DeSean Jackson takes aim at Rob Ryan


In August, after the Eagles rounded up a flock of free agents with plenty of name recognition and, to date, an undetermined ability to come together and form a successful team, Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan addressed the question of whether his team is the “all-hype team.”  Ryan used the occasion as a springboard for making a crack at the Eagles.

“I don’t know if we win the all-hype team,” Ryan said.  “I think that might have gone to somebody else, but we’re going to beat their ass when we play them.”

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson remembers the remark.  And he doesn’t like it.

“For a coach to say that, it’s hard for me to. . . .  I wouldn’t expect that from a coach because he’s not out there playing,” Jackson said, via  “He’s calling plays and putting his defense in the right position to stop the offense.  But as far as a defensive coordinator, that’s kind of unheard of, uncalled for.

“It [would] be good if his players said that.  Then I could understand that, because we’re all out on the field with them so I’d be able to get a shot at that player who said something crazy.  But for a coach, it ain’t like I can go run on the sideline and cut up the coach, run past them and score a touchdown.”

Jackson knows about players talking, especially before the Cowboys and Eagles get together.  Before a 2009 wild-card game against the Cowboys, Jackson said on Twitter, “We gonna sting they ass.”

In the end, the Cowboys did the ass stinging.  So maybe this time around, the Eagles will administer the ass beating.

We’ll find out Sunday night on NBC.

66 responses to “DeSean Jackson takes aim at Rob Ryan

  1. desean jackson is 1 hit away from getting his frail body DONE for his career

    calm down.

    the cowboys will win,

    and you all are a hype team.

    Miami Heat of football you got that right…

    Mavs = Cowboys

  2. DeSean Jackson criticizing someone for being obnoxious?

    Whats next, Andy Reid calling some a bad parent?

  3. The Ryan brothers: two people who never played a down as an NFL player, yet feel the need to trash talk like the are in the hall of fame and eat cheesesteaks like it’s going out of style.

  4. The guy who once dropped a football in celebration before crossing the goal line is telling someone how they should act. Classic.

    Has there been anything more enjoyable for fans of the other 31 teams this year than watching the Eagles collapse and completely embarrass themselves?

  5. Wow, Cowboys fans wishing injuries on DeSean Jackson already?

    Only took you classy folks two comments, too.

    Class of the NFL, Dallas fans. Really.

  6. DeSean Jackson’s still w/ the Eagles? I guess no one’s going to write about his play so he decided to get a headline by running his mouth.

  7. @zeussuperman
    Like the eagles have class in the nfl? You have to be joking. Did you forget that your eagles employ vick, the pos that tortures and kills animals in horrific ways?
    The eagles are definately the class-less of the nfl!

  8. mjbulls45 says:
    Oct 27, 2011 9:45 PM
    desean jackson is 1 hit away from getting his frail body DONE for his career

    zeussuperman says:
    Oct 27, 2011 10:08 PM
    Wow, Cowboys fans wishing injuries on DeSean Jackson already?

    Only took you classy folks two comments, too.

    Class of the NFL, Dallas fans. Really.

    Hey Zeus. Technically, I don’t think he was wishing an injury on DJax, more likely just stating a fact. Jackson is a small guy (by NFL standards), and another encounter with Dunta Robinson (or someone like him), and it could, realistically, end Jackson’s career.
    Here’s hoping that when the Giants and the Eagles meet again, everyone is healthy and accounted for. Let the better team win.

  9. desean jackson is a one trick pony , usually !
    but this year he isnt even that, he has no stats to show in 5 games and has been mostly invisible so far this season, matter of fact i doubt the egirls will keep on the roster in 2012…..
    rob is right, the ass kicking will take place on sunday night and the boys will smile the whole flight back to the promise land
    the dream on team will keep on dreamin
    35 -17 Boys

  10. @ zeussuperman

    Wow, ragging on Dallas fans when it was the Philly fans who cheered when Michael Irvin almost broke his neck on that slab of concrete that the Eagles used to paint green.

    Mr. Pot, I’d like you to meet Mr. Kettle.

  11. I don’t blame DJack for being pissed. He’s still waiting to be paid and sees trader Steve Smith get all that cash.

    The eagles front office is sitting back laughing at him.

  12. First off mavs DOES NOT = COWBOYS you must be smoking crack mjbulls. Second. World series is getting pretty intense. Third. Go Rangers! Fourth. Desean Im sorry but rob can and will beat your ass

  13. @Zeussuperman

    Let’s calm down. I recall cheering at the Eagles stadium when Mike Irvin left the field with his career ended.

    And the dude didn’t wish it upon Jackson, he said he’s one hit away from being destroyed. Jackson is a tiny guy, he IS one big hit away from his career being ended. I don’t wish for it to happen to him or anyone, but anyone that small can be wrecked. Hell, I hate Tom Brady, but when he went down I hated it, because he’s a good player (and my team didn’t have to play them). Career ending injuries are never funny, but the fans at Philly seemed to think they were.

  14. Hilarious. The whole Ryan family is that way. Buddy was a big mouth too. I think they are good for sparking that smack talk rivalry. It sometimes actually sikes teams out. It just makes a win sweeter for the pissed off fan. I feel for ya Eagle fans. I had to suffer through McNabb this season. Now all I’m wondering is if my favorite team will get a top 3 pick or not. It sucks to be a fan of a losing team. I do think everyone eats humble pie at some point. At least Romo doesn’t hump the air when he scores and then claim to be humble and classy.

  15. Love cowboy fans talking trash when they have captain choke on their team (Romo), the captain of the “small man complex club” (Jerruh!), and Mr no spine (Garret)… Neither of these teams is close to winning a tittle but God is it great to watch the loser Jerrys choke every year…

  16. Finally! A primetime game worth watching! this has been the worst schedule of Sunday/Monday night games I can remember. Even though I’m not a fan of either team, I actually look forward to watching Cowboys-Eagles games.

  17. purplebleeder:

    Do you see now why Eagles fans wanted McNabb gone? Everyone called us classless, stupid, ungrateful, blind, etc for saying McNabb should go. He has done exactly NOTHING anywhere else he’s been.

  18. The Eagles are gonna spank the Cowgirls…. Talk now Dallas fans cause Monday is coming & I’ll be here on Monday morning no matter what. and PS … Desean has missed only 2 of 58 career games , so although he’s small he is far from fragile .

  19. and after our horrific start we could still jump into 2nd place with a W on Sunday night . So anyone who says the Eagles are done are insane , theres still 10 games left & the East isn’t particulary strong this year . I think the Cowboys & Giants are both dangerous teams (and the Skins too , if Beck can step up ) , but Philly IMO easily has the most talent . They had 4th quarter leads in every game this year (except Buff) , they dominated the Falcons & 49ers but bad ball control , 2 missed FG’s , and bad bad luck has plaqued them . Philly gave away games & seemed to lack discipline early , but look to have solved most issues . Their O-line (which was
    supposed to be horrible) looks pretty
    damn good. Nate Allen & Kurt Coleman
    are finally starting to impress at safety ,
    they stopped using the wide 9 on
    obvious running downs & held the
    skins to 42 rushing yards , Asomugha
    finally looks good in the system , and
    McCoy might be the best RB in the NFL
    .Too many people are counting the
    Eagles out and your all gonna feel
    foolish cause the domination starts
    Sunday Night . The division still goes
    through Philly & no ones taking the East
    from us this year !

  20. tigrrrr says:
    Like the eagles have class in the nfl? You have to be joking


    Do you REALLY want to go there ?
    Lets count how many P.O.S. the Cowboys have employed over time.

    Uhh like: Dallas Cowboys defensive back Dwayne Goodrich was convicted of driving his car over 100 mph, and killing 2 innocent people, and then of course, driving away.

    I have LOTS and LOTS more’re up !

  21. So because a coach, whether successful or not, has never played through a single down in the NFL means he is a lousy coach and has no understanding of the game? I’m in no way taking sides, but its nice to see a coach throw some fire under this teams ass. Look what he has done so far to this defense.

    FYI, Rob and Rex both played defensive end at Southwestern OSU. That however is irrelevant to a coaching position to an extent. Lombardi never played in the NFL and look how successful he was.

    Sunday Night is gonna be a good game.

  22. @tigrrrr,

    Did you forget that your Cowboys employed

    The driver in one of the most disturbing hit-and-run accidents in Dallas history, the former Dallas Cowboys’ cornerback has spent the last 39 months incarcerated for killing two Good Samaritans and injuring another on Interstate 35 early on January 14, 2003.

    After a night on the town that included topless bars and alcohol .

    Goodrich swerved his BMW through a turbulent crash scene, struck three pedestrians who were attempting to free an unconscious man from a fiery car, and sped away without slowing down.

    Really Classy .. it’s nice to have selective memory

  23. the “Nestea Plunge” part 2 – coming Sunday

    ask any Giants fan
    … you wont like him – when he is angry.

  24. NFL players are so sensitive to words being said. All you gotta do is play and let the critics do their thing. Action speaks louder than words. With that said, “Eagles ARE all hype…” lol

  25. I’m a Cowboys fan and I have to say while I like our chances. I think both the teams are lacking any identity at all. Let’s go Cowboys.

  26. I think what will really be fun is when DeMarcus Ware takes aim at Michael Vick. Let the ass stinging commence.

  27. I don’t think DeSean Jackson can take a “shot” at anyone. Keep it easy little man.

  28. Funny listening to the SHEGALS fans. By the way just so you don’t forget, Romo has as many Super Bowl rings as the Eagles…0…. Dream Team ….now thats funny! Mesean Jackasson is a punk.

  29. I would love to see Andy ( yes I will have extra bacon on my Cheescake ) Reid square off against Rob ( have you seen my feet) Ryan.

  30. Man, Eagles fans were as rare as hen’s teeth around here for a month, barely beat the Redskins and now the joint is filthy with them.

  31. Guys, let me save you all some time. Jerks and a-holes are everywhere. They are not the sole property of Cowboys fans, or Eagles fans, or Ravens fans, or anything else. I am a Dolphins fan, and there are plenty of jerks and idiots that root for the Dolphins. So leave the school-yard level stuff at home, okay, and discuss football like adults?

  32. mjbulls45 says: Oct 27, 2011 9:45 PM
    Mavs = Cowboys

    You had me until that line. The ‘Boys are more like the Phoenix Suns about 5 years ago, all kinds of talent, no production when the games really mean something.

  33. Lots of bold and brash talk from fans, players, and a coach of two teams that are going nowhere.

    Looking from the outside in, the Eagles are much closer to being a winner because they haven’t started playing well yet. You see flashes of brilliance from their offense, and the D is a work in progress with plenty of talent to work with…

    The Cowboys however have the #1 defense and a solid offense, yet still are only 3-3…

    Desean Jackson deserves some praise for not being a disruption while making 500K this year…

    Rob Ryan deserves credit for the defense and how they get after it…

    After that, neither of these guys haven’t done squat.

  34. jeffro interesting that you declare the Eagles closer to being a winner than the Cowboys because the Eagles have been so bad so far, implying that they will get better, and that the Cowboys have been so good so far, implying that they will get worse. That doesn’t reflect any logic whatsoever. It’s entirely possible that the Eagles are just that bad or worse, and the Cowboys just that good or better. It also ignores each team’s remaining schedule. After this weekend, the Eagles’ November schedule includes the Bears, Patriots, Giants and Cardinals while the Cowboys will play the Seahawks, Bills, Redskins and Dolphins.

  35. Contract season and you play like a trick! You run your mouth better than you play. The Eagles will over pay you and Jackson will under perform like Chris Johnson!

  36. bleedgreen

    Amen to that. McNabb sucks. Sorry for your pain this year. At least the analyst aren’t trying to score a hot date with Romo like they are with Rogers. Steve Young and countless others have already placed Rogers as the greatest to ever play the game. They’re hoping he kisses like Tebow. If you haven’t seen it look at the youtube video of Tebow kissin a teammate on the mouth.

  37. cshearing says:
    Oct 28, 2011 8:50 AM

    Guys, let me save you all some time. Jerks and a-holes are everywhere. They are not the sole property of Cowboys fans, or Eagles fans, or Ravens fans, or anything else. I am a Dolphins fan, and there are plenty of jerks and idiots that root for the Dolphins. So leave the school-yard level stuff at home, okay, and discuss football like adults?


    I have tried this approach with folks around here in the past, sorry to say it isn’t gonna work, really only made them angry. =(

    5 star post though, well said.

    Go Eagles.

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