UFL says it will return in 2012


I thought that the weekend item regarding the latest UFL title game would be the final UFL post ever appearing on these pages.

As I do once or twice a week (OK, day . . . OK, hour), I thought wrong.

In a recent letter to UFL fans, Commissioner Michael Huyghue indicates that the league will be back in 2012.  “Our owners told our staff last week that they believe in our product and the UFL as a whole,” Huyghue writes.  “They told the players that they look forward to seeing them on the field in 2012.  I know that the players for the Locos, Nighthawks and Mountain Lions are already excited to try to take down the new champions.”

Huyghue also says that expansion is possible, with former Hartford Colonials coach Jerry Glanville (he wasn’t fired; the team imploded) recently wrecking his health in Jackson, Mississippi, while also scouting the town as the potential location for an expansion franchise.  Huyghue solicited fan input on other potential markets into which the UFL could move.

The league that played its first three seasons during the traditional football season also could be pulling a reverse USFL and retreating to the spring.

With the NFL considering the creation of a developmental league that would play in the spring, the UFL’s idea likely isn’t a coincidence.  The best way out of the financial mess that the UFL has created would be for the NFL to buy the league, and with the NFL now thinking about a minor league that would play in the spring, moving the UFL schedule to that same period of time becomes an obvious decision, if the UFL hopes to get the NFL’s attention.

Until then, UFL owners may have to continue to throw good money after bad.  And if, at some point, they decide to stop, the UFL will simply disappear from the sports landscape in the blink of an eye.

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  1. The UFL and NFL need to buddy up for a D league. It would do wonders for player development.

  2. Well this site is called “ProFootballTalk.com” so I guess it makes sense to mention the UFL. Come to think of it I guess this means Jeff Garcia, Ahman Green and Maurice Clarett are now available to be signed. Also can we get some Canadian Football coverage? I’d like to hear how the Vikings are doing.


  3. @gmen1987

    I for one do, and there are a lot of others. The product is good- and the UFL happened to be my first pro football game ever since NFL tickets cost too much. Watch a game, and you’ll be impressed. Several of their top players will make it to the NFL this year, ie. Aaron Rouse.

  4. It’s really amazing how few people read the article. I can see no other possibility other than the NFL has decided to team up or is close to that decision. This league was dead in the water as of the championship game, but they are all of a sudden looking forward to the next season. The NFL needs to turn this league into a real development league, and not some version of NFL Europe. First item would be that all practice squad players are required to play for this league. No more of this one player garbage. Secondly get some good coaches to head up this league. Maybe guys like Schottenheimer who are very good at developing players and spotting talent, but not as good as “winning the big game”.

  5. As a fan of football in general I think the UFL would succeed in the Spring. I hate the NBA, and baseball is sooo boring. Plus there would be alot of attraction in mid-market cities that aren’t large enough to support NFL.

  6. I am sure that the potential players are interested in the UFL. In any form or time of the season it comes back as it will be able to give them some updated film and at least a paycheck for playing football. Although the NFL most likely will never support it they will certainly be watching as all of these players are of pro football caliber. They have been on rosters practice squads CFL NCAA DI teams.
    Perhaps moving the league to february and playing Indoor football taking the place of the original Arena Football League while using the same financial model it uses now with players receiving 40,000 for the season and Housing. The current Arena league is now under new management and although they got to keep the team names the salaries are 400 a week making it a semi pro league

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