Vince Young sued for trying to make it rain

Getty Images

Maybe Vince Young would be better off sticking to shirtless all-male tequila parties.

A recent lawsuit arising from a 2010 assault  citation at a strip club in Dallas alleges that the trouble started because Young wanted to purchase 8,000 $1 bills on his credit card, so that Young could take a page from the playbook of former Titans teammate Pacman Jones and make it rain.

That’s what Creiton Kinchen alleges in his claim for money damages against Young, who allegedly assaulted Kinchen with a deadly weapon (Young’s hands and feet) after Kinchen refused to comply with Young’s request.

The six-page lawsuit seeks payment for actual harm suffered, plus punitive damages.  And the allegation regarding the request to charge 8,000 portraits of George Washington on his credit card, if true, makes us think that Young must have simply guessed right on several of the questions when generating his original single-digit Wonderlic score.