Rosenhaus says no teams have called about T.O.


A day after Terrell Owens worked out in front of TV cameras but not any NFL scouts, agent Drew Rosenhaus said the workout did not yield any calls from NFL teams.

“No, I haven’t and I don’t think teams are just going to bang down our door,” Rosenhaus said this morning on ESPN Radio. “I think they will continue to evaluate this. It may take another injury. It may take a team to lose another game. It might take a team that has a receiver go down or whose offense struggles further, or for a veteran quarterback to come in and say, ‘I want Terrell Owens on my football team.'”

But Rosenhaus said he’s not discouraged by the lack of interest so far. Instead, he says yesterday’s workout was an attempt to begin the process of generating some interest.

“It really wasn’t a surprise,” Rosenhaus said. “The reality is that we really were trying to create interest. We were trying to generate a buzz. We were trying to show the teams that are currently not banging down our door that Terrell is healthy, and he is in shape, and the knee injury is behind him. And I think we accomplished that.”

Rosenhaus said money won’t be a problem once a team shows interest, and he’s confident that some team will show interest.

“Just because they weren’t there doesn’t mean they weren’t interested,” Rosenhaus said. “I guarantee all 32 teams were paying attention.”

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  1. Given Rosenhaus’ reputation for misdirection and dishonesty, it is probably safe to assume that he is actually fielding calls from all 32 teams and desperately trying to figure out which multi-year deal will pay out the most money.

    In all seriousness, I’m not expecting him to get a call anytime soon. He’s old, injured, and has a checkered past.

  2. For all the B.S. this guy brings to the table I still think the guy has some worth on the football field.

    That said,his history of emotional garbage he brings with him and his advanced “football age” is obviously the thing holding him back.

    That and he’s represented by a spineless organism.

  3. T.O. may get a call from “Dancing With The Stars” if he’s lucky, but then they may not want a troublemaker either.

  4. TO is about to be 38 and he’s played on also-rans the last couple of years. The team he played on before that was a big disappointment also.

    There’s no reason for anybody but TO and Rosenhaus to think that there’s any interest in him at this point. And Rosenhaus is probably just going through the motions.

  5. Why is he still a Rosenhaus client ?. After years of bad advice and self inflicted career damage you think TO would’ve wised up and fired his ass. Too late now he followed the guy into a bad career path which spiraled into the abyss rather quickly. RIP.

  6. I think this has more to do with the guaranteed money teams will have to pay since T.O. is a veteran. I honestly don’t blame him. If a team rents him for a year and he reinjuries that knee, they’ll still have to pay him. A lot of teams don’t see the point in pay a 37 year old that kind of money when they can get a much younger player for cheaper.

  7. I listened to the Drew Rosenhaus interview on Mike & Mike and Drew sounds like a used car salesman. He talked about TO as if he was Calvin Johnson. The guy makes me sick and hearing him boast about a guy not in football shape at age 37 and 6 months removed from a ACL tear should make his clients wonder if he advertises them correctly. Sure anyone can appreciate a sunny day painted picture but reality is that there are rainy days and you cant lie about that.

  8. Drew is just using T.O. to advertise to the new draft class that he will work just as hard for you if you are the No.1 overall pick or the last. Pretty smart on his part.

  9. Lets see San Fran, Baltimore,no Philly. Then Dallas, then Cincinatti, then Buffalo. Maybe in another life. T.O. and Drew are both nuts….
    Next Question.

  10. “I guarantee all 32 teams were paying attention.”

    Except for… you know… the Niners, the Cowboys, the Eagles, the Bills, the Bengals….

  11. I guarantee all 32 teams were paying attention lol. I guarantee the bengals were not paying attention. The problem with TO is not his athletic abbilities because I’m sure we all know he has it but when he signs with a team he thinks he knows what’s best for the team. Teams sign you to play not to coach.

  12. He wants one game this year to qualify for the life long health insurance. Those OD visits to the hospital can get expensive.

  13. Teams are probably more willing to give Rod Tidwell a tryout at this point.

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