Publicist denies that T.O. attempted suicide


In 2006, reports surfaced that receiver Terrell Owens attempted suicide via an overdose of prescription medication.  Owens and his publicist later denied it.

Now, a report has surfaced that receiver Terrell Owens attempted suicide via an overdose of prescription medication.  Though Owens has said nothing about the situation, his current publicist has denied it.

Diana Bianchini told the Associated Press that “reports released with the 911 call [Thursday] are misleading and not factual.”  Still, in the 911 call, the dispatchers asks Owens’ assistant if the situation was a suicide attempt.

“Yes,” the woman says.  “I believe so.”

If the assessment made by the assistant in the moment that the situation was unfolding is accurate, we hope that Owens gets whatever help he needs.  At 37, he has many productive, happy, and fulfilling years in front of him.

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  1. Suicide is no joke, but if he really wants to get back into the league, he needs to go to jail for awhile like plax burress and vick.

  2. Until Owens puts forth the medical information that would confirm his version of the events, we can’t conclude with 100 percent certainty that this wasn’t a suicide attempt.

  3. Surprised she didn’t say “Terrell has x amount of future reasons to be alive”…
    Seriously tho, I hope this is true and he didn’t attempt to commit suicide… no family, friends, or fans deserve that..

  4. With the exception of murderers, people who attempt suicide are usually good natured, but are suffering.

    I have heard from people in the media that have met or had involvement with Terrell Owens and they say he’s a good guy!!! But the alter ego of the NFL player and the guy in a locker room is a problem.

    He doesn’t need Drew Rosenhaus anymore!!! He needs Tony Dungy!!!

  5. The NFL has really changed in recent years.

    It used to be players tried to kill themselves BEFORE having to play for the Bills or Bengals.

  6. Hope he gets some help! Never hurt anybody or went to prison, played some excellent football and has the stats to prove it, said some things people(the media) didn’t like/agree with at the time that turned out to be true, and should be a first round HOF-er!

    He has a lot to live for… just needs to find something to do besides football. Hope he finds it and is a huge success!

  7. I’m not a T.O. apologist; however, my Mother can take one pain pill (after a legit procedure like a broken leg, in my mother’s case) and she is totally out of it. It’s because she, like TO, is not use to medication. Some people do not react to medication well. T.O. should know better by now and should stop taking those pills. Stick to prescription strength aleve!

  8. I hate T.O. I watched him destroy the Dallas locker room in his time. But the author is right, he’s only 37 and suicide is not joke. I hope he gets the help he needs. Love him or hate him, he’s one of the best receivers the league has ever seen, and he’s always providing some entertainment.

  9. @howley1 …

    Owens has no obligation to put forth anything. T.O.’s ball skills speak for themselves–as do his previous behavioral issues and the medical records concerning his knee. If teams look at all those factors and decide to bring him in, they can ask him privately about this incident–just as teams talked privately to Ryan Mallett and Cam Newton about their personal issues before deciding to draft them. Discussing his mental health in the press–or having his publicist do it–isn’t going to help Owens get a team. They both need to withhold comment.

    As for those who think this is all an act … yes, Owens has a history of publicity-seeking, but he’s not a fool. Overdoses–accidental or intentional–don’t create positive buzz or help you get contracts. Anyone, no matter how talented, wealthy, or successful, can suffer from severe depression that requires professional intervention. I can’t stand the guy, but he’s never done anything to deserve anyone here wishing him dead or in that kind of pain. I pray he gets the help he needs.

  10. Here we go again.

    Deny this once, and you might have an arguement. Twice though, and you lose credibility.

    Quit denying this guy has a problem, and get him some help.

  11. It’s extremely stressful for a gay man as famous and int the spotlight as TO to stay in the closet… seriously, I’m not hating, the guy needs to come out, tell the world what he is, get on with his life, or he isn’t going to last two years after he does have to retire. You’re not fooling anyone anyway, everyone knows, Terrell; for your own mental health, it’s time to just come out and say it… you’d be a pioneer, the gay Jackie Robinson. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

  12. “You’re a good guy T.O. Don’t do it.”

    What the hell are you talking about? Unless you’re speaking to his former self in 2006 when he may or may not have tried to kill himself….whats your goal here by saying that?
    He’s in no danger now that we know of except of not finding a job

    You could try to travel back in time to stop him if you’re stupid enough but just in case you’ve been in a nutshell for the past 5 years here’s a little tip: Spoiler alert he doesn’t end up actually killing himself in 2006

    It will be O-K-A-YYYY

  13. Was this information dug up or was it public to begin with. If someone had an “inside source” to get this information, they should go to jail.

  14. For all the drama TO creates, he has never gotten into trouble off the field, never broken the law or hurt anyone other than himself

    Ironically, despite being the ultimate primadonna in an era ripe with them, he goes about his business in a professional way (until he opens his mouth anyway) and has an excellent work ethic.

    Plus the TO Effect only happens in the second year – any team that is close to play-off contention (Titans for instance) could rent him for one year, when the usual honeymoon period takes place, then amicably part ways in the off-season.

  15. wasn’t there a report froma couple of weekes ago where he left an apartment that he was staying at in an ambulance for an allergic reaction to prescription medication…
    clearly he is allergic to that medicine!

  16. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.

    If somebody doesn’t sign TO soon this could get ugly. Full spread in Playgirl coming up next?

  17. T.O will do for the raiders what jerry rice did for oakland late in his career Jerry didnt help out he was tearing guys up & . But i wonder will Ray lewis want T.O on the Ravens after all T.O did bring up lewis legal problem from years past a few years back & im guessin ed reed doesnt care for him either. And guys i dont believe anything mo or kiesha says on that 911 call lets talk football.

  18. Are we STILL talking about this or is this one of the 25 million reasons?

    That said, T.O. was a good guy in Buffalo, maybe it was a Dallas, S.F., Philly big market issue???

  19. yankeemofo says:
    Oct 28, 2011 2:28 AM
    TO is kinda known as a selfish guy and suicide is the most selfish act
    If nobody else is affected by it or even cares, is it still considered selfish?

  20. @howley1 …

    Owens has no obligation to put forth anything.


    Take it easy, Deb. That was a quote from PFT from 2006 regarding the first TO “suicide attempt”.

  21. TO always impressed me with his skills but his attitude negated all. It seems however, that he has grown up (at his age he had better). I’d love for my Skins to pick him up -one year contract of course.

  22. TO is a narcissist who uses fake suicide attempts to get attention. It’s all about keeping his name in the headlines, like the Lindsay Lohan.

  23. This was no ‘fake’ suicide – it would only hurt him.

    Sadly, I’m quite confident he attempted it.

    1) He’s coming back from a serious injury and trying desperately to prove he can still play.
    2) There was little-to-no interest in his ‘open’ work out, and that had to be crushing
    3) He thrives on the spot light, and reality is actually hitting home… hard. The positive spotlight and praise are gone.
    4) TO’s emotional state depletes any semblence of self esteem and he runs on pure ego.
    5) That ego has been crushed and he has nothing internally with which to battle back

    TO is truly sick… physically he’s extremely talented, but emotionally, he’s an unstable wreck. That causes his intensely bizarre behavior.

    Forget football for now TO. Get help. Get well. Save your life and enjoy the rest of it.

  24. Someone should sit him down and explain that if he kills himself his career is probably over and that not too many teams would want or need his services except a few.

  25. Step up Drew! Stop thinking about football and get this man some help! This is a scary situation that won’t end well. I hold out hope that underneath it all you have a conscience. This is on you!

  26. Those of you posting snarky comments about Terrell seeking attention know from whence you speak. Others claiming he’s gay may also. How on earth would you know that? Why on earth do you care?

    Deb is spot on… as usual. I picked NE in my pool this week, Deb. Sorry.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!


  27. people who say that T.O. is a bad guy are merely judgmental idiots.

    the guy NEVER has committed actual hurt on anybody. He’s always appeared light-hearted and have heard by those who actually have known him that he’s a really kind and generous individual. Unfortunately just a person severely misunderstood.

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