Source: NFLPA wants to be forced to submit to HGH testing

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With members of Congress wanting public hearings on the inability of the NFL and NFLPA to finalize their agreement to conduct HGH testing and with the NFLPA welcoming hearings on the issue, there has been speculation in league circles that NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith hopes to delay testing until after the completion of the 2011 season, given that his contract is up for renewal in March 2012.

Perhaps bolstering the speculation is chatter from within the NFLPA, which has made its way to PFT via a source with knowledge of such chatter, that the union’s current plan is to resist HGH testing until Congress forces the issue.  That way, Smith can tell the players that he didn’t actually agree to HGH testing, but that he was given no choice by the minions of the federal government.

Either way, Smith will have to do some tap dancing in Hawaii (or wherever the NFLPA meetings will be conducted next year) when faced with the reality that, if the NFLPA hadn’t agreed to submit to HGH testing as part of the new labor deal, Congress wouldn’t be trying to force the two sides to proceed with it.

7 responses to “Source: NFLPA wants to be forced to submit to HGH testing

  1. Because they are too big of a collection of turds to do it on their own. Creeps.

    This is one of the reasons I wanted the owners to crush the players once and for all. Someone has to call the shots and it needs to be the men paying the bills.

  2. What does Congress have to do with this? Leave this between the league and the union. Congressional involvement now is as dumb as when they were investigating steroids

  3. Test them as soon as possible…Most of if not all of the nfl are juice heads…Its funny how people just let them cheat their way through the nfl…Test these guys asap…How this is a debate is ridiculous…And why they are trying to hold it off is even more ridiculous…

  4. If “most if not all the players” were juice heads, that would make a level playing field, and everyone stopping simultaneously would have no effect on the game

  5. For all of you that were blaming congress for getting involved, how about blaming the NFLPA for wasting congress’ time with this instead of all the other issues the gov’t has?

  6. What is up with the players and their NFLPA. This was negotated in contract, this is more than likely good for the game as well as NFL.

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