Report: Kris Dielman had seizure on plane after concussion

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Chargers offensive lineman Kris Dielman suffered a concussion during Sunday’s game against the Jets.  More troubling is the fact that, on the flight home from New York, Dielman reportedly suffered a seizure, arising from the concussion.

Even more troubling is that the injury occurred in the fourth quarter of the game, but Dielman continued to play.  (Have we mentioned that the NFL doesn’t have independent neurologists on the sidelines at games?)

The Associated Press reports that an ambulance met the plane when it arrived in San Diego, and that Dielman was hospitalized overnight.  Dielman wouldn’t comment on the matter, other than to say he won’t be playing on Monday night against the Chiefs.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Dielman will miss at least two games following the concussion and seizure, which per Acee was “violent” and “scary.”

Here’s hoping that the NFL decides in the wake of this incident to implement meaningful procedures aimed at spotting concussions and getting players who have suffered concussions out of games — and that every lower level of the sport eventually will follow suit.  Anyone who has been paying any attention to high school football lately knows that the culture has not yet changed, and that as a result players are staying in games when they simply shouldn’t be.

It’s time for the NFL to provide real leadership on this issue, not lip service aimed at placating Congress and/or CYA memos intended to satisfy the lawyers.

47 responses to “Report: Kris Dielman had seizure on plane after concussion

  1. “It’s time for the NFL to provide real leadership on this issue, not lip service aimed at placating Congress and/or CYA memos intended to satisfy the lawyers.”


    Mandate new helmets. New protocols. Independent doctors. Suspensions, not fines, for intentional head to head hits. If I can figure this out, why can’t the NFL?

  2. Sideline neurologists? The league doesn’t even make players wear mouth guards or replace their lousy helmets because they might lose some money on the Riddell deal.

  3. High school football has changed. Any time a kid says he has a head ache now he can’t play for a week and they call it a concussion.

  4. This sounds like it could have been uglier. Surprised it hasn’t gained that much attention. Couldn’t agree more that independent neurologists should be employed and live othe sidelines. I keep thinking of Eagles staff examining Kolb while Bradley took the walk of shame to the sidelines last year.

  5. they need to implement a rule that NO PLAYER is allowed to wear those 1-star comcussion helmets,

    force them to wear the safer models.

  6. I don’t think the helmets fit the player’s heads tightly enough.

    During one Saints game last year they showed a slow mo of Brees scanning the defense back & forth & the anouncer was gushing about his eyes scanning everything. What stood out to me was that his head was moving inside his helmet.

    We see helmets fly off way to often.

    Couldn’t they put the helmet on, and then somehow inflate those air things so that it doesn’t move around on their head? Then press a button to release air before they take the helmet off.

  7. I’m truly sorry to sound heartless, but these guys know what they sign up for. What about law enf. or firefighters or our military? They risk far more for much less. I don’t enjoy seeing anyone get injured, but damn this league is getting puss!fied.

  8. Plane ride after a reported possible concussion?

    Concussions can produce some bleeding due to tiny blood vessels, plus swelling. lower inflight air pressure at 30K feet equals expansion = problems.

    Smart people know you can’t even fly if you scuba dive earlier in the day.

  9. I cant believe this has gotten out. Apparently Dalton (troy city cop, basically his dad, im from troy and know of daltons relationship with dielman, he flys dalton and his family out to every pro bowl) didnt even know this. Apparently his wife called dalton awhile ago and said she was worried about kris, and how he has played hurt before. Daltons son who he knows well and grew up with, is a junior in high school, and kris was confused and thought his son was 7 or 8 years younger than he was. I really really Hope you hang it up kris, you have been an amazing player, you are the best bro. A local legend, and a legend amongst all linemen. You may not be a hall of famer in some peoples eyes, but you are the best guard in the NFL to date and we all know it. Hang it up, take care of those younglings and enjoy your millions. I barely can afford my medication bro, and I struggle every day, just be happy you can care for yourself and your family, and just make sure you put your health first. Please Kris.
    -Bob Deaton

    P.S. I remember how you shut down peko and pat sims etc in the last game, I went to that dec 26th game to see you, even though you guys lost to us you still played like the pro bowler you are, and shut down that defensive line.

  10. Sue the NFL. That’s just wrong, a guy is concussed should never be on a flight period.

    And for the NFL to think about expanding to London…someone concussed is going to get on a flight, and die heading back to the states.

  11. won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?! oh these guys? they’re paid millions of dollars to sacrifice their future and party with pornstars…

  12. there are so many concussion stories they start to go in one ear and out the other. but this one really makes me sit up and take note. i have no idea what more the nfl can do to keep players from playing with concussions other than install a sideline cat scan… but maybe they do need to do more.

  13. At the very least he needs to go on paid IR and have all future medical regarding this covered by the League.

    Nothing is worth one’s life and mental acuity. Nothing.

    (Steelers fan)

  14. You know, I honestly think it is going to take someone either dying while still an active player because of all this repeated head trauma or someone seizing on the field on live TV before they will do the right thing.

    Sadly, it will be the bad PR (or a few lawsuits) that gets them to do it. Not any genuine concern for the player’s welfare.

  15. Football equals concussions. We all know it. If you don’t want them than do not play! Personally I pay my money to see steroid freaks destroy each other on the field.

  16. The camera caught him stumbling badly after a play, as if he was drunk. He waved his arm like he was totally fine. Must have been when the concussion happened. Can’t believe he stayed in the game!!

    Amazing how he risked his health for the team. Hope he’s okay. My thoughts are with him.

  17. It was clear to see on that play that his bell was rung. He staggered as he got up. Staggered again toward the huddle and still barely had his legs under him as the play started. How he didn’t get blown up on the next play is beyond me. He was in no shape to continue. You could tell he was just gone. Balls and instinct kept him out there.

  18. WOW, even I know not to fly or do anything of that nature when you get a concussion. They should have kept him in NY overnight for observations and then fly him home after.

  19. Just got back from Chicago (SC at Notre Dame game) and heard about Kris Dielman having a serious seizure on the plane after the Jets game.

    Good of you to publicize this – as the word has definitely not “gotten out”, and it really needs to.

  20. clevername1 says:Oct 27, 2011 11:19 PM

    I’m truly sorry to sound heartless, but these guys know what they sign up for. What about law enf. or firefighters or our military? They risk far more for much less. I don’t enjoy seeing anyone get injured, but damn this league is getting puss!fied.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but do you not believe that law enforcement, military and firefighters know what they’ve signed up for…..and for much less?

    That sir, is a cop out. There is risk in just about every job out there, wether it’s 8$ an hour or 1million per game. When the hazard is identified, you try to minimize it the best you can. It is not being a pu@@y. That attitude is what gets people hurt and/or killed daily. Grow up!

  21. So if you’re an “independent doctor,” and getting paid to work a fortune on NFL Sundays (because what doctor worth his salt works on Sunday), you’ll eventually cave to the pressure of the forces that pay your checks. Just ask anyone who deals with “independent doctors” in the legal world, and they will tell you that there is no such thing. They either work for insurance companies or plaintiffs’ attorneys, lol.

    In response to my post, many will say, “What if we just get a list of like 1,000 doctors, and rotate them out?” Well, that’s been tried in other systems, and guess what — it doesn’t work. They still cave.

    It’s kind of like an independent politician who swears they have no special interest groups or lobbying interests backing them — don’t believe it if it sounds too good to be true.

    There’s also another reason why the NFL doesn’t want immediate diagnoses on the sidelines. If the doctor does make a mistake and tangible medical records exist of that faulty, 5-minute diagnosis — guess what — that player is going to sue the crap out of the NFL. Don’t believe me? Just check the dockets of the federal and state courts across America — ex-players from the 1960s through the 2000s are already doing just that. That is a major reason why the NFL will never go for it.

    I’m not saying either side is right or wrong, just trying to tell ya how it is.

  22. Best wishes to him from a Lions fan whose wife suffers from seizures. Can be a very scary thing for the person having it and the people around him so heres hoping for a quick recovery

  23. this might seem irrelevent or an unnecessary injection of politics to some people, but i dont see it that way. when congress got involved, SO MANY PEOPLE immediately started complaining about it. sure enough, congress doesnt officially impose regulations on the league, so the league decides to go halfway in dealing with the issue by not putting neurologists on the sidelines to ensure things like this dont happen.

    it’s funny because we chose to relax regulations on banks and insurance companies and really big businesses and they in turn chose to really screw our economy up with the leeway they were given.

    congress’ 9% approval rating is well-earned, but the argument against regulation/intervention really seems to be based on wishful thinking that people with money/power will just do the right thing. it never ever works out that way.

    as far as this individual situation goes, having a concussion and playing with it is bad news, but having a concussion and getting on a plane is absolutely moronic. if the doctors allowed it, they should lose their jobs. if the doctors recommended against it and he was put on the plane anyway, then whoever allowed him to be on the plane doesnt DESERVE their job. the league-wide mentality that concussions arent a big deal needs to change. thats not wussifying or whatever, thats protecting people from serious health problems often resulting in death not even late in life, but in their 40s-60s. money (sponsorship deals for the league, winning games for the teams, etc) is getting in the way of well-being, and the players who choose to not protect themselves since the government is allowing the league to pretend it cares while acting in ways that contradict that honestly are getting what they deserve in turn. i hope dielmann is okay moving forward and i hope his situation is a lesson to everyone else on that plane that concussions are not something to play around with.

  24. Seems like every Sunday there are one or two more concussions. What’s happening? I don’t remember that being nearly as big of a problem years ago. Did they just not recognize and report it years ago? I can’t remember a Lombardi era player missing games because of a reported concussion. Is my memory faulty?

    Shucks … helments aren’t perfect but they have improved. The rules have changed to discourage head-to-heads. Seems like the trend should be down, not speeding upward.

    A friend of mine has teenagers playing high school football and there is a concussion epidemic going on at that school. Global warming? I don’t know.

  25. tigrrrr says: Oct 27, 2011 10:30 PM

    hope everything works out for him, hate to see this type of thing happen to anyone —————-

    Except vick!

    You’re a scumbag. A seizure isn’t a broken bone, that’s some serious stuff.

  26. It was pretty obvious watching the game that the guy was hurt. Late in the game, Diehlman was wobbling badly after one play, could barely stand, and stayed in the game. While I understand that the game was on the line, one of his teammates should have sent him to the sideline.

  27. cappa662 says: Oct 27, 2011 11:25 PM

    Sue the NFL. That’s just wrong, a guy is concussed should never be on a flight period.

    And for the NFL to think about expanding to London…someone concussed is going to get on a flight, and die heading back to the states.

    Why is a flight from London suddenly worse than a flight from NY to San Diego? Makes no sense.

  28. The time has come for the NFL to “put up, or shut up” when it comes to concussions and player safety. Cracking down on helmet to helmet hits is a good start. But the league needs to take further steps like: requiring players to wear mouth guards; making the new generation helmets mandetory; finding a better way to evaluate players for concussions on the sideline during games; and here’s a no brainer- don’t put a concussed player on an airplane for at least 48 hours.
    To all of you who think protecting a player’s brain is turning football into a pu##y sport….quit being such a##holes about this. There is truely something wrong with you if you believe it’s okay to trade a player’s health for your entertainment. Yes, players are getting paid very well…and they are aware of the risks. But the NFL has a duty to do as much as it can to keep them safe. If you worked for a chemical plant, would it be okay for your employer to say, “You are getting paid and you know this is a dangerous job. Because of that, we aren’t going worry too much about following industry safety guidelines.”
    Yes, football is a contact sport. Many players limp into the sunset when they retire. Bum knees, hips, ankles, etc are one thing…perminent brain damage is something else.
    Look at NASCAR…after Dale Earnhard died, drivers were required to wear the neck/head restraint system. Only certain modifications are allowed on the cars, in order to prevent them from going “too fast.” As a result, they haven’t had a driver die since then.
    It wasn’t very long ago when no one thought it was a big deal for a player to “have his bell rung.” A guy was admired for being “tough” when he stayed in the game. But, no one can ignore the mounting scientific proof of long-term damage concussions can do.

  29. It’s just like any big business, the NFL dances around the issues and fines players for ridiculous calls but doesn’t have an independent neurologist on the sideline. What’s the excuse, can’t afford it. Goddell is disgusting!

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