Cooley: I’m a casualty of the lockout

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Chris Cooley’s knee never responded after his surgery this offseason.

That slowed him down to start the year, and ultimately ended his season early. Cooley believes the lockout is largely to blame.

“I feel 100 percent – and I’m not blaming anybody. I feel one hundred percent that I am a casualty for the season, of the lockout,” Cooley said via the Washington Post. “I think it was a shame that they didn’t let players who had surgery spend time with the doctors and trainers that they trust on a daily basis.

“I wish I could’ve. I think what I went through in July, I could’ve went through in March.”

It’s hard to disagree.  Cooley and Peyton Manning come to mind as two players hurt by time away from team doctors.

Cooley felt differently about the lockout in March. He said then the lockout didn’t matter to him because he was set financially and that he would be ready to play when the work stoppage ended.

Cooley underestimated the value of the medical care he missed while away from the team.

The question now becomes whether Cooley will be back in Washington. Cooley and Mike Shanahan expressed full confidence Cooley would be with the team next year, when he is due $3.8 million.

Fred Davis is a free agent, so the team may have to choose between keeping Cooley or spending big dollars on Davis.

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  1. With a fading career…… and someone else to blame besides himself! I smell a lawsuit by Cooley just around the corner…..

  2. Cooley – Redskins fans would love to have you back, but we’ve got to roll with Davis as the #1. Two tight ends who can separate from LBs are a necessity against today’s NFL defenses. But, Father Time is undefeated.

  3. These guys have so much money the only person they have to blame for not seeing proper doctors is themselves.

    Cooley is just bitter his career, his sideshow and his act are over here in DC.

  4. Hasn’t the last few years with this dude been all about injuries? Sure he is a likeable guy but he is a china doll.

    Fred Davis all day long and twice on Sundays.

  5. “Fred Davis is a free agent, so the team may have to choose between keeping Cooley or spending big dollars on Davis.”

    This is Dan Snyder we are talking about here. Cooley will be released, and Davis will get a 7 year, $100 million contract.

    Who needs smart decisions when you can “spend spend spend! Snyder fits right in with the political crowd in D.C.

  6. Davis has shown he’s worth resigning. Do that and keep cooley for one more year, IF he’s healthy. This is what good teams do. Re-sign younger players on the upswing and let the older ones go. But there is also something to be said for having to good TE’s and that would be a good situation for the Skins next year.

  7. how was payton manning hurt?? what, is the colts team doctor the only neck specialist in the world? with all of his money he could have PURCHASED a TEAM of neck specialists if he chose to.

  8. I love Cooley. But his days in Washington are probably done.

    A past-30 tight end who has had a history of injuries. Not a good combo…

    Making it with another team might be difficult, too. Just look at the Arizona Cardinal’s Todd Heap, who’s been sidelined for the last several games.

  9. Cooley, and especially Manning, have enough money to see the best doctors in the world with better reputations and credentials than team doctors. they may trust team doctors more, but that is due to familiarity, not that other doctors are untrustworthy. Just an excuse.

  10. I feel bad for Cooley. Poor guy doesn’t make enough money to see his own doctor so he has to wait for the team doctor.

  11. While I am a Cooley fan, blaming the lockout is ridiculous.

    The players kept saying how the lockout wouldn’t affect them. I guess they didn’t realize that all of that time off actually hurt them.

    I still don’t think that they understand that all the contact drills and preseason games actually help get them ready by helping their bodies get used to the contact and the rigors of the game.

    All of them are not thinking clearly.

  12. Cooley was third last year for receiving yards by a tight end.

    Washed up, overrated, really?

    Its one bad year because of an injury. Calm down.

  13. I wonder if Romo thinks getting put on IR for an NFI is funny. We’ll never know, he’s too classy to say anything. How can a Rookie like Bruce Carter be practicing already after a Torn ACL and no workouts or OTAs and this guy can’t? All talk no work. Have fun on the waiver wire next year.

  14. They also forget that this is the 1st year that Fred actually started blocking some. They also forget that Fred also has alot of drops this year and in past years drops and fumbles were something of a concern as well.

  15. “Chris I totally enjoyed watching you get injured again this season. I replay a montage of the last 3 seasons and love watching you flame out on yet another season”

    -Tony Romo

  16. Cooley is one of my favourite players. He had more than 70 catches last year, and was obviously struggling on a gimpy knee this year. I have no doubt that he would be a very useful player to have next year, if his knee gets better.

    He actually looked pretty good in the H-back/ full back role and with more and more two TE looks making it into the playbook there is no reason to suspect that the front office will be looking to cut him. He’s a tight-end, he isn’t earning massive money and the Redskins are in a really good cap position at the moment.

  17. Cooley is a multi-millionaire. He is in a time limited career as professional athlete. Why didn’t he find and pay for the best medical care available out of his own pocket?

    Not doing so, turning up to training camp without having gone through a properly supported rehab is going to end up costing him far more money in the long-run.

    I really hope he hasn’t done himself permanent damage this year. He has been a fine servant for the Redskins during a dark time. I really hope he can come back and contribute to the team for many more years.

  18. Look at the Redskin fans coming out by the masses to “thumbs down” any comment critical of Cooley. You people are funny. I get it, he has a “cool” name and dated a few cheerleaders but the guy is a tool. He picked up right where Clinton Portis left off of being the guy who needs to be the center of attention.

    As a Cowboy fan it was hard for me to admit that Troy had his brains knocked out too many times and his better days where behind him. Maybe you guys should come to terms with the fact that your guy needs to move on.

  19. dp311 says: Oct 27, 2011 1:22 PM

    Karma for the Romo comments! Jerk shoulda kept his big mouth shut!

  20. Cooley is obviously a casualty of the lockout, but Roger Goodell no doubt just writes of these kind of situations as collateral damage. It happens in every war, be it a real war where people die, or a war of words and will, such as the NFL contract negotiations.
    It seems to me though that it would have been reasonable to allow injured players to continue their treatment with team doctors. That has nothing to do with player transactions, OTA’s or playing the football games.

  21. Hmmm… not blaming anyone…but blaming the lockout? This doesn’t make any sense to me. Apparently there is only ONE doctor and ONE trainer in the entire world that treats athletes? Maybe he should search the internet instead of “tweeting” and “twittering”, and posting pictures of himself… … no sympathy here… sorry.

  22. Cooley is a beast playing with a bad knee that would have put most of the Giants or Eagles players on the self. Instead he battled through and played. No excuses whatsover, until he was strung out by a horrible pass by the QB.

    For that reason alone I would have benched Grossman.

  23. I think the blonde dye he puts in his hair has seeped into his brain. He can’t block and looked like a slow footed 230 lb. tight end, he is a blow-hard and will not make a team next year. Now he can start his UFC cage fighting career!

  24. Again, such a sympathetic article for Cooley. No mention of how much karma is involved when the worst TE in the division wants to see Romo fail, only to see his career hit a bright-red glowing FAIL button.

    But we’re still talking about Rob Ryan’s quote about the Iggles he made … months ago.

    Different rules for the Cowboys, I guess.

  25. @slickzmoney….and exactly what have Cooley and his teammates done over the past six seasons to make you think they’re not a bunch of chokers? Cooley is the latest example of athletes who put their mouth in “drive” when it should have stayed in “park”. What a Dil !

  26. Thanks for the laugh Cooley. Yeah, that lock-out really surprised everyone didn’t it? I’m sure that no one saw it coming. I mean really, how is a guy who makes a boatload of money supposed to be able to figure out how to rehab a knee without the help of the team trainers. There’s probably never been another player he knows who could give him some advice. I’m sure that all the knee specialists must have unlisted phone numbers so that you would never be able to contact them. (BTW, Dr. James Andrews can be reached at 205-939-3699.)

    Cooley is a second-rate H-Back with, at best, marginal blocking skills. If he could run patterns as fast as he runs his mouth, he’d be All Pro. Unfortunately for Skins’ fans, while Cooley is the same age as Jason Witten, he’s 37% behind him in total yardage. Second-rate, soon to be third-rate or perhaps, down the road.

  27. I think he’d be great with some other former players on the radio, maybe a sideline reporter, etc. But he’s done on the field, at least in DC.
    Nobody talks about Logan Paulsen, all the guy does is get open and catch every pass thrown his way. I guess he’s too slow, or something, for the media to give him much, but the guy does the job!

  28. Cooley is a good teammate and player. He’s given the Skins some great seasons and he has played well. No one can take that away. He is a fan favorite as well.

    The future is Fred Davis and a second blocking TE. Cooley will have to be dealt or cut, they will also have to buck up to keep Fred Davis.

  29. It’s funny how the Skins faithful have given up on the best TE in the history of the organization. I like Fred Davis too, but have we forgotten that Cooley caught 77 balls just last year. This offense can benefit from 2 good TE’s , and also this position doesn’t hit the wall like WR’s, and RB’s. It’s been noted in the locker room that he’s been a second coach to the TE’s, and all he has done is praise, and supported Fred Davis, and Logan Paulson. He should, and will retire a Redskin. As for the idiots talking about karma, karma for what? His comments were totally taken out of text, and he was just joking around with the local sports shock jocks in DC, which only became newsworthy because the media decided to latch onto it, and make into a headline.

  30. I’m a 35+ year Bronco fan that lives in DC. I get to see the Skins games and have watched Cooley play as a FB. Understanding what Shanahan likes makes believe Cooley and Davis will be back next year. Cooley did an excellent job blocking from the FB position. He mentioned on the radio that he was graded highly in it after watching film. Shanahan likes mismatches. It the basic design of his offense. Having Cooley and Davis leaves a defense guessing. They don’t know if they should be in a nickel or base package. Base means Cooley a MLB probably ends up on Cooley. A complete mismatch. Nickel means it’s easier for them to run the ball. If anything, Davis could be the odd man out. Paulson played well and seems to do a good job of stretching the field and has better size.

  31. maybe big-mouth cooley should just shut his yap and actually get on the field(for real – not just “show up”) and prove that he’s more than a non-blocking flash in the pan……

    and @ duncanthecat – are you a little “special” – like brain-dead????
    what the heck do the eagles or giants have to do with this?
    oh – i forgot you’re a tart – and the deadskins are “your team”……. pretty pathetic – maybe some day they’ll finish above 500 – hahaha!!!!!

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