Wednesday morning one-liners


Bills KR Brad Smith finds it frustrating how often he has to let kickoffs go out the end zone.

Dolphins owner Steve Ross gets some of the blame for how tough it’s been for coach Tony Sparano to get his team on track.

The Patriots are still waiting on some production from DT Albert Haynesworth.

Said Jets QB Mark Sanchez of trying to draw the Chargers offside, “We were working the cadence quite a bit we saw them get jumpy. Shaun Phillips, he comes flying off the edge so anything you can do to reduce their pass rush will help.”

Neck stingers to Ravens S Ed Reed and NT Terrence Cody aren’t considered serious.

The Bengals have two rookie of the year candidates in QB Andy Dalton and WR A.J. Green.

Pat Shurmur looks like a good fit in Cleveland.

Said Steelers coach Mike Tomlin of NT Casey Hampton: “We could get him back in the fold and, of course, that would be a nice shot in the arm for us up front defensively.”

With WR Andre Johnson hurt, the Texans are turning more to their tight ends.

The Indianapolis Star has more talk that Jim Caldwell is on the hot seat.

The Jaguars think they’re still in the AFC South race.

In Tennessee, Chris Johnson is evoking bad memories of Vince Young.

The Broncos will be leaning on RB Knowshon Moreno.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley is reminding his team that the 1989 Steelers were blown out in their first two games but rebounded to make the playoffs.

Raiders coach Hue Jackson wants his team to get healthy.

The Chargers aren’t sweating a tough spot in their schedule.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett says he doesn’t expect to give RB DeMarco Murray 25 carries again any time soon.

Said Giants DE Justin Tuck, “It’s probably best to take it day by day, but I’m feeling better. I haven’t had the opportunity to go out there and actually perform on the football field yet. You just want to be careful to not have setbacks because if I can go into the game feeling like I feel right now, yes, I would probably play.”

The Eagles are 12-0 after a bye under head coach Andy Reid.

Said Redskins coach Mike Shanahan of Sunday’s loss to the Panthers, “I’ve got to do a better job of getting these guys ready to play.”

Bears G Chris Williams is held up as an example of the team’s problematic recent drafts.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz isn’t worried about QB Matthew Stafford’s arm: “I think Matt’s got really good mechanics. I think he’s always thrown good, accurate passes. I don’t have a whole lot of worry about it.”

Packers WR Randall Cobb is having his ups and downs as a rookie.

QB Christian Ponder is one of the few promising signs for the Vikings.

Falcons FB Ovie Mughelli is heading to injured reserve.

In Carolina, some people are raising a fuss about Panthers fans selling their tickets to fans of opposing teams.

Saints QB Drew Brees says he’s never seen anything quite like the blowout win over the Colts.

It may be time for the Buccaneers to speed up their offensive pace.

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt has limited options for turning his team around.

Rams LB Chris Chamberlain has gone from wondering if he’d make the roster to the starting lineup.

LB NaVorro Bowman is making a major impact for the 49ers.

The Seahawks are looking lost on offense, and it’s particularly troubling that they were never able to get the ball to WR Doug Baldwin on Sunday.

8 responses to “Wednesday morning one-liners

  1. Fat Al has been productive. He might not be on the stats sheet, but just last week in Dallas they triple-teamed him which let open Carter who made a pivotal sack in the game. Ochocinco on the other hand……………

  2. Brad Smith gets just under $4 million per season to watch kickoffs go out of the end zone and run 3 wildcat plays that 90% fail.

    Good God, how do I sign up for THAT job?

  3. Losing Ovie really hurts us. He’s a centerpiece of the offense whether people realize it or not.

  4. “The Patriots are still waiting on some production from DT Albert Haynesworth.”

    If Belichick can’t get this sack of potatoes to play, then perhaps he’s simply useless…like the “ay” in “okay”.

  5. Jason Garrett, play caller extraordinaire, won’t run Murray that much again. Why should he? It’s not like he wants to win another game or anything. Much easier to throw Romo under the bus, like he did Wade Phillips…

  6. Haynesworth’s plan is now complete:
    – convince coach that he’s ready to play, check
    – get paychecks coming in: check
    – avoid a real conditioning test, check
    – avoid almost every snap in preseason, check
    – only play about 15% of the snaps during the first 6 games, check
    – become irrelevant and stay out of the spotlight while the checks keep coming, check

    now there’s no focus on him or to can him, his mediocrity continues along with the checks…. hello $1.5M and he’s got a shot at getting a renegotiation or a new team for a couple more million… for eating twinkies… he’s definitely a GOAT… at gaming the NFL contract system for an entire career…

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