Recent 911 call: T.O. attempted suicide


In 2006, receiver Terrell Owens created a major stir with a drug overdose that was believed to be a suicide attempt.  Last month, Owens reportedly had another overdose, as reported by TMZ.

Now, TMZ has obtained the 911 call that was placed.  Asked whether the ingestion of prescription medication was a suicide attempt, a woman who was speaking to the 911 dispatcher said, “Yes.  I believe so.

The last time something like this happened, Owens was a member of the Cowboys.  He held a press conference at Valley Ranch to declare that he hadn’t attempted suicide.  The event punctuated by a clumsy declaration from publicist Kim Etheredge that Owens has “25 million reasons why he should be alive,” a reference to the $25 million contract he had signed with the Cowboys earlier that year.

This time around, Owens is trying to attract the attention of an NFL team, and he has said nothing publicly regarding the incident.  The content of the 911 call likely will do nothing to assist his chances of getting back into the NFL.

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  1. the cuban MISSLE crisis! – parcells


    TO’s got issues, I still got love for him tho, he can ball,

    someone give him a chance, hes crazy, but good crazy

    he doesnt drink drive hit someone, pour liqour on girls, etc…

    u get the point

    hes a bad guy but hes not really a BAD guy…

  2. He must suffer from some form of attention complex. Or maybe some emotional issues that are pretty deep rooted. I dont know dude but will certainly say that suicide is a very selfish thing to do. To his family, friends, and fans. Most importantly to himself. Hope something comes up for him, but I would prefer it not be in this league or prefession for that matter.

  3. the dude had his financial advisor stealing from him. he hit the bottom. and what does the woman know about people attempting suicide???

  4. what did he do, jump off of his deck onto a mattress? gimme a break with this nonsene…..people who really want to kill themselves usually get it done.

  5. Kind of worrisome to think about how he is going to be able to handle life outside of football, long term.

  6. I really hope T.O. can get some help. We all know he can be unstable. I’ve always been a fan. T.O. – Please – get some help! It’s not worth it, man! Too much to live for.

  7. This really is a shame. He seems to love the game so much, but he get’s in his own way time after time. I wish him the best and hope he get’s help if this indeed is an issue.

  8. The guy needs serious help. Maybe the end of his NFL career will be the catalyst he needs to finally seek it.

  9. When Marshall gets angry, he punches his wife and makes up a disease. I don’t feel sorry for this.

    When TO gets angry, he harms himself quietly. THIS I feel sorry for, despite TO’s past.

  10. Geez…I really hope his entertainment career takes off because he’s a head case and may off himself. I know how much stupid nonsense this guy pulled but I don’t wish death on anyone. Drew should tell him to forget about the comeback this year and get some help. That is, if he sees T.O. as more than a bag of money.

  11. I don’t wish ill on anyone. I would hate to see him attempt suicide and remove himself from life, but I do wish he would remove himself from the public.

  12. “That’s my teammate. That’s my quarterback. And if you guys do that man, it’s not fair. We lost as a team. We lost as a team, man!”

  13. I’ve been following this a bit. And wondering if he overdid pain meds and whether he intended to wax himself or not.

  14. He’s a sad case, you gotta feel for the guy some. Despite the money he has made & remarkable talent, he just seemingly cannot be happy. He def has issues

  15. Was never a fan of T.O., but you don’t want to see this. Get some help first man, football second.

  16. It must be almost impossible to go from deified and at the top of the world as a football player; to suddenly being thrown into the real world, completely unprepared for it.

    I’m surprised we don’t hear more about things like this happening.

    You have to feel for a guy that’s obviously hurting so bad; like him or not.

  17. This guy needs some serious help and some serious friends to get it to him. T.O. isn’t the first and won’t be the last to crash when the celebrity train and all the hangers on leave them. I don’t particularly care for the guy’s antics but he has talent. Please be a little more sympathetic…someday it could be you hitting bottom.

  18. Thumbs up if you don’t agree with the people on here who are making light of a life and death situation. Step outside of football for a minute here people. This is a human being that needs some help.

  19. I have never been a fan of Terrell Owens…his showboating over the years…and his destructiveness in the locker room turned me off a long time ago.

    However, if this is truly a 2nd suicide attempt then he needs to be hospitalized and put on suicide precautions immediately! If he’s not helped, statistics prove, that by the 3rd attempt victims are unfortunately successful in ending their lives.

    I am sure that there is much in Owens life that is not known by the public, and I respect his privacy…however, momentary public embarrasment is a small price to pay for staying alive and working out your problems. Please get to a hospital, and get the help you need!!!

  20. This makes me sad. I know Terrell has been a problem with each team he’s on, but he probably has a mental disorder similar to Brandon Marshall’s. What’s really sad is that no one will do an intervention. Or maybe he just refuses help. What a sad, sad situation this is. I do hope he catches on with a team. He was an absolute BEAST for most of his season with the Bengals.

  21. NFL security puts the CIA to shame with its intelligence gathering abilities. I would bet all 32 teams knew about this soon after it happened…which explains why no one showed up to his workout.

  22. gotta feel for the guy. depression is the biggest beast to fight.

    i don’t think it’s fair at all to call him names like a headcase and whatnot. we don’t know his background. we don’t know his childhood. we don’t know terrell owens.

    as a person i hope he gets the help he needs. pills aren’t the answer brotha.

    as a football fan i hope he latches onto a team. his talent is fun to watch.

  23. Agree with most of the comments. Regardless of whether he plays this year or not (and I think he will–with the Raiders), eventually the NFL career will end. And he needs to figure out who he is outside of an NFL player. That’s a challenge many of us face, trying to figure out who we are after our job or our marriage or our _____ ends. Hopefully he will figure out who he is and work through his junk instead of hurting himself.

  24. He needs to stop worrying about football and concentrate more on taking care of himself. No matter what you think about him personally, he’s obviously a deeply troubled individual who’s crying for help.

  25. attention hunger? hmmm.. i think so. honestly, as much of a head case the guy is, he is talented and he would be missed if he did actually killed himself. T.O, you need help! you’re rich and famous! there is ppl fighting to survive because they don’t have a home or don’t know whe their next meal is. YOU DONT KNOW HOW GOOD YOU HAVE IT!

  26. If my team had a need, I would certainly give him a look. The guys good and the media takes advantage of the fact that he’s not well spoken.

  27. I feel bad for anyone in pain….

    And truthfully, it must be absolutely crushing for an egomaniac to realize that no one actually likes him, and the only people who he thinks cares about him are sycophants who disappear when the spotlight goes down…..

    But it’s also kind of hard to feel a LOT of sympathy when the person created the environment, and damaged the feelings of a LOT of people on the road to where he has ended up.

  28. TO usually makes me want to throw up due to his selfishness, self-absorption, ignorance, rudeness, and his obliviousness and inconsideration for other human beings.

    However, this dude definitely suffers from “no strong male figure in my whole life” -its, and I hope he gets help.

    The dude tries to put on this personna and hide his weakness. I actually feel bad for him. His hands are still lousy tho.

  29. If a team will take a chance on PacMan Jones, there has to be a team that will take a chance on a future HOF WR that probably can still produce.

  30. Donovan McNabb “And you were the same dude bashing me for ‘throwing up’ during the Super Bowl SMH”

  31. “Once is a stunt. Twice is a trend.

    I hope he gets the help he obviously needs.”

    yep, kidding aside, suicide is no laughing matter. Just would be nice for someone to grab TO by the arm and shake him around a bit. But there probably aren’t that many people who are willing (Chad? oh Chad?)

  32. i kinda feel for the guy, and this is coming from a jaded TO fan. his upbringing was terrible and he really has deep personal issues. we all make fun of him and similarly exuberant athletes, but that doesnt mean the guy is a bad person. he needs psychological help big time.

  33. Based solely on the guy’s behaviour, I have suspected for a long time that he is bi-polar. This alleged suicide attempt does nothing but bolster that theory.

  34. Two “overdoses” (suicide attempts if you will) are no coincidence. He definitely needs some serious help, not a new football team. The hospital should have not released him, they should have put him on a ten day hold if it was reported as a suicide attempt.

  35. ogre2010 says: Oct 27, 2011 4:55 PM

    This is horrible!! Why are you kicking this man why he down?


    Not to defend those saying inappropriate things….

    But T.O. has a history of doing just that.

  36. On the personal side, this is clearly a guy with problems and I hope he seeks the help he needs before it’s too late.

    On the football side, I can’t believe the disturbing proportion of Eagles fans that still take this clown’s side against Donovan McNabb even given his mental state.

  37. No, suicide isn’t the answer, but it’s also not a rational choice people make like deciding what’s for dinner or opting to handle financial problems by declaring bankruptcy. And it doesn’t have anything to do with him being a “flake,” either. More than 70 percent of suicides are linked to severe depression–which is an illness just like cancer. And many cases also involve people trying to self-medicate with alcohol and drugs, which is no more helpful than trying to self-medicate cancer.

    I’m not a T.O. fan, but he needs competent medical help just as he would if he were battling diabetes or any other disease. I pray he gets it because football isn’t the answer, either.

  38. Hopefully he gets the help he needs and doesn’t do anything rash.

    His agent, on the other hand….

  39. ogre2010 says: Oct 27, 2011 5:17 PM

    @tfbuckfutter: so two wrongs make it right?


    I’m not saying that. I’m just saying it’s hard to feel sympathy for something happened to someone when they make a practice of doing the same to others.

    It doesn’t make those piling on good people by any means….but only a child kicks someone and then cries when they are kicked back.

  40. As a non-TO fan, I will say for sure he needs help.

    I get the haters’ slant on this, but trust me, karma is an evil woman and works in weird ways. I’m not saying karma has caught up to TO (even though it may be true) but I will say even the specialists in Vienna who studied Freud to the end probably couldn’t help him.

    What probably explains the depression and self destruction is the simple fact he’s not earning. Even Tony Soprano said “man’s gotta earn” and he’s right.

    Straighten him up and get him a job, as long as it’s not with my Raiders.

  41. Threads like this always bring out the judgmental jerks. Which, obviously, many of you guys are. A bunch of immature lowlifes who don’t take things seriously enough, and probably pass the same BS on to your kids, assuming you have any.

    As for those few of you here who are making compassionate comments, thank you for actually being functioning human beings.

    This is serious stuff, folks. It touches something that connects all of us. It’s not a place for jokes and cheap shots lobbed from behind screen names. Grow up.

    Not sure why this piece is even here. If it’s news, report it as news, not couched in some team-roster speculation nonsense. If it’s a personal observation, show some humanity.

  42. One of the things that people fail to realize is that TO is still better than half of the lame no-good receivers I watch on my TeeVee every Sunday. I see so may god awful dropped balls and wrong routes, TO has to be better than half these clowns even if he is half a step slower than he used to be.

  43. I really like T.O…. He always blocks hard, tries hard and unfortunately occasionally goes off the handle. I wish him well and hope to see him back in the NFL. The craving of attention speaks to a poor past but hey, he’s a worker so give him some credit and don’t bash him unless you have been in those shoes.

  44. Suicide, and the disorders that lead up to it is no laughing matter.

    If T.O. does have a mental problem, it doesn’t detract for his other-wordly talent to play football. And, if anything, it puts his past transgressions in perspective.

  45. If the NFL or players union actually cares about the players then they need to get him some professional help.

  46. Carson Palmer’s remarks about T.O. not likely joining the Niners were telling. Palmer stayed classy, but he hinted that T.O. has a problem remembering the plays, and often runs the wrong pattern, leading to interceptions. There was an analysis here that supported that. Bettin that has more to do with the NFL’s lack of interest in him than the possible suicide attempt. This has been a problem with him for a long time, he often ran the wrong pattern on Garcia, and then bitched when he didn’t get the ball.

  47. Totally sad. Suicide is never the answer. Even though nerdy parent basement dwelling idiots on here say he sucks…he is one of the best WRs from the past 15-16 years. Hope he finds peace with his life soon

  48. With most people suicide is a cry for help, with this clown, it is a cry for another pay day.

    We may have been fooled once with this down in Dallas, but not again.

  49. Wouldn’t doubt if this was come phoney, planted story to try and derail T.O’s attempt to get signed. Wouldn’t doubt it one bit

  50. Haha, yeah because people on suicide watch are on the practice field the very next day. Come on, stop buying into this stuff idiots!

  51. ***This time around, Owens is trying to attract the attention of an NFL team, and he has said nothing publicly regarding the incident.***

    “yeah, that’s the ticket”…they’re payin’ attention now! “you sly dog”!!!

  52. As much as people claim to dislike T.O., one thing about the guy is he really hasn’t done anything all that bad. Sure he might have some attitude problems, but he’s never once been in any sort of the trouble that other young men with tons of money get themselves into. I’m ashamed that people are on here bashing the guy over this and not taking it seriously. Suicide is a very serious issue, and the fact that T.O. has now obviously attempted it twice, (that we know of), he needs all the support he can get right now. The dude still has talent left, and I hope he can turn his life around, on the field or off. Stay strong T.O.

  53. I’ve never been a fan of TO, but I wish him well and will say a prayer for him. Mental issues are often a lifelong issue, and he is clearly a troubled man.

    Best of luck TO.

  54. dansyndersux says: Oct 27, 2011 3:42 PM

    Whether you’re TO, or Jane/John Doe; suicide is never the answer.
    Not true.
    Those people that jumped from the World Trade Center committed suicide.
    Should they have stuck it out and died an agonizing death?

    T.O. is still a loser though.
    He was a great player but he is not going to make the adjustment to an everyday life out of the spot light and his story is not going to have a happy ending.

  55. Not being disrespectful, no need to not hear my comment. I simply said I do not believe T.O. He’s an egomanic, that’s a fact. He’ll do anything for attention, that’s a fact. I do not believe any of this is real for a second.

  56. If it’s true I hope he gets some help! Forget all the negative media coverage he’s gotten. He never harmed anyone or went to prison. He played some fantastic football and has the stats to prove it. He should be a first round HOF-er!

    It’s time for him to find his next career. I just hope he doesn’t let this destroy him!

  57. To all you morons that think this is funny or some kind of joke, shame on you. You may need help as much as he does. Sorry you’re mad he makes a more money than you.

  58. It’s not really a laughing matter. It’s been obvious for years that T.O. has emotional issues. He’s got the money and is young enough to turn his life around. He should do it.
    It’s not like he’s a crazy broke old fart like me who’s life is wasted.

  59. “Two “overdoses” (suicide attempts if you will) are no coincidence. He definitely needs some serious help, not a new football team. The hospital should have not released him, they should have put him on a ten day hold if it was reported as a suicide attempt.”

    Most states can legally hold a potential suicide patient for the max of 72 hours. They are sent from the emergency room to the nearest mental health facility.

    T.O. is over the age of 18 and has to voluntarily sign himself into a facility. It appears that someone needs to intervene and talk him into getting help. Intervention is a very tricky process and sometimes fails. Hopefully, he will come to realize that he needs to seek professional help.

    For the obnoxious ‘momma’s boys’ that are on here making fun of T.O. and making asses out of yourselves; “karma is a bitch”.

    For the person who ‘wondered’ if he had a ‘split-personality’, probably not. He wouldn’t be able to play football if he were schizophrenic.

    For the person who thinks he is ‘bi-polar’, who knows? It takes a mental health professional to diagnose someone…just like it take a medical health professional to diagnose kidney disease.
    What is evident, if the story is true, is this is a man who is deeply troubled and needs help.

    Being crass and obnoxious about anyone’s problems says a lot more about you than it does about them.

  60. What a bunch of ignorant namby pambies populate this blog. This jackass will do anything to get attention. And you fools slurp it up like “he needs help.” Ahahahahahahaha!

    Go, T.O., go!

  61. Please give me a thumbs down if you hate people who ask for thumbs up in a comment.

  62. the guy is an idiot who can’t stand not being in the limelight. so at 38, who would want a locker room cancer mid season? maybe if moss hadn’t made the minnesota tennesse to no team shuffle last year…

    perhaps he’s angling for a medical reality show?

  63. First of all, whatever the truth is, lets pray all involved are ok. Whatever his intentions nobody deserves hopelessness, and if this was done for “attention” its so sad to see that to himself Terrel Owens is nothing beyond a NFL WR. Obviously dont know him but pretty sure he’s a pretty decent human being that has a very low self esteem. Lets hope he has some “true”friends and family that can show him they love him for Who Terrel Owens is, not cause hrs TO th star. And doesn’t the HIPPA law cover all medical info. How does this get out.

  64. You guys joke about it now. But as a hockey fan I found out this year that when a player dies over suicide it is very sad, whether you hated them or not. Whether you hate T.O. or not, suicide is definatly no way for anyone to die and shouldnt even be joked about. Feeling alone with no help in your own soul can’t be a good feeling.

  65. I knew from the get-go last season that he would not work in Cincinnati. He and OchoCinco single handedly destroyed the chemistry of that team. Wanted to make it “Batman and Robin”. Idiots. So glad they are both gone.

    As far as the suicide attempt, why has this report not been on ESPN? Because he’s no longer in the league?

  66. As an Eagle fan I have nothing but hatred for the man. However, with that being said I think he does need help. So T.O. if you’re reading this bring me the gun and I’ll do it for you.

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