Brandon Jacobs doesn’t see himself with the Giants next year

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These are relatively happy times for the Giants at 4-2, so leave it to Brandon Jacobs to leave a turd in the proverbial punch bowl during an interview with Men’s Fitness.

Jacobs complained about his role on the team and said he doesn’t expect to be back next year.

“It’s a very confusing thing. I’m just here, doing the best that I can do to help my team,” Jacobs said. “I come out to win; it’s up to them whether or not they want to use me. I just can’t wait to get a true opportunity to get out there and show myself again, you know?

“Next year, hopefully. This is a business and you have to look at it that way. I just want to get out there and show myself. It’s going to have to be for another team, but it is what it is. It comes with the territory.”

Jacobs was then asked if he saw himself with the Giants next year.

“No, I don’t,” Jacobs said.

We don’t either. He’s due $4.9 million, and the Giants clearly view him as a backup.

Jacobs would help his case for more playing time if he was available to play.  He hasn’t suited up since Week Four because of a knee injury and has been limited in practice this week.

Jacobs is only averaging 3.1 yards-per-carry this year when he is healthy, so his complaints won’t sit well with the Giants staff.

51 responses to “Brandon Jacobs doesn’t see himself with the Giants next year

  1. He got soft… Did this to himself. He had a great season being a bruiser, then came back the next year looking like Mr. Softee.

    He tried to prolong his career by becoming a finesse back. In actuality, that mistake will mean his career being shortened in the NFL.

  2. And Bradshaw is averaging only 4.0 ypc. The running game in general has been bad this year, and when Jacobs gets 6 carries a game, 4 of them from the goal line, no wonder his average is so low. Let’s remind everyone that last season, his ypc was 5.6.

    I’ve always liked Jacobs. Too bad he probably be somewhere else next year.

  3. Yet another example of why not to give any RB a new contract before the current contract expires.

  4. I didn’t think the Giants were gonna bring Jacobs back after this year anyway, so…nothing to really see here. Good luck to Jacobs.

  5. Not sure why he “could have” been a beast. he was a beast, but any runningback, especially with his run style, doesn’t last long. considering he had to transfer from Auburn because he was behind Caddy and Ronnie, i’d say he has had as successful of a run as an anyone could have expected.

  6. I’m surprised Brandon kept his mouth shut for this long, the guy can’t help himself. Bradshaw has passed you big time and you’re slow and still dance at the line instead of pushing forward. Good riddance Jacobs, you’re impact on the Giants isn’t nearly what you think it was/is.

  7. If only his brain could have been six or seven times larger, like say, the size of a pea. Then he could stay focused on what his job is.

  8. He could have been a beast, meaning like maybe the next Jerome Bettis. But he’s been injury prone, through no fault of his own.

  9. He’ll come back next year, but with a pay cut. I’d never want to see him wearing another uniform… especially in the NFC East.

  10. If he isn’t back with the Giants, good luck buddy in the future but please don’t be a traitor like Steve (Benedict Arnold) Smith and go to a rival team especially the Eagles. I would like to see him back with the Giants, the dude is beast. While I met him, he was sitting and still made me like small. When I shook his hand, his hand just swallowed mine they are so huge. Any the Giants have a future star RB (De’rel Scott) on the bench ready to go.

  11. he’s lucky he’s lasted this long….if he had been anything close to a true feature back he would have been out of football two years ago (remember christian okoye?). BJ should actually be thanking the giants for using him in a way which has allowed his career to last as long as it has.

    thanks for the memories brandon, there were some good ones….but your best days are definately behind you….soon-to-be 30 year old rb’s dont do much in the nfl.

  12. I hate this type of crap during the season. Shut up and let your play do the talking. Your play does not lie. If you want more carries, earn them; don’t cry to the media about it.

  13. Brandon will always have a special place in NFL history. He’s the only 6’4″, 264 lb RB that can’t pick up 3rd and one and 4th and one. If the guy broke tackles as often as he opened his mouth, he would have been a lock for the HOF. Now he’ll be the answer to the bar question, “Hey, remember the guy with the Giants that was bigger than a linebacker? What was his name again?”. Had big hopes for you Brandon. You did alright, especially for a fourth rounder. But, man, you could have been something special. Your heart never matched your size or your mouth.

  14. Hell at this point we’ll (titans) take him! He can’t be any worse than cjdon’twanttoplay!

  15. The guy’s got talent. But, for some reason, he doesn’t know how to use it. Maybe it’s a question of the line (the Giant line hasn’t been able to open holes for any running back this year), maybe it’s coaching, maybe he’s lost his fire, or maybe he’s a head case. It’s hard to know. In any event, he will probably get the chance he’s looking for to find out whether he could have more success on another team. For what he gives the Giants, he isn’t worth what they’re paying him, or what they’re scheduled to pay him next year.

  16. I like the guy as a player, but he’s really only had one high-caliber season under his belt. That, and concerning his inability to stay healthy, he really hasn’t earned the right to talk as much as he does.

    Besides, Giants fans know to take what he says very lightly anyway; he’s been traded or cut about three times already with his mouth (or mind), and he’s always ended up still on the team. But I don’t think I’ll miss him if he goes.

  17. He’s been disappointing and never reached his potential because he fumbles too much, and hesitates at the line every time there’s a 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1.

    He’s not worth the money next year, bring on the next guy to be the backup. You don’t need to pay 4M for a 600 yard running back.

    At least he stopped throwing his helmet in the stands. Although for what the PSL’s cost at MetLife stadium, a helmet should be included.

  18. Us G-Men fans appreciate the sacrifice he made to bring Bradshaw back and love the brotherhood of this tandem, but you can always count on Jacobs to say or do something stupid to upset the chemistry of this team. It’s bad enough we gave the chickenhawks a game, let’s not get distracted and play down to the Fins off a bye. Get out there and bring it, shut up, and maybe you’ll be invited back for another contract!

  19. jacobs used to be useful because he was a beast who could break tackles…even before the injury this year, he’s been going down at first contact almost every run…not exactly a speedy runner, so if he’s not breaking tackles either, what good is he to any team? honestly…

  20. I don’t blame Jacobs, I blame Killdrive and his awful play calling. Please, please, please fire him and the STC already and bring back Spags when he inevitably gets fired.

  21. nyg should try to keep him. he`s gotta know it is more beneficial to stay home. dude, you have made giants folklore, shut up and enjoy the rest of your`re career on a winning team.

  22. Jacobs is soft. He thinks he better than what he is. Next year is his last year playing significant football

  23. Brandon Jacobs has 38 carries this year, he averages 3.1 YPC.
    Brandon Jacobs had 147 carries last year and averaged 5.6 YPC.
    Brandon Jacobs in his last 185 carries has averaged 5.08 YPC.

    Its not impossible he lands a starting job next year.

    When grown men develop opinions about other grown men they dont know based on personal feelings, its really odd. Please stop.

  24. I hope he is right ,he stinks he runs to high and then when he trys to get low he falls down for a yard and a half ! See Ya ! We can get your 350 yards a year a lot cheaper !

  25. Why is it that players from every NFC East team but the Cowboys whines to the press that they don’t feel wanted, whine that they’re not making enough, whine that they’re not getting used the way they want to be used?

  26. Brandon Jacobs has 38 carries this year, he averages 3.1 YPC.
    Brandon Jacobs had 147 carries last year and averaged 5.6 YPC.
    Brandon Jacobs in his last 185 carries has averaged 5.08 YPC.


    I think the story here is that a 6’4″, 264 pound RB averages only 154 carries a season.

  27. I love Jacobs but I wouldn’t be upset if the Giants didn’t bring him back next year. Would love to see him finish his career in blue, but I don’t see Reese paying that $5 million to the guy next year.

  28. No excuse for a guy this big and strong to try and be Barry Sanders. He should be running over people. The fact that he tries to be something he isnt is why there is a huge drop in carries for him. That and the fact that he couldnt make it through 9 holes of miniature golf without getting hurt

  29. Another big running back that ran out of steam very fast. He is just too big to play RB. (Marion Barber and others)

  30. Anybody who says jacobs wasn’t worth the contract he was given by the NYG is crazy. First of all, $5mil a year for a 4yr deal was a VERY fair contract on both sides. Second, when he was running downhill and in his true bruiser style he was an absolute game changer for the NYG. There were plenty of games where he set the tone by absolutely trucking one or more defensive players on the opening drive. I remember specifically the NFC championship game at Green Bay, in below freezing weather, on the first play of the game he dropped his shoulder into charles woodson and absolutely destroyed him. That play set the tone for the rest of the game by knocking the wind out of their defensive mvp, the crowd, and the rest of their defense. It was the perfect set-up for the undressing plax gave woodson and al harris for the rest of that game.
    Now to be fair, since that season he has ran so soft. Dancing at the line, making cuts only an offensive lineman would be proud of, not to mention SHYING AWAY FROM CONTACT. When the man came into the league there wasnt a player on the field that he didnt try to run over or stiff-arm/punch in the face on every play. He was truly a joy to watch back then and unfortunately is now just a shell of that player.
    I’m happy he’s still on the team this year because he’s definitely one of our more vocal offensive team leaders and I’m sure that despite some reports to the contrary, he is a positive influence on a lot of the young guys.

  31. i wouldnt think so ethier he still solid but he never will be a number 1 again he more of a short yardage running back he could behind a really fast player who cant break tackles like the lions and Jahvid best

  32. i wouldnt think so ethier he still solid but he never will be a number 1 again he more of a short yardage running back he could behind a really fast player who cant break tackles like the lions and Jahvid best since theres no Ronnie Brown

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