Progress on Brees deal not expected this weekend


A very simple observation from Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune regarding the status of the contract talks between the Saints and quarterback Drew Brees has been interpreted by some news aggregators far more broadly to mean that a deal could be coming.

It’s not, barring some dramatic and unforeseen developments.

Triplett pointed out that the Saints are playing the Rams in St. Louis this weekend, and that it’s “likely” the two sides will touch base, since Brees’ agent, Tom Condon, operates out of St. Louis.  But this presumes that there’s a reason to touch base, or to otherwise negotiate.

There isn’t, barring some dramatic and unforeseen developments.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, no progress is expected this weekend.  Though there could be a perfunctory phone call, the fact that the Saints are coming to the town where Condon works isn’t the kind of thing that will break the ice on this one.  The two sides have very different views of the manner in which Brees should be compensated, and by all appearances this one is on track for Brees to finish the season without a new deal, to be slapped with the franchise tag, and to then be faced with the decision of whether to miss the offseason program, training camp, and/or the preseason as he tries to get the kind of long-term deal he wants.

25 responses to “Progress on Brees deal not expected this weekend

  1. Brees will be the highest paid player in the NFL.

    And that distinction will be passed by Aaron Rodgers when his deal comes out.

    The QBs have all the leverage.

  2. Brees,

    Leave New Orleans and come to Cleveland. You will be the equivalent of a god if you bring a Super Bowl win to Cleveland.

  3. Brees will get his $ before mini camps. All the upfront loot scares every owner, but he’s worth every million. He’ll be signed before mincamps & finish his career in Big Easy. Especially after the run were gonna have this season!

    Who Dat baby!!!!

  4. Again… Everybody knows that when it comes down to it, Mr. Benson is going to give Drew a blank check. You know it, I know it, everyone that visits this site knows it.

  5. Mr. Brees,

    We are sorry we signed Dun-Da-Duh Culpepper because you had surgery on your throwing arm and he only had a bum leg (so we thought). We will gladly sign you now…you know, we have hurricanes too and you can bring a Lombardi trophy to dry up all the rain.

    -Miami Dolphins.

  6. The Saints should pay him, and the NFL should pay him an ambassador’s fee on top of that.

  7. Selfishly, I hope this thing blows up and affects his play. Right now he is zoned in and I’m a Panthers’ fan. It would be nice if they traded him as far away from the NFC south as they can.

    Brees is top 5 and it’s dumb to go down the franchise tag road. Pay the man!

  8. Don’t understand whats the hold up. Do they not think that he is worth the money for a long term contract or is it that they feel he only has one or two more good seasons left in him and want to only go with a short term 2 or 3 year deal?

    Brees has brought the Saints into a new erra and yes he is good, but how long will it last is the unknown.

  9. Bree’s is easily a top 3 quarter back and if he continues playing like this for the rest of his career he is on track to break most of the passing records.

    The good thing is not matter what Bree’s isnt the type of guy who would hold out or not show up to camp. I just wish the Saints front office would pay this guy, I mean what do you want from him. He’s a class act, very humble, and he brought the Lombardi trophy to N.O.

  10. Brees is a great player but I hate watching him play, he’s so boring :

    drop back
    10 to 15 yard pass
    fisrt down
    repeat til end of game

    I’d rather watch lesser QBs that are more exciting like Big ben, Romo, vick or Newton

  11. Brees will get the money he wants, and deserves in the offseason. Believe me the saints know what they have in Brees. New Orleans is not going to let him go anywhere else. Brees is going to be in New Orleans for a long time to come.

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