember watching the Ravens during the preseason and a certain backup QB named Tyrod Taylor running the Ravens to a close win late in the game. If Flacco is not getting it done, that’s an option. At least get Taylor in there with some packages so you can keep teams off balance.

  37. Joe Flacco showed no leadership in the Jags game and needs to step up. When my teams losing I want to see the qb yelling or at least talking to the offense firing them up and working things out. Everytime I saw Flacco he was by himself with a blank stare on his face.

    The diffence between Flacco and other qbs like Brady and Rodgers is their team believes in them. They fire up their teams and show emotion, giving a tongue lashing when needed. Joe cool needs to lose his cool every once in a while and be a leader, just take a que from Ray Lewis or Suggs.

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