Searching for reasons for the Chiefs resurgence


A few weeks ago, the Chiefs’ two-game winning streak was partially attributed to a beanbag game. After a big road win in Oakland, the Kansas City Star has come up with another two reasons:

1. Todd Haley stopped shaving and generally looks like he’s wearing Bill Belichick’s hand-me-downs on gameday.

2. Haley showed the Chiefs a highlight video of the 1989 Steelers.

Let’s tackle these one-by-one. Haley has a four-week old gnarly beard that is being held up as an example of letting his freak flag fly after being too buttoned up early in the season.

“Maybe I was trying too hard,” Haley said. “I might’ve been . . . might’ve been trying too hard. Maybe I was worrying about the wrong things.”

Dwayne Bowe agrees: “There’s a method to his madness. If you see him rough and nasty like that, that’s how the game is going to be.”

Moving on.  In Wednesday’s paper, part of the comeback is being attributed to Haley showing the NFL Films highlight video of the 1989 Steelers. That team opened with a 51-0 loss and a 41-10 loss before rallying to win a playoff game that year. The video was supposed to inspire the Chiefs after their rough start.

We’ve come up with another crazy: Perhaps the Chiefs took advantage of a couple bad teams, started playing better football, and got some confidence. Maybe they got over the shock of losing players like Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles to injury.

Football is an almost impossible game to understand, so we often come up with bogus stories after the fact to try to explain what we’ve seen.  Can’t teams just improve?

I would have bought that the beanbag game, Haley’s beard, or the video made one shred of difference if they were written about before the Chiefs won three straight.

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  1. Raiders lost that game I dnt care if your brady or Arod u throw 6ints your history, KC got lucky, raiders where unsure at the QB postion and with DMc out, surprise the score was not higher!!!

  2. 3. They played again Kyle Boller, no McFadden, and a quarterback who has participated in 3 NFL Quality practices since the lockout ended.

  3. Maybe Haley just handled the off season wrong. There was no blue print in handling a strike season. He tried to do things a little differently, and it didn’t work.

    I don’t know if the guy is going to work out here or not. He is in a war with the front office. They are looking for reasons to boot him. Pioli doesn’t want him and gave him nothing in the way of support or players. Most of KC’s superstars are left overs from previous regimes. As a matter of fact the Chiefs problems should be ALL on Pioli(who I actually like). KC spent no money in the off season. Then when there were injuries to 3 of our top 5 players(2 probowlers) there was no depth to plug in even a decent player. Like I said, I don’t know if the guy is going to make it in KC or not, but I do know that the guy is a good coach. The players both hate and love him at the same time, he is getting the most out of his wide outs while playing with a bottom 15 QB.

    With this team and schedule if he goes 7-9 he should be considered for coach of the year.

  4. Playing the colts, minnesota and oakland’s B team is the reason, not that hard to figure out.
    Painter, mcnabb, boller

  5. This is an impressive turn around I thought they were dead after the Lions game now with the QB situation in Oakland and how poorly Rivers and the fact the Norv Turners still the coach for the Chargers the Chiefs have an outside chance of making the playoffs.

  6. If the Chefs beat the Chargers on Monday night, I will start paying a little more attention to them.

  7. Searching for reasons for the Chiefs resurgence?

    Thats an easy one. The Vikings and the Colts are a combined 1-13. And Kyle Boller makes Joe Flacco look like Johnny Unitas.

    Any other questions? In the meantime wake me up when KC beats anyone with a winning record AND their starting QB playing.

  8. Puhleaze. They got 2 picks and one from a QB that had no pre-season, OTA’s, etc. They RECOVERED A FUMBLE in the endzone, it was an ugly win against a much better team. Cassel, who easily should’ve gone for the kill against a young secondary had no TD’s and one pick.

    The AFC West is the Raiders to lose, i’m telling you. A healthy McFadden, and 2 wins over San Diego should make this a wrap…unless Palmer reverts to “deer in the headlights”…. all he has to do his manage the offense, and that defensive front has to play like it is capable…of Rivers is not the same QB, Cassel never was, and Tebow is the one i would watch. The Broncos have scored 140-63 in the fourth quarter combined dating back his 2010 starts. RAIDER NATION, if you dont seize the moment, you only have yourselves to blame.

  9. Good to see more positive stories on here about the Chiefs, rather than more tebow or favre stories…keep it up!

  10. The reasons?? I’ll give you 3.

    Raiders w/ Boller and Palmer coming off their bye

    Those are the 3 teams they beat.

  11. “Perhaps the Chiefs took advantage of a couple bad teams, started playing better football, and got some confidence.”

    Perhaps, how obvious can it be?

    The Chiefs are who we thought they were, a mediocre team who had an unbelievably easy schedule last year, and have been lucky in who they’ve played the past 3 games.

    Just watch what happens in week 17 against the Raiders, in Camerohead Stadium.

  12. No Eric Berry and no Jamaal Charles = No comeback for the chiefs.

    Eric Berry and Brandon Flowers were the entire secondary of the Chiefs. Now that’s cut off by 50%.

    Matt Cassel is overrated. He was good because he had the Patriots and Bill Belichick behind him. It’s literally impossible for a quarterback to fail in the Patriots’ system as long as they can throw a ball at least 40 yards.

    So without Charles putting some fear into the defense to take pressure off of Cassel, he won’t be consistent. He’s thrown 8 touchdowns in 7 weeks (and 4 of those were against the Colts defense, who lets not forget just let the Saints put 62 points on the scoreboard last week)

  13. You forgot to mention 3 other reasons for their 3 game winning streak –

    They played the winless Colts.

    They played the winless the Vikings.

    They played a Raiders team that started Kyle Boller at QB, had no Darren McFadden at RB, and no Sebation Janikowski.

    I’d say that pretty much sums up the Chiefs 3 game win streak. They have a stretch of games coming up that includes:

    NE, Pit.,Chic.,Jets, GB, Oak rematch.

    Talk to me about KC after they play those games.

  14. In the NFL despite the odds… anything is possible on any given game day… All players on this level are there for a reason, (if you think differently why dont you try out for the team?) Its up to the coaches to focus his team, and I dont know maybe its the beard… Time will only tell, we’ll see!!

  15. Raiders fans quit your crying. There is no “B” team. You got it handed to you. The Chiefs have recovered from a bad off season and found the people to fill in for their losses do to injury.

  16. Generally hate the Steelers, but that ’89 team was dope. Merill Hodge played his butt off in that upset win over da Oilers and again in their near win at denver. Steelers were def the most fun team to fatch in the playoffs.

    And can’t forget ol’ Bubby….

  17. How about we wait until they beat a team over .500 that doesnt have a major problem at qb before crediting them with a resurgence. The Chiefs are still a sub .500 team anybody who believes they are better than that isnt being honest with themselves.

  18. If any chiefs fans on here contribute the resurgence to anything other then the 3 opponents they played, they are lying to themselves. “When we beat NE” If you guys beat NE ill run around the entire city of Kansas City naked.

  19. Hey joe, that same weak schedule is the only reason the faders were .500 for the first time since 2002. And you couldn’t even beat an NFC West team…

  20. I’m happy for the Chiefs….this gives them a chance, albeit a small chance, to win their first playoff game in 18 years.

    It also gives them a chance to appear in their first Super Bowl since the Vietnam War ended.

  21. The ’89 Stelers went 9-7, finished 3rd in their division and while they made the playoffs, they lost in the Divisional Round to the Broncos who lost in one of the most lopsided Super Bowls ever – way to shoot for the stars, Todd.

  22. Have the Chargers beat anyone that impressive? Whos their best win yet this season? Could it of been the Chiefs? Just because Cassel through a bad pass to lose the game…
    Chiefs are winning games with their two playmakers on both sides of the ball GONE! Give them a little bit of credit. The guys are still playing hard for Haley when theres no reason to try but for pride.

    Save it with who have they played lately talk… you play who is on your schedule.

  23. slickster35 says: Oct 26, 2011 1:38 PM

    Hey joe, that same weak schedule is the only reason the faders were .500 for the first time since 2002. And you couldn’t even beat an NFC West team…

    The Chiefs were on Oakland’s weak schedule last season-twice. How did that turn out? The Raiders actually went 2-2 against the NFC West last year. That’s nothing to brag about, but it is more accurate than your take. Leave to a Chiefs fan to crow about being a 3-3 team that hasn’t won a playoff game since Joe Montana and Marcus Allen were in the league.

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